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July 1928

Sunday, July 29, 1928

Nona and I planned a picnic for today down river. We both awakened at 8:30 and got up. After breakfast we made a lunch of corned beef sandwiches, coffee and cake. As the mail arrived late last night late there was no fruit over the Portage yet, so we had to do without for lunch. We got away from Ft. Smith at 10:30, passed Gravel Point, 10 miles, at 11:30, passed Salt River at 12:20 and arrived at Bert Edges cabin, 25 miles north of Smith at 13:00. Bert had Leonard Davidson (Len) camping with him and owing to a stiff north wind, had given up looking for us. We were due there about 11:00. They had a Partridge mulligan on cooking. There were three partridges, beans, barley, potatoes and rice in it. The country is full of forest fires and there is a bad one, one mile south of their place. I went out to the river bank and took a snap of the fire. Bert and Len had their supplies ready for a quick retreat if the wind should change. I took a couple of snaps of their cabin with Nona, Nadene, Bert and Len at the front. While waiting for dinner we went down to the bank and I went for a small ride in Bert's canoe, a one man rig. It was very cranky as I tipped out of it twice. Bert loaned me a pair of his pants. After a good dinner, we talked and explored around until 16:00, then started for home. The wind was very strong but to our back. A heavy sea was rolling but there were a few breakers in the deeper water. When we passed by the fire near Bert's place, the smoke came out over the water so thick that we couldn't see 100 feet from us. The smoke screen covered about three miles. This was the second time that I had my boat out in a heavy sea and found that it is very reliable and seaworthy. It is 15 feet long, 4 feet wide and 20 inches high at the bow and 16 inches at the stern. It is powered with a 4 h/p Super Elto, which is doing service for its second season. Up to now I have not had to spend a cent on it for repairs and have not yet overhauled it. We arrived at Salt River at 17:00, a distance of 7 miles. Seven miles per hour upstream is considered real good. Between Bert's and Gravel Point there were three big forest fires. The flames could be seen well from the boat and they were about 100 feet high in places. The third was right near Gravel Point. This was the worst for dense smoke. Owing to Nadene being with us, I decided not to go up the channel but take the west side of Sawmill Island channel. We got stuck on a sandbar there and we had to pole out. There was only six inches of water. It was in this channel where the boat shipped the only water on the entire trip. The swells were from 6 to 7 feet from crest to crest. We struck one wave with a bad break at the top and I saw we were going to ship water and attempted to shut down the engine a little but the instant I let go of the steering rope, I saw that we were liable to get into the trough so I had to let the engine go. The bow went clean under and the deck ,which goes back 3 feet, was completely submerged. We shipped about a barrel of water before we lifted. Nona was soaked from the waist down. Bert, who was coming to town with us, was wet too from the waist down and Nadene got her feet wet. I only got a bad drenching in the face from the flying spray. When we got back into the main river we found the wind changing and had to face it all the way home. It began to turn cold as the sun went down and we were quite raw by the time we reached home. As we passed Gravel Point I took a couple of pictures of the sun behind the clouds showing the water streaks. Arriving at Smith at 21:00 we found the Fokker Monoplane belonging to the Northern Exploration Co. here. This was the first time that it landed at Smith. It is painted yellow and is a cabin type. It has accommodations for eight people and 1000 pounds of freight. I took a snap of it but the light was poor. We arrived home about 21:30 and got a fire going. We had a supper of connie (wild rabbit ), mashed potatoes, peas, bread, coffee and cheese. We finished supper at 22:30. Bert brought a half bottle of brandy with him and we all had a snort and Nona went to bed. Bert and I sat up and talked until 00:30 hours. I went to bed at 2:00.

Monday, July 30

Awoke at 09:00. Bert came up for some stuff that he was taking back to the camp. Nona got up and we had breakfast of fried mashed potatoes, fish and cherries and toast. Jack La Flair came in about 10:00 and we talked until 10:30. La Flair just returned from Edmonton ( Edm and VED) where he was for the week. La Flair walked as far as the hotel with me on my way to work and he introduced me to some people who came in with him and were going down ( farther North ) to his part of the country. I went on to the radio station to work, I arrived there at 11:00. Joe Dexter had started the Delco at 09:00 for me and everything was running smoothly. I entered up the daily records ( DR’s) for the day before and was thru at 13:00 then Bill Loverock ( Sgt. Francis William) came down. I read the Saturday Evening Post for most of the afternoon. The static was bad so Bill had to relay to Simpson. Billie McNeill came down at 17:00 to leave a message. He came in his new car, a Hudson super 6 sedan and as we were quitting he took Bill and I home. After a light supper, I developed seven rolls of film ( I am the local photographer here) Miss Catt and Jack Taylor (JT) came in at 20:00 and we had our Spanish lessons. Nona, JT and I are studying Spanish. Miss Catt, who was a teacher in Chile, S.A., is teaching us. At 22:00 Jack La Flair came in with some stuff he brought in from Edm. for us, 3 bottles of scotch whiskey, a syphon and a 1 gallon coffee percolator for parties. I went over to the hotel and got a change of ice for our new refrigerator which came from T-Eatons today. It's a real beauty, too. I tried the radio tonight but the static was too bad to listen to. We had coffee and sandwiches at 22:50 and the gang went home at midnight. I sat up until 00:30 fixing things and starting this diary, then went to bed.

Tuesday, July 31

Couldn't sleep at all, and Nadene woke up at 03:00. She kept us awake until about 04:30, then I slept till 08:30. We both got up and had an early breakfast. I left for work at 10:30 and arrived there at 11:30. I stopped and sat with Bill on his new veranda talking. I started the Delco as soon as I got to the station, but it stopped at 12:00 and was flooded in tying to get it going. I had to take the cylinder head off finally and clean it out. After that I entered all yesterdays business and prepared for the monthly accounts. From about 15:00 I read a few coon stories in the Saturday Evening Post and Red Book. After work I walked home with Bill as far as his place. Nona had cleaned the house thoroughly today and it looked swell. After supper JT came in and about 20:00 Walter ( Walt) Johnston came in. He stayed here for an hour. Jack left at 21:00. I printed about 75 photos tonight. Tommie Hadden, checker for A.H.A. came in and B. Qulton. Later Billie McNeill came in and they'll stayed here till 01:00. We served coffee and cheese sandwiches made in the ordinary way then put into the oven and toasted. Nona went to bed at 01:15 and I followed at 02:00.

August 1928

Wednesday, August 1st

We awoke at 08:00 but were so tired that we laid in bed trying to sleep until 09:30. Nona stayed on in bed till 13:00. I had fried eggs, fried potatoes and bananas and cream for breakfast and went to work. I stopped in at the NT Co, and listened to Inspector Trundle and George Bremner arguing about the difference in value of shot rats vrs trapped rats. Saw Bill going home so walked as far as his place then went to the station. Joe had started the Delco for me. After entering the daily records (DR's) I made out all the accounts for July. I finished there at noon and waited until 16:00 for Bill to get his returns to balance. Found that we were $9.00 different but as it was so late in the afternoon, we put off any further looking until tomorrow. We will be fresh then anyway. On my way home Frank Campbell, manager of NT Co., called me in and George Bremner gave me a quart of fine old scotch whiskey, which was returned for some rye that I gave George a couple of weeks ago when he was sick.We talked about fur and the country as it was when George came in first about 20 years ago. I got home at about 19:00. Had a light supper of tea, bananas and cream and bread. JT came in and helped clean up the kitchen while I went for ice. Nona cleaned the house during the afternoon and went calling on Mrs. Conibear. Nadene was good all day. We were expecting Jack La Flair and a couple ladies and men who are going up to his part of the country. We got everything ready but they didn't come. JT and I sampled the whiskey that George gave me. It was all right. JT left after lunch at 21:00 when we had coffee royale and banana sandwiches. It was cloudy all day and rather chilly. It was cold enough that a fire felt good. Went to bed at midnight.

Thursday, August 2nd

Up at 10:00 and as Nona was tired I made breakfast for myself and went to work. Stopped at the Govn't house and got a liquor permit, took it to Syd Leggo ( Manager of the HBC ( Hudson's Bay Company) to have it sent to Edm. for filling. The Ariel Exploration Co. Fokker plane passed over Smith at 10:00 and then went to Resolution. It was flying high and bucking a strewn head wind. I found the mistake in the books and got all the accounts ready for distribution. Then spent most of the rest of the day typing letters for the month statements. I left the station at 16:30 hours and collected most of the accounts and came home. We had a light supper then fixed up for company. The gang that were coming up last night were a day behind in their estimates and thought it was tonight. After supper while I had a few minutes I developed a dozen pictures that were hanging fire and Nona took Nadene out for a little walk. While she was out and just after I finished the pictures, Jack La Flair, Mr & Mrs Matson, Mr Matson's sister and a young fellow came in. Shortly afterward Frank Campbell came in and then Miss Catt. We played bridge and whist. I was at the bridge table and our side won. We played until about midnight then served lunch. We had tea and coffee, tomatoes and banana sandwiches and store biscuits. After lunch we tallied for a while and they looked at my snapshots. They left about midnight. It was cold and cloudy all day again. Tried the radio and had KOMO but my batteries are so low that it wasn't worth listening to.

