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September 1929

Saturday, September 07

Joe and I are going to Salt River Farm duck hunting this weekend. Jack told us he would work the station for the rest of the afternoon if we wanted to get away about 16:00 so that we could get the afternoon and evening shoot. Nona was invited to stay with Freda. It was 17:00 before we finally got away and we arrived at the farm at 19:00. It was too dark to get any hunting in so we went to the farm house and got things fixed up to camp. We had seen the Father and got the key from him. We went to bed about 22:00 and I woke up at ………

Sunday, September 08

……. 04:00. I got up and got the fire going. Joe was up soon afterwards and while I cooked breakfast he cleaned up things. We got out to the creek before 05:30 and there were all kinds of ducks, I should say many ducks they were all Mallards. we were both used to the 16 ga. shot gun and Canuck shells and we brought along a 12 ga. and that long range Imperial ammo. the strange guns and ammunition kept us from getting near as many as we should have. There was no reason why we should not have got 100 but we only got 9. It was noon before we found that the shot was not spreading until beyond the range we were shooting and during the afternoon the ducks were scarce. We wanted to cross the swamps before it got dark. We got back to Smith at 18:15. We had supper at Joe's then I gave Joe 4 Mallards and took 3 over to Jack and brought 2 young ones and 2 chickens home. We got home and to bed at midnight.

Monday, September 09

Worked on the books getting balanced with VEC. Nothing doing this evening. Mrs Behn was over for a while.

Tuesday, September 10

Up at 09:00 and printed pictures till noon. When Nona got up we worked most of the day packing up her trunk and cleaning house. Walt came over in the evening with the new Dodge and we went for a ride. I drove it and it is sure a beat. I was off today. We have started our winter schedule again.

Wednesday, September 11

Got VEC straightened our today OK and started to fix up VEH. They are 10 cents out with us. Found the difference on 39 and 31. I was on the set myself most of the morning and for a while this afternoon. Mrs Behn and Nona came down to the station this afternoon and Mrs Behn curled Nona's hair. She looked dandy too. Mrs Behn was up to the house for a couple of hours during the evening. We went to bed at 00:30. Looked like frost tonight so I drained the car. First one this year.

Friday, September 13

Off today, I got up at 09:00 and printed pictures till 10:00 then while Nona was out, I went over to the cemetery and fixed up Nadene's grave. I put a heavy wooden border around it then filled it level with soil and fixed it ready to plant flowers on it next spring. Slim Behn has a 32 hp Johnson motor and told me to come down and try it on my boat. We all went down but the engine is too powerful for my boat. Instead of getting any more speed out of it we only made about 10 mph. The engine took all the water from under the boat. We had supper on the Laird. Emerson was with us. There was supposed to be a dance at Lanouettes so we went over. No one was there and we found out that everyone had gone to Fitz so we went over. We stopped at Mories first and had some coffee and sandwiches. Then we went up to the dance hall just in time for the windup. We left there about 01:00 and arrived at Smith at 02:30. The roads are terrible. Mr & Mrs Harry Behn, Emerson, the cook at the Halfway, Walt, Nona and I were in the party. We went to bed at 03:00.

Saturday, September 14

Nona goes outside. Went to the station to see if Joe would work for me today and I'd take Monday, but he cut me short and said he was going to Salt River hunting. Nona came out with me to take the car back. Jack told me to take what part of the afternoon off I needed and at 11:00 I went uptown to find Nona. We found out that the Echo was leaving tonight and that the Athabasca River would not catch the train. We had dinner at Lanouette's then after seeing most everyone we went on over to Fitz. We stopped at the Halfway to say goodbye to Mrs Ryan but she is going too. We got to Fitz about 15:00 the roads are in terrible shape yet. We had tea with Tom Pearce and Mrs Morie then I had to start back. Walt gave Nona a pair of white deer skin moccasins with fish scale work for a present. On the way back to Smith I met Willie Lyall about 4 miles from Fitz broken down. Bert was still with him. Bert flew down from Fort Providence with Punch this morning and landed at Fitz just before we got there. Didn't see him while there though. He is not married yet. Waited for the boat to come to take them to Hay River but couldn't wait any longer as he has to get out to the trap lines to fish. I went straight to the station and Jack was smothered in work. Took 17 and sent 23 while I was away. We stayed and worked till 18:30 then I took the messages uptown and had supper at Lanouettes. I stopped at the hotel to see Slim and his wife and had a snort with them then went down to see Frank's new radio. I am going to show him how to connect it up. I listened to the radio till about 22:00 then went to bed.

Sunday, September 15

This is my week for Meteors. Had to get up at 04:30 and got to the station at 05:00. Took the Meteors and sent them to VED (Edm) and made a date with him for noon then came home and went back to bed. Slept till 09:30 and got up and had breakfast same as usual. Dirty wind blowing all day and it snowed for about 2 hours. At noon I worked EDM. VEH ( RES ) and VEC ( Simpson ) finishing about 14:00. I came back uptown and Frank came over to tell me that the aerial gear was here so I went over and helped him hook up his set. It was nearly 16:00 when I got away from there so I came home, fixed the furnace and went back to the station. It was 18:20 when I finished. I took one from VEC and was going down to deliver it when Jack met me and told me to come in and have supper. They were having duck, some of those Joe and I got for them last week. I left there at 20:00 and took the message down to the Transport then went to the hotel to try out Frank's set. Could get KOMO but not half as loud as on Bert's set or my own. Frank listened to his for a few minutes with his ear in the horn then came around and listened to Bert's till time to go to bed. The hotel was packed tonight with a bunch that came up from Resolution with Loutit. Bert came over to gather up some of his stuff and we sat and talked till midnight then I went to bed. Bert slept on the couch.

Monday, September 16

Up at 04:45 and at the station at 05:00. Lit a fire before taking Meteors. Sent Meteors to Edm and made a date with him as soon as he finished with VEC. I sat there till 06:30 when he called me. I had 6 long night letters so sent them. It was 07:00 before I finished and I told Joe who was there that he'd better hold the rest till 09:00. I cleaned up the operating room then came home and slept till 09:30. Bert was up and had breakfast ready when I got up. While he was getting his stuff together I washed the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. He helped me clean up the front room. We moved the radio outfit over in the corner under the clock and the buffet over where the radio was, the bookcase is between the radio and the window and the bear in the front room looks fine that way too. The case of jam from home arrived about 14:30. Cal brought it. I unpacked it and put it away in the basement. Freda came up and invited me down for supper- duck. They got 8 when they were out on Saturday, all Mallards. Freda told me that there was a registered letter for me at the PO. It was the one from Raney that I was expecting. There was a cheque for $110 and an order for $75.50. The order was made out to Raney instead of me and he did not endorse it so I sent it back on the Liard to him to sign. I paid the HBC $100 then came home and worked till time to dress and go to supper. I was as hungry as a bear. I had gone over to the hotel (Lanouettes) with Bert for dinner and in the first bite I was taking (which was cauliflower) I found a caterpillar. I ate half a pie and drank a cup of hotel tea and called it a meal. The supper at Freda's was, as always, splendid. We had roast duck, mashed potatoes and mashed turnips and jelly with bananas inlaid, all started off with Sandmans wine- just a minute till I have a drink of my own. After supper and the dishes were washed we played 2 rubbers of dummy bridge. I had a fair streak of luck and won both. I left there about 22:00 and when I got home Walt was here waiting for me. We sat and talked till 23:00 then went to bed. He is over here with a boat that he brought across. He is supervising the launching of it.

Tuesday, September 17

Up at 05:00 and down to the station for Meteors. Joe and Jack had the table clear for me this morning so all I had to send was the Wix. I was back him by 06:00 and went back to bed till 08:30. I was on the Key all this morning and worked on books all afternoon. It was too cold for comfort last night and I had drained the car. It is a nuisance getting up every morning and filling the radiator so I filled it up with Coal Oil. I will use it now till I have to put the car away. I had dinner at Lanouettes and it was real good. I ate supper there too then I went down the hill to watch the launching of the boat. It is one of the best that has come into the country. The wagons that were carrying it broke down on the hill newer the old scow and they had to put the ways from the water up to it. I was there watching them with Captain Smallie until after 20:00. It was getting dark then so they quit for the night. I brought Walt up the hill and dropped him off at Lanouettes as the crew had no supper yet. Then I came home. It was nice and warm in here. Walt came in about 23:30 and we listened to the radio till 22:00. It was perfect tonight and the first real good night that we have had this fall. Walt was talking about the piano tonight. He said it was coming over this week if the trucks were not crowded. We went to bed about 23:30.

Wednesday, September 18

Never heard the alarm this morning and woke up at 06:00. Should have had the Meteors off at 5:45. I was at the station and had the Meteors taken and coded at 06:08. Not bad when the station is exactly 1 mile away. Lizzie did her stuff this morning all right. I had to wait till 06:15 for Simpson to quit before I could get a hold of VED. When I did I worked thru with him. There was a bunch of Blacks and rushes that came in late last night. I cleared the table of everything and came back uptown at 08:00. I stopped at Lanouettes and had breakfast. Then I came home and cleaned up and went back.

Thursday, September 19

Down at the station at 05:30. Had nothing to send excepting the Meteors so came back and went to bed with intentions of getting up at nine but slept till after ten. When I got up I cleaned house for a while then got ready for dinner. I ate at Lanouettes and after dinner came home and printed pictures till 15:00. I was just going out hunting when Mrs Smith came up with some negatives. She sat and talked till 16:30 then I went out to the mountain Portage to look at the bear trap. Nothing there yet, but the bait was gone. I got back about supper time and then came home and started to read "Romance of Two Worlds" by Marie Corelli. I find it most interesting and instructive. I trimmed up all the pictures I printed and put some in my new album. Am reprinting all my smaller pictures having titled all the negatives and numbered them and will put them in the album rotation. Retired at 23:00.

Friday, September 20

Had to send my Meteors to Simpson this am as VED did not come on at 06:00 and I wanted to get back home. I stopped at Lanouettes and had breakfast then came home and read my book till 09:00. Worked on accounts for a while this morning then took the Key till dinner time. After dinner I went back on the Key till press time, 14:30. From then till quitting time, I read stories from a magazine and talked to Jack. I got things lined up to finish all reports and things in the morning. After supper young O'Coffey came in for his pictures and stayed till about 22:00. I went to bed as soon as he left.

