Wegner Point Fallen Paratroopers Memorial

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Wegner Point Fallen Paratroopers Memorial
Wegner Point Fallen Paratroopers Memorial memorial.jpg
Country: Canada
Location: Petawawa Ontario
Coordinates: 45°57′01.1″N 77°18′37.5″W / 45.950306, -77.310417

The Wegner Point Fallen Paratroopers Memorial commemorates seven soldiers who drowned in the Ottawa River on 8 May 1968.


On 8 May 1968 2 Airborne Signal Troop (of 2 Signal Squadron, Petawawa) participated with other units in a parachute drop at Camp Petawawa Ontario. The conditions for an early evening jump looked favourable when the three Buffalo transports took off from Bonnechere Airfield but conditions drastically changed. When the first 26 men began exiting the planes at around 8:30 p.m. severe wind sheer propelled 22 of them away from their anticipated smooth landing on the sandy Mattawa Plains and into the frigid waters of the Ottawa River off Wegner Point with some landing as far as 1,000 feet offshore.[1]

While many were saved others who had landed in the water were drowned before rescue was possible. Lost were:

  • Corporal D.W. Clements (2 Airborne Signal Troop)
  • Corporal D.H. Fields (2 Airborne Signal Troop)
  • Corporal R.J.G. Knight (2 Airborne Signal Troop)
  • Corporal P.G. Misener (2 Airborne Signal Troop)
  • Master Warrant Officer R.G. Riddell (Royal Canadian Regiment)
  • Warrant Officer M.P. McDonnell (Royal Canadian Regiment)
  • Corporal B.N. Chiswell (Royal Canadian Regiment)


The monument is constructed of natural field stone and features a plaque bearing Airborne wings and the names of those who perished.

Memorial Service

Every year on 8 May a memorial service is held at Wegner Point by the members of 2 CMBG Headquarters and Signal Squadron, the 1st and 3rd Battalions of the Royal Canadian Regiment and the Airborne Regiment Association of Canada.

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