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October 1928

Monday, October 01

Woke up at 09:00, to work at 10:00. After starting the Delco, I brought the DR's UTD so that the monthly reports ca be got out. At noon I went out about 5 miles with the car and got 2 partridges. Jack Bowen game me two and I got another later on in the day when I made a second trip. I had to take 3 dells out of the bank of the station batteries this afternoon. They are in need of repair. It started to snow today, so I went down the hill and turned my boat over. While there Balser was fishing and had more than he could carry home so he gave me a couple of whitefish. I didn't get home till nearly 18:00 tonight. We had boiled potatoes and baked whitefish for supper. When we were nearly finished the Loverocks' boys came up and told me that Joe had not returned and Freda wanted to know if I would go and look for him. She thought that he may be out of gas. He left hunting at 16:00 and never goes for than 2-3 miles down the road and had to be back at 17:00 to send the Meteors. He didn't say anything to us about going, so Bill and I thought that he had an accident, so I went immediately. I stopped at the station and found Bill taking Joe's trick. I went down the trail about 5 miles when I met him. He was walking and had just found the road. He had followed 2 birds and the dark overtook him and he was lost. The country there is a kind of prairie with small willows all over it. We got back at 20:00. When I got home I developed 10 rolls of films then went over to invite Paul and Gerry over for supper tomorrow night. Gerry was not home but Paul was. Nona and I listened to the radio for a while, then she went to bed. I hung up the films, fixed the furnace and went to bed at 23:45.

Tuesday, October 02

I intended getting up at 07:00 to get in some early shooting but did not wake up until 09:00. I had breakfast and started out. I went about 4 miles out on a new trail behind Burkes but found nothing, so I went out the back trail to the Burwasn farm and came back the River trail. I had a blow out on the River trail and arrived on the rim at the station at 10:30. I fixed the blow out then fixed up the accounts. I was busy until bout 16:30 then started to read a story in the Red book. At 17:30 Bill was thru so I took him home and came home. I cleaned the partridges and when the spuds and carrots were done fried the birds. Gerry Murphy, Paul Trudel and Callaghan came for supper. We had fried partridge, mashed spuds, creamed carrots, plum pudding with Brandy sauce and coffee. After supper we had a few rounds of wine and talked and listened to the radio. The radio was not extra good tonight, but it was fair. We had a real good evening. The gang left at 01:05. We retired afterwards.

Wednesday, October 03

Up early and went to work at 10:00. I worked most of the day getting the accounts balanced. When I finished with them it was too late to start on anything else so read till 17:15 then took Bill as far as his house. After supper we cleaned up part of the dishes and things F. Campbell came in for a rubber of bridge. He went home at 21:30 and Gerry called us over to his place. There was a short session there of celebration. Syd Leggo fell off the wagon tonight and was there. He gave me a bottle of Grande Best Procurable. We got home at 02:00.

Thursday, October 04

I worked on the books and reports till nearly 16:00. Simpson came back on the air today at 15:00 and when taking messages uptown re the departure from Simpson, the boat arrived here. I went back and told Bill that the "Distributor" was here and we cleaned up in case Lt. Cluff came out. Then I went down the hill to see him. On my way back I met Nona going out to the station. She got into the car with me. Watson was at the station when I got there. This is Dexter's first anniversary, so there was a party going on there. Bill & Mrs Loverock, Fred York, Nona and I were invited. Joe had to go uptown to get the daily milk and brought back Gerry and Lt. Cluff. Watson had been there for supper, too. There was a big time and most of us drank, maybe unwisely. Gerry was well away by 03:00 and wanted to make a speech but couldn't get started. There was a good time there and we all sure enjoyed it the upmost. We broke up at 03:15 and I brought Gerry and Lt. Cluff home in the car. I went down to the boat for Lt. Cluff's baggage on the way home. I found the front spring shackle broken on the car today and used the good old hay wire remedy for the time being.

Friday, October 05

I went to work at 10:30 and worked on reports for a while but didn't feel much like work. I was too sleepy and had a snooze at noon. Lt. Cluff came down after dinner and we talked most of the afternoon. I came home at 17:00 and took Nona for a car ride. We went out the Mission farm road (8 miles). We saw no birds. After supper Dave Watson ( of the RCCS from Resolution) came in and spent the evening. He brought his Uke up and we had a few tunes, Uke and Mandolin. Mrs Cameron came up and invited us to the dance at Lanouettes. Nona and Dave went but only for an hour. We listened to the radio and told Dave Watson stories till after midnight. Nona went to bed as soon as he left and I followed at 01:15.

Saturday, October 06

I went to the station at 10:40. After clearing up some odd jobs that were standing out, I started to fix the car. The shock absorbers on the front spring was broken on one side so I had to take them off and put the spring back 'a La Ford'. I had an accident while doing it. While trying to take the radius rod off one side, the car slid off the jacks and crashed on me. My right arm about half way between he elbow and wrist was pinned between the axle and the spring. I couldn't move so shouted for Joe. The Delco was running and Joe was receiving a message from Edmonton at the time and did not hear me. Freda finally heard me and went down and told Joe. He came out and lifted the car enough for me to get my arm out. It was badly crushed but not broken. I immediately bathed it in hot water for a while then swabbed iodine on it. Freda put a bandage on it. One of the bolts on the tie clamp of the spring sunk in a long ways in the flesh but did not cut deeply into the flesh. When Bill came down he had to put another bandage on because of the swelling. I went back and finished the job and was finished about 14:30. I fixed up some accounts and a letter to go to Ottawa and came home. I left there at 17:00 and brought Dave Watson home with me. We had decided to go and get some birds so we called for Nona. We went to the Mountain Portage then on to the Halfway. Never saw but one and he got away. Was shot at before, I guess, anyway he was wild. It was supper time at the Halfway so we stayed there. I got a rat on the way home. J. Bowen was coming in the dodge sedan with Mrs Walters, so Nona came with them. We got home first and had the fire going. Bowen came in for a while and showed me how to skin the rat properly. I let it dry on the back porch. Dave Watson, Nona and I had 2 rubbers of dummy bridge. I won both rubbers. Dave left at midnight and Nona went to bed. I followed at 01:00. Radio was VG tonight.

Sunday, October 07

We planned a hunting trip this afternoon for Dave Watson but I had to do some prints first. I finished them up and went down to start the Delco but found that it was completely on the rocks. The engine would not go properly and the ammeter showed 0 instead of 24 amps. I came back home and had my dinner and when Dave Watson came. I had him drive me back to the station then. He and Nona went out, they got 2 partridges. I pulled the engine completely down then took the generator off and took it down. I tested every coil, connection and mechanical part and cleaned it thoroughly. In assembling I tested each part for fit, ground the valves, removed all the carbon and had it running at 16:40. I had the engine running for about 15 minutes and found that everything was OK when Nona and Watson came in all excited and said that Charlie Cooper was being married and that Gerry wanted me to come up at once. I left the Delco running and beat it. They were just coming out of the church when we came by. I got all cleaned up and was about finished when Callaghan came in and invited us over to Gerry's to the wedding supper. It was such a sudden affair that there had been no preparation at all so we took the spuds that were cooking, 2 bottles liquor, some plates, cutlery, etc., and went over. Watson was excited as he had never seen a wedding nor the affair afterwards. When we got there the crowd had assembled. Charlie and Flo, Mr & Mrs Wagenitz, Mr & Mrs Leggo, Paul, Gerry, Callaghan, Jack Bowen, ourselves, Watson, Mr & Mrs Vic Ingraham, Cpl. Walters RCMP , were all there. Most of the men were nearly steamed up by then and they were trying to dance while the women were trying to set the table. This is a great combination in a one room house. Paul, Mrs Leggo and I went for Mrs Gagnon, but she couldn't come as she was entertaining Lt. Cluff and several of the missionaries. When we got back Captain Smallie, HBC had arrived and supper was on the way. Supper was in 2 instalments. I was in on the second. The supper consisted of mashed spuds, partridge, moose meat, beef, canned peas, canned roast beef, corn, canned strawberries and cake. Coffee too of course. About 21:00 I had to come home to fix the fire. When I got back I was very much surprised to find out most of the gang gone. Gerry, Paul, Pop Walters, Callaghan and Nona were all that was left. They decided that the only right thing to do now was to beat it to Fitz and fix the house up for them. Gerry wanted to get McNeil's car but I proposed to go over in my car. I wound it up and put on our duds but Charlie passed just before just before we pulled out. They had about 2 miles head start on us. I opened out and caught up to them just past the Halfway. Charlie had run over a red fox and killed it. It was a beauty too. After examining it, we started on. Gerry got into the front seat of my car and insisted that he drive, he was so tight that I was afraid of him getting quarrelsome, so I gave in. He ran us into the ditch, then into the bushes and finally into the swamp where he couldn't get out. He admitted then that he couldn't drive my car as the steering was too loose. I got it out after about 10 minutes and we landed at Fitz about half an hour after them. We went to the house and found it dark. We thought that they were at Wagenitz's and were going to have a hell of a good time. To make sure that they were not hiding in the dark, we opened the door and threw in some rice. We were greeted with "What the hell do you want?". This was fine. We struck into a male quartette singing " I"m in the jailhouse now". I was sober enough to note the fine harmony. I never had so much fun in my life and never listened to an opera that I got such a kick out of. Gerry was screaming. Callaghan was shouting and Pop thought he was singing base. Gerry went over to Dick Wynn's and borrowed a bottle of Burkes Irish and returned and we went inside and lit the lamp. They were in bed and had to keep covered, so the house was ours. We were there till 01:30. Gerry was well away then, so I finally got him out and started for home. He insisted in going over and hauling Sid Porter out of bed because he wouldn't come with us, so we went. Porter wanted to know what the celebration was all about. He asked if the train from NewYork had got in and if Al Smith was elected. We got away a little after 02:00 and started out. About 4 miles out from Fitz, Gerry, in trying to climb over to the front seat, fell overboard. I was doing about 30 mph and Pop hollered to stop. I had not seen the action so pulled up. We ran back and found him in the middle of the road. Was scared stiff that he was dead or badly hurt. Callaghan sobered up immediately although he was not far gone. Pop was not very bad but he sobered completely too. We lifted Gerry up to carry him to the front of the car to examine him when he started to laugh. We found that he was not hurt and that took a load off our minds. The rest of the trip was fast but uneventful. It started to snow before we reached Smith. As soon as we got to Smith and got Gerry home I went home to bed. Nona was still awake and I told her all about the trip. I was soon asleep after telling her about it.

