Transmitter WT No. 1

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Transmitter W/T No. 1
Transmitter WT No. 1 (1).jpg
Production history
Introduced 1914
Weight 9lb 12oz
Length 7.5"
Width 5"
Height 6.5"

100-260 metres
The Transmitter W/T No. 1, also known as the Sterling Set and No. 1 Aircraft Transmitter Spark, was a spark transmitter used by British aircraft in the Great War. The intended use was to report the fall of artillery shells and to report the position of enemy submarines.[1]

The transmitter consists of a small wooden box with a pancake coil on the front and made use of a long trailing aerial with a weighted end. It was powered by a 6 volt accumulator which supplied approximately 30 watts. As a transmitter only, the aircraft operator could communicate with ground forces but had no way of knowing if the message was received. Later on in the war receivers were also fitted to the aircraft. The Type 52 was similar but had a frequency range of 100-335 metres and used an 8v/40W accumulator. Type 52M was similar to the Type 52 but had a frequency range of 150-410 metres. Type 52A had a similar range to the Type 52M but was powered by a propeller-driven alternator providing about 150 watts.[2]

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