Wireless Set No. 1

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Wireless Set No. 1
Wireless Set No 1.jpg
Production history
Introduced 1933
Produced 1933 - 1938
Variants 1A, 1B, 1C
Weight 48.5 lbs
Length 19.75"
Width 8"
Height 12"

4.2–6.66 MHz
0.5 watts
Range up to 5 miles
The Wireless Set No. 1 was a portable transmitter/receiver developed in 1933 for short range use in Infantry Brigades, Divisions and for Artillery Regiment communications as both a vehicle and a ground stations. It operated in both R/T and CW modes with a range of up to 5 miles. It was found unsuitable due to it's limited frequency range and unsuitability for mass production and so was replaced by the Wireless Set No. 11 starting in 1938.[1]

The Wireless Set No 1 complete station came in three variations with different ancillary pieces of equipment. The Set 1A was for ground use, Set 1B was for use in vehicles and Set 1C was for use in light tanks. A total weight of a complete station equipped for remote control working up to a distance of 400 yards was about 237 lbs. Of the total weight, spare batteries and valves accounted for 68 lbs, remote control equipment accounted for 51 lbs and aerial coupling equipment for 10 lbs.[2]

A request to the Privy Council to purchase 25 "Wireless Sets No. 1.B" was made in 1934 at an estimated total cost of $10,000 for the Canadian Corps of Signals. These appear to have been manufactured by "M.W.T. Co Ltd" which was Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company.

Norther Electric was contracted to produce 100 sets for the Canadian Army[3]. From the example located at the Military Communications Museum, these sets appear to have been made in 1937 and had some visual differences.

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