Monday, October 08

I was up at 08:00 but didn't feel very good. I went to work and cleaned up a bunch of things that I wanted to get out on the mail to Ottawa and finished up the accounts. After starting the Delco I went uptown and collected the rest of the money owing the station. While I was uptown the mail came over. I got the official mail and then took my mail home. My new camera came today and it sure is a beauty. It's a Zeiss Icon model Trona with f. 4.5. lens and it's complete with pack adapter plate holders supplementary lens case, etc. Lt. Cluff was at the PO and told me that he had tried to fix Mr. McDougal's set but after looking at the wiring it was easier to give them his set and take the parts outside with him and fix them up for himself. Cluff asked me to come in and see his set and showed me the circuit so that I could service it in the future should anything go wrong. Mr Hastings must have figured that it would last forever because he never showed anyone anything about it and it was impossible to follow his wiring and it was all over the place. We found a few connections broken in transit and as Lt. Cluff had to go across the Portage to the boat, I promised to come up this evening to fix it up. After supper I went over and found that his two B batts read about 20 volts instead of 180. I put them on his charger and went home. Gerry came in and asked me over. He was alone so I stayed and talked with him till 02:30.

Tuesday, October 09

Nona got up first and got breakfast. I left early and stopped at the Govn't house to show Campbell how to look after the charging of the B batteries. When I got to the station I started the Delco and finished up all the station reports ready for the mail. I did not write the covering letters. At noon Freda was frying beefsteak and the smell drifted downstairs and made my mouth water so bad that I got my hat and went home to get a bite too. Nona had the house all cleaned up and put some spuds on while I cleaned a partridge and we had dinner then I went back. I stopped on the way back to look at the Govn't B Batteries. They were coming OK. Bill and I talked most of the afternoon then he went out with the 22 and did a little practice. I fell asleep and slept a half hour. Paul had supper with us tonight. We had partridge, mashed spuds, pineapple cake and coffee. After supper I went back to Mr McDougal's and worked on his set. The B's were not up yet so I tried out some dry B's that he had and they were fairly up. I got the set so that it sounded normal but couldn't get anything. I told McDougal that the batteries might be too low and I would come back tomorrow and try it. If I can't get anything then I told him I would bring my set down for him and take his home where I could work on it better. I don't like to muss their front room. Gerry came in for a half hour to listen to the radio, it was real good tonight. After I developed a film I took with my new camera today. It is one of the station and is far better than I had expected. It was snowing this afternoon when I took them, but the detail is perfect. I had a dozen film packs for it but they are too big. The camera is advertised as taking a 9 X 12 pack and it takes a quarterplate, 8 X 10.5. I found that the films fit the film adapters so I opened up one and will use them as they work fine that way. Nona went to bed early. I stayed up listening to the radio and looking after the fire till 01:15. Word came thru from Edmonton today that Joe Dexter is Staff Sgt.

Wednesday, October 10

Snowing this morning, ground white. Up at 08:00. After breakfast I went down to the Govn't house to see Campbell and put their B batteries on again. Their B's are still very low. When I got to the station I started the Delco and put the Resolution batteries on charge. I spent the rest of the day writing all correspondence and reports that were still to be fixed up. I got all but a few done by 17:00 then cut a little wood. There was a pile of wood cut into stove lengths on the back of the lot and as I have the trailer for the car out at the station I hooked it to the car and carried the wood with it. After supper Campbell came in for a few minutes and I had to go to the Govn't house to work on Lt. Cluff's set. I put the new batteries on and it worked jake. There is still a loose connection somewhere but it can wait. Some time when I have nothing to do I will go and hunt it up. I connected their pump motor as far as I could go. They were putting in a partition close to it and I am waiting till it is done so that I can put the switches, etc on the wall. I blew a fuse in starting the pump motor. Their fuses are all 10 amps. I think it requires about 20 amp fuses. Mrs McDougal served cocoa and I sat and talked till 23:00 then came home. My radio was frozen but not seriously. Nona was in bed when I arrived so I fixed the fire and turned on the radio. It was real swell tonight. I went to bed about 00:30 and left the radio on for a while.

Thursday, October 11

I went to the station at 10:00 and found Hastings had sent an SOS for Sulphuric acid. Don Naylor was leaving at noon for a point about 80 miles south of Simpson so I rustled up a gallon of acid from the HBC and sent it down then advised Hastings that it was on the way and that he would have to come down to get it from Naylor. He has a "Flying Cloud" of his own and can do a little shooting on the way. I worked on the DR's till 16:00 and finished all the correspondence today. Bill and I talked for a while then I went up to the N.T.Co. and got my new rifle. I had Gibson send for a 25-29 Savage for me. It came today and is a beauty. Bill, Nona and I took a shot at a can with it then Nona and I came home. I had to stop at Godsell's on the way and they invited us down tomorrow night. After supper I printed some snaps and developed a negative that I took with my new camera. It turned out perfectly. Nona was tired tonight so went to bed early. I stayed up and listened to the radio. It was good too. The northern lights are bright out now. It was freezing all day but no more snow.

Friday Oct. 12

Both of us were up early. After breakfast I took Nona and Nadene out to the 3 mile bridge for a ride. I went then to the station and started the Delco. I had to get out the accounts for the A&AT Co. as they are closing out for the season. I tried a few shots with the new rifle and found its accuracy perfect. About 15:00 I took a message uptown then went down to the rapids and took a couple of snaps with my new camera. The water is lower than I ever saw it before. When I got home Nona had the place all cleaned up and was getting ready to go out to Godsell's. Just before we were ready Gerry came in . He just returned from the Hay camp. We arrived at Godsell's about 20:00. We played the piano for a while then played a rubber of bridge. Nona and Jim Woods vrs. Mrs Godsell and I. We lost the rubber. Jim brought us home in the coupe. We arrived at 01:05. I built a fire in the furnace while Nona went to bed. I turned the radio on. It was real good. Little static tonight. I went to bed about 01:45.

Saturday, October 13

We were both up at 08:00 and left at 09:00 for a car ride. We went to the Halfway and back, getting 4 grouse on the trip. I went to the station and finished a couple of covering letters for Ottawa then went up to the Bay and got the drafts made out. I had to go back to the station as I found one letter was not signed. It was a swell day out so we piled some more wood. We cleaned up all the small piles and piled them in one big pile near the door. I went out and put the storm windows on the office and at 16:40 left to post the letters but the PO was closed. The PO crew are now observing the Sat. half day off up here. After supper Frank Campbell came in and talked for a while. We planned a trip across the river tomorrow. We sat up and listened to the radio till 01:00.

Sunday, October 14

Up at 09:00. Weather slightly misty and looks like rain. I started out with the car but Frank Campbell had gone to the PO. I met him there. We went down the hill but found that the Elto had not been returned. York borrowed it 2 weeks ago to take an outfit to Salt River but as Swanson is in the hospital Lyall had to stay there himself and has had no chance to get back with it and they were stuck for an engine. We came back to his place and decided to go down the Big Rock Road. He was going to show me the road to a good slew of rats. We went down and got four partridges on the way. We went as far as the Mission farm road and back. We had a blow out on the return trip. I developed a bunch of snaps this afternoon and about 14:00 Bert Edge came in. he talked till we were ready to go out to a duck supper at Godsell's, then I drove him as far as Lyall's. Jim Woods was at the supper also. It was splendid. After supper I played the piano while a game of bridge was in progress. We left there a 02:15 and while Nona fixed the bed and Nadene, I fixed the fire for the night. Vic and Mrs Ingraham were up for an hour this afternoon. Weather tonight is damp and cloudy but the temp is about 36. What little snow we had was gone by today.

Monday, October 15

Up at 08:00 and as we are going to cut wood at the station I left for there at 09:00. I had to stop and register some mail to Ottawa, then Gibson at the NTCo. stopped me for a while. I arrived there and found that I had left a message given me uptown so had to go back for it. I returned and got the saw working at 10:00. We cut till 11:00 and as Joe had to call Edmonton and had an hours work ahead of him, Bill and I went hunting. We got 2 partridges. I gave them both to him. I met Raney on my way home. He wanted the car to go to Fitz. I got back to the station at 14:30 and as there was work there we did not get at the wood till 15:00. We cut till 16:00. Bill was going to be busy until 16:30 so I said we could cut no more today. That seemed to suit all. I read till 17:00 then walked home with Bill. Joe met me at Bill's place and took me home. After supper Frank Campbell came in and we went down to the Govn't house to fix their pump. It is a new Delco electric pump. I did all the electrical work and it went of OK on the first crack. We pumped to 20 pounds pressure and sprung a leak, turned off the line from pump to tank. I told Frank to come down to the station and I would give him some shellac. Frank and I left there about 20:30 and went to his place. Nona was there. Frank gave me a Popular Mechanics Nov. issue. We left there at 21:15. Seeing a light at Gerry's we went over. Paul was there and just making coffee. We were having it when Gerry came home. They started dancing and I came home and got a bottle of Gin and took it over. We had a small party and killed it. We all felt pretty good. We got home at 01:10 and while Nona went to bed, I got the furnace going for the night. I went to bed at 01:45. The Northern lights were bright streamers tonight. Raney got back and left the car in the usual place when he got back.

Tuesday, October 16

Up and to work at 09:00. Bill and Joe were ready when I got there so I started the F-M and we sawed wood till noon. After dinner we got it again and cut till 16:00. We finished about half the pile today. Freda Dexter was uptown this afternoon and brought Nona and Nadene back to the station with her. They got there just as I was getting ready to leave. They came home with me. After supper Nona and I wrote letters till 22:00 then went to bed.

