Canadian Efficiency Medal

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The Canadian Efficiency Medal, is a military long service medal. Awarded for 12 years of service (war years count double) after 31 December 1931, for members joining on or before 1 September 1939, it was issued to Non-Permanent Active Militia and RCAF Auxiliary and Reserve (until 17 August 1942). The ranks eligible included Warrant Officers, Non-commissioned Officers (NCOs) and non-commissioned members.

It replaced the Colonial Auxiliary Long Service Medal. It was itself replaced by the Canadian Forces Decoration (CD) which was introduced in 1951 for those enrolled after 1 September 1939.[1]


A silver oval medal, 38-mm by 32-mm.


A silver bar, with a crown etched in the centre was awarded for every 6 additional years.


On the obverse:

King George V: A crowned effigy in robes, facing left, and the legend: GEORGIVS.V.D.G.BRITT.OMN REX.ET.INDIAE.IMP.
King George VI: A crowned effigy, facing left, and one of the legends:
(a) GEORGIVS VI D:G:BR:OMN:REX ET INDIAE IMP: (issued 1937 - 1948)
(b) GEORGIVS VI DEI GRA:BRITT:OMN:REX FID:DEF: (issued 1948 - 1952)
Queen Elizabeth II: A crowned effigy, facing right, and the legend:ELIZABETH II DEI GRATIA REGINA FID.DEF.


The reverse has the inscription: FOR/ EFFICIENT/ SERVICE in three lines.


The green ribbon is 32-mm wide, with 3-mm yellow edge stripes.


A scroll with the word CANADA on it is superimposed on a horizontal bar attached to two large laurel leaves. The leaves are attached to the medal by a single-toe claw with double scroll claw supports on the rim.


31 December 1931 for members joining on or before 1 September 1939.


The recipient's rank, name, and service appear on the rim.


The number of medals awarded to Canadians, by reign, was as follows:

King George V: 1,600
King George VI: 10,600
Queen Elizabeth II: 475

There were 3,200 first bars, 845 second bars, 140 third bars, 18 fourth bars and 3 fifth bars awarded.

References and Notes

  1. Information on this page is from Canadian Orders Decorations and Medals 6