Fullerphone Mk III

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Fullerphone Mk III
Fullerphone Mk III.jpg
Weight 18.5 lbs
Length 13 5/8"
Width 8"
Height 6 3/4"

The Fullerphone Mk III was developed in late World War 1. Its use continued into the inter-war years where it was the standard model until being superseded by the Fullerphone Mk IV which became available in about 1937.

The Fullerphone Mk III had a telephone and calling buzzer facility as well as a folding type Morse key in the bottom right hand corner of the case and came mounted in a canvas covered wooden carrying case, provided with a protective lid.[1]

The handset used in one example found is a Telephone, Hand, D Mark V but it isn't known if others could be used as well. Receiver earpiece is a Receivers headgear, W or Receivers headgear, E double. Power was supplied by four cells, electric, inert, S.[2]

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