3rd Canadian Divisional Signal Company

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3rd Canadian Divisional Signal Company
Active December 1915 – March 1919

There were two distinct units during the Great War time period that used the name 3rd Canadian Divisional Signal Company. One existed only for mobilization purposes while the second saw battle with the CEF as part of the 3rd Canadian Division CEF.

The mobilization 3rd Canadian Divisional Signal Company CE was organized at Ottawa in March 1916 under the command of Captain J.R. Beggs as authorized by General Order 69 of 15 July 1916. The unit, with a strength of 5 officers and 198 other ranks, left Halifax on 17 March 1916 aboard the LAPLAND and arrived in England 25 March 1916 where it was disbanded at Canadian Engineers Training Depot, Shorncliffe.

The operational 3rd Canadian Divisional Signal Company CE was organised in France in December 1915 under the command of Maj T.E. Powers. It was raised from members of the 2nd Canadian Mounted Rifles, Royal Canadian Regiment, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, 42nd and 49th Battalions.

The 3rd Canadian Divisional Signal Company CE was demobilised at Ottawa in March 1919 and disbanded by General Order 210 of 15 November 1920.

Commanding Officers

Capt J.R. Biggs, CE, 3 March 1916 to 31 March 1916 (Mobilization unit in Canada to the UK)
Maj T.E. Powers, CSC, 5 December 1915 to 4 December 1916
Maj A. Leavitt, CSC, 5 December 1916 to 7 August 1918
Maj K.M. Campbell, CE, 8 August 1918 to 27 December 1918
Maj A. Leavitt, CSC, 28 December 1918 to 15 November 1920

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