Painting and Marking of Vehicles - 1 Division Signals Instruction - March 1944

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27 March 1944

Painting and Marking of Vehicles

1. It is expected that a supply of U.S.A olive drab paint will be available shortly to repaint all vehicles. Until this is issued all vehicles in need of paint will be painted using existing supply of brown or dark green paint. no attemp will be made at disruptive patterns; vehicles will be painted a uniform colour.

2. Divisional Patches, Unit Serial Numbers and WD numbers will be touched up or repainted as needed.

3. Tactical Signs:

(i) These will consist of a letter followed by a number in yellow characters 3 in. high, on a black background. Black patch not to exceed 7 in. x 5 in.
(ii) Location of signs-
Front - Right bumper
Rear - On body to the left of spare wheel
(b) Trucks, Heavy Utility
Front - Right bumper
Rear and Sides - Centre of door panel on main body
(c) Lorries - Command
Front - Right bumper
Rear and Sides - Centre of door panel on main body.
(d) Lorries - 3 ton and trucks, 15 cwt.
Front - Right bumper
Rear - Right tail gate
Sides - Centre of door panel on cab. Where doors are missing the sign will appear on side panel of cab.
(iii) Letters to be used are set down below. Allocation of numbers is left to Sec Officers, except that in the case of similar secs the Coy Comd will ensure that the same number is allocated to corresponding vehicles in all cases.
U.H.Q. Z
H.Q H.Q. Coy Y
'Q' Section Q
'M' Section M
H.Q. 1 Coy X
'A' Section A
'B' Section B
'C' Section C
'D' Section D
'O' Section O
H.Q. 2 Coy W
'E' Section S
'F' Section S
'G' Section S
'H' Section H
H.Q. 3 Coy V
'R' Section R
'J' Section J
'K' Section K
'L' Section L
'N' Section N

Signed (B.W. Grover) Lt-Col. O.C. 1 Cdn Div Signals


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