CMP Truck Heavy Utility Wireless

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Truck Heavy Utility Wireless
CMP Truck Heavy Utility Wireless front left.jpg
Production history
Manufacturer General Motors
Length 163"
Width 79"
Height 90"
Wheelbase 101"

The Truck Heavy Utility Wireless was a Canadian Military Pattern (CMP) vehicle manufactured by General Motors. Used by AA and Atk batteries for communication with artillery commander at Corps and to tie into the CRAC network.

The Chassis was a 4x4 with a 101-inch wheel base and featured a No. 13 cab. The body was a steel sedan type with side and rear doors. It was screened against radio interference and featured steel panels in the rear windows and roof hatch. There was a metal partition between the body and the cab with a wireless table across the front together with an operators seat. There were two other sideways facing seats in the rear body, shelves and lockers over the wheel arches and a full length compartment in the left rear corner for the Chore Horse. It was equipped with a 19 Set and amplifier, four signals batteries, 300 watt Chore Horse generator and stowage for two aerial masts. The body came in two variants, 1C2 and 1C8, the difference being the replacement of the right-side rear door on the 1C2 with a spare tire on the 1C8.[1]

The Truck Heavy Utility Wireless replaced the Truck 8-cwt Wireless. Later, it was itself phased out in favour of the Truck 15-cwt Fitted for Wireless.

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