Written by Candlelight

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Written by Candlelight
Written by Candlelight (cover).jpg
Author Liespeth Langford
Publisher Ergo Press
Publication date 2009
Media type Print
Pages 144
ISBN 978-0-9557510-6-6
Written by Candlelight tells the story of Liespeth Langford and her family's experiences during the later portion of the Second World War.

Liesbeth, who now lives in the north of England, has told the story of her family’s plight during the occupation for over four decades. She has has written a book containing letters and stories her mother wrote to her father during the occupation. In it, Liesbeth she describes her life as a child in Holland during the occupation by Germany, the Canadian role in the Liberation and her parents work in the Dutch resistance, including arranging for Dutch families to adopt Jewish children to save them from concentration camps.

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