Saturday, September 21

VED not on time again this morning so I gave the Meteors to VEC and went back home. I got a partridge on my way home last night from the station and intended to cook it for breakfast . However, after getting the fire and kettle hot, I discovered that there was no bread or butter in the house and it was too early to get it from the store, so I just went back to Lanouettes and ate. I took the Key till 09:30 then worked on books the rest of the day. I was talking to Bill for a few minutes he told me that he had met Nona at the station and that all was well. Walt and I planned to go to Salt River tonight for a duck hunt but at supper time I was told to call the Halfway. I figured that it was a call to say Walt couldn't go and it proved to be correct. One of the trucks broke down on the Portage a mile on the other side of the Halfway and Walt was just getting ready to go out to fix it when I called. We called the trip off till my next day off, Wednesday. I came home and finished reading my book then decided to take another initiation ceremony in the AMORC. Nearly all of these ceremonies must be taken in solitude, hence the fact that they may be taken away from a lodge. It is a good thing too in my case as I would have to stay in the first degree until I got back outside. I was arranging my sanctum, which is now fixed in the bedroom, when I discovered that I was out of an essential part of apparatus, namely incense. I went over to the Mission to see Father Laffont. He gave me some and we sat and talked for half an hour. I came back and fixed things up then went ahead with my second degree initiation. I will make out the report on it and send it out tomorrow. Went to bed about 23:30.

Sunday, September 22

It was cold and wet most of today. I got up at 09:20 and lit a fire. I printed pictures till noon then went to Lanouettes for dinner. After dinner I came home and put the pictures on the ferrotype, then went and printed more. I finished up all that was on hand then printed a bunch of my small ones that I am putting into the new album. I finished up to 100. During the afternoon I read for a while as it was too miserable and cold to go out. The wind is from the North and the leaves are all blowing off the trees. Nearly all the leaves are gone from the poplar trees in front of the house. Paul came in this afternoon with a message and sat and talked for about an hour.After Paul went I put the rest of the pictures on the ferrotype and before I went to bed I had them all dried and trimmed. I was late for supper so ate with Joe, Jack, Mrs Smith and Dora. I sat and talked to them for about an hour after supper and all had some fun with Billie about his new girl. The mail got in today and I got a card for Nona from Waterways and a birthday present for her from her mother. I read the letter and put it into the parcel, wrapped it up and readdressed it and had just time to catch the mail before it closed. I didn't have time to even drop a line about it. I started to read "Heptameron" by Marguerite de Navarre tonight and read about 4 chapters before going to bed.

Monday, September 23

Got up at 08:45 and went to the station. Jack was on with me today and as he was not there yet at 09:00, I took the call.There was a short one for VED. He had none for me. When Jack came I started on my books and finished up to the 8th. This is the first time since I have been here that we were behind in the booking and the business still keeps up heavy. Today we went 24 to VED and received 17, 3 in from VEC and 6 sent and 7 received from VEH. I took that little desk clock with the clamp and put it on the dashboard of the car today. I cut a two inch hole in the dash and cut the nickel frame that the clock was on to a square. It is right under the dash light and looks dandy. Tonight when I was coming home in the dark, I turned the dash light on to see how it looked and its jake. We got into communication with CFD the Dominion Explorers station at Stoney Rapids this afternoon at 16:15. Their signals are weak, about R4. They had a 100 watt transmitter and are working up about 450 miles on 1100 meters. We were busy today trying to trace some lost planes. Col. McAlpine and McMilan of the Dominion Explorers are lost with their plane. They have not been heard of for a week. One of the Western Canada Airways planes is lost and should have been at Stoney Rapids 4 days ago and has not turned up yet. It was not Punch. I was invited over to Pearsons for supper tonight and had a swell supper and stayed and talked till 22:00 then came home. I put the last bunch of pictures into the album and listened to the radio. My black bears have not come back yet and I sent them out in July so when I was chinning to Bill on the set today, I asked him to find out from the HBC Manufacturing Dept what they have done with them. Haven't had an answer yet. Went to bed at 00:15.

Tuesday, September 24

Up at 08:45 and worked on books nearly all day. While Joe was taking the press and using the typewriter I wrote a long letter to Nona, about 5 pages. After supper I loaded the car up for our trip duck hunting then waited for Walt. He phoned and said that he would be over at 20:00. He came over all ready to go but before we got away Mickey sent word that he would like Walt to take the men up to the Hay Camp for hay. They are out and didn't notice it till tonight. He knew that Walt was going hunting and was sorry that he had to change the plans especially loaded and ready. I decided to go alone and we will likely both go this weekend. I have Sat and Sun off so it will be 2 days instead of one. I left here at 23:00 and arrived there at 00:30……….

Wednesday, September 25

…… and parked the car under some trees then had a drink of hot tea. Joe Lanouette filled my thermos with fresh tea before I left. I put most of the stuff in the front seat then curled up on the back seat and slept till 05:30. It was pretty cold when I woke, although I was comfortable in the car. I had 3 army blankets with me. When I got up, I went over to the river and there wasn't a duck in sight. I went on down to the ferry and there was a flock there but they were too far away. I crawled up thru the bush to where I thought they were and came back out to the river. I was still too far and they must of seen me this time because they flew. I made breakfast then before going back up river for them. I went back to where I had started from but they weren't there and I walked along the bank for about a mile and couldn't see them. I hung around till about 10:00 then started out for Company Lake. I had never been there but a Brother at the farm showed us where it was when we were there last year. I got stuck in the soft mud on the way and I was sure stuck. [photo] It was 11:00 when the car stuck and it was 17:45 when I got it out. The 4 wheels were down to the hubs and the rear ale, battery, muffler and engine were stuck in too. I walked back to the farm, about a mile and a half, and carried 3 old boards, blocks and a shovel and started to work. I took a picture of it just before I started. It will be good if it turns out OK. I won't dwell too much on details of it. Suffice to say that I had to dig a hole beside the wheels and place bricks in it then jack it up by the hub. When the jack was as far as it would go, I placed blocks under the wheel then took the jack out and added some blocks in its foundation and repeated the process. Of course no one lives at the farm and no one passes that way. When I walked back to the farm for lumber the first time, I rustled up some chalk and made a sign stating what was the matter and where I was and asked whoever came along to come out and give me a hand. I had to do that since I was two miles off the road. I then hoped that one of the govn't teams coming in for supplies or going out for salt would pass by. However there was no such luck so I stuck to it. I didn't eat dinner as I knew It was going to be an all day job at the holes were filling up with water and I wanted to get done before dark. When I had the wheels up off the ground high enough, I put the chains on and thank goodness they are the heavy Jumbo chains. They are the kind used on trucks. Well, I did get out and all without cussing or getting excited. I didn't have time for either. I went back to the ferry but there were no ducks there so I washed in the river and made supper. I had tea and bread and jam. I was hungry but too tired to bother cooking and couldn't wait anyway. There was still over half the tea left in the thermos so I had two cups. Believe me I wouldn't be without a thermos when on a long motor trip. I got home at 20:00, lit a roaring fire in the furnace and kitchen, took a snort of whiskey and soda and made a lunch. I made a pot of coffee and had bread and jam. The tank is full and I have a tub full of water on the stove and as soon as it is good and hot, I am going to have a hot bath. We were the first house to have hot running water in Smith. From the water container on the back of the wood stove I ran a pipe right thru the wall and put an outdoor tap on it just above the tub. It is now 22:00 and I will be in bed in about 45 more minutes.

Thursday, September 26

Worked all day on the DRs. When I was ready to quit I had everything entered to the 16. It is hard to keep going now the traffic is getting heavier now instead of slacking off and 3 men are sure not enough to keep things going. Jack was saying that if it keeps this up we will all have to work everyday. I hope not by gee. However we seem to be getting more behind than caught up. As soon as the boats quit running and that will be in a couple or 3 weeks, I think things may be better. The Athabasca is making her last trip this week and the Echo will make 2 more. Gosh the summer is nearly over and we had none. Tom Pearce came in this evening right after supper and stayed till midnight. As usual when poor Tom comes over the trucks quit running. There wasn't a truck from suppertime till he left. I wanted to drive him over but he wouldn't hear to it. Said that I had to get up early and work tomorrow and he didn't. We had a darn nice evening together and sat and chewed the rag all the time. The radio was very good all the time, too. We listened in to Regina and heard the first real good concert from there that I ever had heard. Didn't know that CKCK had the stuff. When they re-organized the station they sure made some improvement. We had a good Hawaiian concert from Nashville, Tenn. for over an hour.

Friday, September 27

I woke up still sore from the exertion out at Salt River getting the car out of the mud. The back of my shoulders and legs and my back are stiff as boards. They are more so now than yesterday. I worked all day on the books but there were so many interruptions with the darned phone and tricks on the Key that I only got up to the 18. I finished Augusts books though and went uptown and got the draft fixed up then posted it, that's off my chest. It was beautiful and clear all day and no wind. When I had an hour to spare I went out into the warehouse and made a nice cross for Nadene's grave. It is made of pine and stands about 28 inches above ground and is 18 inches wide. I had no white paint there at the station so intended to get some at the store and paint it tonight but wanted to get all my mail ready tonight so didn't get after it. I will paint it tomorrow noon and it will be dry by night and ready for the second coat. I will paint the edging around the plot too when I take the cross over. I wrote to the bank and sent my book out for balancing and sent out the negatives to have them enlarged. They are the same ones that I had enlarged last spring. I am sending one more out though, "Moonlight on the Slave River". I think it would make a dandy. I wrote to tell them to make it real dark and to make "Evening" dark too. I spent the evening alone and got out quite a lot of mail and cleaned up around the place. I had it nice and clean but things are getting out of place again and I am going to finish fixing them up before going to bed. Am off tomorrow so can do some then until Walt comes over. I am going to have one more fling at the Salt River ducks.

