Cmp lorry 3 ton wireless (c33) early design

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The CMP Lorry 3 Ton Wireless (C33) was a Canadian Military Pattern (CMP) vehicle manufactured by General Motors. Used by RC Sigs heavy wireless sections as high power transmitter and receiver normally for communications from Army to Corps and Line of Communication headquarters but could work long distances when required during operations.

Vehicle body was a British house type with a length of 10 feet and a side entrance. It seated one NCO and two operators. Equipped with a C33 Transmitter and local and remote control units. Powered with a 2-kW generator on a trailer which accompanied the vehicle and a chorehorse generator for emergency charging.

Early Design

An early design of the CMP Lorry 3 Ton Wireless (C33) was constructed at R.A. Brand & Company , Manchester (based on the vehicle's Canadian Mechanization Depot (CMD) number in the 20,000 range[1]). It features a body very similar to what became the production body built on a Cab 11/12 chassis.

Below is a series of photos indexed as "Photographs of TE-176 Transmitting Equipment, HRO Receiver, etc in Special Wireless Vehicle (30-cwt chassis)". TE-176 was another designation, along with AT-3, of what became known in the Army as the C33 transmitter.


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