Friday, August 03

Up at 08:00 and as I had to collect some more accounts I left at 10:00. At the station I finished typing all the monthly statements and letters. I charged batteries all day. Jack Conibear brought my battery down to the station. Nona went down to Campbells and stayed there all day. She just got home a few minutes before I did. After supper I printed about 59 pictures and developed some films. Nona went out after supper and was gone till about 21:00. Nadene missed her mother and put up an awful holler but as I was busy I let her cry until she fell to sleep then I covered her up. She was fine the rest of the evening.

On my way home from the station I stopped in at Inspector Trundle's and fixed his radio. It was only a case of soldering a broken connection. I tried the radio at home tonight and it was the first good night that we have had for weeks. I found a loose connection in my own set and fixed it. Nona was tired tonight so she went to bed at a few minutes after 22:00 and studied her spanish until she fell asleep. It is now 00:30 and KOMO in Seattle is coming in fine with their San Francisco program. I still have a few pictures on the ferrotype and as soon as they are dry I will go to bed and listen to KOMO until they sign off at 01:30. Today was clear and warm.

Saturday, August 04

Nadene woke up about 05:00 with her teeth bothering her. She cried all night and kept us awake. I couldn't stand it any longer than 08:00. I had a lot of work to do anyway so got up and got a fire going. There was a high wind all day and we could see that it was going to rain so boating was declared off. I took Nadene to the kitchen where it was warm then went on printing pictures. I had seven rolls that I had promised for today and as they were not yet developed I got busy. I printed a gross of pictures and finished at 17:00. JT came in this afternoon and gave Nona and I a haircut. I needed one, too. JT stayed for supper. We had fresh sausages, mashed spuds, macaroni, tomatoes, cucumbers and tea. After supper Norman A.Welding ( new HBC accountant) came in for his pictures. JT and Nona cleaned up the kitchen then we all sat and talked until about 19:00. Several more came for pictures, then Norman and I played Nona and JT a rubber of cribbage. We won. They left at 01:00. It rained hard in several spells today. It was cold.

Monday, August 06

Nadene woke us both up early as usual and I got up. Nona didn't get up until just before I went to work. I started the Delco shortly after I got to the station and read Popular Mechanics all the rest of the day. I didn't feel much like work. About 14:00 I fell asleep and slept for about two hours. On my way home I met Nona and Sybil Lyall coming to meet me. We came home and Sybil stayed for supper. We had sausages, onion, tomatoes, cucumbers and new spuds. For desert we had chocolate pudding. Just before supper it started to rain again. It cleared up about 19:30. The moon came out bright and the northern lights were out. This is the third time I have seen them this summer. They were pale green and of the streamer variety. JT came in and we read till tea time, about 23:00. Then JT went home at midnight and Nona and I went to bed at 00:30.

Tuesday, August 07

Nona got up first and had breakfast ready when I got up. We had fried potatoes, eggs and toast. Just as I was going out to work I met old Bill Russell. I had promised him a snort so brought him in and gave him a whiskey and soda. He sure enjoyed it too. When I got to work I found that I had to charge the batteries again. There is something funny going on. Now that Joe Dexter is back it seems that I have to charge every day again. I did the books this morning and spent the rest of the day fixing up the engine saw. I finished the assembly of the saw frame and had Qulton help me with the lifting. I started the engine to work the bearing of the saw and engine in. It runs like a watch. After supper Joe came up to see if I wanted to take a chance on investing in the Lead-Zinc mines at Resolution. There is something doing there all right and the Atlas Exploration Co. a subsidiary of the Atlas Mining Co. are in there doing development work. They are very pleased with what they have found so far. I said OK and then we both went down to see Bill Loverock. Bill said OK too. I went down to the river then to look at my boat. We have had so much rain the last few days that I was afraid the weight of the water would strain the planks. I dumped it out and then washed it out thoroughly. JT was here when I got back and stayed till midnight. JT fell asleep several times during the evening. It rained again today. Mrs. Lyall came up this afternoon. After she went, Nona went over to see Miss Catt. She was still there when I got home. Nadene is now standing alone. She crawls all over the house now. She just started crawling several days ago. She pulls herself up at a chair then will let go with her hands and stand for quite a while. She seldom falls and we look for her to start walking soon. She fell asleep with no trouble tonight. Her teeth are not bothering her so much today.

Wednesday, August 08

Got up at 09:00 and had a big breakfast. Nona had Nadene dressed up before it was time to go to work so she went with me for a walk. She got as far as the HBC when it looked very much like rain so she turned back. I met George Bremner at the NT Co. and talked with him for a few minutes. He gave me a snort of whiskey before I went on. When I arrived at the station I started right in on the saw. I finished making the frame and started on filing the saw. It took me until 17:00 to finish it. While I was at it Nona came down with Nadene. Pat Brown is ready to go to Resolution and is staking a claim for Nona at the Lead-Zinc discovery and Nona had to go up and get a power of attorney made out. She left Nadene with me. She was good all the time. Joe took Nona and Mrs. Loverock up to get the powers made out and brought them back. Nona went over and spent a few minutes at Loverocks on her way home. We got a bunch of stationary from Ottawa today and in it was 24 large account books. I brought one home for my personal accounts. After supper Miss Catt came in to give us our spanish lesson. JT came up with the new doctor who is substituting for Dr. MacDonald. I have forgotten his name just now, He is a young fellow just shortly out of college. We had a very enjoyable evening. I tried the radio several times but the static was bad. Just before we went to bed I tried the radio again and KOMO was on. They were not too bad so I let the set alone till they signed off. I went to bed afterwards.

Thursday, August 09

Frank Campbell woke me up at 09:00. He came up for an extra syphon that I promised him. We had a drink and I showed him how to charge it. Nona got up as soon as he left and we had breakfast. I left for work at 10:30 and brought the records UTD first thing. After that I finished a small job that I thought of on the saw and got it ready to move. At noon I started a letter to Mother and had it about half done when the wind blew the counterpoise down in the North west section. I got it fixed ready to re-erect and when Bill and Joe came back from dinner we put it up. It made us late for the 13:00 call. I finished mothers letter then started to read a story out of the Sat. Eve. Post. I had a headache all day so couldn't get interested in the story. I talked with Bill. Nona was down at Mrs. Loverocks all day making curtains for Gerry Murphy. Gerry is moving in with Paul Trudel next door and Nona is putting up the curtains for them. She came over to the station for me a little before 17:00.

We were invited to Leggo's tonight to a party. Nadene was cranky most of the afternoon with her teeth. We were ready early tonight and left for Leggo's at 20:30. We were the first there. During the evening we played bridge. Nona and Joe played with Jack Woods ( RCMP) and Mrs Geddes ( Mrs. Leggo's mother from Regina) and the other table was Mr. Leggo and Mrs. Godsell, Mrs. Leggo and I. We won the first rubber out of three. After supper of coffee, sandwiches, cake and jelly, we talked for a short time then broke up. JT brought us home. Nadene was fine there all evening. Leggo turned his radio on and it was very good tonight , there was a little static but not too much. I do not care very much for his set, too deep and slightly distorted. When we got home Nona and Nadene went straight to bed. I tuned in on KOMO and Long Beach California. I retired at 01:45.

Friday, August 10

Got up at 09:00 and had an early breakfast. I left for the station at 09:30. I met Bill at the PO and we walked down together. I went over to the station but came back to Bills and started to cut wood. Had a bad headache all day and thought that the shriek of the saw would drive me crazy. We quit at 11:45 and I came home for dinner. Nadene and Nona were sound asleep when I came in. After dinner Nona went back with me to Loverocks. We started in sawing soon after I arrived. Billie Berens was to come down at 13:00 but never showed up till 16:30. One of the RCAF Seaplanes that are doing topographical survey work passed over Smith at 13:00. It was flying at about 500 feet. We cut about 4 cords all told today. When we stopped we had tea then came home. I helped Nona put up some of the curtains in Gerry's new place that she finished at Loverocks, then printed some of my pictures. The Distributor arrived back from Aklavik Knight at 20:30. I went down to the boat to get Berts' camera for him from Frank Johnson, the purser. Came back home at 21:30 and JT, Nona and I played dummy bridge until 23:30 then we had a lunch of onion sandwiches and coffee. JT went home at 00:15 and we went to bed at 00:30. It was very sultry today with a shower at 16:00. Radio was no good today on account of static. The northern lights were out fairly bright tonight. They were the streamer variety.

Saturday, August 11

Nadene woke up about 07:30 whining. She acted very much like she had an earache. We tried soothing her to no avail. We got up and built a fire. She fell asleep again about 8:30 I met C. Cooper who took me to work in the sedan. We sawed wood all day today and managed to get about 15 cords cut all together. Rain in the morning stopped us for a little while. The airplane of the mining company passed low over Smith this morning going north. I got a large amount of films from down river today. I developed 16 of them after supper. Nadene was sick all day, same as this morning. JT and B. Qulton came in this evening. The mail arrived about 10:00. We got our Sat. Eve. Post and a letter from Mother and Midge. I posted a letter to mother and sent off an order to Eatons. Northern lights were out tonight. Radio poor.