Saturday, September 28

Last night after I had finished most of the work I was doing and getting ready to go to bed, Walt came in and said there was a dance on at Lanouettes. Nothing would do but to go so I went down. It was about 22:30 and it was just getting underway. Lanouettes permit for beer had arrived and he was well away and everyone had to have a drink. Gee he was sure funny. He'd come up and whisper in your ear. "Come on in the refrigerator I have some beer but don't say anything about it or they will all drink it up". When one bunch would come out, he would round up 4 or 5 more and then do it again and on all thru the night. I think that everyone there took 2 trips to the cooler. Lunch was served about midnight and I came home shortly afterwards. I had a couple of dances each with Mrs Pearson, Mrs Smith and Mrs Ingraham. The dance was the annual Teamsters dance. The floor is new and it is nearly the whole length of the building. It is about as wide as Conibears Hall and about 3 times as long. I can see that all the dances in Smith will now be at Lanouettes. I went to bed as soon as I got home and woke up at 09:00 and went to work. I was on the books nearly all day. After supper J. Bradford, the transport agent, came up. We sat and listened to the radio till 22:00 then went down to Lanouettes to get a cup of coffee and a piece of pie. When we got there we heard the MacKenzie was in so Bradford had to go down the hill to the office. While I was having some coffee Freda came in and said that Joe was stuck on the hill, out of gas. Joe Lanouette loaned her a tin and I took her down to the car. I met Waugh, known a Cor-Blimey all over the river. He has been cooking for the Station at Aklavik and took sick and the doctor there said he'd have to come outside. It is pneumonia. He came up to the house and sat and talked till 05:30.

Sunday, September 29

Up at 11:30. Waugh was just coming up as I was dressing and we went to dinner. After dinner we decided to go for a boat ride but found that the gears in my engine are stripped. I wanted to go over to see Walt but couldn't shake his knobs, so took him with me. Damn-it he buts in whenever your talking and tells jokes. If you are talking about something to somebody he will come up and start telling all about the scandals of Aklavik. He's a pest. We went to the Halfway and I could see that he was impatient to get back to Smith so I talked to Walt till about 15:30, then decided to go to Fitz. We went over and as the Echo and mail were in I stuck around till the mail had left then came back. We got here in time to get it. I did not get any letters from Nona and was a bit worried. I expected to get a wire when she arrived in Regina. I got the records that Nona sent in from McMurray. I went down to supper at Lanouettes and he had been given a bunch of ducks and he had enough for a half duck dinner. Joe and Freda came in and we all stayed there till 23:00, then came home and went to bed.

Monday, September 30

I was at the station at 08:30. I got the Delco going and took the 09:00 call. I sent a wire to Nona and one to the Bay about the bear rugs. After I had sent Nona's wire off I was looking at the calendar and discovered that mail couldn't get back here before the next boat. The Delco gave me trouble all day and I decided to go back tomorrow instead of going hunting and overhaul it. I worked on books and finished up to the 23. I got an answer from Nona at 14:00 saying she had got there safe and was well. I was relieved because she will be OK now. Freda went out on the Echo this week. She didn't get the plane trip after all. It was rumoured today that McMilland and MacAlpine were back safe. (the lost plane) the rumour stated that they landed at Ft. Chip. Nothing much doing tonight so I read a few stories from a magazine and went to bed.

October 1929

Tuesday, October 01

Up early this morning and went to the station. I started to overhaul the Delco at 09:00 and found it in far batter condition than I had expected it to be. I have not overhauled it since last November sometime. The fulcrum bar was so badly worn that no adjustment could be got. As we had no tools here to work with for that kind of job, I got into the car and went to the Halfway to get Walt to help. He was busy overhauling a Starter for the Big truck and said that if I would get it fixed he'd get the stuff ready to make a new bushing and bar for me. He cut the bushing and had it nearly fitted when I finished so I went ahead to finish fitting it while Walt put the starter into the truck. I made the bolt too but wouldn't take a chance drilling it for fear of ruining it . Time was everything as the batteries at the station were half discharged when I left and there was a lot of traffic. It was 14:30 when I left there and I was back at the station in 15 minutes. Ten minutes I had the Delco going and the batteries were just about ready to give up. The generators were only giving 750 volts and 2000 is required. I had supper at Pearsons. Joe (GD) and I were asked over at 20:00. Then I went back to the Halfway, but Walt had come to Smith with the Bishop. I went up to the garage and worked on my car lightening up the bands and the steering apparatus. I did a lot of other small jobs too and it was after midnight when I looked at the time. I started back and just got into the house when Walt came in. there was a dance at Lanouettes and he had been there looking for me. He stayed all night. We both went to bed at 00:30.

Wednesday, October 02

I worked on the books nearly all day. I decided that I would move down to the station part of the time as I don't want to walk down here to take Meteors in the winter. I had Vic bring down the army bed from home and I brought a few clothes and things that I want looked after. I have to go back and clean the place out now. I had it cleaned a couple of times but it is dusty again. I brought the cat down here too so that I can look after him. Joe and I are going to bach it. Joe Lanouette wants $65/month for board and we can beat that and saving money is what we don't want nothing else but. After supper I fixed up the new table upstairs. We put an army table back up there. The rumour about McMilland and MacAlpine being found isn't true. They are still lost somewhere between Bathurst Inlet and Stoney Rapids. Joe and I listened to the radio and read till 23:00 then went to bed.

Thursday, October 03

I got up at 08:00 and got the fire going then cooked breakfast while Joe took the first call. After breakfast I did the dishes then took messages uptown. I got back at 10:00 and gave my table top two coats of dark oak stain. It is getting marked up with cigarette butts and the stamps so with the dark colour they won't show up. I cooked dinner at 12:00. We had fried spuds and liver and Joe washed the dishes. I heard that the Distributor was in so went up to see Ross Gourley. I met him with the Pearsons at Gibsons and he had an ivory cribbage board from Frank Riddell for me. It is 12" long and a dandy. It cost 8 bucks. We all went up to the house and had a drink of brandy then came back to the station. Jack came over then with a half dozen bottles of beer and we had a beer. When Joe got thru with the stn that he was working he came up and joined us. When Pearsons were going out they invited us over for the evening. Joe, Ross and I ate supper at Lanouettes. From there we went down to the boat to see about his luggage then went to Pearsons. He found out that the Athabasca was not going till 08:00 so we had a party till 01:15 and I said that I'd take him across the Portage. Mrs Pearson wanted to go over but Jack was on Meteors and was afraid to go for fear of not getting up. I told them if they wanted to come hop to it and I'd take the Meteors in the morning. I am off tomorrow so I can get back to bed and sleep. Neither of them have been out for a ride for a long time so they came. The roads are in pretty fair shape but it was raining a slow drizzle. We got back at 02:45 and I went to bed.

Friday, October 04

Up at 05:20 and took the Meteors then went back to bed and slept till 09:30. I got up and after delivering the local messages I went to the Halfway. It was raining still and the roads were in bad shape. They were very greasy and I had to go in low a great deal of the way. I arrived there about 10:00 and had a cup of coffee with Johnson, the cook. Walt was not up yet so I went up and got him out of bed. The first job was to clean out the carbon. I took the engine to pieces ( the car) and found that the carbon was not as thick as I had expected. The number two piston was quite loose though. I cleaned out what carbon there was then ground the valves. When that was done, I took the pan off the bottom and looked at the bearings. All were in good shape. I took the number two piston out and found the wrist pin bearing was shot. The piston rings are worn and the piston itself was scored but the cylinder was in perfect shape. I put a new piston assembly in and took up all the bearing a shade then reassembled the car. Joe phones me to tell me that my batteries went on the rocks again. They had to take seven cells out of the bank. The positive plates were gone and there was too high of a resistance in the bank with them. They built up the voltage with filament batteries and said that all was OK for now. I had supper there at the Halfway and came home shortly afterwards. I stopped at home and swept out and cleaned up a little then picked up the batteries that I had there and came back to the station. I got here about 20:30 and worked on the Delco trying to get it to charge higher. It has gone on the bum, too. It starts off OK then the load drops to 4 amps after it warms up. I undercut the mica segments and cleaned out the carbon and copper fillings that were there, adjusted the valves, adjusted the timer and got it up to 16 amps then filled up the tank and started it off again. Tom Pearce came in just as I was finishing and came upstairs and stayed till 01:30. Joe came in about 23:30. I shut the Delco off to listen to the radio for a while but started it off just before going to bed.

Saturday, October 05

The Delco stopped at 07:30 , waking me up, so I went down and disconnected the filament batteries to prevent them from discharging the station bank. I went back to bed till 08:00 then got up and cooked breakfast. While Joe was finishing his breakfast and washing the dishes, I worked VED till Jack came in about 10:00. When Jack relieved me I finished entering the Sept business and started on the charge accounts. I went uptown for a few minutes so went over and put the cross on Nadene's grave and fixed it all up for the winter. I looks nice and neat and clean now. The leaves from the popular tree right beside the grave have fallen on it like a rug. I smoothed them out and left them there. After supper I went home and got some things I needed on the Salt River trip tomorrow. Then I came home and wrote a letter to Nona. I took it right up and mailed it so as to be sure to catch the mail. When I came back home I listened to the radio till 23:00 then we (Joe) both went to bed.

Sunday, October 06

This is my week for Meteors. I got up at 05:00 and built a fire then took the Meteors and sent them off to VED. While Joe cooked breakfast I loaded the car and we got away at 07:00. We arrived at Salt River Farm at 08:15. It was raining when we got there. There was only one flock on the river and as Isidore was there a whole week with his two boys shooting, they were as wild as could be and we couldn't get near them. However, we got one canvasback and as the partridges seemed better hunting we went after them. We got 3 around the farm and on the way home we stopped occasionally and went off hunting. We got 9 birds by the time we arrived at Smith. Joe shot a golden Eagle and when we got home we gave Jack four birds and the eagle. Mrs Pearson wanted to know what the eagle was, I said it was an Arctic Moore Hen. She said that she had never seen one and wanted to know why the name. I told her it was because the more you eat of them the less you want. Jack heard the conversation so came out to see what the joke was and when he saw it he said Oh gee, look at that classy eagle. That spoiled it but we had a kick out of it anyway. We brought it home and gave it to the pups to see what they would do and they fought over it for an hour. We took some pictures of ourselves with the birds and the eagle while still out on the plains. It was just 17:00 when we got home so I took the evening Meteors and as it was so cold downstairs that I was nearly frozen, so I told VED to hold any he had for us till morning unless they were for delivery. Bill was on and said OK. VEC then called me and offered me one. I told him I was nearly frozen and to hold it till morning. I went up to Lanouettes for supper as we were too tired to cook here. Joe had a headache so he didn't come. I went on up home to wait for the mail. While waiting for it, I got the place warm and had a good hot bath. I came back to the station and went to bed about midnight. The mail had not come over yet.