Wednesday, October 17

Went to work at 09:00. Nona got up with me as Mrs Godsell, Mrs Leggo and Mrs Ingraham are coming up for the afternoon and she had a lot to do. We sawed wood all day at the station. Bill had an accident this morning. He got his finger caught in the saw and tore a big gash into it. I took a snap of the outfit with the auto-timer. On my way home I got a case of eggs at the Bay and brought Billy Berens up to pile wood. Shortly afterwards he disappeared till after dark then came back for a few minutes. I developed 5 rolls of films tonight while Nona washed the dishes. The radio was rotten tonight. Went to bed at 22:30.

Thursday, October 18

Up at 07:30 and cooked breakfast. Nona was too tired to get up so I put Nadene in bed with her and went to work. We sawed wood till nearly noon. I went to see if I could get an odd bird. I saw a partridge but missed it. I knocked a few feathers out of it though. On my way home I ran into a flock of ptarmigan. These are the first I've seen here this year. I didn't get one as there is no snow and they are wild as can be. I told Joe about it and he went out and got one. He said he only saw 3. It started snowing at noon but it stopped and was gone by 14:00 and started raining. After supper we wrote a few letters and packed up some presents that we are sending out for Crook's and Coombe's at Simpson. Frank came in about 20:00 and stayed till 23:45. We played a rubber of bridge. The radio was real good tonight. We listened to Rochester, NY, Hollywood, KOMO and CNRW. Nadene was fine all day.

Friday, October 19

At the station today we finished sawing the wood by 17:00. There was very little business today. It was colder today and quite windy. After supper we sat and listened to the radio till 23:00 and went to bed. Micky Ryan was over today and asked Nona if she would go over to the Halfway with Mrs Ryan for a few days. She cannot be left alone at present and he had to go to the Hay camp. She said OK.

Saturday Oct 20

This morning we piled wood. I had the trailer belonging to my car at the station and we used it to haul for where it was cut to where we were piling. At noon I thought that Nona would be gone to the Halfway so I went to the restaurant for dinner. After dinner I came home to pile a little wood and found Nona still there. She was waiting for the sedan to come for her. I took her to Joe's and got her dinner. We piled wood all afternoon. When I got home for supper Nona was gone. I had a light supper and developed some films. I listened to the radio for a while and then went to bed.

Sunday, October 21

Up at 09;00. Had breakfast with Gerry and Paul. Had liver, sausage, grouse , coffee and toast. I printed pictures until 01:30 then Frank and I went to the Mountain Portage to get some snaps. We walked around the Hogsback and got 6. We went from there to the Halfway to see Nona but everybody was away. We found out from B. Lyall that they had all gone to Smith. Billy got stuck on the hill there and I pulled him up. We came on to Smith then. Brought Sousie King with us. We made it from the Halfway to Smith in 15 minutes. Not bad for an old 1918 Ford. (8 miles) Nona was here when we got home. She stayed till 18:00 then thought that the rest were not going back till after supper. We were starting to get ours when Mrs Ryan and J. Lacombe came in. We all went to Joe's and had supper. Walter Johnson was with them but had been invited to Godsell's for supper. When the party was ready to go back, Gerry and party was just sitting down to supper. I told them to tell Walt to stay and I would take him home. He came up about 21:30 and stayed here till 22:30 then I took him home. I was back at 23:30. I saw a red fox coming home and tried to run him down with the car but my lights were not bright enough to hold him on the road. I went to bed as soon as I got home. Mail arrived today.

Monday, October 22

Today we started our winter working hours. Joe is off today and Thursdays. I am off Tuesdays and Fridays and Bill is off Wednesday and Saturdays. I worked on the car most of the morning and worked on the DR's all afternoon. I am behind on them. Frank invited me over to supper. Joe and Freda were there too. After supper we had a rubber of bridge then I came home to do some developing. Went to bed at 24:00 listening to the radio and reading popular mechanics.

Tuesday, October 23

Frank Campbell and I planned a hunting party for today. I had breakfast with Gerry and Paul. Frank was here when I got home and had the car ready. We left at 09:30. I took a shotgun, two 22's and my 25-20. It snowed and rained and had a few spells of sunshine during the day. We went to Bell Rock, then down the Salt River trail about 6 miles and came back to the Forks and went out the Mission Farm Road about 6 miles and came back by the Burwash Farm. We bagged 10 Ptarmigan, 1 Prairie chicken, 7 Grouse and 1 rabbit. Had supper at Frank's. Just after supper Mrs Ryan, J. Lacombe and Nona came home. I came over and they stayed till 20:30 then had to go over to the hospital for a while. I looked after Nadene. She played with me until about ten minutes before they returned and then began to get sleepy. They returned at 21:15 but didn't stay. I went to the car with Nona then came back. The radio was good in the early part of the evening but was NG from 21:00 on. I went to bed at 23:00.

Wednesday, October 24

Up as usual at 08:30 and had breakfast with Gerry and Paul. The snow was about 2 inches deep this morning and the back wheels of the car slid down the hill without turning the engine over. I had to crank it and a Ford is an ornery damn rig to start in such weather. I was lucky and got it going in fair time. Arriving at the station I started the Delco then worked all morning on the DR's. Bill was off today and after dinner he came over to the station and asked me to go hunting with him. We never saw a thing. When I got back to the station I entered up another days business then took the car and got Bill and went out again. We got one Ptarmigan. I had promised to go to the Halfway for supper tonight so went straight there from the station. I kept my eyes peeled for an odd bird along the way but saw nothing. I got to the Halfway at 17:30 to find that Mrs Ryan, Nona and the kiddies and J. Lacombe were all at Smith. When supper was ready Lacombe told me not to wait as they would not be back for hours yet. I just sat down to eat when they arrived. We all had supper together then went up to the house. I stayed till 21:30 and then left as I had a date here with Pat Knowles at 21:45. I arrived here at 22:00 after making the old Ford engine sound like an airplane. That old boat sure is a go getter for putting miles behind it. I never saw a living thing on the way back. Pat was here reading the National Geographic's when I arrived. We sat and talked for a while then I took a photo of him. It turned out pretty fair too for an interior. We sat and talked and listened to the radio till 01:00. I went to bed shortly after he left.

Thursday, October 25

After breakfast with Gerry and Paul, I got the car going and took them to work then went on to the station. I worked on the DR's all morning. Had dinner at Lanouettes then came home for a while. After dinner I went to the station and took the carburator off the car and cleaned it. From the looks of the inside I'd say that was the first time that it was ever cleaned. It sure needed it. It had so much dirt in it that the float was stuck and the gas poured out. Four gallons ran out during the night and as gasoline is $1:00/gallon here so I decided to spend 15 minutes and fix it. The Ford only gets about 15 mph. I entered up 2 more days of business then talked to Bill for a while then had a sleep. After I got home I cooked a can of kidney beans and fried the breast and legs of a partridge for supper. Frank Campbell came in while I was eating and told me that I should have come over to his place for supper and that I better until Nona comes home. I wrote to R. Gourley at Aklavak and asked him to get me a polar bear skin and wrote to George Bremner at Rae and asked him to get me 2 grizzly's, a black and a brown bear skin to make rugs out of. I printed a bunch of pictures and then came up and talked to Frank. I started on his set but couldn't find any of my tools. He left at 21:00 I remembered that I had promised Godsell to come over and fix his radio. I went over at 21:30 and found the C battery connected in backwards. I fixed that and got it going. The tone and volume is much better in that set than I thought it was. I stayed and talked with them till 02:00. We had a good time talking about the funny side of events that were going on here. We had some fun talking about the charging plant that Cpl. Walters has fixed up to charge his radio battery to save the cost of 2 gallons per charge at the station. He has a Ford generator connected to a 3 HP FM engine and runs the outfit 3 days to charge his battery at about 5 gallons per day and believes that he is saving money. We reviewed the radio war between Hastings, Leggo and myself at many laughs. When I started to leave I found the oil in the transmission so cold and thick that I couldn't crank the car. It would creep too much. Jacked it up and it started right off inspire of the fact that it was frozen up, although not bad. I sure have a time with that bus these days. I have a blister on the rear left tire as big as a coffee pot and as soon as that tire blows out I am going to put it away I have about 3 boots in it now but the tire is rotten and everyday the hold in it creeps a little further. I will have to get the entire new set in the spring. After I got home, I put some of the snaps on the ferrotype and some that I am going to tint I put out on a towel to dry. Went to bed at 03:30.

Friday, October 26.

"HEY, it's 09:05!!" thus Paul lifted me 3 feet out of the bed this morning. After I saw that the house was not on fire nor that the end of the world had come, I remembered that this was Friday. " The hell with the clock" I answered but got up just the same ". " Your breakfast is on the table waiting for you", then Paul left me, I was over there in about 3 minutes. Gerry was sick in bed but woke up just as I got in. I got him something to eat and the hot coffee helped him a lot. I showed him some snaps that I printed last night. They were good. He ordered 40 of the drawing of himself by Cpn. Perfilieff. I tinted a number of the rapid scenes that I took last Sunday and then printed a few more. About noon I decided to work on JT's set but when I got at it I found that I needed some more tools. I went down the hill and got some out of my boathouse and had a hell of a time coming up the hill. I had one good chain and wrapped the remains of the other one around a wheel and managed to get up. I tore the old set to pieces and started to work on the new one but lost my ambition. Mickey came over about 15:00 and Nona came over with him. They said that they were not going to be long so we did not go out. Nona washed up the dishes and fixed up the kitchen while I straightened up the front room and looked after Nadene. Mrs Campbell had asked me to come over to supper tonight and while at the store I saw her. She told me to come over in 20 minutes. When the time had come we both went over as Mickey had not returned and we thought he may be staying for supper. We had just started when he came. It appears that the engine froze up and his battery went dead. He borrowed one from the station to see him home. I came home at 21:00 and Frank came over for a while. We tried the radio but it was not good tonight. We played 4 games of crib. I lost 3 of them. After Frank went I started to practice on the Uke and the mandolin. About 22:00 Gerry comes in in his pyjamas with a " That damn racket woke me up". He is still pretty shaky and sat here for a while talking. We played a hand of crib for 2 bits. I am now 2 bits richer. Gerry left at 23:45. I went to bed at midnight.