Sunday, August 12

Slept in till 09:00. JT brought some bread up from Joe's and woke us when he opened the door to put it inside. I was just dozing off again when the T. survey plane came over Smith. It buzzed around overhead so long that I couldn't sleep so got up. I took Nadene out into the kitchen where it was hot then read a story out of the Post. Nona got up at 10:30 and we had breakfast. We planned to go out for a boat ride this afternoon if it stayed fine. While Nona cleaned up I printed about a gross of pictures ( 12 rolls of 12). Shortly after dinner JT came in with some ice cream. The sky looked very bad and we had several rain showers and a lightening storm. I went on with the pictures and we stayed home. After I finished we looked over some Engineering papers that JT brought in and then had an early supper, 16:30. After supper Nona and JT went to church and I stayed home with Nadene. While they were away George King came in to spend the evening. Church was over at 20:00. George and JT stayed till 23:00, then went. Nona went to bed then, I trimmed and sorted the rest of the snaps and retired at midnight.

Monday, August 13

Early this morning Nadene woke up sick, she had vomited all over the bed. I got up and fixed her up. It was cold and raining when I went outside for wood. Nona got up too. I knew there would be no wood cutting today but as I was behind in my books I went to the station at 09:00 to catch up. I stopped in at York and Lyalls and paid R.L. Hastings account with a blank cheque that he sent to me. At 11:00 Cooper and Flynn Harris came down to the station. Flynn had a bottle of gin with him and we all had a drink with him. Charlie brought us home. Nadene was sick all day and at supper time. I took her temperature. It was 102.6. She was pale and quite limp all day. We believe it is her teeth. After supper I painted more pictures for Mr. Hastings and Rev. Gibson came in to spend the evening. Miss Catt came in about 21:00 and they both stayed until a little after 23:00. Nadene was still sick when Nona took her to bed. She has held nothing on her stomach all day but was fed about midnight and up to the time I went to bed she'd held it OK.

Tuesday, August 14

Nadene still sick . I got up at 09:00 and had breakfast and after helping with the dishes, I went for the doctor. I left him at the Mission corner and went to work. It was so cold today that Joe had the fire going when I got there. I worked all day on the books and getting off letters, mostly statements from Resolution. Flynn Harris was in for about two hours. When I got home I found Nadene just the same. The Doctor had been up twice during the day and came up again about 21:00. Mrs. Lyall, Sybil and JT were in too. The Doctor does not know what is the matter with Nadene. She has a fine rash all over her body, high temperature, cant hold anything on her stomach and has no pep. Her heart and pulse are normal. We gave her a bath in warm water and soda and before putting her to bed for the night we gave her a tepid sponge bath. She will not sleep longer than an hour at a time. She has lost about a pound now but then she has had nothing on her stomach for 30 hours but boiled water and sugar. Nona fed her a little before she went to bed. We had a game of bridge tonight. The Dr. and Jack and Mrs. Lyall and I. They won. JT has a bottle of whiskey and Woods, York and Bill Schaffer came up a couple of times to bum a drink. They got our goat for sure. They were all tight and worried JT until he gave them one to get rid of them. They were back again shortly. JT never went to the door at all this time. JT took Mrs. Lyall home at 0:30 and the Dr. went home too. We bathed Nadene, sponge bath then Nona went to bed. I developed a couple of rolls of films. I sold my Mercury Super Het (radio) to George Bremner at Fort Rae for 300 dollars. The new one that I ordered arrived here today in good shape. The new model is in walnut finish and is a beauty. The cabinet is solid walnut. Bed at 01:00.

Wednesday, August 15

Nadene woke up still sick at 4:00 and I was up with her and Nona till 4:30. I was so wide awake then that I stayed up and after getting a good fire going I finished up a bunch of pictures. I have a large lot still to get out on the distributor. As it was a beautiful day I thought that Bill might want wood sawed so left for the station at 09:00. Our man did not show up so Bill and I cut alone till 11:30, then went to the station. Today is sports day which was postponed on account of bad weather from July 1st. That station had a holiday from noon on. I came home and found Sybil Lyall here helping Nona. We all had diner then got ready for the sports. I am on the grounds committee, so I left a little ahead of the rest. I was score keeper for the baseball game today. As I have been up so long today and am so tired I did not wish to play and took the other job. Smith played Fitz and won 16 to 15. The game finished at 19:00. I received my membership certificate from the National Geographic Society today.

Nadene was much better at noon and as the day was so warm and with no wind that we took her out. She was very fussy again at night. When I got home JT was here and had helped Nona get supper ready. We all had supper together. Jack stayed here till 23:00 , we were all too sleepy to go to the dance tonight. Nona went to bed at midnight and I followed at 01:25.

Thursday, August 16

Nadene slept well last night and awoke at 09:15 fresh. I got up and after breakfast Nona got up. I had to go to the post office (PO ) on my way to work and left at 10:00. Met Bill near the HBC and he told me the saw was on the way up to my place. I came back home with him and showed him the new Mercury Super that I got in. He thought it was real swell. We had a whiskey and soda then he went over to the mission. We couldn't see the saw so I walked around with him as far as the NT Co. I talked to Frank till Nona came along out for a walk. We walked back home together. The saw was nearly here when we returned. I helped Vic Ingraham with it then went to work. Finished up all the books to date and ran the Delco. Was finished with everything by 16:00. I walked as far as the HBC with Philip Kennedy the HBC clerk. Picked up some things that Nona had ordered and came home. Sybil was just leaving. I went out and ran the saw about five minutes to cut enough wood to last the night then we had supper. After supper Nona went to the church meeting and I did some of the pictures just to get them UTD. Just as I was finished Gagnon came in. He stayed until 21:30. He brought up 5 caribou skins that Jim Darwish at Rae had sent down to us. JT stayed a couple of hours then went home. I tried that radio tonight but my battery is down. Have to charge it next charge day. Nadene is a lot better tonight. She slept all the time that Nona was out It was very windy all day. The wind was about 50 mph at times with the rain. I went to bed at 00:30. Radio was good outside of battery noises.

Friday, August 17

Up at 07:00 on account of Nadene, she slept well last night but awoke early. I got a good fire going as it was cold. Nona slept till 09:00. Joe came up at 09:30 and we cut wood until 11:30. Nona and I went to Lanouettes for dinner and had a real good one. Gerry Murphy, Paul Trudel and Bill Champagne sat at our table. Gerry walked home with us to inspect his new house. It is coming fine now. Joe returned at 13:30 and we cut wood till 15:00 when we had to stop on account of a hot box on the saw axel. We went from there to do a few odd jobs that were urgent and as we had a few minutes to spare. I went with Joe to give him a hand to tighten his nets. I took the Elto down so that we could pull the nets out real tight. This kept us until after 18:00, much longer than we intended staying away. While I was away Mrs. Gagnon and her mother in law came up to say goodbye to us. Mrs. Gagnon,Sr. is returning to Montreal on this weeks boat. We had a late quick lunch supper. JT came over with overalls to give me a hand for a couple of hours sawing wood but I called it off for tonight. Miss Catt came in and gave us a spanish lesson for 2 hours. It was the best we have had. Norman Welding HBC clerk, came in and spent the evening. The all left about 23:30. Nadene has been coughing all day and it sounds much like the croup. The doctor had a call to Fitz this morning and had not got home yet at 22:00. I started to work on my new radio set tonight but didn't do much to it. I got a wire from Hughes Owens in Winnipeg stating that the new camera that I ordered some time ago could not be shipped till October 1st. I wrote to them this evening and sent a money order for it. It was sunny all day but there was a wind that felt very much like fall. Bed at 01:30.

Saturday, August 18

I didn't get up till 09:15 . Finished breakfast at PO and got MO ( money order ) for $19:00 and sent it to Hughes Owens, Winnipeg for my new camera. I finished up all the correspondence at the station that had to get out on this boat. I took my storage battery down to charge . About 15:00 in the afternoon I felt so sleepy that I couldn't keep awake. Had an hours sleep. It snowed this afternoon but there wasn't enough to worry about. Didn't white the ground. McNeill brought me as far as the HBC and in the Bay I got a draft for Resolution and took the mail to the PO. After supper JT and I sawed wood for an hour. George King came up and Nona wanted to saw a while to get a little exercise, so she and JT sawed for a half hour then came in. We all sat and talked till midnight and after they went I developed 10 rolls of films and wrote to "Pirt and Wilson Stationary" in Edmonton. I hung the films put to dry at 02:30 and went to bed.

Sunday, August 19

JT woke me up at 10:00 when he brought us a loaf of bread. I got up and after the kitchen was warm made breakfast. Took Nona's breakfast to her in bed. She got up then and cleaned house while I printed pictures. I printed film from 12:00 till 18:00. JT came in about 15:00 and stayed for the day. After supper I worked on my new radio. Frank and Mrs. Campbell came in and we all sat out in the kitchen. I went on with the set. They left at 22:00 and I finished the rest of the pictures that were drying and fixed up some photo accounts to send out. Nona went to bed at 23:00. I went at 02:00. Nadene was OK all day and slept all the time Nona was at church. She had started playing with her toys again. It was cold all day.