Monday, October 07

I either made the bull of not setting the alarm last night or else I turned it off in my sleep. Anyway, I was late for Meteors. I never woke up until 6:50. I took them and got VED at 7:20, 90 minutes late. I borrowed the adding machine from the govn't house this afternoon and worked on accounts all day. During the afternoon Vic Ingraham with his crew came down to put the new chimneys in the station. I was interrupted so much in helping them and listening to the Dutchman, I didn't get as much done as I had hopes of doing. I did from the 1st to the 16. After supper I went uptown with the messages and brought the mandolin and uke down to the station. Jack was uptown and brought down the mail. I got 4 parcels from Nona. There was a cigarette lighter for me and Walt and some music, a radiator cap for the car ( Flying Goose), some socks, cards, etc. there was 2 letters from Nona. The black bears came and cost $45.00. They did not do them as I wanted them at all. I wanted the heads mounted, but with the mouth closed and they mounted them with the head spread out flat and trimmed so that there is not head on them just a square projection. But they are dandy rugs nevertheless. I took the big one home and put the small one at my bed at the station.Jack and I worked till midnight putting up stove pipes to the stoves downstairs and then lit a fire and went to bed. I practiced on the uke and mandolin for about an hour tonight.

Tuesday, October 08

Up at 05:20 and took the Meteors and sent them off then went back to bed till 07:00 when I had to get up and get some weather reports for the planes. Wop May arrived at Smith yesterday with the Commercial Airways in a new Ballanca plane, It is stubbier looking than the Fokker but better looking inside. It is painted bright red. The Comm. Airways are carrying the mail this winter. Wop is in looking over the territory, picking out landings, etc. I got the aero Wix OK then went back to bed till 08:30 and got up. Joe cooked breakfast and he went on the set and I went at the books. We got a service from VED this afternoon bawling us out because I refused some messages from VED Sunday night but Jack fixed it OK. The messages were for CFD ( Stoney Rapids) and although they were important they could not get away from here till 10:00 Monday anyway and they got off OK. VED gave them to us Monday morning at 09:00. I guess VED told VEC about it because VEC told Joe that Hastings wanted to talk to Jack. Coombes said it was about me. Since DeWitt went back to Borden, Hastings is Supt. He will have to see Jack tomorrow. Jack was around all day and VEC kept saying that they were busy and would see us late. Jack waited till closing time then went home and Hastings called us and said to put Jack on the wire. Joe told him that Jack had waited around all day and had gone home to supper and he'd have to wait till morning. I went up to the house after supper to show some pictures to a correspondent from Germany. Seems a good head too. I came back to the station at 21:00 and Joe was going to McDougal's to see what the trouble with their set was. I started a letter to Nona then went to bed.

Wednesday, October 09

Up for Meteors on time OK and back to bed till 08:30. Worked on books all day and balanced them with my own accounts and made out service cheques for other stations, then went ahead with the Smith Transfer Accounts (Stoney Rapids). I was cook today so put on my favourite stew and had enough left over from dinner for supper too. We had corn and green peppers today and they were a treat. For supper I warmed up the stew then removed the vegetables and then put in a package of noodles. Gee they were great. Joe and I ate the whole box of them as well as cleaned up the rest of the stew. After supper Joe washed the dishes while I cut wood. Joe went uptown for the evening to deliver messages and get the milk. I cleaned up then read till he came home. I made a table to go in-between the pantry shelves and the cupboard tonight. Went to bed at 23:00.

Thursday, October 10

Meteors OK . I cooked breakfast then went on the books and accounts. I cooked breakfast then went on the books and accounts. I finished getting the accounts ready for collecting. Then worked outside for a while. I dug a pail of spuds and helped carry the flagpole over to the level place to dry out before painting it. I had to go uptown this afternoon to return the adding machine to the Govn't house that I borrowed and went on up home and printed about 50 pictures and when they were dry I came back to the station and went to bed. It was 00:30 when I went to sleep.

Friday, October 11

Meteors OK . I was so darn tired at 08:45 that I couldn't hardly get up. I had a cup of coffee and came downstairs and did a little work then Jack came over and asked me to come and give him a hand fixing his furnace. I went over and it was noon when we finished. I came back home and Joe had dinner cooked. After dinner I worked on mail and reports until 16:30 then started supper. After supper I was too tired to go uptown so Joe and I just sat and talked till bed time. We listened to the radio for a time and I finished reading a book. I started last night "Sweet Danger" then went to bed. It started to rain again tonight about 19:00.

Saturday, October 12

It was quite warm out for this time of year when I read the Meteors and the sky was clear for a change. I spent most of the day working on reports, etc. trying to get them cleaned up so that I can get started on Octobers. I have been 2 weeks behind now for a couple of months and try as I might I can only just hold my own with them. After supper I went home and developed a few rolls and got things ready to do some printing tomorrow. I got back to the station about 23:00 and listened to the radio and went to bed.

Sunday, October 13

Well, I am thru with Meteors for a week and can now enjoy a sleep without having to get up at 05:00. I slept like a log until 10:00 then had a cup of coffee and went up home. I cleaned the place out a little while waiting for the fires to warm the basement. Then I filled the basement with wood and went to work printing. I printed about 150 pictures and finished drying them at 15:00. I took my clippers and started off to the Halfway to get Walt to cut my hair. I wanted to tighten up the breaks on the bus. I took Nona's 410 shotgun alone in case I saw any birds. I got one about 5 miles out. When I got to the Halfway, the cook told me that Walt and Mickey were at the Haycamp but were expected in this afternoon. It was only 17:00 so I went on over. I met Tom Pearce near Yaniks and gave him a lift into town. He invited me in to supper with him. We were just going in when we met Walt coming out. He came back and talked while we ate. After supper we went down to Syd Porter's and waited there until the boat came in. it arrived at 21:15. This is her last trip. Capt. Alexander was telling me that there was no water at all in the mouth of the Salve. He said that they scraped bottom all the way from Chipewyan to the Catre Fouche. The Slave River (boat) is up near Fond Du Lac looking for the Canadusa. It is a couple weeks overdue and they went to see if they were in difficulties. There has been some bad storms on the lake. We went back to Staymore and talked till the mail left. It left at 22:00 and I left at 22:30 and I caught up to it near McNeils' house at 23:10. 10 minutes across the Portage. That's not bad. The roads are the best I have ever seen them now. The new truck with the double wheels has made a beautiful track right across and has smoothed out all the bumps. I met the new APP while I was over there. He is a scream. He asked Mickey where his car and driving licence was and when Mickey told him he didn't have one and wasn't going to get one, he said that this was the last warning and if he caught him there again without a license he was going to pinch him. Mickey told him that that would be OK with him. He doesn't know who Mickey is and no one will tell him. Oh boy what fun there will be this winter with him. I got back home at 01:30 with the first class mail. There were 2 letters from Nona, that's all. I read the letters about 4 times.

Monday, October 14

Worked on the balance of accounts and DRs all day. Didn't go uptown at all during the day. After finishing some of the accounts the operator needed the typewriter for the press so while I was waiting, I wrote a letter to Nona and answered the two I got yesterday. I took the letters uptown after supper and mailed them then came back to the station and listened to the radio till time to go to bed. Retired at 23:00.

Tuesday, October 15

Started sawing wood today but as the business is so heavy that only one man can be spared. We had to hire two natives to help us. We started about 09:00 and cut till 17:00 with an hour off for dinner. Jack wanted to go to Fitz tonight and asked me if I would take the Meteors in the AM. He took them for me one morning last week so I said OK. He left here about 20:00 and I read a couple of stories then went to bed.

Wednesday, October 16

Took the Meteors OK then went back to bed till 08:30. Jack cooked breakfast and I got up when it was ready. I started the saw at 09:00 and we cut till noon. Joe had dinner ready when I came up and we sat and talked until Pierre and the other fellow came along then we sawed until 17:00. After supper I decided to go over to the Halfway to spend the evening with Walt. When I got there Mickey and Katie were in the cookhouse and told me that Walt was over at Smith for a load for the dance at Fritz. I sat and talked with them for an hour then started back home. I met Walt about a mile out and he stopped and asked me to come back to the Halfway. I turned around and went back and he told me to leave my car there and get in and drive the Dodge to Fritz with him. There were 4 passengers in it. I drove it over and we went to Ed's to have a cup of coffee. The dance was there but it hadn't started yet. We got talking to Steve Yanik about my white bear rug and he said he would mount the head for me if I am not satisfied with the job the HBC did on the black one. Steve showed me all the mounting he has done for himself and he has some very good pieces of work there. We went back to the hotel and watched them dance for an hour or two then went down to Porters for a few minutes. We came back about 01:30 and sat around talking to some of the gang. Mrs Ingraham came in and was waiting for a car to come to Smith and Walt told me to take the Dodge and run her across if I wanted to as he wanted to dance and I was sitting out. I took her home and got back at 04:00. The dance broke up at 05:30 or at least some wanted to come home. I drove them as far as the Halfway and told Walt he'd better go to bed as I had to come across and could just as well bring them over the rest of the way in my car.

Thursday, October 17

We got over to Smith at a 05:45 and I came right out to the station. Joe was just taking the Meteors. I lit a fire in the kitchen stove then laid down until 07:30. I got up, had breakfast then went over to Pearsons as we are cutting wood today. I was so tired that I could hardly stand up but after we got going I worked the stiffness and tiredness out of me. We cut 24 cords of wood by 17:00. I was all for going to bed right after supper but the transport agent came over to fix up his radio account. He was balled up with it as a lot of his confirmations were missing. I went down to the office with him and it took till 22:00 to get him straightened out. We came upstairs and had a lunch and he and Joe listened to the radio while I went to bed. it was after 23:00 and I fell sound asleep immediately and slept soundly until……….

Friday, October 18

…………..08:45 when I got up and found breakfast nearly ready. I got my breakfast and went over to Pearsons and found them sawing already. We finished their pile at 11:00 and I came back to the station and cooked dinner. After dinner I was too tired to do any work so I read a while then came upstairs for a little while then started supper. After supper I went uptown and found Walt fixing a new gas tank on the light plant. I gave him a hand and at 21:15 he was ready to go home. As I wanted to do a little work on the old bus, I drove him over to the Halfway. We got there at 22:00 and fixed a few of the squeaks and found a few more. He gave me some leather stripping to use to fix the rest with. I got back home about 23:30 and went straight to bed.