Saturday, October 27

Woke up at 08:45. Went over to breakfast but Paul had gone to work. I brought the DR's to date when I got to the station and then started on the ledgers to close them out for the fiscal year. About 15:00 I hear that the mail was in so I went up for it. This is an extra mail that Conibear brought down with him. There was 2 parcels with sweaters for Nadene and a few things for Nona. We got a Sat. Evening Post, too and a letter from Nona's mother and one from Midge. I ate supper at Campbells then came home and printed pictures till 21:00. While they were washing the dishes, I listened to the radio. It was good tonight. I practised on the Uke for an hour and a half then began drying pictures. I was at that till 00:20 then fixed the fire and went to bed.

Sunday, October 28

Got up at 08:15 and tinted a number of pictures. Then I worked for a couple of hours on JT's radio. At 11:45 I went down to the Rapids and shot a couple of snaps while the water was low but still unfrozen. I had dinner at the Cameron's then stopped at the hotel and talked to Mrs F. Conibear till nearly 14:00. I fixed the fire then started for the halfway. I spent the afternoon there and had supper. After supper Joe had to come to Smith so I came back first. Got the fire going and Nona came in. Frank Campbell came in too. As Joe had 9 to take back, I said that I would take some over as far as the Halfway for him. He came in for Nona about 22:00. E. Mills came in and we went for Cameron. Got there in 30 minutes. I stayed at the house talking to Mrs Ryan, Nona and Jimmie Donavon who is back working there. I left at 23:50 and arrived home at 24:05. The moon was full tonight and sky's clear. Nice night for drying. Joe gave me a couple of gallons of gas for bringing the 2 over for him. Bed 00:30.

Monday, October 29

Paul woke me up and I had breakfast with him. I had a beauty of a cold in my head this morning. I could hardly breath. At the station I brought the DR's UTD then started the Delco. I talked with Bill till noon then went to dinner. After dinner I took a Popular Mechanics and Popular Science to the station and Bill and I read all afternoon. Lacombe was over and brought Nona with him. She came for a dress to wear tomorrow to Mrs Godsell's Tea night. They went back at 17:45 and I went to Campbell's for supper. After supper I worked on JT's set for a while but felt so punk that I couldn't work. I gave it up finally till I feel better. Walt came in a 22:30 and stayed till 23:00. The armature of their Westinghouse plant burned out. It is a brand new outfit and had only run for an hour. Caused by defective workmanship. He wanted to know if I had anything to effect a repair. I promised to come over in the morning. The radio was fair tonight. Billie was here piling wood and came in to listen to the set. Shaking him is like getting rid of cholera. I mixed up a hot toddy of lemon and gin and went to bed.

Tuesday, October 30

Woke up at 08:00. My cold loosened up considerably. Went next door and found Paul and Gerry both asleep. Had the satisfaction of unceremoniously waking them up as Paul did me the other day. Lit their fire and helped with breakfast. There was little doing this morning. I tried to work on JT's set but couldn't seem to work steady. I coloured a couple of snaps then about 10:00 I decided to go hunting. I borrowed Frank's shotgun and went out the back road to Bell Rock and returned by way of the Burwash farm. Only got one grouse. Saw a flock of ptarmigan but could not get in range of them. I went over to Walt's to inspect a burned out armature. It was defective so I advised him to return it to the agents and wire for a replacement. I promised to take him to the Halfway after dinner as I wanted to go that way and have a hunt anyway, so he came up at 14:00 and we started out. About a half mile from town we saw a flock of ptarmigan just off the road. I started after them but they went farther into the bush. I could see one quite plainly so I decided to shoot him on the ground with the chance of getting more when on the wing. I hit the one on the ground but the others did not raise above the trees. They did not go far so I went after them but could not find them. I also lost the one that I had hit as I thought it was hit worse than it was but it got away. On the way to the Halfway, I didn't see anything else. They were all busy there so I brought Nona home. Mickey said he was going back tomorrow to the Hay camp to bring in the batteries to charge here while awaiting the new armature and he would send the sedan for Nona. We came home about 17:00 and got supper. Frank came over after supper. After the fire was going I went over to bring Nona home. She had been there for an hour. I worked a little while on JT's set but there was so many things to do that I didn't stay at it long. The radio was rotten. Pop Walters came in about 21:00 and stayed till 23:00. He came up to get some information on charging batteries. His plant consists of a 3 HP Fairbanks morse engine turning an autolight 6 volt generator. I went to bed at 23:45, Nona had been so tired that she retired at 23:00.

Wednesday, October 31

I went to work at 09:15. Entered up the DR's then started the Delco. I read about 280 pages of "Stepson's of France" by P.C. Wren. That's about all I did in fact. My cold is about the same. Nona went to bed at 21:00. Frank came in to watch me build that set. After we quit, Gagnon came in to get some pictures of the rapids and stayed for about an hour. I read a few stories from the National Geographic. At 23:15 I mixed another stiff hot toddy and went to bed.

November 1928

Thursday, November 01

Woke up at 08:00. Got the fires going and went to the station. I entered up the DR's and got them ready to make out the monthly reports. I read till noon and started the Delco. After dinner I read and talked to Bill till about 14:30 then worked on the Ledger till 16:00. Mickey came out to send a wire and left us a quart of milk. He said that Mrs Ryan wanted to take Nona back for a couple more days if she would come. I told him that she was at a meeting at the school but should be home any time now. While he wrote the wire out I went out to the car and talked with Mrs Ryan. I told them that if they could not find Nona, I would bring her out after supper. They could not stay long as their battery is low and have practically no lights. When I was on my way home I met them coming out of the meeting. I took Mrs Loverock and the kids and Mrs Ingraham home then went to Conibear's and filled the tank. They had not met Nona, so after supper we went over. Frank came with us. They made us stay and spend the evening and we did not get back till nearly 22:00. I had intended working on JTr's set but had no chance. I developed a roll of film for them and a few of mine. Billy Berens came in and I paid him for piling my wood then he stayed and listened to the radio till 24:30. I wrote a couple of letters today. One to Birks and one to Crooks at Simpson. Radio was good tonight. The sky is clear, temp exactly 6 above at midnight. Northern lights in streamers, moon full. My cold is much better today. Went to bed at 01:00.

Friday, November 02

Got up at 09:15 and cooked my own breakfast. After breakfast I went out to the sloughs to see if I could get the odd ptarmigan. No luck. I then put up the winter awning around the front porch and half way around the back porch. The remaining of the latter requires sewing. I then went to Campbells for dinner. After dinner I printed a few pictures and worked a while on the radio. I fixed up the back porch and took some of the junk out to the warehouse. Bill came up for a minute. After supper I made a negative album for my 5X7 negatives. The radio was good all evening. Frank came over to watch me work on the set and I finished it but did not consider the night good enough to test it out. Promised to do that tomorrow. I listened to the radio till midnight and went to bed. I started to rain about 22:00 but it turned to snow about then.

Saturday, November 03

Woke up late so I didn't have time for breakfast, got to work at 09:30. Nothing important at the station. This is Nadene's first birthday. Mrs F. Conibear gave her a silver fork and spoon (baby's) and Doris Leggo gave her a baby's plate. Miss Catt gave her a dish with a chicken stuck on the side of it. I left the station at 17:20 and went straight to the Halfway for supper. Nona and Nadene are over there yet. I arrived there at 18:15. After supper we sat and talked till a little after 20:00 then started home. I brought Walt and Jimmie Donavon over with me and promised to take them back tomorrow. I had ropes wound around the back wheels as chains and one broke off going over and the other broke off coming back. Walt and Donovan came in and spent the evening here. They left at 23:00. The radio was real good from Winnipeg but after they signed off there was nothing until 23:30. We went to bed at midnight.

Sunday, November 04

I got up at 09:00 and got the fire going before calling Nona. We had breakfast then set to clean the house. We were all thru by 14:30. Joe came in at 14:45. Frank Campbell came in for a while too. We made a lunch and waited till 15:00 for Walt then I went to look him up. I found him on his way to Godsell's. He had heard that I had gone so he went over to phone for a car. We arrived there about 16:30. Had a blow out about a mile from the Halfway. Got it fixed when we arrived. We had supper there then left to home by 20:00. I was going to do some printing but Frank came in to see how the new set worked. I tried it out but it was NG. I adjusted my speaker unit to make it quit howling. Frank left early and Nona went to bed. I put all of my 5X7 negatives into the new negative album I made today. I have 190 of them. I went to bed at 00:30.

Monday, November 05

Got up at 08:00. When I got to the station Bill was working on the accounts. I finished up all mine then helped him work on the day books. We were out $8.10 but found it in time to finish all up before 17:00. I came home but couldn't get the car up the hill beside the house because I didn't have chains on. I went out after supper and fixed some chains then put the car away. I developed 8 rolls of film then listened to the radio for a while. It was not up to scratch. I worked about 2 hours fixing my album of large pictures up into a system making it easier to locate negatives when printing them. Nona was tired so went to bed at 07:00. I went to bed at midnight.

Tuesday, November 06

Got up at 09:00 and cooked breakfast. After getting the dishes cleaned up, I printed pictures till 13:00. I developed a couple of rolls then coloured a couple that I finished before. Mrs Ryan and the kiddies came in about 17:00. I took a picture of the Ryan children then developed it while Mrs Ryan was still here. Mickey came in just as I was showing it to Mrs Ryan. They thought it was swell. I think it will be a good one, too. Mrs Godsell came in about 16:00, Nona had been invited to an afternoon tea fight at Mrs Gagnon's, the local aspirant to high society. The tea was in honour of Mrs McDougal. Nona was not anxious to go and when Mrs Godsell came in they got talking over things and Mrs Godsell was the only one in town not invited. Nona didn't go. She and the Ryan's and Mrs Godsell went over to her place and had an afternoon tea. Mrs Ryan was not at all anxious to go. After supper Mr & Mrs Godsell came in and spent the evening and we sure had a great time. The radio was good and we listened to the election results in the US. Did not get the finals. The Godsell's left at 01:00 and we went to bed right afterwards.