Monday, August 20

I got up at 09:00 and while over at Conibears store found that the mail was in. I went down to get ours. I got my National Geographic's from Jan 1928 to August. There was a T -Eatons parcel and on of photo supplies. The photo supplies was short one box of too sheets of Azo paper and it was that that I needed most. Did you ever see it happen differently? Joe was to have come up to help saw wood and at 11:00 I started out to the road but went out with him as I had a couple messages. Met Billie Berens so brought him back and we cut wood till 11:40. Nona and I went with Joe to Lanouettes for dinner and Billie disappeared as usual. We cut wood there till 16:00 then Joe went for Nona who had been at Loverocks all afternoon. After supper I finished the radio set and hooked it up to try it out. The filaments will not light. The doctor came up to see Nadene and then stayed for the evening so I didn't bother looking for the trouble. I think that all that is the matter is that I left off a connection. I took a parcel of photo stuff down to the boat for Frank Johnson to give Hastings at Simpson. While there JT went over to look at my boat to see of the storm yesterday drove any driftwood up against it. Everything was OK. The doctor and I played JT and Nona a rubber of bridge tonight to bread in the new bridge set I got today from the Imperial Tobacco Co. for five sets of cards. We won 1260 to 853. They left at 23:00 after talking experiences. I told of my experiences while on the stage. Nona went to bed a 01:15 and I followed at 02:30. Nadene was fine all day and is nearly herself again. It was cold all day and as the night is frosty I started a fire in the furnace just before going to bed.

Tuesday, August 21

We slept in till 09:00 . It was raining when I got up but quit about 09:30. Joe came up then to see if I was going to cut wood. It looked as if it was going to clear up so we went to it. After dinner Billie Berens came along and I got him to help. We finished up the last of it at 16:00. I spent an hour looking on my set then and found the filament switch was not making a connection, hence the trouble last night. I fixed it and heard music around 20:00 on the dial but found that the tuning condenser must be connected wrong as its down would not function. Too late to bother with it tonight. JT and Joe went in halves on a permit that arrived today they brought it up here and mixed brandy with the concord and I stored it in my wine cellar. JT, Nona and I spent the greater part of the evening reading over the National Geographic's that came yesterday. JT left at 23:30. I developed 5 rolls of films tonight. While we were out cutting wood, Mrs. Lyall came up. After Nadene went to sleep, Nona walked down to Conibears with Mrs. Lyall. We went to bed a midnight.

Wednesday, August 22

We both got up at 09:00 and had breakfast. It was cold and stormy all night but I had built a fire in the furnace just before retiring so it was OK inside. I took a couple tubes down to Loverock then went to the station. I had not been to the station since Saturday except for a minute Monday morning so I had a lot of back work to fix up. I finished about 15:00 and read till 17:00. Nona was at Lyall's all afternoon so I called for her there. She had her supper there so I had supper alone. Baked whitefish, fried potatoes and cherries. Mrs. Lyall, Sybil, JT, Frank Campbell and Mrs. Storkinson (half Eskimo) came in and spent the evening. Mrs. Lyall and I played Frank Campbell and JT at bridge. We lost. I tried the radio and there was music with plenty of volume but the static was terrific. This has been by far the worst summer I have ever seen for radio reception. Everyone left at 23:00. I promised Gerry Murphy that I would go down and fix the receiver at the Govn't house tonight but hear in the meantime that Dexter was there fixing it. Joe didn't say anything to me about it so I stayed away. Let him fix it then if something goes wrong later they can get him again. It is one of Hastings sets and the wiring of it is terrible. The wires are spread all and it is almost impossible to get anywhere in tracing out the wires. I tried the radio up till midnight then went to bed. It is frosty out tonight and the northern lights are very bright.

Thursday, August 23

We both got up at 09:00 and had a good breakfast and I went to work at 10:30. On my way to work I got a letter at the PO for Nona from Bobbie Hastings at Simpson.It was brought down from Simpson yesterday by the Northern Exploration Co's Fokker Universal Sea Plane. They brought down a dozen letters. Tried to start the Delco when I got to the station but the engine was cold and I flooded it with coal oil and gasoline. Worked a long time at it but it would not start till I resorted to my old standby. I put the plug on the stove and got it hot and put the gas priming cup on the stove until it was nearly boiling. While this was getting ready, I turned the flywheel until the exhaust valve was wide open. This caused a draft up though the exhaust and out the plug hole. With the hot plug and hot gas it started OK. Before I left the station I put the new battery cell in the bank that I had repaired. It rained again today. The Lyall children were up for supper tonight. After supper I went out to cut wood for an hour. Billie Berens came up and started to cut for me and I started piling. JT came and engineered the wheelbarrow and I piled. We piled about a cord. Nona went down to Lyall's to make a princess slip for Sybil. JT and I played with the radio. It is working OK at last. We picked up KOMO, KMO, KJR, CFAC, KEX and several others. The static was not too bad. I went back for Nona about 10:00 and we had a lunch when we got back. On the way home we stopped in at Lyall's Store and Nona tried on a couple of silver-cross Fox furs ( raw skins) and a martin. They want 100 bucks each for the crosses. Northern lights were out tonight again. They are getting good now as this is the best time of the year to see them. Went to bed at 01:15 and Nadene was OK all day.

Friday, August 24

Just before I went to bed last night I lit a fire in the furnace then the weather turned warmer. About 02:30 it was 90 in here and I couldn't sleep. I laid awake until 05:00 then slept till Nadene woke up at 08:00. I got up and built a fire and Nona got up at nine. We had invited Mr & Mrs Leggo, Mrs Leggo, Sr, Mr &Mrs Godsell, the doctor and JT for the evening so had to get the place all fixed up. Before I went to work I helped move the furniture around and swept out the front room. The first thing after I got to the station I entered the DR's UTD then swept and cleaned out the engine room. The place looks nice and neat now at the station. On my way home I got something at the HBC and after having a quick supper I helped get the place ready for tonight. The gang came in about 20:30 to 21:00 and they all apparently had a good time. It was a little hot for a while though for Mrs Godsell. We had two tables of bridge going. The radio was fair but not near so good as it was at supper. It was better about 01:30, too, than it was than it was when they were here. How often it happens that radio bucks and acts the way it does just when someone is in that you particularly want it to act natural I have seldom seen it fail yet that it does not act up. Static is still very bad during the greater part of the night. It gets worst as the night goes on instead of improving. The Northern lights are out again and I am believing that they have a great effect on the radio. Last year I was under the impression that they had very little effect but this year I've noticed that the static is worse when the lights are the brightest. I am going to watch this during the winter. The gang all left at 01:00. They all said that they had a wonderful time and as the party at no time dragged, I believed they did. Nadene was full of the devil all day but very good for the evening. She wanted to play peekaboo most of the time and was cute, she slept all thru the earlier part of the evening and woke up at 23:30. She was more or less cranky from then on till 01:30. Nona went to bed after the party left but I sat up and listened to Long Beach California on the set. They came in real good for an hour. Everyone here tonight thought my new radio was a beauty. They all liked the cabinet very much and when I showed them the inside they said it was well put together. The party that went to Resolution to stake claims for us returned to Smith today. I have not seen them yet but Joe did. I went to bed about 01:45.

Saturday, August 25

We all slept in till 09:15. After I got the fire going Nona got up and we had breakfast. We cleaned up a lot of the junk that the party last night spread around. I got to the station at 11:00. Started the Delco. After I finished the DR's I read National Geographic till 13:00. I then slept till 14:15 and Leggo came in waking me up. Bill gave me a bag of new spuds out of his garden and 3 big turnips to bring home. I stopped at the NT Co. and F. Campbell gave me a fine head of lettuce. I stopped then at Leggo's and helped him connect up the storage B batteries on his set. Miss Catt was here and stayed for supper. Just before we sat down JT and Bert Edge came in. They had just had supper at Lanouettes but they sat in and did justice to Nona's cooking. Miss Catt went home at 22:00. Leggo came in to see how the radio was, his set is noisy. I credit the noise to the storage B's that were just charged and still gassing. The radio was real good tonight till about 23:00. We played two games of bridge, Bert and JT vrs Nona and I. We each won a rubber but Nona and I won. Bert read my diary UTD while JT and I audited the bridge score. We had coffee and sandwiches and cake about 01:00. JT held Nadene. It was cold all day. JT and Bert left at 02:30 and we went to bed.

Sunday, August 26

I intended getting up early but slept till near 10:00. We both got up and had breakfast and while Nona cleared up the dishes I print 40 pictures that I had promised for this week. It was such a wonderful day after the month that we had that we decided to go on a picnic. We met JT at noon and told him of it. We got away from Smith about 13:00 and went to the north end of Sawmill Island and had dinner. Bert Edge passed us there going on to his cabin. After dinner we went across the river to investigate the damage done by the fires there last month. Pete Wabiscow's cabin was burned to the ground. That was the only cabin in the neighbourhood. On our way home we stopped at Gravel Point and talked with old Dad Bennett who is 75 ears old and caretaker of Gravel Point. He is interesting to listen to. He joined the mounted police in 1877. We stopped there an hour and started on for home. We arrived at 20:45. Dad gave us a large chunk of salted fish. We had it with creamed new potatoes, new turnips, etc for supper. JT went home at 23:30. It was real chilly on the way home after the sun went down at 23:30. Nona had a cold so I sent her to bed with a hot lemonade and brandy. The Northern lights were the brightest this year tonight. I retired at midnight.