Saturday, October 19

Up about 08:40. After breakfast I worked on Oct business until about 10:00 then did some small jobs around the place and cooked dinner. After dinner I worked about two hours on the car getting rid of some of the body squeaks. I did another days business on the books then cooked supper. After supper I went uptown for a few minutes then came back. Joe was fixing the==== Temple Dynamic speaker of McDougal's. I helped him then we took it up to try it out on my set but the battery was dead. So we brought it back to the station and tried it on his set. It is much better now. It had a howl in it all the time. As I am on Meteors tomorrow so I went to bed at 23:30.

Sunday, October 20

Late for Meteors. Gee whiz its sure easy to be late. I got them off OK and Palmer was on. He said that he'd fix it up OK for me. I went back to bed and slept till 10:30 when I had to get up for the noon calls. I went down and called CFD at Stoney Rapids. His peanut transmitter was so weak I could hardly hear him so I called Joe and he cleared it for me. Then I called Simpson. We had none for each other. Roche was on so we chinned for a while till it was time for Edm to come on. I sent VED the one from Stoney Rapids then went up and had dinner, Joe had it ready. Joe went to Fitz this afternoon about 14:30. I took the 410 and went out the Bell Rock Road looking for grouse. I went about 4 miles past Bell Rock and came back. I went slow all the way so it was nearly 17:00 when I returned. I got 9 of them. All Spruce Grouse. I went straight home and got my alarm. I intend to be late for Meteors no more. I got back to the station in good time for the evening call then went upstairs and read till Joe got home. I had supper alone. Joe returned about 20:30 and we talked till time to go to bed. We went to bed at 23:30. We both set our alarms. I set mine for 05:20 and Joe set his for 05:30. I woke up when mine went off and I was to get up and shut his off to keep it from ringing. If I overslept mine, his would wake him and he would wake me a La boot. That seems a pretty good stunt. It worked OK too. The radio was very good tonight. We listened to KWKH from Shreveport, Louisiana.

Monday, October 21

Worked on books all day and getting draft postal statements and accounts to Ottawa. After supper wrote a letter to Nona and took it up to the PO in case the Canadusa gets in and leaves early in the morning. Went to bed pretty early.

Tuesday, October 22

Worked all day trying to catch Oct books up, finished to the 07 only. During the afternoon, about 16:00, it was too late to start another days business so I went out the Bell Rock Road and back the back trail to see if I could spear an odd chicken. No luck at all. When I got back Joe told me to call Walt at Fitz. I got him on the phone and he told me that he had sold my radio for me to Charlie Hilker and that he was leaving at 06:00 in the morning and to bring it over. I told him I would come over about 20:00. He said he might be over himself. Leggo called me up and told me he was having trouble with his power plant and asked me to come over after supper and have a look at it. I went over to Leggos right after supper and fixed the gas engine for him. He had it all out of adjustment and the valves were sticking for the want of oil. I got it going OK by 19:30 then went home and loaded the radio and started over the Portage. Met Walt about 5 miles out and he wanted me to park my bus there and come back to Smith in the new Dodge Victory Six Sedan. Young Russell was with him and he offered to bring my bus back home. So I drove the big one back. We went around town and did what business Walt had to do then I got my mail. It was just sorted. I got 2 letters from Nona and the enlargements from Willsons together with a few odd letters of advertising and one from Norman Welding and one from Freda for Joe. Walt decided that he would go on to Fitz and sleep there tonight so that he could get away early. I drove him to the Halfway in the Dodge and Russell followed with my car. From the Halfway Walt and I went in the Ford and I picked up Russell on my way back. He had stayed and talked with Eugene while we went over. Joe promised to take the Meteors for me in the morning do I did not have to worry about getting back early. In Fitz there wasn't a single light. We got there about 21:30 and everyone was in bed, even the Hotel was dark. I got back to Smith at midnight and sat and listened to the radio with Joe till about 01:30 then we went to bed.

Wednesday, October 23

Joe took the Meteors and I slept in till 09:10. I had a light breakfast then worked in the office all day. I finished up to the 10 on the books before quitting tonight. Joe was cook for supper. After supper he went uptown and delivered the messages and brought Jack Taylor back with him. JT just got into town and has to go back tomorrow morning. He stayed with us at the station. We listened to the radio and chewed the rag till 23:00 and I went to bed.

Thursday, October 24

I got up and took the Meteors. I woke up JT when I was sending the Meteors to VED. He got up at 07:00 and built such a fire that Joe and I woke up. He came into the bedroom and tried to get us to get up. He sure spoiled our last 40 winks. Just as we would get off again, he would come in and wake us and ask us if we weren't afraid of getting bed sores. Then again he'd want to know if we wouldn't be getting insomnia, etc. he nearly connected with an army boot every time. He had a good time. I finished up to the 14th in the books and the business is getting slightly lighter from then on. After supper I went up to Leggo's and earned a couple of dollars connecting up his charging panel. I then got some milk and came home and listened to the radio for a while and wrote a letter to Nona. The last boat is going back Sunday morning at daylight. The rumour that Jim Darwish was lost was broken today when the RCMP returned to Resolution with the information that he had arrived at Rae OK. No news as to why the delay reached here. There was no word yet of MacAlpine and the lost fliers. The rescue party were to have left Baker Lake this morning but the weather reports from there were very unfavourable for flying. I heard that the Ptarmigan were seen on the Portage this afternoon that means snow soon. It felt like snow all day with high winds and cold all afternoon. Went to bed a little after 23:00.

Friday, October 25

Meteors OK and back to bed till 09:15 when Jack came over. I worked on the books again all day but as the days that I was doing were large, I only managed to do two of them, the 15 and 16. After supper I had to go uptown so I brought the milk back. It was cold tonight so came straight home and listened to the radio till bedtime. Went to bed at midnight.

Saturday, October 26

Meteors OK and thankful that it is my last day for a week. I slept till 09:15 then got a bite to eat. I started in to overhaul some batteries today and made a whole day of it. I rebuilt 10 of the station batteries. While mixing up the electrolyte a drop of sulphuric acid splashed into my right eye. I couldn't see for the stinging. Just then Joe came into the engine room while I was feeling for the ammonia bottle and got it for me and wet a clean handkerchief and I put it up to my eye. When the ammonia and acid met believe me I knew it. My eye smarted most of the day. Later on, while cleaning some rubber cushion supports for the plates I got some of the litharge in the same eye. I came upstairs and managed to get it all out but there is acid in that stuff too so I had to use the ammonia again. It is still sore while writing this (21:30). It started to snow during last night and has kept it up steady and tonight is still at it. There is about 3 inches on the ground so far and it looks like it is here to stay. It is the winter snow. I went uptown after supper and took Jack Barford down the hill to the A&A office. Had no trouble coming up the hill without chains. The snow isn't deep enough yet to affect the car. Radio was poor tonight. I tinted 2 of the enlargements that came in on the last mail and framed 4. I have the "Moonlight on the Slave River" and "Evening" in black and white and they are much better that the first I had done. These are real black and white. Went to bed at midnight.

Sunday, October 27

I slept in until 11:00 then got up and cooked breakfast. After we cleaned up the dishes we decided to go hunting. Joe went out the Portage Road as far as the Mountain Portage then onto the Halfway and returned. I went out the River Road about 12 miles and returned. I got back about 14:35 and Joe was just coming into the station when I arrived. He had no luck. I only got one. Joe told me that Walt was on his way over so I went uptown to find him. I met him in front of our house and he told me to come to Fitz with him. I told him I was invited to the Pearsons for supper and asked when he would get back. He said about 17:30 so I went. The road was bad from the Halfway to Fitz. there had been about 3 inches of snow and it was melting leaving the roads wet and greasy. We didn't get to Fitz until nearly 17:00 and it was nearly 18:00 before we were ready to return. We had to bring the Canadusa crew over to help pull the Liard out. The Laird arrived at Smith this afternoon. As we couldn't get back before supper we had supper at Attridges but he didn't expect anyone in tonight so only had boiled eggs and toast. Walt told me that he got $200 for my set and C Hilker threw in the five tube Westinghouse complete with 2 sets of tubes as well. He didn't have the cash or a cheque there but said he'd send word to Mickey Ryan to settle with me. We got back to Smith at 19:30 and I got into my own car and came on to Pearsons. I was just in time. They had been out hunting and supper was late. I didn't have the heart to tell them that I had anything at Fitz as Mrs Pearson had cooked a big chicken dinner for us, so I ate another supper and I ate a big one so that she wouldn't think I didn't care for it. I was hungry too, after I got started and it was good. We sat and talked and listened to the radio till 02:00 then came home. We got the fires going then went to bed. It was about 02:30 when we retired.

Monday, October 28

Slept until 09:00 and then started on the books. The days are getting lighter in traffic so I am beginning to catch up more. I finished up to the 22nd before time to quit. We started to take our two days per week again. Jack is off. Joe got an SOS from McDougal to fix his set again. He was fooling with it when the thing was working OK. Joe went up and brought it down to the station. After supper I went over to the Halfway to get the set that Hilker gave Walt for me and to do some work on the car at the same time. I got there about 19:30 and met Walt just starting out to Smith with a few passengers. He told me to go on up to the garage and help myself till he got back. I went in and talked to Mickey for a while before going up. Mickey's cook is at Smith helping Vic Ingraham build the new butcher shop so Mickey is doing the cooking himself. I went on up to the garage and worked till 22:00. I tightened up all the screws on the car and filled the differential with new and lighter grease and came back to the cookshack. Mickey had gone to bed and Eugene was reading so I started back to Smith. I hoped to get back before Walt started back. I found the radio set there and brought it over with me. I met Walt and Colin Bowen at the Three Mile Bridge and stopped and talked with them for a minute and told them to come on back to Smith and have a cup of coffee. They did. Walt came back with me in the Ford and Colin drove the Dodge. We went to Lanouettes and as they all had gone to bed we helped ourselves. I brought the set out to the station and had a look at it but didn't do anything to it. Joe was monkeying with McDougals set but hadn't changed anything yet. He told me that he couldn't find anything wrong that was apparent. We went to bed at midnight.