Wednesday, November 07

I went to work as usual and worked all morning on the DR's. After dinner, I stopped off at the Govn't house and picked up 4 gallons of gas belonging to me and then went over and picked up Raney. He wanted the car to go to Fitz. I changed my batteries today so I had to take him to the station with me. He took the car from there. While over at the mission this morning on my way to work, I stopped to collect the account and Bishop Breynat. He gave me a 5X7 plate camera to try out. He said that he had not used it since 1920. There was 3-1920 film packs in it. He wanted me to take a good snap of the mission. He told me to keep it as long as I wanted it, as it is no good to him. He stated that he never uses it. I took a couple of snaps, then found that I could take a copy of a 3 1/4X2 1/4 and make a neg. 5X7. I tried it out on one of Nadene 's pictures. The neg. looks perfect for all the age of it. I developed a bunch of films tonight. Miss Catt came in and stayed till nearly midnight. We then fixed things up and went to bed.

Thursday, November 08

Had to walk to the station this morning as Raney had not returned with the car. The station seems a lot more than a mile away now. Bill and I worked all day on reports and statements for the mail. We quit at 15:00 and talked about the social activities at Fort Smith. We sure got a kick out of it too. He told me that on Tuesday when Mrs Gagnon had her tea fight that Freda came down stairs with a winter coat trimmed with a large coon collar. She also had a large cross fox fur on top of this. Bill says it was a scream and Freda said " Don't you wish you were a lady and could attend these swell afternoon teas with swell people." Bill said that if he was a lady he wouldn't be going up to that crowd to show how much fur he owned. That took her off her high horse and she flounced out slamming the door. We heard afterwards that she took off her coat and then threw this fox fur around her heck and sat there in it all the time and Mrs Gagnon's house is always like an oven. On top of this she had on an evening gown with woollen stockings and thought she was dressed fit to kill. At noon Nona went as far as Godsell's with me and spent the afternoon there. I met them coming home and Mrs Godsell stayed for supper. We didn't have much but we all ate as much as our capacity allowed. Frank came in for a while and we had a great time. We talked over the social prospects for then winter and find them wanting. Mrs Lyall is following the footsteps of Mrs Campbell. Mrs Godsell is unpopular with the Gagnon's, McDougal's and that crowd, the unpopularity being caused by tales spread by several who resented them being here owing to their position. He is inspector of the HBC and was sent here to straighten out some funny doings. Mrs McDougal put on an afternoon tea and she thinks that being the district agents wife everyone should pay her homage. Mrs Godsell and Nona are 2 that do not see that they had to do so. Therefore Mrs Godsell and Nona were not invited and they were not altogether put out by it. Mrs Gagnon then put on a tea in honour of Mrs McDougal and every lady in town but Mrs Godsell was invited. Nona would not go when her friend was ignored. So she followed the procedure as already stated on Tuesday. Mrs Leggo of course had great social aspirations and attended. Here is where the fun comes in. It is now Mrs Leggo's turn to put on her tea and all eyes are turned her way. If she invites Mrs Godsell, the very select crowd that she wants the tea for will not come. If she does not invite Mrs Godsell, the others will come but she will insult her husbands employers wife, something that Mr. Godsell will not tolerate. The social war has started 2 months earlier this year than it has any time before and it looks like an open fight before spring. We are keeping where we were at last year. We have our friends that have stayed with us and we are carrying right on with them and having a hell of a good time regardless of the fact that we are social undesirables. Mrs Gagnon, the junior inspector's wife of the RCMP who is so damned demur and saintly and such an innocent and dainty little creature, is the cause of it all. She came in here last winter and after a year in the country, to get the lay of the land, stated that she is going to show these backwoods people of the north how to entertain as it is done in the best of circles. God help us, if what I have seen is society the I wonder what kind of people HP Purcy, the Chinese Immigration Officer in Vancouver, Tom Mc Donnaugh who was the Traffic Passenger Executive of the GTP, Capt. GM Ramsey who was ( and I believe still is) Captain of the "Empress of Asia", Bert Persoil, Chief engineer of the "Empress of Japan", Judge Remsburg of Seattle, SP Dixon, President of the Dixon and Neilson Bank in Seattle, H MacKay, owner of the biggest bakery in Vancouver, Dr. D Gunstal ( deceased), on of the biggest surgeons that Canada ever had and who was called to Europe several times to my knowledge to perform operation, Harry Lazzarus, the first manager of the Vancouver Hotel, Dollar ( I have forgotten his initials) who is owner and president of the Dollar Steamship Line in Frisco, Alex Pantages of Seattle, my great uncle Oscar Griswold, owner of the Griswold Products Mfg. Co ( see advertisements in "Good Housekeeping") all who were very great friends of ours, I never saw 1/10 of the snobbishness from the whole bunch of them and a lot more I could mention that shows up on one of these Ft. Smith, one horse town, swells that we are afflicted with here. In all we had, and I believe Mrs Godsell had, a darn good time. I walked home with her at the ungodly hour 04:00, according to the standards set by the Ft. Smith Social Welfare for Official hours only. When I got home Nadene was awake and it was 05:30 before we were all asleep. Nona tells me that it is the women who keep this town pepped up. Well, no argument from me.

Friday, November 09

Well I slept in till 09:00 then got the fires going and made a cup of tea. I printed about 50 snaps then went out to try out the big camera that Bishop Breynat loaned me. I took two snaps and considering that the film packs were dated June, 1920, the results were marvellous. Perfect negatives with the exception of a halo around the edges. Raney brought the car back at noon and Nona and I decided to take a trip to Halfway. I went over to get Mrs Godsell to come along but she couldn't today. We left here about 16:50 and arrived there at 17:15. They have the Delco running now and Mickey and I went over to look it over. They asked me a few questions and I told them how to look after the initial charge. We had supper there and sure enjoyed it. We were both hungry. After supper we all went up to the house and chewed the rag till 20:45 then came home, arriving at 21:15. I turned on the radio as soon as I got in and it was the best that it has been this fall. KNX was on with a Gilmore Blue Green Gasoline program. It was AL. Nona went to bed at 22:00 and fell asleep immediately. I sat up and listened to the radio till midnight then went to bed.

Saturday, November 10

I finished all the reports today and had everything ready to write the covering letters but did not feel very well so I'll let them ride till later. I have that cold yet and cannot seem to get rid of it. I have tried whiskey and soda's, hot gin lemonades, quinine and number 9's but it still hangs on. It has not left my head., however as long as it keeps off my chest all is OK. The minute it gets to my chest, believe me I am going to see Doc MacDonald. I read a story or should say started to read, from the Red book but fell asleep and slept for an hour and a half. The heat and my feeling punk may have had something to do with it. At noon we were surprised to see JT back in town. He looks the same as ever. We were all sitting here gassing when Norman Welding came in. They stayed till midnight. Nona was pretty tired so she went to bed as soon as they left. I stayed up listening to the radio till the fires were OK then went to bed too.

Sunday, November 11

Today is Armistice Day. I got up at 09:00 and printed a few rolls of films. JT came in and brought his Tonsorial instruments and was to have cut our hair. We sat and chewed the rag for a couple of hours and Paul came in. He asked us to come over and have a drink with him. We went over and found Jack Bowen there. Drinks poured out pretty fast I thought and I laid off. Enough is too much of that stuff. I had one real stiff one and a small one. I had to refuse all others and to satisfy Paul I had to explain later that I would not get drunk for Nona's sake. I am not going to start to get drunk now that I am married and have a child, when I was able to keep clear of it all my life. Jack Bowen said the had to go home about 15:00 because he had to walk. He stays at the Halfway 8 miles from here so I told him I would take him home in the car. I found out later that Walt Johnson and Cameron were here and had to walk home too. We had dinner at Paul's. The main part of the dinner was Oyster stew. Nona acted as cook. It was good too. Dr. MacDonald came in some time before dinner and I went to Vic's and got Bill Schaffer. Vic would not come because since getting married he is off drink. I went and gathered the gang at 20:00 and took them across. There was Bowen, Cameron, Walt and Paul in the load. Paul went for the fresh air. JT conked out just at supper time and we put him to bed in Gerry's cot. Paul was lost for an hour and the Dr. found him walking up and down the road for fresh air. We had coffee at the Halfway and the gang insisted on filling my tank for bringing them home. Darned good job that they thought of it because I only had about half a quart in the tank and thought it was as least half full. When we came back Nona was in bed. I went over to the party for a while and heard a good talk by Schaffer on a murder daze that took place in Grand Prairie. He had been on the jury. We left out homes at 23:00. I came home and the fire was low. I sat and listened to the radio until it was warp. I went to bed a little after midnight.

Monday, November 12

As today was a holiday I got up about 09:00 and developed films till nearly noon. JT was up for dinner, I went down the hill while waiting for dinner and brought Sousie Marie's Super Elto Speedster up and stored it in my warehouse. I have to replace the coil with a new one. After dinner Nona and I drove to the Halfway. We arrived just as Ryan's were coming out of their house. They had to come to Smith. We came back just ahead of them. JT invited us to supper with him at the restaurant and after supper he came back to spend the evening with us. Frank came in and we were having a game of bridge when Tom Pearce came in. We had a good evening and the radio was above par. They left about midnight and we stayed up till 03:00.

Tuesday, November 13

JT woke us up at 10:00. I got up and built the fires then printed pictures most of the day. Nona did a bunch of washing for Nadene. This afternoon about 15:00 we were sitting in the parlour and Nadene was playing on the floor. She got up on her feet and shouted then walked over to Nona. She took about 6 steps. After that she walked quite a bit till she got tired then we put her to sleep for a while. When she woke up she began to walk the first thing. After supper Frank came over and Nona and I went back with him. I put in his electric lights same as mine- storage batteries and car headlight bulbs. We had a game of bridge then Mrs Campbell came over to our place to listened to the radio. She stayed till 22:30. I made a few enlargements with Breynat's camera. I took a copy of the original pictures on a 5X7 neg. and they turned out fine. Nona went to bed at 22:45. I stayed up to finish washing the negatives and hang them up. I went to bed about midnight.