Monday, August 27

I had promised Bill that I would help him saw some more wood this morning but forgot all about it. I didn't get up till nearly 10:00. I started out with my battery and stopped at the PO to send a MO for some covers for the National Geographic s. The Govn't house could not get their Delco started so I went in and helped them. I got it going then went to Leggo's. He showed me a gasoline soldering iron that he had. From there I went to the NT Co. and gave Campbell my winter order. I met Bill when I came out of the NT. He had been up to see what was the matter with me. He told me then of the wood cutting promise. It was too late to start then so I went on to the station. Joe had thought we were sawing and gone to dinner. The station was locked when I got there and had to go back to get Bills key. I had all my work done when Bill arrived. Then I read for an hour. The mail was in then and I had to go uptown to get a dog team to take a bed and mattress from the station to the boat. It is being shipped to RSH at Simpson. I met Alex Berens and sent him to the station and then on to the PO. Nona had already gotten the mail so I went home to see what there was. A notice of deposit from the bank, one letter from Bill Free and one from Nona's sister Midge. I answered Free's and sent a cheque for $62.90 premium life insurance to North American Life Co. I went back to the station then and filed what correspondence there was. About 16:00 I went out and picked a pint of cranberries. They are not as thick this year as usual. I came home at 17:00 and found Hazel and Florence Lyall here, they stayed for supper. Mrs. Lyall went to Fitz this afternoon to see Sybil off. Nona said the other two children could stay here till she returned. After supper JT and Gerry Murphy came in. Gerry stayed for an hour then had to go. Norman Welding, JT and Joe were in then till 01:00 we played a few rubbers of bridge and a couple games of four handed cribbage. I was on the side that laboured under tough luck all evening.The radio was very poor tonight. We tried it a couple of times but it was very late before anything came in. About 22:00 the Lyall kiddies became sleepy so Nona fixed a bed for them on the floor. Mrs. Lyall came for them later but as they were both asleep we did not wake them up. Nadene was fine all day. Mr & Mrs W.F. Cooke were up at the house for a while. They are on their way to Norman to take over the NT post there. William Greer at Resolution wired me for my price on my Elto if I wanted to sell it. I quoted $230.00. If he buys it I think I will buy a Speedster. I got a PP from home today saying that mother had sent big box of books for us. As the bedroom was full, I slept on an easy chair tonight. I sat up till 03:00 and tinted a few snaps.

Tuesday, August 28

Woke up at 07:00 and built the fire and about 08:00 I cooked breakfast for the crowd. Florence and Hazel were up before breakfast was ready. Nona got up just as breakfast was ready. Mrs Lyall came in about 08:30 to get the kids off to school and thought that she would find us all in bed. I went down to Bill's and we cut wood. We stopped at 16:30 and had cut about 4 cords. On my way home I stopped at the NT Co. and Frank Campbell told me that Gibson was coming back to the store. He has accepted a position as warden for the Govn't and is leaving about the 15 of Sept. He will live across the street from us in the house that Hastings used to stay in. I went down the hill then to mix up some gasoline but found Mickey Ryan's men launching a schooner ( Nitachie ). I helped them and it was going on to 18:00 when we finished. We had been invited to Lyall's for supper so I hurried, After supper I went over to the police station to get my licence for hunting and trapping. We left Lyall's about 21:00 and came home to get Nadene to bed and the place warm. Mrs Lyall and Miss Ruby McLoed came in about 21:30 and stayed till 22:15. JT was here and stayed till 23:30. Nona went to bed just after JT went and I followed at midnight.

Wednesday, August 29

Up at 08:00. Nona got up and we had breakfast together. Nona went to Loverock's with me to finish Gerry's curtains. Bill and I finished all his wood at 11:30 then we went over to the station. Joe had the Delco going for me. Nona and I went to Lanouettes for dinner and had a real good one. After dinner I went down to the boat house and mixed 4 gallons of gas and oil for the Elto. I returned to the station about 14:00 and brought the DR's UTD. I got a rope for the boat and went down to put it on but had to get a bolt for the ring. I took the machine out for a trial and went across the river to look at the raspberry patch. It is too late in the season to get any now. I got back to the station at 16:45 and came home at 17:00 with Bill. Mrs Lyall and the kids were here when I got home. We all had supper and JT came in. After the dishes were cleaned up we all went to Lyall's for a minute and JT and I took a pair of hip boots and a sleeping robe down to the boat. Campbell, Loverock and I are going down to Edges trapline for a duck hunt this weekend and I was getting a few things together. I was disappointed in a shot gun. The one F. Conibear was going to lend me is not safe. I am sending on to Fitz tomorrow to see if Morie will still sell me one that he offered me last spring for $15.00 a db gun. At 21:00 Mrs Lyall, Ruby McLoed, JT and Nona and I came home. JT and Nona played a winning game of bridge against Mrs Lyall and I. We then played a game of whist. They all went about midnight. Nadene is fine now and was full of mischief all day. She slept fine all night while the gang were here. The radio was fair the early part of the evening but was wonderful from midnight on. I went to bed at 01:15.

Thursday, August 30

I was tired so laid in bed till nearly 10:00. On my way to work I saw Frank Campbell and he said that owing to freight coming over this weekend he may not be able to get away for the duck shoot. I left the station at 16:15 to hunt up a shotgun. Leggo said he would lend me one. I went down to the boat then and fixed a new rope on it. JT stayed here for supper as Lanouette is too tight to cook tonight. There was a big dance on there last night. I gathered a few things together for tomorrow. Vic Ingraham stopped me on my way home and got me to help him move some of Miss Catt's stuff over to her new home. She is moving into Taylor's old place. The Fokker plane G-CARK belonging to the Exploration Co. passed over Smith at 16:15 this afternoon. A wire from Simpson stated that they left at 12:00. ( about 500 miles by airline). She flew low over Smith. The Distributor was scheduled to leave tonight but is postponed until daylight. Nona finished making the curtains for Gerry tonight and put a few of them up. JT stayed till 23:30. Nadene learned to kiss mama and papa today and shake hands. Miss Catt taught her. The weather today was grand.

Friday, August 31

Up early and went to work. Went down to the boat on my way to the station. Met Bill and he went with me. Leggo loaned me a 16 ga. shotgun and we took 6 boxes of shells with us. I finished up all the work at the station by 14:30 then came home to pack up the rest of the stuff that we would need on the hunting trip. Went down to the boat with a load. While there a small cyclone came up and the weather took a sudden change to the stormy. The wind was between 50 and 60 mph. there was several severe rain storms. After supper it cleared a little and I went back to the boat then started out to see Bill, met him on the road and we went back to his place. He told me that one of the counterpoise wires was down so we went over and fixed it. I came back to the govn't house and hooked up their B Batteries but their set died. Something is broken in it somewhere and I can't find it. Got home at 21:15. JT was here. He stayed till 22:00. We went to bed at 22:30 and the weather was still bad. Jack promised to call me at 07:00.

September 1928

Saturday, September 01

Got up at 06:30 and made breakfast. Left the house at 07:00 and started for Bill's. I met him near the hotel. He said he had been up to my place and seeing no smoke thought I was not going or had not got up. We went down the hill and although there was still a wind thought that we would start out and if things improved, OK and if not we could turn back. We left Smith at 09:00 and arrived at Bert Edge's at 11:30. There was no one home there. Bert and Len were away fishing their nets. We waited till noon and as we were both hungry we lit a fire on the beach and cooked dinner. We could not hear Bert with his Johnson so we didn't wait. When we got the fire going we discovered that we had left the bread at Lanouettes. I took some bannock from the cabin for the meal. We finished about 13:00 and Bert and Len arrived. They went up to the shack and cooked their dinner then came down and cleaned about a dozen conies. They are drying them. After they finished this they had to go across the river to change some nets. The wind yesterday had filled them all up with driftwood and weeds. Bill and I went over in our boat and watched them. Bill was very interested in the way they worked. He had his camera and took some snaps of them at work. They had a lot to do and apologized for not staying home and being sociable but we both understood that they have to work against this time of year. When they were thru, they told me how to get to their pet partridge grounds and Bill and I went while they got ready. Their loose dogs were out there hunting too so we didn't see a sign. When we got home supper was ready. We had fried moose meant, french fried potatoes, strawberries, bannock and coffee. We enjoyed it, too. Just before sundown there was a big flock of Grey geese that landed on the bar across the river. Bert and I paddles across in the 19 foot canoe with our rifles. The rifle was the only gun to take as the only shots we would get would be about 200-300 yards. We crawled up to them thru the willows to about 350 yards when the willows were so thin that we were seen and the geese took to the air. We both fired at them on the wing. I fired 3 and Bert fired 7 shots. Bert had a Winchester 30-30 and I had a Winchester 38-55. Of course we had no luck. We went to bed about 22:00, Bill and I in our feather robes on the floor.

