General Order 7/1914

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General Order 146, 1908, is hereby cancelled and the following substituted-

Full Dress.

493. Headdress—White helmet, Wolseley pattern with puggaree of universal pattern.

494. Tunic—Blue cloth with French grey collar and cuffs; the collar ornamented with 5/8 inch maple leaf gold lace round top and front, and 1/8 inch gold Russian braid along bottom; the cuffs pointed with 5/8 inch maple leaf gold lace around the top extending 7½ inches and a tracing of 1/8 inch gold Russian braid above and below the lace forming an Austrian knot at the top extending 9½ inches from the bottom of the cuff, and a small eye at the bottom. Eight buttons down the front. The skirt closed behind, edges with French grey cloth on closing seam with a three pointed slash at each side, a button at each point. Twisted round gold shoulder cord, lined with blue, with small button at the top.

495. Buttons—Regimental pattern.

496. Trousers and pantaloons—Blue cloth, with two ¾ inch French grey stripes, ¼ inch apart.

497. Boots and spurs—See paras. 4 and 22.

498. Sword and Scabbard—Infantry pattern.

499. Sword Belt and Slings—Gold lace, 1½ inches wide, with removable slings 1 inch wide, a hook on eye of front sling for hooking up sword, running carriage for back slings, flat billets. Lined with French grey morocco leather, square gilt wire buckles.

500. Sword knot—Gold and crimson strap with gold lace acorn.

501. Greatcoat—Universal pattern (see para. 11) with should straps edged with French grey.

Drab Clothing.

502. Headdress—Cap forage drab (See para. 29)

503. Jacket—Drab serge (see para. 30) with shoulder straps esged with French grey.

504. Breeches—Drab (See para.34)

505. Trousers—As for breeches. (See para. 35)

506. Leggings—Brown leather, Stohwasser pattern, or drab puttees.

507. Boots—Ankle. (See para.37)

508. Spurs—Jack, steel.

509. Belt—Sam Browne.

510. Scabbard—Brown leather.

Mess Dress.

511. Jacket—Blue cloth, roll collar, pointed cuffs, 6 inches deep at the point and 2¾ inches behind; 4 small buttons and buttonholes down the front, shoulder straps 1½ inches wide at the base, tapering to 1 inch at the point; rounded points fastened with a small button, the shoulder straps to be sewn in at the shoulder, roll collar, cuffs and shoulder straps to be of French grey.

512. Waistcoat—French grey cloth, open in front, without collar.


513. Headdress—Cap forage, universal pattern. Blue, with French grey band and three French grey welts.

514. Jacket—Universal pattern.. Blue serge with French grey shoulder straps.

(H.Q. 303-3-19.)