Wednesday, November 14

Last night was the coldest yet. The oil in the car was so cold and stiff that the wheels would not turn. I had to jack one wheel up and crank. It was not hard to start, however. I spent most of the day writing letters to Ottawa to cover reports and returns. Joe's car refused to start today and he worked on it till 16:00. He called me then and I found the trouble, first shot in the timer. He had looked everywhere else but was too lazy or didn't want to get dirty so left it with the assumption that it was OK. After supper T. Pearce came up and spent the evening. Retired at midnight.

Thursday, November 15

I worked most of the day on the ledgers as they have to be closed out by Xmas. I went uptown and got the draft and mailed the official mail. After supper Frank came in for an hour. There was nothing doing and as the radio was not up to much, we went to bed early. Nona was out today and did most of the Xmas shopping.

Friday, November 16

Up at 09:00 and got breakfast. I did a little printing then after dinner we went to the Halfway for some milk. On the way back we had a blowout in the front left wheel. I took the tire off and came in on the rim. It happened 6 miles out from Smith. I got a new tube at the HBC and fixed the tire with an inside and outside blowout patch. I fixed it behind the Y&L store while Nona did some shopping. Mrs Godsell was in there and we took her home. We were invited to their place for Xmas. Accepted. There was nothing doing tonight so we went to bed before midnight.

Saturday, November 17

Well, my car is still running. Had no trouble this morning. When I arrived at the station Joe met me with a long face and the information that his set was on the hog. It was OK when he turned it off last night but this morning he noticed the safety lamp, put in series with the HT from the house light to prevent damage to the station batteries or set in case of a short, was burning. He told me the part that he thought the trouble was in I. F. T. and I told him to take it out of the set and test it. He brought it down to me. It was OK. I found the Output filter condenser punctured and he replaced it with a new one. The outgoing mail closed tonight at 17:00. We got all our mail in on time. It left here on schedule but owing to the continual sort of weather the mail will not get away from Fitz for some time yet. It is feared here that our Xmas mail will be late. I hope not. What is Xmas without any turkey, presents, liquor and the trimmings? After supper Frank came in for a while. He and I played 4 games of crib. I won 3 of them. Mrs Campbell came in with an apple turnover and some mince turnovers. Nona ate the mince and as Frank had to go home I went over and got Paul. We played 5 games. I won 3 of them also. We had some coffee and as Paul does not eat at night I had to clean up the apple turnover. The radio was real good all evening and after Paul went home 23:45. I did a little logging. I logged an old bunch of the standbys first then went to bed. I retired at 01:30.

Sunday, November 18

After breakfast we got up and cleaned up the house. We finished about 01:40 then got the car out and filled up the tank. I went to Pop Walters and borrowed a bunch of radio magazines. At 02:00 we started to the Halfway and arrived in about 30 minutes. Mickey and I went to the garage to look over the plant. While there I fixed my front tire with a new patch that I made out of an old casing to save a blow out. The blowout that I had the other day is getting bigger so the patch goes a foot on each side of the hole. Mickey hunted up a bunch of side curtains and put them on for me. We had supper there and stayed till 21:00. I turned the radio on and found it good. I read over the magazines till midnight then went to bed.

Monday, November 19

Nothing much doing at the station today. I had a sleep then read for a while. I brought the DR's all UTD. Vic and Cal started hauling the stations wood today. I had the Delco running. At noon I had to stop at the Govn't house and explain to Frank why he couldn't charge a 40 volt B battery and a 6 volt battery hooked up in parallel. There has been a lot of ill feelings here over the squealing sets in town. Everyone is blaming everyone else and Joe and I were asked by several if we would hunt up the culprits. There is one that is purposely squealing and the interference he causes is just about intolerable. We were asked to give a full and impersonal report on who it was. We went first to the Govn't house and sat under the seal with my super and a loop, nothing was heard and Joe went to the house to see if the set was on. It was not and had not been all evening. They were charging batteries all day and did not have the set on. The squealer was on last night, so we eliminated the govn't house. Then we went to Lyall's, then to Leggo's and both of these were eliminated as their set was on but no interference was heard. From there we went to Loverock's and here we hear the first squealer. His set does beyond any doubt squeal and from the tone of the whistle and they way it was tuned there is one of the worst. I was rather sorry to find it was one of our own gang. Our next stop was Godsell's and here was another re-radiator, worse than the other. We stayed there talking till 23:00, Mrs Godsell served tea. We told them that their set was a bad one and while Joe tuned the set, I let Mr. Godsell hear it himself. He was convinced and admitted that he suspected it for some time as it howls when he listens to it. I promised to come down sometime and help him fix it up. The last place was Pop Walter's. Here again was a clear sheet. Bill is very peculiar and we did not tell him outright that his set was a troublesome one. I have good reason to believe that it is done purposely there because several times while spending the evening there I have see him cause his set to oscillate strongly and twist all over the dials to cause interference just for fun ( to him, anyway). I have seen him set it to squealing on the best static on the air then let it go and play cards for over an hour without shutting it off. This I have kept to myself. For those reasons Joe and I have not told Bill yet that he causes interference. That will be broken tomorrow to him by Joe. I am off duty. Bill will undoubtedly be wild that we came down and tested his set without him knowing it but we decided that it was the best way was to do it was to check everybody's. It was only fair to the rest of the town. I will offer to neutralize Bill's but I am convinced that he will not keep it that way long. When Mr Hastings built it for him and it was delivered he changed the N.C. immediately and told me that he would not own a set that would not squeal when he wanted it to. While Joe and I were out Freda stayed here with Nona. We got back about midnight. While over at Pops, he gave us a snort of HBC's Best Procurable. It was OK too because it was cold in the car. Joe and Freda stayed till 01:00 then went home. I tried the set while they were here but had no luck. Shortly after they went I got in KOMO and held them till they signed off. Bed at 02:30.

Tuesday, November 20

Mickey Ryan woke us up about 09:00 when he brought us a bottle of milk. We got up and sat to work cleaning house and had the place all cleaned up before dinner time. Nona went to visit Mrs Godsell and I worked all day on JT's set. I am having a lot of trouble getting decent regenerations owing to the difficulty in getting in parts and to the fact that JT is hard on the set. I've had to resort to capacitive feedback. I managed to get a fairly good control then round out where I was. I wound a new tickler coil and as it was nearly supper time, I cleaned up the mess. I put a stew on for supper and at 18:00 as Nona had not returned, Nadene and I started. She woke up at 16:30 and was good but hungry. Nona came in as we were eating. After supper we both went to the Godsell's and spent the evening. We were there till 02:00.

Wednesday, November 21

Never woke up till 09:05. Was dressed, got the car going and was at the station at 09:30. Not bad. I finished the station ledger today and only have their few items to enter as they come in between now and Xmas. I charged the batteries all day. The station batteries are low. After supper the radio was perfect, the best yet and I went over to the store and got Mr & Mrs Conibear, Sr. and Mrs F. Conibear to come over and hear it. They all enjoyed it very much and stayed till 22:30.

Thursday, November 22

Woke up late again today but got to the station in good time. The weather continue's so good that I still have the car running and so far have had no serious trouble getting it started. Nona and Mrs Godsell went to Leggo's for the afternoon. There was nothing much doing at the station although about 10:00 I had to stop the Delco and overhaul it. There was a bad knock just beginning so I shut down to see the whys and wherefores. I had it going OK at noon and fixed the 3 cells that I have had out for some time so that they could go back tonight but at 17:00 the station bank was not sufficiently up to insert them. Frank came in after supper and taught me a few things about crib when he beat me 3 to 2. Went to be at 01:00.

Friday, November 23

Stayed in bed till 10:30 then after breakfast Nona and I cleaned house. At 15:00 Mrs Godsell came in and she and Nona went to the school to give an opinion on the school Xmas concert. I studied most of the afternoon and had an hours sleep. At 17:30 I put supper on and by then Nadene was awake. I fed her and was finished that when Nona came in. We had roast beef and gravy, peas, and macaroni and pineapple for supper. After supper Frank came in and we had 3 games of crib. I won the first and was skunked the other 2. Radio was VG tonight. Bed at 24:30.

Saturday, November 24

Nothing doing at the station today. After supper Nona went to Miss Catt's for a couple of hours. I read while Nadene played. The radio was real good. We went to bed at midnight.

Sunday, November 25

I worked most of the day on JT's set and came to the conclusion that the coils are not right. I started in to make new ones. It was a glorious day so got Frank and I went down and took my boat off the beach and put it under the A&A warehouse. Before supper Walt came in and we had him stay. He left at 21:00 and returned in about half an hour with Elizabeth. They left about 22:30 and I told Walt that I would drive him back to the Halfway. I waited till 01:00 for him and then went to bed.

Monday, November 26

I worked all day getting the requisitions for stationary fixed up and ready to type out. After supper Mrs Campbell came in to hear the radio. Like most people that come to hear the radio, she proceeds to gas all the time it's on. Callaghan came in and we four had a good but rather unexciting time till 23:30. The radio was good most of the evening. I went to bed at 01:30.

Tuesday, November 27 Temp zero

Nadene slept thru the night in her own bed for the first time last night. She woke up at 08:00 and we both got up and had breakfast. About 10:00 I took my traps and went out to put out a line for mink. I only put out 3 as I did not find many tracks. I went out Axe-handle Ave. to the bend, then cut down to the river and worked back to town. Will put another line out the other direction later for foxes. Joe got a mink and 2 ermine today. At 16:00 we went to the Halfway. We had supper there and visited till 21:00. Dr. MacDonald was there all day. He is staying there for a day or so. We got home at 21:30 and found the washing here. We put that away and then put Nadene to bed. The radio is not so good tonight. There was a south wind that was very much like winter. There is no more snow though. The 3 inches that fell about 3 weeks ago was the only one this winter and is still with us but is packed down hard.

Wednesday, November 28

Very little doing today. Worked on the ledgers till 12:00. No one up tonight. Radio good. I read over Radio News and copied out a hookup that looks worth trying.