Sunday, September 02

We woke up at 04:00. I lit the fire and we all got up. While Len cooked breakfast, the rest of us packed the boat ready for the rest of the trip to the duck grounds. We pulled out of there at 05:40 and arrived at Grande de Tour at 08:00. I took a long shot at a bunch of geese on a sand bar on the way down but missed. We carried the canoe (Bert loaded up his) into the first slough about half a mile but the ducks had been shot at a lot lately and were too wild to get near. We went into the third slough and where there were plenty last year there were very few this year. We managed to get four but that was all. We discovered that we had four boxes out of the six of ball shot instead of duck shot. As there were few ducks and we only had a half box of number two shot left, we started back. On our way we stopped at the bar that I saw the geese on the down trip and decided to camp there for the night in hopes that a flock would land that night. We had the camp ready before sundown and waited there till after sundown and as there were no geese flying we started back . I could not stand Bill's grouching any longer. Bert had promised to start a fire after dark for us for a beacon in case we returned. When we had been on the way about an hour and a half, we saw a light and thinking that was Bert's beacon, pulled in. As we neared the shore I saw that it was not and had a mind to turn out and continue when I thought it might be a signal for help or something. It turned out to be Pete McCallum. He had turned in when he heard the engine. When we were near him he put out a light to show us that someone lived there and for us to stop for the night if we wanted to. He invited us to camp there for the night. He was living in a tent. We accepted his hospitality and had a good nights sleep. He and I laid there talking till after midnight. Pete had not been to the fort for a month and was eager to hear what was going on. I dropped off to sleep about midnight.

Monday, September 03

Bill woke me at 05:00. We all got up and had breakfast and was on the water by 06:00. We arrived at Bert's at 07:15. Bert and Len were just getting up. Bert was going to Smith too, so we waited for him. He had to go and fish his nets first. He returned at noon and we had dinner right away. We had only gotten four ducks. We pulled away from there at 14:00 and a wind was just starting up. Before the hour was up, the wind was blowing about 30 mph and up stream. This chops the river into a very rough choppy sea. When we got to the lower end of Sawmill Island, that sea was real bad and necessitated running on half speed. We kept up like this till after passing Gravel Point. We had packed all our heavy stuff right up in the bow to hold the bow into the water for better time. That made it so that the waves would not live the boat till they were about a third of the way back. We seemed too low thruout them instead of riding them. We arrived at Smith at 18:05. That made it 28 miles in 4 hours, very good for that sea when we had to travel nearly an hour on half speed. As Bill was to take the ducks, Bert gave me some moose meat and a connie. Bert played a couple rubbers of bridge but everyone was so sleepy that they went to bed early. The mail arrived this morning and we got a letter from Mother and several business letters. The National Geographic came today. I went to bed at 23:00, Nona stayed with Lyall's while I was away.

Tuesday, September 04

Up at 07:00. Nadene was sick again. Just before going to work the doctor happened in to get some films. He had a look at Nadene and later brought her some medicine. She has a large rash on her now. Jack Bowen, on of the truck drivers, brought a bunch of freight for us. There was several Eaton's parcels, incl. a banjo mandolin and battery etc, a big box of things from my mother and my liquor permit. As it is about the end of the month all our returns and reports must be fixed up. I worked all day up till 16:00 on the statements. I then went down to help Joe put in another net. When I got home Todd was here to try to trade my Elto for a Ford car. I wouldn't trade but as he is going on a mining trip, I loaned it to him for 3 weeks and am keeping the car for him. Made him sign an affidavit to the effect that he only had the loan of the motor and it was to be returned in good shape. I went to Fitz with them and brought the car back. I was back at 22:50. JT and the Dr. and Gerry Murphy were here when I got back. I tried the radio and it was good. The all left at midnight and as I was behind in this diary I went to work to bringing it UTD before going to bed. Gerry came over at 00:30 and asked me to come in and have a drink. I stayed there talking to him and Paul until 01:50. It is now 02:30 and I am going to bed now.

Wednesday, September 05

Got up at 07:00. Got a fire going and had breakfast. Nona didn't get up until 09:00. Nadene seems worse this morning. She's covered with red blotches and pimples. There are about twice as many as last night. I went to the station about 10:00 and finished all the accounts. My accounts and Bills book were out a little over a dollar and it was 16:00 before we found it out. After they balanced, I went out and spent an hour fixing the bands on the car. It needs a lot of touching up and I will try and do a bit everyday. After supper JT came up and we went over to borrow Mrs. Conibear's sewing machine. She promised it to Nona but said she didn't have any needles for it. Our bill was not very big this month and I guess she didn't want to lend it. We all read this evening and then listened to the radio. When Nona and I went to bed we listened to KOMO until they signed off.

Thursday, September 06

Had a hard time getting the Lizzie started this morning. I tested the hot shot that is used to start ti and found it low. I used the car to collet most of the accounts. Took Nona and Nadene with me. Met Bill downtown and took him along. I finished up all the report on the station operation before going home. Had time to read a little while. On my way home I went down the hill and got a reflector for on of my headlights. There's an old car there that everyone helps themselves to parts of. After supper Joe came up and asked me to look after his dogs. He is going to Ft. Chipewyan to meet Freda and to get some geese. Nona and JT went out in the car about 4 miles to see if we could get a shot at a partridge-no luck. When we got home I developed 4 rolls of films. Nona made 2 lemon pies and mincemeat tarts. Was so sleepy that I couldn't keep awake. Went to bed at 23:00.

Friday, September 07

Up at 08:00. While trying to start the car JT came along and helped me. That boat is sure hot stuff to start in the mornings. I went down and picked up the laundry, then went to the station. I finished all the letters and the money reports before coming home. Dora and Mrs Cameron were down cleaning up Joe's quarters. I brought them home when I left at 17:00. Forgot to feed Joe's dogs though. This afternoon I worked on the car for a couple of hours. I tightened up two connecting rods bearings that were loose. JT and the doctor were up this evening. Jack brought up a phonograph to try out the records that Mother had sent. There are some real good ones there. I intended doing some more photography tonight but didn't get a chance to get at it. Went to bed about midnight.

Saturday, September 08

We both got up late this morning and went to Lanouettes for breakfast. We went for a little car ride before I went to work. I started on the DR's for Sept and did half of them. I worked around for an hour on the car before going home. I went uptown during the afternoon and posted all the official mail then got back at five in time to shut down for the night. After supper I developed a few rolls of films, JT was here. Nona worked on her new dresses and about 22:00 I fell asleep again. Went to bed at 23:00.

Sunday, September 09

Nadene got me up at 07:30. I had breakfast and minded her till Nona got up. Then I started printing pictures. About noon we went for a ride and stopped around at Vic's for meat. Vic Ingraham now runs the meat shop in Mahoney's place. Mahoney is going outside on this boat. When we got home we had a dinner then put on a Hamburger stew for supper. I printed pictures for the greater part of the afternoon. JT was up and we worked a couple of hours on the car. I got the windshield off Red Cousins' old wreck at the bottom of the hill and put it on, the one I had was busted. I finished the lights too and put all new wires in. the old boat is taking on the form of a good looking car now. After supper we played a game of dummy bridge. The radio was fair tonight with spells of fading. JT left at 23:30 and Nona went to bed. I came about midnight.==== Today is our 2nd anniversary. We celebrated quietly.

Monday, September 10

The mail arrived about 03:00 so Nona and I went for it in the Ford about 10:00. We got a letter from Midge and several business letters. We took all the official mail out to the station then went for a small ride. When I got back to the station I worked on the DR's, I came uptown several times this afternoon. I was down the hill and met Sousie Marie, he is using my boat for a few days. I took his engine, and Elto speedster) out for a trial and it's in good shape. Makes about 20 mph. Just before supper Bert Edge came in and brought us 6 ducks and a five pound trout. We put the ducks on to roast and had supper about 20:30. JT had already had supper but arrived just before we sat down, so he came in and joined the feast. We had a duck a piece. After supper Bert and I talked and JT took Nona out in the car for half an hour. Then they washed up the dishes. We had a game of bridge, Bert and I whitewashed Nona and JT. We went to bed at midnight.

Tuesday, September 11

I didn't get up till 09:00. JT was going by about 10:00 and gave me a hand to take Mrs Campbells sewing machine back. Nona had borrowed it and made a bunch of dresses. I worked on the ledgers today and brought the DR's up to the minute. This afternoon Mrs Leggo and Mrs Geddes came up. Mrs Geddes is from Regina and said that she was going home next boat. If there was anything that we wanted to send home she very kindly offered to take it for us. We had cold roast duck and fried potatoes for supper. After supper we called for JT and went for a car ride. We went out to mission trail ( about 6 miles out) and got 2 partridges on the way. Arriving home I got in and developed 5 rolls of films. JT went home about 22:00. Nona was working all day sewing. She lined her coat to get it ready for winter. The rats that we sent out this summer returned in the mail yesterday and Nona is putting them on. She had them make up the collar and cuffs.[photo] I went to bed about 22:45.

Wednesday, September 12

After breakfast we all went out for a ride. Nona did some shopping and I went on to the station. I came back with some messages about 12:30 and stopped off at the house long enough to have a cup of tea. In the afternoon I cleaned up one of the warehouses and finished up all the books. After supper I printed pictures. The radio was very poor all evening. The weather has been rotten lately for reception. Nona went to bed at 22:00 and I went about midnight.

Thursday, September 13

Up at 09:00 and had breakfast. Nona didn't get up till I had left for work at 10:20. I ran the Delco all day and finished up the DR's then repaired the warehouse light wires that were pulled down this spring by Lyall's truck bringing freight to the station. I fixed up Fred Raney's and R. Watson's personal documents and got them ready to send to the station that they have been transferred to. I brought up the question of our winter schedule today and Bill says that as soon as the station is cleaned up for the fall and the wood is cut, we can start. I came uptown with messages and while up here came home for a cup of tea. That Ford is sure handy for me. It is in very good mechanical shape, too. I sold the dining room table today to F. Campbell for $18.00. It was far too large for our place and we only used it three times last year and once this year. We will bank the money this winter and get something more suitable next spring. Nona and I went for a car ride out to the Mountain Portage after supper to see if we could raise a couple of partridges out but had no luck. When we returned I developed 8 films then cleaned up the house. The radio was no good in the early part of the evening. Retired about 01:00.

