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This page features various paper based items associated with Canadian Signals. In many cases they just don't fit anywhere else....

Pub envelope nwty rt svc.jpg An envelope used for messages carried by the Royal Canadian Signal's Radiotelegraph Service. This service was provided by the Northwest Territories and Yukon Radio System.
Menu menssigsdinner 18mar38 cover.jpgMenu menssigsdinner 18mar38 inside.jpgMenu menssigsdinner 18mar38 back.jpg A dinner program for a Mens Mess Dinner held on 18 March 1938 at Vimy Barracks in Kingston Ontario. There are many signatures on it from those attending.
Pass walking out rccs cardbook 1936 havercroft.jpg

Pass walking out rccs cardbook 1936 havercroft inside.jpg

Artifact and Photos courtesy of Walt Prawak.

An RCCS walking out pass issued in 1936 to 40165 Signalman Havercroft WE. Pass is constructed of a cloth covered high density cardboard. Size: 80 mm H x 65 mm W (closed)

Fdc rccs cfbborden 12 jul 74.jpg
Book ww2 3DivSigsCAOF souvenir.jpg Artifact and Photo courtesy of Larry Will
Canteen tokens, 1st Canadian Divisional Signals.jpg 5 cent Men's Canteen tokens for 1st Canadian Divisional Signals c1940
Military Transport Driver ID card 1941 (front).jpg Military Transport Driver ID card 1941
7 XI Hussars and 4 Sqn Sigs dance invitation Netherlands 1945.jpg An invitation card to a Squadron Dance for the 7/XI Hussars and 4 Squadron Signals operated by the Salvation Army. This card dates from the Netherlands in 1945.
Link newsletter, Vol 2. No. 31 - 4 Aug 1945 (cover).jpg Last issue of the "Link" newsletter published by First Canadian Army Signals during the Second World War.