Thursday, November 29

Same old thing at the station. There was a W.A. meeting this afternoon. Nona was there. After supper Miss Catt came in and later on the Godsell's came in. The radio was real good all evening. We all had a real good time and got a great kick out of the local scandal. That topic in this place is never lacking. They left about 23:00

Friday, November 30

This morning Nona and I went out behind the sloughs and set 2 fox traps. Saw a few tracks but there has been no snow for 3 weeks so can't say how old they are. Nona sold 8 ermine for 16 bucks. Paid 8 for them. I worked most of the afternoon on JT's set and got it working OK at last. It is as per the dia. EC1 see Radio Notes book. Frank came over for a few hours and while I worked at adjusting it while he read a book. Went to bed at 01:00.

December 1928

Saturday, December 01

Brought the DR's UTD then made out the accounts. It snowed about an inch today and there was a strong wind blowing. There was a few bad drifts caused by the wind and new snow. After supper Nona went to Miss Catt's and I went over to the Halfway to bring Walt and Cameron over for the weekend. When I returned I worked on the set trying out different values of condensers and leaks. We went to bed a little before 01:00.

Sunday, December 02

Nadene was awake most of the night. I got up at 09:30 and got a light breakfast then went out to look over the trap line. Got nothing. Saw a few new tracks in the neighbourhood of the line near the river. When Nona went to church I went out and tried to start the car so that it would not be too hard tonight. I was from 14:00 to 16:30 getting it going. There was some water in the gas that froze in the carburator and gave me a lot of trouble. I ran it till all the oil that was loosened up drained it. I ran it for a few minutes without water just before supper too. Walt and Cameron both came up about 21:00 and Bert Edge and Frank came in. We had a game of bridge which lasted till 22:00, then had coffee. I went and got the car ready. We left here about 22:30. Bert said he would wait till I came back. The car missed and stalled about 10 times going over and I ran it into the garage when we arrived. We had come to the conclusion that there was ice in the carburator. I took off the bulb under the tank and had to use a blow torch to thaw it out. While at it, I took the carburator and gasoline off. We found a big hole worn thru the feed line so while cleaning the other parts Walt soldered the line. It was about 01:00 when I got it started and the car stalled about every 100 yards. It was 02:30 when I arrived. I do not know what the trouble is yet but believe it to be the gas supply is still plugged. We had some more coffee then Bert went home. We went to bed at 03:30. Nadene woke up and wanted to get into our bed. She cried so much and showed such a burst of temper that I gave her a spanking. That made her worse.

Monday, December 03

Got to work on time but couldn't get the car started. I had to walk. I worked all morning on reports then at dinner time I looked up Callaghan and asked him to bring his team and give me a tow. He got there just as we were finishing dinner. The car started just after he started towing me but it would only run a short time then stop. I found that by choking it, it would keep going but there was no power. Cal towed me right to the station. I looked it over and discovered that the solder that was used to plug up the hole also plugged up the line. I drained the oil and water then put it into the warehouse for the winter. Bert came up this evening and stayed till 02:00. We had a good time. Welding came up too and we had a number of rubbers of bridge. My luck was fine all evening. We retired at 02:15.

Tuesday, December 04

Got up at 09:00 and after short but sweet breakfast Nona and I started house cleaning. We started dinner and Bert came in. He stayed for dinner. We had roast beef that was delicious, roast spuds and onions and cottage pudding with brandy sauce ( only this was flavoured with Gin). After dinner Bert and I went out over my trap line. I got another dozen traps last night from Mrs Conibear and Bert was going to show me the proper way to set them for foxes and minks. We put 16 of them out. The line is about 2 & 1/2 miles long. There was a fox at one of my traps between Sunday and today. He walked all around the trap and I might have had him if the trap was set right. There was a lump of ice under the pan. He didn't step on it but got the bait. Bert says he will be back since he can still small something in the mound. He reset it for me. It was about 30 below and a fog was rising off the river at the rapids. This made it very cold as my line is mostly along the river bank. We had a swell cup of hot coffee when we got back and a stiff drink of gin. Bert stayed for supper. After supper we played bridge and talked till 01:00. Bert promised to take my batteries out to the station tomorrow. He asked me to build him a light super Heterodyne using eight N.F. peanut tubes. I gave him an estimated price of about $175. He left at 01:30 and we went to bed.

Wednesday, December 05

Worked all day on reports for this mail. Bert went back to his line. He brought my batteries out to be charged this morning. After supper Campbell came in and Nona went over to see Mrs Campbell. We went to bed early.

Thursday, December 06

Finished all the mail today and went up to post it but they were closed. Nothing doing all evening. Nona was over at Campbell's sewing dresses for Nadene most of the day. The radio was fair tonight. I borrowed a few Radio News' from Pop Walters and had an hours food reading during the evening.

Friday, December 07

Mail goes out today. I had to go to the Bay and get the draft made out to send to Ottawa. Was down to Bill's at noon to have him sign some cheques. Then as the Bay was still closed, I made a circuit of my trap line, It has been thawing all day and there is overflow water along the banks. The snow over my traps is all wet so I will have to reset all the traps as soon as it gets cold again. There was one Whiskey jack and 3 squirrels caught. After supper Basler came in. He stayed till 00:30. Nona went over to Godsell's with Miss Catt. She returned at midnight with Mr & Mrs Godsell. They only stayed a little while. The radio was NG tonight. We posted most of our Xmas presents this afternoon. I brought home a bench tonight and put it on the back porch. I am going to fix it up for a work shop out there for building radios. I have 2 to build now. Went to bed at 01:45.

Saturday, December 08

Worked on the DR's most of the day. Nona went to Lyall's and I called for her on my way home for supper. While Nona was getting supper I fixed up the screen on the back porch and fixed up my work shop. Mrs Lyall came in for a few minutes. Joe brought a battery up from the station just before supper. Went to bed at midnight.

Sunday, December 09

Got up at 09:00. Worked an hour or so fixing up my workshop. After dinner Nona went to Lyall's while Nadene was sleeping. I made a bunch of notes this afternoon and typed out several pages for my note book. Fixed up my photo and radio accounts. Mrs Lyall returned with Nona about 16:00.After supper I went to the PO and got our mail. The frost arrived this afternoon. Norman Welding came up after supper and stayed till 32:30. I started to type this but the spring in the carriage tension broke so I'll have to ship it to Edmonton. It needs a complete overhauling anyway. Went to bed at 01:15.

Monday, December 10

Woke up at 08:45 and made a hurried dress. Arrived at the station at 09:30 with the official mail. Joe and Bill didn't know the mail was in. Started the Delco at 10:00 but had to shut down at 12:00 when I discovered that there was a 1/2 inch end play in the cam shaft. I hurried home, had dinner and rushed back. I pulled the Delco apart and examined the cam shaft. I found that the shaft adjusting collar threads were stripped and worn clean. The threads on the shaft were smooth and badly broken. I wrote out a wire to Ottawa to have the repairs rushed in and Bill signed and sent it off at 15:00. I reassembled the machine and finished at 16:45. I ran the engine till 15:00. The shaft looks to me like it had been had been that way for quite a times I guess it will hang on till the new parts arrive.After supper Frank came in for a while but left at 20:30. Nona and I got ready and went over to Godsell's for the evening. Burstall was there. We stayed till 01:00. It was a swell evening. Temp was about 30 above. Nadene was fine all evening and we all had a good time.

Tuesday, December 11

Up at 09:00. We had breakfast then cleaned house. I put up a new experimental aerial then while Nadene and Nona went to the hospital to see Mrs Ryan and the new baby. I worked at my studies ( Super Heterodynes and methods of coupling). I hooked up JT's set to try it out again tonight. I had supper ready when Nona returned. While she read a novel after supper, I tested out the set which showed a lot better results than hitherto, but not yet good enough. Nona went to bed at 23:00, I followed at midnight.

Wednesday, December 12

Woke up at 08:45 and went to the station. Just started in on the DR's when Bill came in. He told me that the Delco had been run yesterday but it was getting worse. I took the cam shaft out and took it uptown. Y&L had nothing, so went to the Govn't house machine shop. Mr McDougal told me to help myself to anything that I could use and offered me the help of Campbell if needed. Tried to make a nut to fit as when the cam shaft was washed and cleaned it was found that the threads on the shaft were in better condition than the examination at the station showed. The threads were thought to be torn all to pieces but about 3/4's of them were still in excellent condition. I tried to make a new nut out of a heavy piece of cold rolled steel bar the drill was hard to use as nothing was available to hold the bar. When the hole was drilled (2 hours), the wobble on the drill widened the hole so that it made a perfect washer. I then found that the taps and die outfit was for standard pipe threads and I required A.L.A.M. or automobile. The cam shaft being case hardened, it was impossible to make new threads on it so I left there and hunted around for the ALAM threaded 7/8" nut. I found the front axle nut from a Ford was just the thing. I procured one of these from Y&L. I trimmed the nut down to the thickness required, then reassembled the shaft. As a lock washer would have been too long to make, I jimmied the threads on the nut so that it could not turn on the shaft. It was supper time when I finished so did not return to the station. I tried out JT's set but it seems too selective. Went to bed at 22:30.

Thursday, December 13

Went to the station at 08:00 and started assembling the Delco. Batteries very low and Bill would not take a call. Voltage on plates only 950 volts instead of 2200. Had trouble timing the Delco owing to cam shaft being fastened in tight. Bill helped me on it till 11:15 to get the engine going. Worked fine when it started. Joe took me home in his dog sleigh. After dinner I worked on mail till 16:00 then fell asleep for 1/2 hour, woke up when Wagenitz came in. I walked uptown with him after 17:00. After supper I studied and did some planning on a semi portable super-heterodyne for Bert. Radio fine tonight. Bed shortly after midnight.

