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Vehicle, line, Dodge 3/4 Ton APT
Cable laying crew and Dodge APT.jpg
Dodge 3/4 Ton APT Line Vehicle
Production history
Manufacturer Chrysler Canada
Produced 1944-45
Weight 5,945 lbs
Length 168 1/4"
Width 6' 11 1/8" (early type, 2M1A)

6' 5 1/8" (later type, 2M2A)

Height 5' 2"

Engine T236
Payload capacity 1,750 lbs / 800 kg

The Dodge APT 3/4 Ton Line vehicle was a military line vehicle based on the Dodge Weapons Carrier line of vehicles from the United States of America. Built by Chrysler Canada to a modified specificaiton, the APT was Air PorTable and was narrower than the WC51/52 vehicles.

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