Tuesday, October 29

I got up and went downstairs while I was waiting for the percolator to do its stuff. Joe was working VED and handed me a wire from Nona. She said that she was going out to the coast with Mother and asked me to send 100 simoleons. I wired to the bank and asked them to wire it to her. I answered her wire and asked her to let me know when the money arrived. A trip to the coast (Vancouver) will do her the world of good as she was never there and the change will be a pleasant one I think. I wish I was going along with her. I can see where they will go. While Joe was taking the Press this afternoon, I went out the Salt River Trail about 10 miles looking for birds but never saw a sign. I got back about 16:30. Jack and Evelyn Pearson came in. They had been out too and although they saw 5 ptarmigan they didn't get a shot at them. They came upstairs to have a cup of coffee. It was about 17:30 when they finished and went home. I put supper on. Evelyn thought that the pictures that I painted were beautiful. After supper I fixed up my new radio set and tired it out and it works fine. When I finished with it, Joe got out McDougals set and was a little fed up with it. We sat down and talked it over. McDougal had tried to better it by putting in some new tubes and shorted a condenser. We figured it out that the tubes he was monkeying around with might be defective especially if the plate and grid were shortened, the same effect would be noted that happened. I advised Joe to hook it up and try it out as in all probability it was OK. He did and found the set in perfect shape with good tubes. He played with it till after midnight then I made a lunch and we went to bed at about 00:30.

Wednesday, October 30

This is my day off. I took the Meteors then went back to bed till 10:30. I went home shortly after getting a bite and warmed the place up then printed pictures till noon. Joe came up to see if I was going to eat. We went back to Lanouettes for dinner then I went back and worked at the pictures till about 14:00. While they were washing and some were drying, I went out the Mission Farm Road to get an odd bird. I had no luck. There wasn't a sign. I got out of the car in a couple of places, but as it was beginning to snow I figured that they were all back in the bush. I went home from there and trimmed up the prints then came back to the station in time to cook supper. After supper Joe took McDougals set home and I practised on the mandolin and banjo for an hour then put the kettle on for lunch. We went to bed about 01:10. The radio was poor tonight, there being only CKY and KMX that were worth listening to.

Thursday, October 31

I took the set this morning till Jack came in then went upstairs and had a bite of breakfast. It snowed all day but the snow was wet and the day was too warm to stick. The ground is half white and half wet. The book keeping went fine today. Have up to the 26 done. After supper while Joe went up to McDougals to have another go at their set, I went home and developed 8 rolls of films. I returned to the station at 22:10 and we had a lunch then went to bed.

November 1929

Friday, November 01

Snowed all day today but the snow is melting as fast as it falls leaving the ground wet and slushy. I worked on books for a while then took the set over while Joe cut some wood. When Press time came he took it and I brought the wood in. We piled it on the flat sleigh then I tied the sleigh to the front axle of the sedan and backed up to the door. That stunt works fine. After supper I went up to the house and Jack Carrie came in and bought 4 dollars worth of pictures from me. I came back to the station at 21:15 and Joe was still away so I went into the office and finished up the 28 business that I had left when I went uptown. Joe came back about 22:00 then we turned on the radio and listened to the fight from Hollywood. We put the 2 arm chairs up in front of the radio and with our feet on a footstool and the ash stand between us, we were in solid comfort for the next couple of hours. When the fight started we each picked a man. My man lost. Good thing I didn't bet a couple of dollars on him. We went to bed at 00:30.

Saturday, November 02

I was up at 09:00 and went home to do some printing. When I got there I found the coal oil lamp in the bedroom burning and someone had slept in the bed. Walt sometimes stays at the house but he never yet went into the bedroom, he always uses the cot. I didn't know what to make of it at first. Later on I found that whoever came in last night broke in thru the back door. They tore the screen off and reached in and undid the catch. I eliminated Walt then because he knows where the key is and it was still there and anyway if he couldn't find it he would come down to the station to see me, not break in. I began to look around and by the jumping JC I was mad when I saw what was going on. Whoever broke in was drunk and they were sick, vomiting in the front room and going out and leaving it. My electric light globes were all broken and shattered all over the house. I was so GD mad that I would have played hell with the one that did it and set about to find some more clues. It snowed all last night and this morning and there were no tracks around the place that I could see. There was a party last night at Paul Trudels'. It was going on when I was at the house. When Paul is drunk he gets sick and always goes out. Emerson was there and when he is drunk he gets sick and has been up on the carpet before Trudel several times for drinking. He is always scared to return to the Barracks tight. I think that it was on of those two. I hope it was Emerson because I have been laying low for him for sometime, ever since a certain trip that he and I and Behns went to Fitz. If it was, I am going to lay a charge against him and do it so that he will be stripped and sent outside in disgrace. If it was Paul, I am going to do the same only he can't be stripped. They don't get away with it if I can find out who it was. I went to the Halfway and told Walt about it. He told me that he had not been over for over a week, and told me how to go about the thing. There will be a big Armistice Party on the 11. He said to go home that night and do some work then leave about 22:00 and come back about midnight but leave the car down the road and if no one is there to come back a couple of hours later, but lock up as usual so that whoever it is that is coming in has to break in for the second stunt. He said to get a Number 4 trap, this is just smaller than a bear trap and set it just inside the back door and leave it locked as usual. Whoever comes in has to break in, then they can't get in without stepping on the trap and I fastened the trap so that they can't get out. The latter method would break the leg of whoever stopped into it and I'd soon find out then. I haven't decided what to do yet, but will in the next 24 hours. I helped Walt fix up his radio while there and stayed and had supper. We decided to come over to Smith and get a new loud speaker. We came over but Leggo backed down on the deal. He offered Walt a dynamic speaker yesterday but changed his mind. I took Walt and the cook back then stuck around till about 22:00 and came home. I laid awake till 02:00 thinking about who got into the house and what the best plan to follow was but couldn't come to any conclusion.

Sunday, November 03

Meteors again . I got up at 05:00 and took them then went back to bed and slept till 11:00. Just as I went downstairs, Emerson and Burstall came in to send a message. While they were talking the alarm went off and they started to kid about any man setting an alarm for 11:00 AM. VEH sent me a 123 word BLK and Hersey was on. He was so rotten that it took both Jack and I to get him. I took about 8 words after making him repeat it 3 times then Jack took over and made him send it all over again. I worked around the station all day to get batteries charged up and wrote a few letters. I sent away the fees for the National Geographic for Mother, Nona's mother, Jack Taylor and myself and wrote to Hutchinson at Norman Wells. Jack and I were invited to Lanouettes for a duck supper at 18:00. We both went in Joe's coupe. There was a big crowd there. The guests were Mr & Mrs C.S. Leggo, McDougal, Murphy, Trudel, Chanpagne, Insp. Trundle, Middleton, Gagnon, Emerson, Dexter, Edythe Murphy and myself. The Pearsons were invited but didn't go. We came back to the station and sat around till 21:00 then went over to Pearsons and got back home at 03:00 and went to bed.

Monday, November 04

Temp +10. I put my overalls on this morning to work. It snowed all night and there was a blizzard, but not bad, for a while this morning. The snow was 5 inches deep in the places where there was no drift and a 30 mph wind all day. Then I went uptown and when I came back Jack couldn't get his car going so I gave him a tow and the low gear band gave out. I could hardly get home. Jack nearly had to tow me back. I towed him as far as Ingraham before getting his going. I cleaned out the warehouse and am using it for a garage this winter. We cleaned the oil warehouse and Joe is using that one. I changed the low gear and brake bands but couldn't get the brake band back in as it was so cold my hands lost their nimbleness, so I reassembled it without the brake. It was suppertime when I finished and as we had no bread or eggs here, we went Lanouettes for supper. After supper I went up to see Insp. Trundle and told him all the details of the breaking into the house Friday and he said he would try and find out. I told him who I suspected and he wasn't surprised. I got home at 21:00 and we listened to the radio till after midnight.Word came thru from Aklavik this morning that MacAlpine and his party that were lost in the arctic since Sept. 08 were safe. It appears from the report that they became lost in a snow storm and found that they were over the Queen Victoria Island, so landed. There was not enough gas in the 2 planes to take one back to help so they camped there. They lived on seals. After freeze up when it was safe to fly, a couple of days ago, they packed up and flew to a spot 40 miles from Cambridge Bay and walked to Cambridge. They brought an Eskimo with them as a guide and he took them in the rest of the way. There is an amateur there that works with Riddell at Aklavik and he reported on down to us and Jack forwarded it to GFD, the search base of the "Dome" Explorers. It still has to be confirmed but a plane will undoubtedly fly over from Baker Lake the first good day with skis and gas for them. The report states that they are all safe and well and both planes are OK.

Tuesday, November 05

I intended on putting out some traps today but when I got up and discovered that it was 20 below, I changed my mind. I worked 2 hours trying to get the car started but there was nothing doing. I walked uptown and did a little shopping then went home and got it warmed up then printed pictures finishing them about 20:30. I went back to the station and had a bite to eat then Joe and I listened to the radio till bedtime.

Wednesday, November 06

I've finished all the Oct business today and got things ready for the totalling. I have to borrow the adding machine from the govn't house before I can finish. I tried to get the car going today but it was still so cold that I couldn't turn it over, so I drained the oil out and brought it into the station to heat it up. It does not appear to be the fault of the oil but rather the grease in the differential that is making it so stiff. I didn't go uptown at all today but worked on the books. After supper I put the stove in the engine room and got it going. I was working around till after 23:00 then went upstairs and Joe and I had a lunch and listened to the radio till about 00:30 and went to bed.

Thursday, November 07

It was a lot warmer today so I took some boiling water and the hot oil and went at the car right. It started in about 15 minutes. I heated the manifold and put the hot oil in then jacked it up. It wasn't bad then. I went uptown and borrowed the adding machine from the govn't house and spent the rest of the day balancing up. I did not get finished and as they wanted the machine back tomorrow to finish their own books, I will have to finish at a later date. There is no hurry anyway as the mail does not go out until the end of this month. After supper I went home and developed 9 rolls of films for tomorrow's work. I am off tomorrow. It was nearly 23:00 when I returned to the station then I spent an hour on the books. Joe made some egg sandwiches and called me at midnight and we had lunch then listened to the radio, it was excellent tonight. I banked both the fires at 12:45 and went to bed.

