CMP Lorry 3 Ton Command High Power

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Lorry 3 Ton Command High Power
CMP 3 Ton Command HP right front.jpg
Production history
Manufacturer General Motors
Length 248"
Width 90"
Height 110"

Wheelbase 158"
Engine petrol, 4 cyc, 6 cyls in line
85 bhp at (rpm) 3400
Fuel capacity 25 Gals
Speed 44 mph

The Lorry 3 Ton Command High Power was a 60-cwt Canadian Military Pattern (CMP) truck built during the Second World War. Used by RC Sigs at Corps and Div HQs to carry high power wireless equipment for staff communication with flanking Corps, Divs and armoured car regiments under command.

The inside was divided into two compartments, one for staff officers (seats 5) and the other for crew (seats 3). The vehicle could also be used as a Signals Office when the penthouse could be set up.

Equipment during the Second World War included one Wireless Set No. 19, one Wireless Set No. 53, one Reception Set R107, a Generating Set 3 KVA (Onan), a rectifier and batteries.

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