Field phones

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Field phones are a class of telephones used by an Army on operations. While they may be used in a more traditional office environment that is not their primary purpose.

Early Field Phones

Fullerphone Mk III.jpg Fullerphone Mk III
Telephone Set D Mk III.jpg Telephone Set D Mk III

Second World War Era Field Phones

Telephone field d mk5.jpg Telephone Set D Mk V
Signal Training Volume III, Pamphlet No. 23, Telephone Sets F Mk I, 1939 - Plate 1.jpg Telephone Set F Mk I
Working Instructions Telephone Sets F High Power No. 1 Mark II, 1944 - Figure 1.jpg Telephone Sets F High Power

Telephone Set - D Type Training Pattern

Telephone field dtype trg 1940.jpg
Telephone field dtype trg 1940 plate.jpg

This is a training version of the Type D field telephone set. This example was manufactured by Northern Electric in 1940.