Friday, November 08

I took back the adding machine as they wanted it at the govn't house. I went home and got a fire going then went out on my old trap line and set 5 fox traps. There are lots of tracks again this year. A Silver was seen around Smith and everyone has traps set for him. I went back home then and printed a bunch of pictures and was going to the Halfway when I met Joe Lacombe. He told me Walt was over at the Mission putting in a power washing outfit, so I went over there. I was just what was needed as a helper, so stayed and helped them the rest of the afternoon. They have a Fairbanks Morse Engine, without the overhead drive shaft running two machines at present and room for two more. I stayed and had supper with them then when they were finished Walt came up to the house with me and stayed and talked till 22:00. We went to Lanouettes and had a cup of coffee and some apple pie then Walt went to bed and I came home. The radio was good so I sat up with Joe till 01:00 listening to it then we went to bed.

Saturday, November 09

I have not had no more word from Nona and as her last wire asking for another $50 came too late to send to Regina before she left for the coast, if she get away Wed. AM, I wired to Dad to find out if they had gone and if he had word from then yet as to where they were. I got my cheque for $200 this morning and left $75 at the Bay to be wired to her and have the wire made out waiting to put in the address, then paid the rest of the money out to settle up some bills. The cheque was for the radio I sold to Hilker. I didn't go anywhere tonight and Joe came home early and we listened to the radio for a while then went to bed.

Sunday, November 10

I went out over my trap line this morning. There was a raven in one trap but nothing else. I went down on the river bank and set two ermine sets then when I came up the hill I met Leggo. He asked me if I would come in and see if his set was OK. The thing squeals so that he can't hear a thing. I found the B batteries noisy then we had a look at his new Marconi. He doesn't like it a bit. Has put his old set back and is trying to sell the new one. Walt phoned over and asked me to bring him four bottles of grape juice if I was coming over and as I had nothing else to do I thought I'd go over. Maybe I could see some birds on the way. I didn't get any but saw one flock of ptarmigan. When I got there I cleaned out the gas line and the timer and tinkered around on the car for an hour and got it all tuned up for the winter. PG Mercredi was there and he and Walt decided to go to Fitz. I took them over in my car. There roads are fine now. The snow has packed down so hard it has filled all the little holes up. We went to Phillips house and listened to the radio then came back to the Halfway. They went over for a bottle of rum. That is what the grape juice was for. They are making punch for the dance tomorrow night. There is a big dance at Smith to celebrate the wedding. Callaghan and Mrs Smith were married at 19:00 tonight. The punch was some punch, it contained 1 gallon coca cola, 4 bottles grape juice, 2 bottles of rum and 1 bottle lemon extract. The lemon extract killed the rum and the rum killed the extract although the lemon could still be tasted which was not as it should be. It was non intoxicating but it had a nice kick. I brought Philip ( Mercredi) back to Smith when I came home and we got here about 23:15. I came home and listened to the radio with Joe then went to bed.

Monday, November 11

Today is a holiday so we stayed in bed till 11:00. I took the noon call then got the car started. Joe tried to get his going but one cylinder wasn't working. I told him to clean his timer. He took it off and it was half full of ice, then he bent the roller support and couldn't get it back. We worked till after 14:00. I then told him to leave it and I took him as far as his trap line which starts at the boundary then went on over to the Halfway. The cook, Bill Johnson, was bringing the new maid for Ryans over to the dance and didn't want to come in the big car so asked me if I would take them over. He would fill my tank and pay me for it. While I was waiting I went up to the garage to fix up a heater for the car. I didn't get it finished however but it is only a small job from now on. Mrs Ryan was in one of her funny moods today and about supper time decided that Josie wasn't going to the dance. Josie was going but Mrs Ryan won. Bill wouldn't go then so I brought Jean Ryan and Collins cloths and the punch over. I went out to the station and cleaned up then came back to the dance. It was snowing so I called for Pearsons but they were just getting into Joe's coupe. I called for Ingrahams and went over. There were 11 from Fitz and only one car so Walt wanted to know if I would take a load over after the dance and save him a second trip. $10 looked good to me so I said yes. The people from there are like so many sheep however. As soon as the supper was over Mrs Waganitz and Florence wanted to go home as they were tired. Then everyone was going home. Syd Porter and a couple of others decided to wait over till morning, then nobody was going till morning. So I told Walt I was going home. He was sore too because he was hanging around and no one knew what they wanted and was waiting till someone else made a move. Walt went back to the Halfway and told me that they would know what to do when he got back. I came home and went to bed.

Tuesday, November 12

I went uptown at noon to get some things for supper then took Joe up at dinner time and we ate at Lanouettes. Walt hadn't come back yet and everyone was waiting for him. Most of them were ready since 09:00 .They were mad too because they had to shell out for meals at Lanouettes. They kept phoning the Halfway every little while and I guess that Mickey was wise because he told them that Walt wasn't up yet but would be over this afternoon. I bet the Wags and the Coops would rather have gone hungry than spend a couple of dollars in a restaurant. During the afternoon I worked on the books and odd jobs around the station till suppertime. After supper I had to go uptown for a while then came back and worked till 11:30 on DRs and back stuff. I guess I'll have to work a good many nights to get things caught up. I think my best plan is to work on the current stuff during the day and then work about 4 nights a week on back stuff such as ledgers, vouchers, mail, etc then everything will be caught up about the same time and things will be easier. I was figuring it out tonight and I see enough to keep me busy till about the end of Feb. We listened to the radio for a couple of hours before going to bed.

Wednesday, November 13

This is my Wed. on Meteors. I would have overslept but Joe called me when his alarm went off at 05:40.After, I slept in till 10:00 then had to go uptown and I didn't get back till 11:50. I went over to see Trundle and he had to show me all the dogs and tell the history of each. They have a real good bunch of dogs there this time. After dinner I built a heater for the car. Today was a nice warm day and just right to work outside. It took me about 20 minutes to make it. It is made of a piece of galvanized sheet tin cut to fit over the exhaust from the first cylinder to the dashboard. It is open at the front end and comes out about 3/4 inch above the pipe. From there to the dash it slopes up so that at the last cylinder it is about 3 inches above the cylinder and goes thru the dash thru a 3 inch square hole. The ends are bent over to make it a smooth job. I was uptown this afternoon and tried the heater out. It was warm outside but after 20 minutes running it raised the==== Temperature inside the car about 20 degrees. While I was uptown this afternoon I visited my traps but there was nothing in them. After supper I went home and lit a fire as I intend going up to print tomorrow. I tried out the Westinghouse set and it works fine. When I was thru I went out to the 3 mile Bridge then onto the station. The car was as warm inside as a house when I got home. I noticed the change as soon as I stepped out. Joe had listened to York rave about some of the sets in town especially the tone of McDougals and Joe had brought him out to hear his. They were here when I got home. York was some surprised too, believe me. Joe took him home after midnight and while they were gone I fixed the fires and got ready to go to bed.

Thursday, November 14

Off today. I got up at 09:30 and went up to the house. It was still warm there from the fire last night but I had to relight it. I printed until 14:00 then was busy until 18:00 drying and trimming them. I did some more of my own and have 300 prints finished for the new album. Joe and I both had supper at Lanouettes then we came home. We listened to the radio all evening and went to bed about 00:30.

Friday, November 15

Slept in till 09:30. Joe woke me and as Jack was not over yet I went downstairs and called VEH. It was too late to call VED. I just got him when Jack came in and took over. I went back upstairs and had a cup of coffee and cleaned up and was back downstairs at 10:00. I worked on books all day and have caught up to 2 days behind. That is about as close as I dare go on account of back dated traffic that comes in. I was uptown several times today and while up one trip collected most of the radio accounts. Only have a couple more to come in now. After supper I went down to the office and worked on the October mail and DRs. Have them all finished and ready for Jack to sign. Have to get the draft yet before sealing and posting. I wrote a letter to the HM Kipp Co. asking some information on their new Mercury using the big tubes. Listened to the radio till 01:00. Joe took the push pull amplifier that I used to have up to Leggo and tried it out on his set. It worked OK and Leggo is trading some Super parts out of Godsells old set for them. I have the best of the bargain. We went to bed at 01:30.

Saturday, November 16

Joe and I on today, I took the first call as we both overslept till 09:15. I went down in my dressing gown while Joe dressed. He came down and relieved me then I put on the breakfast. It is warm today and has been thawing for the past week with cold nights. The car starts easy and I went uptown several times. I worked on the books for a while and then got most of the issue vouchers ready and UTD. I will work getting the ledgers ready to close on Dec 31. I sold my enlargements today. Joe Lanouette bought 2, the "Channel around the Mountain Rapids" and the "Channel around the rapids of the drowned". Mrs Callaghan bought "Evening". I got $8 each for them, frames and all. Will send the negatives out first air mail and have them reprinted. After supper I worked around the station till about 22:00 then listened to the radio for a while and went to bed about 01:00.

Sunday, November 17

My week on Meteors again. Got them off OT this AM and went back to bed till 10:30. I got up and called Joe then went down and worked VED, CFD, VEH but couldn't raise VEC. When I finished Joe had the breakfast cooked. Right after we finished we got the cars going and went out over our trap lines. I got nothing, Joe got a weasel. So far though Joe had 15 ermine and one mink. When I got back from my line, I stopped at Pearsons to take them out hunting ptarmigan. They were just getting up and had promised to go skiing with Mrs Leggo and Champagne. I had a couple of cups of coffee with them and stayed and talked till 15:00. Joe just got home as I did so he came with me. We went out the Bell Rock Road to the forks. The snow was about 6 inches deep and the bus didn't have any pep. After we passed the beaten trail to Joes old Fish trail, I had to go most of the way with low gear. We got one ptarmigan just after we left and saw no more. When we got back we had supper then I called Walt. He said to come over so I took his tools back. The road was good all the way. I was there till 22:00 and we went down to the cookshack and had a cup of coffee. Bill, the cook, is the same as ever. He just made some pies of apple and cranberry. They were good too. I came back and found Joe's car stuck in front of the Pearsons. I went in and he said that he was out of gas. We stayed there till about 01:30 and I towed him home. We went to bed at 02:00.

