Car Wireless 2-seater Ford Type

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Car, 2-seater, Wireless, Ford Type
Car 2-seater Wireless Ford Type 1935 1.jpg
1935 Ford Roadster Wireless Car
Production history
Manufacturer Ford
UnitĀ cost $780
Produced 1935
NumberĀ built 6 (known)

In 1935 the Minister of National Defence made a request to the Privy Council to purchase passenger type vehicles to be outfitted for wireless work. Photographic records indicate that the Car 2-seater Wireless Ford Type was a 1935 Ford Roadster outfitted with a Wireless Set No. 1. It is known that six vehicles were authorized for purchase by Privy Council 1935/372 and it seems all were bought as there are six pictured in this 1936 photo.

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