Friday, December 14

Got up at 09:00 and had breakfast over by 10:00. Took Nona and Nadene out over the trap line. As the weather had been so warm all the snow around the traps had melted and then froze last night. I had to re-set all the traps. Some dogs followed my line out and got away with a lot of the bait. They had even stepped on some of the sets but being frozen down were not caught. We returned at 14:00. I studied for a couple of hours. After supper Frank and Basler came in and we played a rubber of bridge. Frank went at 21:30 and Basler at 00:30. We retired at 02:00.

Saturday, December 15

Woke up at 07:30. Earliest I've been up for over a year. I got breakfast then went to the station. Started on the DR's they are back as far as the sixth. At noon a bad wind came up and as the serial was too tight, I had to lengthen the leaden by 2 feet. JT sent us a hind quarter of moose today, it was about 85 pounds. I put it in the kitchen sink to thaw out so that I could cut it up and hang it out to freeze again. It is too big to handle as it is. After supper I tore JT's set to pieces and decided to start over on it. It sure is a hell of a thing to get working. I do not believe a 4 tube set is any good up here anyway. Especially when the radio weather is as poor as it is now. Norman Welding came in and we chewed the rag till midnight. I retired about 01:00.

Sunday, December 16

Up at 10:00. I cut the hind quarter of moose into small pieces and put them out in the warehouse then cleaned the house. I rebuilt JT's set today finishing it about 21:00. It has 5 tubes now. Still too selective on the test. There is very little volume and the selectivity is so sharp that it is very critical to tune. Disgusted with it at present so will leave it till some other time. Mrs Lyall came in about 21:00 and stayed till midnight. She is very much disappointed in not having her set. Your sold theirs and promised to have another in before Xmas but it has not ordered it yet. I walked home with her and she told me that she would get York to buy mine from me.

Monday, December 17

Went to work at 09:00. Brought the DR's UTD and finished at noon. Worked on the ledgers all afternoon. Played a couple of games of crib with Bill and lost both. Nona was at Godsell's all afternoon so I called for her on my way home. Godsell asked us to stay for supper which we did. Spent the evening there and had a real good time. Arrived home at 01:30. Turned on the radio and fixed the fires while Nona and Nadene went to bed. I retired at 02:00.

Tuesday, December 18

Slept till 10:00 and after breakfast while Nona cleaned the house, I went around the trap line. Still no luck. No tracks since I was there last. When I returned Nadene was out on the veranda asleep and Nona was at Lyall's making Nadene some clothes. Mrs Lyall came in after supper and we had a game of bridge but the conversation interfered with the game so much that we gave it up. My A battery was dead so we had no radio tonight. We went to bed at 01:00.

Wednesday, December 19

Arrived at the station about 09:10. Sent a wire home to Mother, today was her birthday and I forgot to send it on the 17. I was too tired to work today so had a catnap. I took home my A battery and we had good reception all evening. The radio weather is getting real good now. B Serens came up with the laundry so I let him listen to the radio for a couple of hours. Nadene had a great time playing tonight. She didn't want to go to bed at all. Nona was going to church tonight to help decorate for the Xmas concert but it was so cold she didn't go. She went to bed at 23:00 and I at 00:30.

Thursday, December 21

Got up at 09:00 and printed pictures till 14:00. I did about a gross all together. Nona went shopping about 13:00 and returned at 15:00. The school concert was on tonight and we went. There was a supper at the hotel and nearly everybody in town came. After supper we all went to the school where the kids performed. It was real good too. Godsell acted as Santa and distributed the presents assisted by Const. Burstall of the RCMP. Nadene got a big doll and a teddy bear. We got a set of silver salt and pepper shakers and Nona got some nice handkerchiefs. There was the usual nuts, candy and oranges. Everyone had a good time and it was over early at 21:15. I got a good tip tonight to watch Pop Walters that he was sore about something and trying to get me in wrong. All right Pop, you don't get up early as I do so you'll have to hump to get anything on me. He has pulled off several raw deals already on others and forewarned is forearmed and two can play at eery game. I'll just keep one hop ahead of him. Why he is after me I don't know. I have done nothing to him or anyone else. I do know that he thought that he put one over on me by keeping York from buying my radio. Went to bed at 01:00.

Saturday, December 22

Up and to work by 09:00. Brought the DR's UTD then worked a while on the ledger for next year. Some more mail arrived today and we got a letter from Regina. Met PHGodsell and Burstall at noon and went over to the Godsell's house and had a shot of rum. They asked me to stop in for another on my way home at 17:00 and I did. I stayed till 17:45. We were invited to come down for the evening. Mrs Lyall was there when I got home but as she knew we were going out, she told us to go ahead. When we were ready we walked as far as Lyall's with her then went over to Godsell's. I took my mandolin and Uke with me. We had a great time. Syd, Burstall and Woods were there besides ourselves and the Godsell's. Rum and whiskey were plentiful. Jean fainted about 01:30 and was out the rest of the evening. My stomach turned and I had to go outside for a while. Everything came up and I felt better until Syd told me that the best thing for me was to take some raw bacon and condensed milk. Gosh.

Sunday, December 23

We left there at 05:15 and arrived home at 06:00. Woke up at 10:00. We cleaned house till noon. JT came in at noon. He just got in town at 10:00. We gave JT his Xmas present. It was a bloodstone ring and he gave us ours, a tea tray beautifully decorated. We had a good supper of roast moose and gravy and onions, boiled spuds and jello. During the evening Frank came in and we had a rubber of bridge. Frank and I vrs Nona and JT. Later Mrs Woods, Walt and Burstall came in. Syd and PHGodsell came in later for a while and brought a bottle of Dimple with them. They left at 22:30. Mrs Godsell gave Nadene a collie pup, "Woodsie", a 1 year old, as a Xmas present. Radio was good all evening.

Monday, December 24

Today was a busy one at the station. Raney came down in the morning and worked on the car. He fixed it up and went to Fitz. I had to deliver a bunch of messages on my way home. Stopped at Joe's and had a drink. They have their cottage called the Jailhouse and have a big brass plate on the door. All evening we sorted presents and got ready for tomorrows celebration. Went to bed at 01:00.

Tuesday, December 25

Up at 09:00 and got the house cleaned up. Had a cup of tea then Nona and JT went out to distribute the presents. They did not return till 16:30. Then we got ready and went over to the Godsell's arriving at 18:15. Most of the gang were there when we arrived. There was Vic Ingraham and wife, Bill Staffer, W. Gibson, JT, Woods, Burstall, the Godsell's and ourselves. Mr & Mrs. Ryan and kiddies came in just before supper but have to return to the Halfway before it's too late so did not stay long afterwards. Syd Leggo came in later in the evening. Supper was at 19:30. They had to have two tables. I was roped into carving the turkey at one table. The supper was swell. After supper there was music and the usual Xmas party. Nona, Nadene and I stayed there all night. We went to bed at 05:00…….

Wednesday, December 26

………and woke up at 08:30. Was tickled to wake up too as I had thought that I would not wake till noon. I went home and changed into my uniform and got to the station about 09:45. There was practically nothing doing all day. I fell asleep in my chair for an hour this AM. Joe and Freda came up for supper this evening. We cooked our turkey and had a swell feed. Supper was at 19:45. We had turkey and mashed potatoes, creamed onions and plum pudding. After supper we had a couple of rubbers of bridge. The radio was good all evening. They left at 02:30 and we went straight to bed.

Thursday, December 27

I had a good sleep last night so felt a lot better today. Nona felt the same. Worked on mail this afternoon and after dinner Bill and I sat and gassed most of the time. Went home at 17:00 and found supper waiting. After supper we listened to the radio and read. The radio was good. Went to bed about midnight.

Friday, December 28

My day off and I had intended on sleeping in. However Nona got up at 08:00 and had other ideas about my sleeping in. I got up at 08:00. I found JT had lit the fire before he went out and the place was nice and warm. I turned real cold during the night and I was thankful for the fire. I printed pictures till 14:00 while Nona and JT went to Godsell's to get some of our things that were left there Xmas. They returned at 18:00 and I had supper ready. The evening was quiet. We listened to the radio most of the time. No one came in.

Saturday, December 29

Up at 08:15. Had a hard time getting the car started. It was cold all day yesterday and I had not used it with the result the oil was solid. It was 34 below during the night. The radiator froze up before noon and I did not get it thawed out till 18:00. It did not break. Supper was ready when I got home. JT had helped with it. After supper Norman Welding came in and we had a rubber of bridge. He went at 23:30. We went to bed at 01:30.

Sunday, December 30

Got up and printed pictures till about noon. Nona and JT went to Godsell's to work on a costume for the masquerade tomorrow night. I looked after Nadene. PHGodsell came in at 15:00 and asked me if I would look after the electrical part of the dance. I went over to the hall with him and connected put the "Bristolfone" thru the amplifier of his radio and to the loud speakers around the hall. When I got home I got the supper ready and waited till 19:00 and as they had not returned I fed Nadene and ate my supper. They came in at 19:30 and as JT's watch had stopped they had thought it was about 18:00. Nona was not very well so she went to bed right after supper. JT and I sat up till 23:30. It was so cold out tonight that JT brought his sleeping bag in off the veranda and slept on the floor in the front room.

Monday, December 31

Went to the station at 09:30. I could not get the car started this AM, it was too cold. I brought the DR's UTD and worked till 16:00 on them. I went to the hall and connected up the loud speakers, ready for the dance when they wanted to start. Nadene took sick this afternoon with her teeth. We were not going to the dance at all but Nadene fell asleep at 22:00 and we dressed and went over. We got there at 22:30. Nona and I went as two golfers. We made plus fours out of grain bags that I had painted red, white and blue checks on with red and blue ink the checks whereabouts an inch square. The rest of the outfit matched in a kind of way. Paul loaned us his clubs. JT had Jerry's tuxedo and went as "Count Nodrinkwater". He was a scream. Nona and I won first prize. 1st time I ever won anything at such an affair. Nona got a leather needle case. JT won a prize too and got a powder box. There was a mistake made and his prize was intended for a ladies prize. I think J. Barleycorn had something to do with the mistake. He gave it to Nona. It was a real good one too. Every few minutes during the evening one or the other of us would run over to the house and look at Nadene. She slept straight thru till 02:00. We stayed home then and got to bed at 03:00.

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