CMP Truck 8-cwt Wireless

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Trucks, 8-cwt, Wireless
Body Parts List - Body 1A2 for Truck 8-cwt Wireless - Factory Photo 10.jpg
Length 166"
Width 83"
Height 90"
Wheelbase 101"

The Truck 8 cwt Wireless was an early Canadian Military Pattern (CMP) vehicle. Production is listed at 9,837 (all types) of which many were sent to North Africa, England and Australia.[1]

The chassis of the 8-cwt Wireless was initially a Cab No. 11 with a 1A2 body. Based on the standard 1A1 body, a steel Budd type body with fixed sides and a tailgate hinged at the bottom, it was adapted for the wireless role. It had provision for mounting three (later two) seats in the floor of the body. Fittings were provided for mounting a wireless set, aerials, miscellaneous equipment, batteries, etc. A platform was provided at the right side of the tow rope box for installation of a Chore Horse battery charging set. The superstructure and tarpaulin could be removed from the body and installed on the ground spikes provided and used as a tent.[2]

Later, a Cab No. 12 with a 1B2 body was produced. The 1B2 featured a longer design (almost touching the cab) that saw the equipment that was between the cab and the body in the 1A2 design instead carried in the body. The spare wheel was located in the rear left hand corner and the Chore Horse was fitted on the right rear wheel arch with a folding table on the rear corner so that it could be operated outside the vehicle.[3]

In Canadian service, the 8-cwt Wireless was generally replaced by the Heavy Utility Wireless.

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