Star of Courage - Signals Recipients

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The Star of Courage has been awarded to the following 1 Signals and C&E Branch member.[1]

Name Award Era Award Date Citation Citation Image(s)
Lt M.J. Maxwell
7 June 1982
On 1 July 1980, Lt. Michael J. Maxwell, of 764 Communication Squadron in Ottawa, behaved with the utmost gallantry when he ran into the path of a train in an attempt to rescue a fellow member of the services. Lt. Maxwell was with a group of military personnel who were portaging their canoes across a trestle in Algonquin Provincial Park, when they became aware of a rapidly approaching train. They quickly cleared the trestle, except for one of the group. Lt. Maxwell saw the danger, and with complete disregard for his personal safety ran back down the railway track with hand out-stretched to the woman. Just as he reached her, both were hit by the train. He sustained multiple injuries. The woman was killed.


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