Friday, September 14

Went to work and after fixed up the DR's. Started the Delco. I cleaned out the oil house for the winter. I fixed some official mail for posting, then read for a while. Worked on the car for a while. After supper, JT came in for a game of bridge. Gerry sent over his cocktail shaker and came over shortly afterwards and mixed us up a cocktail that was a beauty. He and Paul had one with us then went to a party. When they came back they called us over to their place and we stayed till 02:30. We had a couple of cocktails and I got a mixture that put me under. I had to go to bed early 03:00 before I lost my head.

Saturday, September 15

JT came in at 08:30 and called me, then built the fire for me. We got up at 09:00 and had a big breakfast. We went out for a car ride at 10:00. Met Bill and took him home then we went to the station. Nona wanted to see Dexter's son. He looked smart, he is 6 weeks old now. I brought Nona and Nadene back home then went back. I didn't feel much like work today, so I didn't' do anything. I slept for a couple of hours. I read a storey out of the National Geographic and finished it at 17:00, then took Bill home and came home. After supper we waited till JT came along then we went for a car ride. We left the house at 20:00 and went to Fitz ( 16 miles and back), returned at 21:50. JT went home and I went over to Gerry's to get a permit to enter the Wood Buffalo Park tomorrow. JT, Nona, Nadene and I are going out there for a picnic, weather permitting. We want to get some snaps of it and as we have the car now and as this is the best time of the year with no pests, we are taking the opportunity. While over there I met Jim Woods, another old timer in the North. He has been in the North 31 years. He is a Shipmaster at the McMurray yards. He was overseas as a Lieut. We had a couple of whiskey and sodas with Gerry and Paul but I refused to have more than 3 very, very small ones. They couldn't press me to any more when I told them that I was off it tonight. When I came home Nona went to bed and I fixed up some money to send out on the mail tomorrow to the bank. I sent out $32.18 to the current account and $23:00 to the savings. Bed at 00:40.

Sunday, September 16

We all got up at 06:30. JT woke us and while we were dressing, he lit the fire and started breakfast. We were ready for the picnic and got away about 08:00. We arrived at the mission farm 24 miles and stopped to talk with one of the brothers there. We went on and arrived at Salt Wells about 11:00. I took several pictures there. I took one of JT and Nona standing on one side of the well then fastened the camera to the side of the car and affixed the self timer and took one of all of us eating lunch. We left there about 13:00 and arrived back at the farm at 15:00. The brother there loaned me 3 gallons of gas and then we went out to see the farm. He came with us to show us the way. The cattle were all around in a close formation, so I took a view of them then when we returned back at the farm, I took one of the house. When we were ready to go it was discovered that we had left JT's moose hide gloves back at the wells. It was only 16:00 and about 5 miles back so we went back for them. We found a handkerchief that Nona had lost, too. The scenery was wonderful all the way. On the prairie it was especially pretty. The leaves were well turned and a lot had already fallen. The poplars were from a light bright yellow to an orange. The willows were brown and gold to a red and the evergreens showed up in a kind of background while the hay and prairie grass in the foreground was a golden yellow. We saw a coyote pup on the prairie about six months old. He had evidently never seen humans before because he was quite tame. He came to within 500 feet from the car and then discovering a mouse, proceeded to play with it. That was the first coyote that Nona had seen. She also saw her first flock of geese and ducks today. The car worked like a charm all the way thru. We returned home at 20:30. After returning, while Nona and Jack washed the dishes, I developed the two rolls of films that I took and they came out splendidly. We were all so tired we went to bed about 21:00.

Monday, September 17

I met Bill on my way to work this morning. He had taken a walk up to my place to see if we had gotten home OK. He saw the car so started back. He was telling me that most of the town had thought that something had happened to us as several had noticed no lights at the house at 22:00 and Murphy had come home and stayed up till 02:00 and there were no lights yet when he went to bed. I guess that our going to bed at 21:30 was so unusual that the town took it for granted that we had not returned. Leggo and Lyall were both getting ready to go out when I came down. I started the Delco and brought the office work UTD (up to date). Then when all the hands were around, I changed one of the counterpoise ropes that had broken and just tied up. I cleaned up around the yard a bit and made Joe clean up some of the mess that his dogs made. I am trying to get the place all cleaned up before winter comes. Joe has tools scattered all over the place and I found the brace and bit outside. He was using it to make holes thru fish to string them up on the rack. Corp. (Pop) Walters, RCMP came down with some messages at 16:00 and stayed and talked to us till 17:00. I brought him home when I came. We had an early supper then started out to get some partridge. I called for JT and Bill Schaffer. We went out the Bell Rock trail about 7 miles and got 2. We ran into a bunch but they flew quite a ways and we only got two. We hunted for the rest for about 15 minutes but couldn't find them. They both came to the house with us and spent the evening. We played 3 rubbers of bridge then had lunch. The radio was fine all evening. They left at 02:30. It is now 03:12 and I am retiring immediately.

Tuesday, September 18

This morning the N.A.M.E. plane G-CARK flew over the village at 08:00 and as they gained altitude the roar from the engine woke us up. I got up and cooked breakfast then went to work. Dusty Weaver came down from Simpson in the plane and came out to the station shortly after dinner. We talked all afternoon. McDonough, the pilot and Adams, the mining engineer from Frisco that brought him came out and spent a couple of hours with us. I brought Dusty up to the house for supper and he was to have gone down to Bills after supper but it started to rain so he stayed here till 01:00. JT came in, so we had a game of bridge. Dusty and I vrs JT and Nona. We won. I offered to take them home in the car but cranked the damn thing for about 10 minutes without any results, so I drained it and left if out on the road. I made a pull thru for JT and Bill Schaffer today. Bed at 01:30.

Wednesday, September 19

After breakfast I went out and spent an hour trying to get the car started. Discovered that the trouble lay in the ignition circuit somewhere. There is a short there. I had to leave it till I had more time and walked to work. When Bill came over at 13:00 we talked for a couple of hours. He told me about several fellows in the great war. Dusty came in and stayed most of the afternoon. Barager, the other pilot of the N.A.M.E. and Humble, the mechanic came in and Dusty introduced them around. When I got home I worked about an hour on the car and again left it to finish up some developing. Nona was over a Campbells' most of the afternoon. Nona was tired tonight so went to bed at nine. I sat up until midnight working on the pictures. JT and B. Schaffer came in for a minute about 23:30.

Thursday, September 20

When I got up I met Jack Conibear and asked him if he would tow my car out to the station. When we got there I started to overhaul it and get the ignition into shape. It took me till 16:00 to get it OK. The coil box had gotten wet and the secondary circuit was shorting. I made a couple of trips uptown with it when it was working to try it out. I heard that Raney was back in town today. After supper at Campbell's I came back home and printed 180 prints. I didn't get to bed till 02:30. The radio was nil tonight. JT was here tonight and Gerry came in for a while.

Friday, September 21

Up at 10:00 and went out without breakfast to look up Raney. Met him over at his shack and told him I was going duck hunting this weekend. He promised to have my Elto over to the Portage today. He asked me to look after his car for the winter while he was away. I agreed because it will mean that it will be just the same as my own. He will be away most of the time. I brought the DR's UTD today then talked to Bill. While he was working Edm and Simpson from 15:30 to 16:00, I had a pretty fair sleep. On my way home, I stopped at Godsell's with a letter for Jim Wood and while talking there my car ran out of gas. I had to take Woods' coupe and go home for a tin. Met Nona coming home and picked her up. Took her and Nadene out to the 3 mile bridge for a ride. Later on Raney came up for a while. Jack Conibear brought the Elto in about 22:30. Norman Welding came up and spent the evening. He left about 23:00 and I gathered up a few things that I wanted to take tomorrow. Went to bed at 23:45. Radio was nil again.

Saturday, September 22

Got up at 08:00. After an early breakfast, I took my Elto down the hill and tried it out on the boat. It is apparently in perfect shape. It started right off and ran the same as it always did. Raney told me, however, that the gears needed grease. After trying it out I went up to the boat house and mixed a tin of oil and gas. Then after sorting out some things I would need on the trip I came back home. I did nothing at all at the station today, Bill told me that if I wanted an early start I could leave at 16:00 instead of 17:00. After the 15:00 call I took the messages uptown and delivered them. It was nearly 16:00 then so I went down the hill and got Sousie's "Speedster" and fixed it up on the boat. I called for JT and we came home. Supper was ready but there was so many small jobs to do that it was 17:20 when I finally got away. JT came down with us to take the car back home. My running time was as follows:==== Left Smith at 17:40, arrived Gravel Point ( 10 miles) at 18:10.==== At Gravel Point I had to look up a Mr. Leedman to deliver a message. He is the chief of a survey party that has been out on Great Slave Lake all summer. I talked with him for a while. He was interested in the Elto and I promised to stop in for a while on my return.==== Left Gravel Point at 18:30 and arrived at Bert Edges cabin at 19:35 ( 18 miles). Bert and Len had both gone out to the Talston River so I went up to Johnnie Broomfield's. I stayed there all night. Shortly after getting to sleep I had a funny dream. I dreamt that a bolt on the Elto had worked loose and that as it was one that required to be tight, I proceeded to tighten it. Just as it was getting tight, the threads stripped and the nut flew off with a great force and struck me in the face together with a quantity of gas and fire. I jumped back with such force that I jumped clean off the floor and woke up. Johnnie had not yet gone to sleep and started to laugh. He wanted to know if a mouse had run over me.

