Power Buzzer-Amplifier

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Power Buzzer-Amplifier
Power Buzzer-Amplifier.jpg
Production history
Introduced 1917
Length 18"
Width 10"
Height 7"

Range 2000 yards (soil dependent)

The Power Buzzer-Amplifier utilized earth conduction telegraphy, also known as Telegraphie par Sol (TPS) to communicate. The set used two "earth pins" driven into the ground, preferably more than 100 yards apart and connected to the Power Buzzer-Amplifier by insulated wires.

The Power Buzzer-Amplifier combined the functions of the standard Service Power Buzzer and Amplifier C Mk III with the addition of a six line commutator, a change-over switch, a hot wire ammeter and a folding Morse key.[1]

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