3 Signal Squadron

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3 Signal Squadron
Active 1 May 1958 – 14 May 1976
Garrison/HQ Gagetown New Brunswick
Nickname 3 Sig Sqn

3 Signal Squadron was authorized effective 1 May 1958.[1] Initially formed at Camp Borden, the unit moved to Camp Gagetown New Brunswick by 1 Sep 1958.[2]

Upon forming, the role of 3 Signal Squadron was to provide administrative services in support of Headquarters 3 Combat Group in garrison and training, and in support of a brigade group headquarters as required for operations. Additionally, it provided operational, administrative and training communications from a brigade group headquarters to units including the provision of rear link detachments for each battalion headquarters; from service battalion headquarters to deployed brigade group headquarters, service battalion elements and unit A echelons including the provision of rear link radio detachments to each battalion A echelon; and from a brigade group headquarters to a higher formation or a task force headquarters.[3]

When the Combat Arms School moved to Gagetown from Borden, the role of 3 Signal Squadron was changed to support the communication needs of the Combat Training Center.

3 Signal Squadron was reduced to nil strength 15 March 1974[4] and formally disbanded effective 1 Apr 1976.[5]

Commanding Officers

Major Ernest Doidge
Major Ron Ferrie
Major John Knowlton
Major Don Strong
Major Don Kidd
Major John O’Halloran
Captain Gerry Kerr (acting CO for approx 4 months)
Major John Dicker, Oct 1972 to Mar 1974

Squadron Sergeants Major

MWO Jay Shaffer
MWO Bill Dubinsky


Unit lineage
Created from
1 Canadian Infantry Division Signal Regiment
3 Signal Squadron
1 May 1958 - 14 May 1976
Succeeded by

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