Skinner, Charles

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Allegiance Canada
Service/branch Canadian Army
Rank Lieutenant

Early Life

Born 10 June 1890 at Lougriggend Scotland

26 years, 5' 10", fresh complexion; grey eyes, dark brown hair

Father James. Attestation shows NOK still at Salsburgh Lanrkshire Scotland

Before war was wireless telegraphist


Attested 22 Apr 1915 by order of district officer commanding.

Regt #272

7 Sep 1916 - SOS 2 Div Sigs; TOS Canadian Corps Wireless Section

30 Dec 1916 - Promoted Sergt

22 Jan 1917 - Temp Lt

10 May 1917 - Gun shot wound Right Thigh- Disch 9 Jun.

9 Feb 1918 - Proceeded back to continent. Joined 4 Div Sigs as reinforcement

11 May 1919 - Return to England

Mentioned in Despatches - 22 July 1919. The London Gazette, Supplement 31448. 8 July 1919. Page 8817.

File has "Change of Address" notice for Lt Skinner, appears dated 23 Mar 1920, address of "OC Wireless" "Warnistan Field Forces N.H.F." "India". See which might show he joined British forces after FWW

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