CMP Truck 30-cwt Wireless

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Trucks, 30-cwt, Wireless
CMP Truck 30 cwt Wireless left.jpg
Production history
Manufacturer General Motors
Wheelbase 134"
The Truck 30-cwt Wireless was a Canadian Military Pattern (CMP) vehicle manufactured by General Motors. Used early in the Second World War, its use was phased out in favour of the 3-ton, 134" Wireless.

The body, which came if two variants - 3J1 and 3J2 (articised 3J1) - was a conventional steel body with a wood and canvas roof and shallow curved wheel arches. There were two windows in each side, a window in the front and a window in the rear door. Inside there was a wireless table at the front, a desk on the left hand side and two seats. In the right hand rear corner there was a compartment for two 300 amp charging sets or one 500 amp charging set. There were ventilating panels in the right rear panel and the rear right panel. A folding map or telephone table was fastened to the left front panel. There was a stowage box under each front corner and POL carriers under each rear corner. Rear steps were stowed under the body when not in use. The roof had four static ventilators and horizontal aerials with insulators. Wireless sets were No. 9, 11 or 19.[1]

From what little the Design Branch records contains, the 3J1 box was essentially a 15cwt box with an extra 18 inches spliced into the box so that the interior fitments did not have to be changed. The longer wheel base allowed for the longer box and also provided a 14 inch gap between the box and the cab for housing the spare tire. Reports form the field indicated a preference for the 15cwt short wheelbase and asked for that length of vehicle with the spare relocated elsewhere, which was accomplished by moving the tire into the left side panel of the box (15-cwt 2K body).

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