Wireless Set No. 53

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Wireless Set No. 53
Wireless Set No 53.jpg
Wireless Sender No. 53 with a Aerial Coupling Unit No. 2A on top
Production history
Introduced 1944
Weight 600 lbs
Length 26-1/2”
Width 29”
Height 57”

1.2 to 17.5 MHz
Range 100 miles (voice)
500 miles (CW)
The Wireless Set No. 53 was developed in 1944 from the earlier High Power No.12 and No.33 sets. It was originally designated as the Wireless Set No.43 however the Canadian No. 43 was a little faster getting into service and thus retained that number instead.[1]

The No.53 was more correctly a sender that was used in conjunction with a standalone Reception Set R107. Used in rear areas going forward only as far as divisional headquarters, it was a medium powered, long range set operated most commonly in armoured command vehicles and 60 cwt ‘Command, High Power’ wireless lorries. The set with its supply unit was 57” tall, 26-1/2” wide, 29” deep and weighed 600 lbs. Its frequency range was 1.2 to 17.5 MHz in five ranges and it could transmit up to 100 miles voice and 500 miles CW. Power requirement was 210 to 250V AC and 12V DC supplied by vehicle mounted generators. An Aerial Coupling No. 2A mounted on the top of the set matched it to typical British aerial equipment such as 16 foot F Sections and 34’ Telescopic masts. Remote operation was possible using Remote Control Units H No.1 (local unit) and No.2 (remote unit).

Wireless Sets No. 53 continued to be used post war with the Reception Set R209 replacing the R107.

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