Wireless Station - Ottawa (Chapel Street)

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Wireless Station - Ottawa (Chapel Street)
Wireless station, Chapel Street Ottawa August 1928 - exterior (1).jpg
Coordinates 45°25′11.3″N 75°40′18.2″W / 45.419806, -75.671722
An as yet unidentified wireless station located on Chapel Street at Ottawa Ontario. Photos have surfaced of the facility with 1924 captions "Wireless Equipment, RCCS, Chapel St. Station" and with 1928 captions "Wireless Station at Chapel St. in Ottawa". The photos are from the Department of National Defence and have HC numbers which is an RCAF series. The location may not be the same in the 1924 and 1928 images as the 1924 interior photos show finished rooms while the 1928 ones show a rough unfinished interior.

There is mention in a National Defence 1924 report[1] of the Ottawa Radio Station being moved from Rockcliffe (to where isn't mentioned) due to interference from the street car system and, in a section outlining the work of the Engineers, "designs and specifications have been prepared for Wireless Stations and the hut for one station constructed in Ottawa for use by the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals."

In a 1929 radio systems map, Major Steel indicates Ottawa had a shortwave radio station for Militia HQ (but doesn’t say where), a separate RCAF station in Rockliffe and a Militia NPAM Signals training station (but doesn’t say where).

At this time, nothing more is known about this station.

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  1. National Defence Canada Report for 1924. Pages 32 and 75. (Provided courtesy of BGen (Ret'd) Robert Martineau)