Colonial Auxiliary Long Service Medal

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Colonial Auxiliary Long Service Medal.jpg
The Colonial Auxiliary Long Service Medal, is a long service medal for service between 4 February 1902 and 23 September 1931. The medal was given for 20 years of service (war years counted double) to non-permanent active militia, Royal Naval Canadian Volunteer Reserve (RNCVR) and the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Auxiliary. The ranks included Warrant Officers, Non-commissioned Officers (NCOs) and non-commissioned members.[1]

The medal was superseded by the Canadian Efficiency Medal.


A circular, silver medal, 1.42 inches in diameter.


There are no bars for this medal.


On the obverse:

Queen Victoria: A diademed and veiled effigy, facing left;
King Edward VII: The king is seen in Field Marshal's uniform, facing left, and the legend: EDWARDVS VII REX IMPERATOR
King George V: The king is seen in Field Marshal's uniform, facing left, and the legend: GEORGIVS V BRITT : OMN : REX ET IND : IMP :


The reverse shows an ornamental shield bearing the legend FOR / LONG SERVICE / IN THE / COLONIAL AUXILIARY / FORCES in five lines. Above the shield is the Imperial Crown with a spray of oak leaves to the left and a spray of laurel on the right.


The dark green ribbon is 1.25 inches wide.


For mounting purposes, a plain, straight suspender with a single-toe claw, with double scroll claw supports on the rim, attaches to a straight, non-swiveling suspender.


This medal is awarded for service between 4 February 1901 and 23 September 1931.


The recipient's name, number and rank are engraved on the rim.


The number of medals awarded to Canadians, by reign, was as follows:[2]

Queen Victoria - 1,350
King Edward VII - 750
King George V - 4,300

References and Notes

  2. There are probably more that are not on the official rolls.