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In 1999 the CO, LCol C. Weicker[1], felt that an appropriate way to acknowledge the outstanding contribution provided by the men and women of 1st Canadian Division Headquarters and Signal Regiment to the Canadian Forces was to commission a painting reflecting the last ten years of support to operations. The result is a painting by Mr Ken Dewar that represents not only the four squadrons of the regiment but also the four major types of operational deployments over the last decade. At the top right, there is a background of Zero Bunker on the Golan Heights to depict the support provided to ongoing UN operations. The radio vehicle and lineman are representative of the radio, information systems and line support provided by 1 Squadron. The bottom left portion shows a scene from Bosnia depicting NATO peace support operations in the former Yugoslavia. The AERIES Direction Finding BISON vehicle represents the electronic warfare support provided by 2 Squadron. The scene at the bottom right shows the Winnipeg floods representing the support provided during domestic operations. The radio relay vehicle represents the information distribution role of 4 Squadron. Finally, at the top left is a scene from Rwanda, symbolizing the deployments to Africa and Central America to provide humanitarian support. It also shows a field kitchen trailer and a medical assistant representing all the combat service support provided by Support Squadron. 100 limited edition numbered and signed prints were produced along with an unknown number of standard prints.


  1. Photo and text from the LCol Weicker's article in C&E Newsletter Volume 39.