Privy Council 1930/572

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PDF of PC 30/572

Certified to be a true copy of a Minute of a Meeting of the Committee of the Privy council, approved by His Excellency the Governor General on the 14th March 1930


The Committee of the Privy Council have had before them a Report, dated 8th March, 1930, from the Acting Minister of National Defence, submitting that the Department of national Defence requires two Morris Rigid Light Six Wheeled Chasses for Mobile Wireless Sets for training purposes.

The Minister, on the advice of the Deputy Minister of National Defence and the Departmental Officer concerned, recommends that these two Chasses be purchased through the War Office from the English Manufacturer, the estimated cost including Duty, Import Tax and Transportation Charges being $7,500.00.

The necessary funds from which to make payment have been provided by Parliament.

The Committee concur in the foregoing recommendation and submit the same for approval.


Clerk of the Privy Council