Sunday, September 23

Woke up at 05:00. Had breakfast and got away at 05:40. Arrived Grande-de-tour at 06:40 ( 20 miles), didn't stop. Arrived at lower end of island below Grande-de-tour at 06;55 and stopped till 07:30. While here I took a snap of the boat and did a little exploring. I found fresh bear tracks that were big ( 5 inches across) as well as wolf and fox tracks. There were innumerable goose tracks. I left there at 07:30 and arrived at Beaton's at 09:20. I had stopped on another island about Beaton's to mix some more gas and scout around. I heard a moose calling on the mainland and decided to have a look for him. No success, I had seen no ducks so far so I decided to turn back. I stopped at Grande-de-tour and talked to Gordon Cummings for a while then went on. A few miles about there, I sighted a flock of ducks on the water. I got the gun ready and let the engine go and steered by leaning on either side of the boat. When I got in range of the ducks, I fired one shot at them to raise them. I hit one duck and dropped 3 on the wing. I was so engrossed in the work of the battle that the boat ran into the sand bar and I had a time to get it off. While at this two of the ducks started flying away but I could see they were badly hit. They flew about a 100 yards and settled with the rest on the water. There were about 8 in the flock. I picked up the two and started after the others. I couldn't get in range after that. They flew about 100 yards at a time and would take to the wing just before I would get close enough to shoot. I tried a couple long shots but wouldn't waste much on that kind of shooting. They eventually went on the sand bar and I lost them in the willows. Ducks were so scarce that I wasted over an hour hunting that bunch and only got two. Later on at the upper end of Raspberry Island I ran into a long duck that took to the wing before I got close enough to shoot. It settled about a half mile above me and I changed the shell I was using ( #4) and frilled the magazine with #2 for better range, then went after him. When I got pretty close he rose and I shot. I brought him down but only wounded. I put back #4 shot and hat to shoot 3 more shots at him, just as I would shoot he would dive When I hit him he was upside down. That is all the ducks I got on the trip. I was back at Broomfield's at 15:00 and went on to Salt River. I went up Salt River a few miles and saw none, so turned back and went on to Gravel Point. I stopped and talked with Leadman and the crew till 18:00 then started home. I arrived at Smith at 18:50. My actual running time from Gravel Point was 40 minutes. I unloaded the outfit and took the engine back to Bill and when I got back to the landing JT was there with the car. He helped me put the stuff away and we came home. After supper JT helped Nona with the dishes and then went home. We went to bed almost immediately.

Monday, September 24

Got up at 08:30. Had breakfast and helped clean up and then went out to start the car. My starter, the side of a hill, failed to work so I had to crank. When I got to the station I found all the batteries dead. After chartings five days last week. The trouble is in Joe and his wife either purposely or not giving a damn and wasting it. They have a two burner electric stove, percolator, iron, etc and use them unnecessarily. I entered the DR's UTD and finishing that just as Bill came in. I spent most of the afternoon chinning with him. I went uptown this afternoon and brought back some peanuts. When I got home Nona had the ducks in the oven. JT was up for supper and we had a feed. Nadene was so full of life today. After supper F. Campbell came in and Red Cousins. We played bridge till about 21:00 and Frank had to go. The rest of us played till 22:30 then had lunch of coffee and duck sandwiches. They left at 23:00 and I started the fire in the furnace. The radio was poor in the early part of the evening but right now, 00:10, is fine, tuned into KOMO Seattle and they are good. At this instant they are singing "my Gypsy Love" song. Nona has gone to bed and I am getting the furnace going.

Tuesday, September 25

I woke up at 06:00 and Nona got up as soon as I go the fire going. We had breakfast then I took Nona, Nadene, Mrs. Campbell and her two boys out to the Three Mile bridge in the car. I went to work at 10:00 and started the Delco. I came uptown at noon and got my .22 rifle and went for a walk looking for partridge, but no luck. I believe there is a jinx on me this year. I never seem to run on anything when out with a gun. The other day Woods went out and got 14 birds where I had been shortly before and got none at all. After supper I developed 9 rolls of films while JT took Nona and Nadene out for a ride. It is getting cold now for evening drives. When the dishes were finished we played bridge for a couple of hours then JT went home. Nona went to bed early as she was tired. She was over at Campbells most of the day fixing curtains and things for Gerry and Paul's place. About midnight I was just going to enter up this diary and couldn't get the mill to work. Gerry and Paul came in to hear the radio. They heard it over at their place. It was good tonight but fading was bad.

Wednesday, September 26

It is now 01:00 and as soon as the fire gets going I am going to hit the hay. Up at 08:00, had breakfast and at 10:00 went to the station. Batteries low again. Joe started the Delco at 07:00 . The set is going so much these days with the relays that the days charge doesn't bring them up at all. At noon I took the car and went down the trail 3 miles looking for birds. No luck. Bill bought a new Browning single shot rifle from York's today and we did some shooting at a can. Works OK. I came uptown once then went out the trail again with the same luck as at noon. Joe got 2 birds today. Gibson came down to the station and I had him wire for a .25-20 Savage for me. He is going to take my .22 in on it. After supper F. Campbell, Bill Schaffer and JT came with Nona and I looking for birds. We went out the Portage road and got such a late start that it was dark before we got far. We went on to the Halfway for a ride, however. Bill got 45 of them on his way in and gave us 6. Shortly after we returned from the ride, Nona, Bill and JT took our new records over to Conibear's to try them out on their machine. I printed 80 snaps while they were over there. Bill and JT came in and spent the evening. We played bridge until midnight. When we went to get lunch we found that there was no bread, cake or biscuits, so had coffee alone. Radio was not so good tonight. Have a few more snaps before going to be 02:15.

Thursday, September 27

Up at 08:00, I cooked breakfast and Nona got up when it was ready. I left for the station at 10:00 and started the Delco right away. I didn't do much today but read a magazine. I came uptown once with messages. After supper I developed a few rolls and printed a number of snaps. JT came up for a while. Radio was good all evening. Mrs Lyall came in for a few minutes. Nona bought a bed from Mrs F. Conibear for Nadene and JT and I went over and brought it home. Went to bed at 22:00.

Friday, September 28

Up at 08:00 and cooked breakfast. When I got to the station I found the heavy traffic still holding the SG of the batteries down to 1120. Joe had the Delco going but it would not rev over 800 RPM. The charging rate was on only 12 amps, so I took it down, cleaned the carbon, reseated the valves and replaced the top piston ring. I was finished and had the Delco going by 12:15. The charging rate is now 24 amps. Traffic slightly slower today. Came uptown at 15:00 for a cup of tea but found Nona was over at Campbell's so I went down to Lanouette's and had a cup of coffee and a beef sandwich. After supper I printed over 100 pictures. Sent a deposit to the savings account and sent an order to Birks for a ring for JT's Christmas present. He left this morning for the Govn't Hay River camp. Weather still holds out well, no wind bright sky and quite warm in the day but frosty at night. Radio wasVG tonight from 20:00 on till I went to bed. Retired at 01:30.

Saturday, September 29

Went to work as usual about 10:30 and started the Delco. I bought the DR's UTD then talked to Bill for the rest of the day. I read a couple of short stories before going home. Nona got home just as I did and Gerry and Paul had invited us over to supper. Gerry had brought some wire up so I ran wire from our place to his to put in a loud speaker. I finished running the line over just as supper was ready. The supper was curried partridge, mashed potatoes, turnips, etc. Callaghan was there, too. They had several bottles of light wine (sherry) that up played wholly with before retiring. After supper I tried the radio but the line is too long for a peanut tube I think. I will give it another try on a better night. We came home and went to bed about midnight.

Sunday, September 30

Nadene woke up early but I did not get up till 10:00. Nona was up about 08:30. I went down to the station at 11:00 to start the Delco. After I got home I printed about 50 pictures and at 16:00 I went back to the station to see how things were going. No one was there so I filled the gas tank, put more oil in the engine and Nona and I started out for a short ride. About 5 miles out of Smith, I happened to think that Morie owed the station $23.25 and was going out on his boat, so I went on over to Fitz to collect it. We had a cup of coffee and a ham sandwich there and started back. I had been raining all night and most of this morning so the roads on the other side of the halfway were terrible. When we bot back to the halfway, I discovered that my gas was running low so I borrowed a tank full from Ryan's. Walter Johnson was there and wanted to come into town so we brought him in. We arrived here about 21:30. Walt had some business to attend to and I went out to the station and put Morie's money in the till. Shortly after we got home, Walt came in to spend the evening. The radio was real good. We listened to several stations. About 22:30, Cameron came in. He is also from the Halfway. We had coffee and they left at 01:20. I finished up the pictures that I had printed while Nona went to bed. I retired at 02:10.

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