Tactical Vehicle markings - a Divisional Signals - August 1941

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The following table is an instruction for the allocation of tactical vehicle signs to specific vehicles in a Canadian Divisional Signals Unit. The table is from H.Q. Canadian Corps, Home Forces, 2 August 1941.[1]

Z O.C. Car, 4-seater, 4-wheeled
2Z 2 i/c -do-
Z1 C.O.'s Office Truck Truck, 15-cwt. G.S.
Z2 Q.M. Car, 2-seater, 4-wheeled
Z3 Petrol Truck, 15-cwt, G.S.
Z4 Water Truck 15-cwt., Water Tank
Z5 Offrs' Mess Lorry, 3-ton, 4-whld, G.S (FWD)
Z6 Stores Lorry, 3-ton, 4-whld, GS (FWD)
Z7 Cipher Stores 15-cwt Truck, G.S. & personnel
Z8 Cipher Stores Lorry, 3-ton, G.S. & personnel
1 Coy. H.Q.
1H O.C. 1 Coy Car, 4-seater, 4-whld
1H1 C.Q.M.S. Motorcycle
1H2 Cooks Lorry, 3-ton, 4-whld GS (FWD)
1H3 Baggage -do-
"A" Section
A O.C. "A" Sec Car, 2-seater, 4-whld
2A 2 i/c M/C
A1 Sergt. Motorcycle
A2 No. 9 set Truck, 15-cwt, Wireless
A3 " -do-
A4 " -do-
A5 " -do-
A6 " -do-
A7 " -do-
A8 No. 11 set -do-
A9 " -do-
A10 " -do-
A11 " -do-
"B" Section
B O.C. "B" Sec Car, 2-seater, 4-whld
B1 Cable Stores Lorry, 3-ton, 4-whld, G.S.
1 Det
1B1 Sgt. Motorcycle
1B2 Cable Layer Lorry, 3-ton, 4-whld
1B3 Bldg. Party Truck, 15-cwt
1B4 -do- -do-
2 Det
2B1 Sgt. Motorcycle
2B2 Cable Layer Lorry, 3-ton, 4-whld
2B3 Bldg. Party Truck, 15-cwt
2B4 -do- -do-
"C" Section
C Sgt i/c Motorcycle
C1 No. 9 set Truck, 15-cwt, Wireless
C2 Stores & Charging Lorry, 3-ton, 4-whlr
"D" Section
D O.C. "D" Sec Car, 2-seater, 4-whld
2D 2 i/c -do-
D1 Cable Laying Truck, 15-cwt, G.S.
D2 -do- -do-
Operating Detachments
Motorcycle 1D1      2D1      3D1      4D1     
15-cwt 1D2 2D2 3D2 4D2
3-ton 1D3 2D3 3D3 4D3
D.R. Sub-Section
D3 Sgt DR Motorcycle
D4 Cpl DR Motorcycle
D5 to D25 Signm DRs Motorcycles
"M" Section
M O.C. "M" Sec Car, 2-seater, 4-shld
M1 Stores-Fitters Truck, 15-cwt, G.S.
M2 Charging Set Lorry, 3-ton, 4-whld G.S. (FWD)
M3 Technical Workshop Lorry, 3-ton, 6-whld Mach (RAOC)
2 Coy H.Q.
2H O.C. 2 Coy Car, 2-seater, 4-whld
2H1 C.Q.M.S. Motorcycle
E,F,G & H Secs
Artillery Markings
3 Coy H.Q.
3H O.C. 3 Coy Car, 2-seater, 4-whld
3H1 C.Q.M.S. Motorcycle
J, K & L Secs
J Sec K Sec       L Sec           
J K L O.C. Sec Car, 2-seater, 4-whld
2J 2K 2L 2 i/c Sec Motorcycle
3J 3K 3L Sgt Motorcycle
4J 4K 4L Sgt Motorcycle
J1 K1 L1 No. 11 set Truck, 15-cwt Wireless
J2 K2 L2 " -do-
J3 K3 L3 " -do-
J4 K4 L4 " -do-
J5 K5 L5 " -do-
J6 K6 L6 " -do-
J7 K7 L7 " -do-
J8 K8 L8 No. 9 set -do-
J9 K9 L9 Cable Layer Truck, 15-cwt & Personnel
J10 K10 L10 Sig Office Lorry, 3-ton, 4-whld
J11 K11 L11 Stores & Charging -do-
J12 K12 L12 Electrician Motorcycle
J13 K13 L13 Signm Motorcycle
J14 K14 L14 " -do-
J15 K15 L15 " -do-
J16 K16 L16 " -do-
J17 K17 L17 " -do-


  1. 3 Canadian Divisional Signals War Diary, September 1941, Appendix 11.