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3 Signal Squadron
Active 1 May 1958 – 14 May 1976
Garrison/HQ Gagetown New Brunswick
Nickname 3 Sig Sqn

3 Signal Squadron was authorized effective 1 May 1958.[1] Initially formed at Camp Borden, the unit moved to Camp Gagetown New Brunswick by 1 Sep 1958.[2]

Upon forming, the role of 3 Signal Squadron was to provide administrative services in support of Headquarters 3 Combat Group in garrison and training, and in support of a brigade group headquarters as required for operations. Additionally, it provided operational, administrative and training communications from a brigade group headquarters to units including the provision of rear link detachments for each battalion headquarters; from service battalion headquarters to deployed brigade group headquarters, service battalion elements and unit A echelons including the provision of rear link radio detachments to each battalion A echelon; and from a brigade group headquarters to a higher formation or a task force headquarters.[3]

When the Combat Arms School moved to Gagetown from Borden, the role of 3 Signal Squadron was changed to support the communication needs of the Combat Training Center.

3 Signal Squadron was reduced to nil strength 15 March 1974[4] and formally disbanded effective 1 Apr 1976.[5]

Commanding Officers

Major Ernest Doidge
Major Ron Ferrie
Major John Knowlton
Major Don Strong
Major Don Kidd
Major John O’Halloran
Major John Dicker, Oct 1972 to Mar 1974

Squadron Sergeants Major

MWO Jay Shaffer
MWO Bill Dubinsky


Unit lineage
Preceded by
3 Signal Squadron
1 May 1958 - 14 May 1976
Succeeded by

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