The Fullerphone - Its Action and Use, March 1917

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The Fullerphone - Its Action and Use, March 1917 - Title page.jpg
The Fullerphone - Its Action and Use was issued by the General Staff, War Office, during the First World War and is 30 pages in length plus various wiring diagrams. The publication date of this version is March 1917 and it superseded the pamphlet on Fullerphones issued in June 1916.

The Pamphlet describes the Fullerphone concepts and operation in general and provides a description, actions, instructions for use and test for various versions of the Fullerphone:

Fullerpone, Office, Mark I
Fullerpone, Office, Mark I*
Fullerpone, Trench D
Fullerpone, Trench F
Fullerpone, Trench S
Fullerpone, Trench W
Fullerpone, P.O. Pattern, Mark 234
Fullerpone, P.O. Pattern, Mark 235
Fullerpone, P.O. Pattern, Mark 237A and
Fullerpone, P.O. Pattern, Mark 237B