Monday, November 18

Meteors off OK. I got up again at 08:30 and at 09:00 just started calling VED when the aerial fell down. The weight of the hoar frost and the fact that al the stretch had gone out of the halliards (lines) was the cause of it. It was the north end that fell. I went out and looked over the damage. The two insulators were broken and the block was down. It tore Joe's receiving serial down but it was not very badly tangled. I woke up Joe and called Jack but no one answered. Jack just got his phone in yesterday and it was handy to be able to call even though he didn't answer. I knew he was on his way over. He got here in a couple of minutes. I climbed the mast and took up the halliard and the block and run the halliard thru. We decided to put in a new one while we were at it so I brought out the spare. I went up again and ran the new rope thru then tied it to the old halliard and Jack pulled it on thru. there was a 25 mph wind blowing and I might just as well had no clothes on for all the good mine did. The wind went right thru me. Coming down this time I jumped the last 6 feet and sprained my left ankle. It didn't hurt much and I stuck to it till we were finished. The set was going again at 10:45. I went upstairs and bathed my feet in hot water then rubbed some white liniment on the sprain and kept pretty well off it for the day. It kept getting bigger and by 16:00 when Jack was taking messages uptown he took me to the hospital and Doc McDonald examined it and fixed it up. The big toe , ankle and instep and a ligament in the leg were sprained. I went to bed right after we had supper and did the dishes. All night I dozed and woke up about 4 times/hour.

Tuesday, November 19

I woke up at 05:00 and came down and sent the Meteors and was just going back upstairs when the alarm rang. Joe was just going to get up and take them for me when I was coming back. I didn't do much today. I worked in the office all morning and part of the afternoon but did work that I could do sitting down. During the day I bathed my foot and massaged it with liniment 3 times. Joe did most of the work upstairs and after supper I went to bed. I didn't sleep very well but I was keeping off my feet.

Wednesday, November 20

Joe took the Meteors and I stayed in bed till noon. I got up and put the dinner on. My foot is a lot better today. During the afternoon I cleaned out the upstairs and painted 2 more of my big enlargements. After supper I wrote a long letter to Nona but as I do not know just where she is and how long she will be there I addressed it to Regina. Went to be at 00:30.

Thursday, November 21

Meteors OK then back to bed till 08:30. I came downstairs at 09:00 and called VEC. They were right on the dot but had nothing. Jack came in shortly after. I worked on the books and brought them UTD. My foot is lots better today. I can get around on it now without hurting but am still taking it easy. Was on the set a couple of hours this afternoon. After supper Joe and I started to make an amplifier out of old parts to hook up to the telephone line so that a loud speaker can be used. McDougal connects his radial to the telephone every night so that the buffalo rangers out in the park can listen to it. As it is they have to use phones and stand there and listen. If this will work and no reason why it won't, we ought to get about $20 each for them. Joe has parts for 2 and I have parts for one and we might as well turn them into gold. I was hooking it up while Joe was making a cabinet for it. We are going to make it so they can't get inside it. They all have a disease here of pulling radio sets and parts to pieces to see if they are going OK then they can't get them going again. To make a successful set for the people of this town they must be made mechanically strong enough so that they could be taken a few thousand feet into the air by plane and dropped on a granite rock without harm. Otherwise they will have them to pieces and send them back for repairs. Those who are that kind, that is those that are continually pulling them apart to "fix" them are the ones that object to paying for service in fixing them afterwards. We were about half way thru this one when in came Bill Schafeur. He just got into town and had seen everyone else that he wanted to see and came down to the station last. He said that he left our visit till the last as he said he didn't want to have to leave too early. He stayed till a quarter to three. The radio was real good all evening and he enjoyed it very much. He showed us some stunts about taking the steel scent off our traps and how to make some snares. Then he left and I fixed the fires and Joe and I went to bed.

Friday, November 22

Didn't move around much today on account of my foot. It is about the same today as it was yesterday. I did some work in the office, enough to keep things UTD and spent the rest of the time upstairs. After supper Joe and I tried out the amplifier that we made, we finished it tonight. It worked OK so Joe took it uptown and tried it out in the govn't house office. It worked like a charm there so McDougal had him take it up to Murphy's. It was a humdinger and when they were finished Murphy and Trudel wanted it right there and wouldn't let Joe even take it out to paint it. McDougal said he would find out from the buffalo rangers how many wanted them. I have parts for 2 more and will hook them up later. Gerry Murphy is going out thru the park and we will hook up these two and he said he would take them out for us and sell them. We went to bed about 01:00.

Saturday, November 23

My day off today so I went back to bed after sending the Meteors and stayed in bed till 13:15. I monkeyed around all day doing nothing but read and slept for a couple of hours. My foot was not so good today. The swelling is going down fast but there is still sharp pains in the instep. After supper Joe went uptown but I stayed around. I slept for an hour and 1/2 then came out and listened to the radio till he came home. He got back about 22:00 and we sat up till 01:00.

Sunday, November 24

I slept till 01:30 today and when I got up noticed a big improvement in my foot. It still pains and aches but I can stand on it without attenuating the pain. Joe was on the set all day and as it was too cold and snowing so he did not visit the traps during the afternoon lull. He had to go uptown with some messages and while he was there I hooked up the other amplifier. I had it all finished with the exception of the cabinet when he returned. After supper we went downstairs and tried it out. It is OK. During the morning Jack was over and we were talking over the business of the station then it was decided that after the aerial coming down last week, we had better take the other end down and put on a new halyard. I thought my foot was OK for it so we went to work. It took an hour to do the job and it wasn't' done any too soon. One strand of the halyard had already broken where it goes over the pulley. Jack went up the mast however as I could not trust my foot to it and he wouldn't have let me anyway. We listened to the radio till about 01:00 and went to bed.

Monday, No 25

I slept till 10:00 then came down and did one days books and went up and made dinner. We had boiled potatoes and roast beef. I read a serial nearly all afternoon. I forgot to mention yesterday that we had a fire in the chimney of the engine room stove about 23:00 and it was a bad one although did no damage. Joe went up on the roof and emptied a pyrene down the chimney while I stayed down in the engine room with the Garth incase the chimney buckled and fell. That is always our big worry. My foot is fine today. It still has a dull ache but all the swelling is gone and I can stand on it OK but still have to walk more or less flat footed as the big toe hurts if I bend it too much when walking. Things are very quiet around here now. We are passing away a little time reading but that gets monotonous and I guess Joe has the same ailment I have-lonesomeness. We read and listened to the radio till nearly one AM then went to bed.

Tuesday, November 26

Well, this is my day off so I stayed in bed till 11:30 then got up and cooked dinner. My foot is fine today and I can walk on it without limping. I had intended staying around here all day but went out and tried the car. It started fine after sitting there all week so I went uptown. I went home and warmed up the place then started to put in the hot air pipe to the bathroom. I finished it about suppertime then went back to the station for supper. I came back after supper and did a little more on it. I got back to the station at 21:00 and Joe and I listened to the radio till about 01:30 then went to bed. When I was uptown today I saw the doctor and he congratulated me on my constitution for being out and around already after the foot that he saw when I first went to see him. He said that he expected to see me laid up for a month. The Campbell kids have the measles. They got them yesterday somewhere. The baby and Bill have them. The baby is none months old yet and just the same as it was when it was 3 months old. It doesn't know anyone but the mother. It can't sit up yet.

Wednesday, November 27

My morning on Meteors. I got them away OK and went back to bed till 08:45. Jack came in just as I was going to call Edmonton so I turned the set over to him. Started the Delco. I worked on the books all morning. I took a wire up to Joe and he got up and started dinner while I ran uptown with some messages. Freda has the same trouble that Bill Loverock had, ulcer of the stomach. That is what has been the matter I guess. It's a good job that she went out when she did. She is doing splendidly and Sonny is fine. I went to the police barracks today and my trail in there is getting deep. There is 2 feet of snow now and Joe and I have worked like Trojans to keep a trail open for the car uptown. He and I are the only ones still running them. We have kept them open by making at least two trips a day each uptown. We got from the station to our place, turn around at the hotel, then into the barracks and back. That takes us near every place when delivering messages but the Mission, but they have few anyway. We can go to the hotel and walk from there. The running boards, engine and axles drag in the snow now but the continual going back and forth keeps the ruts hard and clears off the loose snow on the top. It is impossible to get out of the ruts now. We had our usual midnight lunch and listened to the radio till 01:00 and went to bed.

Thursday, November 28

Up at 09:00. Still snowing. While uptown just before dinner time I met Billie Berens and brought him back to the station to pile and cut wood for us. We get him out here about once a week for that. In order to keep him here we gave him his dinner and I took him back when I took the Press up to the govn't house. I worked on the books most of the day. After supper Joe went uptown to get a haircut and I worked in the office till after 10:00 then went upstairs and read a few short stories in Cosmopolitan. Bed at 01:30.

Friday, November 29

This is my day off so I went uptown about 10:30 and got a fire going in the kitchen and cut a small window a foot long and eight inches wide between the bathroom and the kitchen right up against the ceiling then filled the tank and got a roaring fire going. I printed a bunch of pictures and developed 6 rolls of film. I was nearly finished when Mrs Conibear came over and told me that Mrs Cameron and Mrs Couture had gone out the Portage Road about a half mile with Mrs Couture's little boy and Frances and that they were supposed to be back before three pm and it was then four-thirty. As there was a blizzard blowing all day and nearly a foot of snow fell, she wanted me to go out to look for them. I was the only man in that part of town. I didn't want to take the car out that road as I was afraid I would get stuck. Even the trail back to the station was drifted over so that it was impossible to tell where the ruts were. I was going to walk but it was dark and I had no flashlight, so I decided to take a chance with the car and go as far as I could. I went out nearly to the dumping ground sign post when I met them. They were OK. Mrs Couture was better dressed than Mrs Cameron as she was in nickers. They had Prince with them hitched to the Conibears little carryall, so Mrs Couture said she would take Prince home as it was only a little ways now but the children and Mrs Cameron got into the car. It was as warm as toast in the car as the heater was on and I had to go out all the way in low. I was afraid to turn around so backed all the way back to town and the snow was so deep that the car stayed in the ruts all the way. It was nearly suppertime so I decided to go to Lanouettes and eat then take the car back to the station before it got any worse. Then I was going to walk back home and finish up, I had some films still washing. When I went in Bob Middleton came in and said that Joe had phoned and told him to tell me that his car was stuck just past the cemetery and to go around the back road behind the cemetery. As no cars have been on that road this winter I thought it rather funny that he would suggest that road then thought that maybe he had taken a walk there and had seen what it was like and being sheltered it hadn't drifted. If it was as bad as that, I decided to return home and finished hanging up the films before going. I had a good hot bath then drained the rest of the tank and things with water in them and closed up shop. Miss Murphy was on her way to the govn't house so I gave her a lift then went around by Godsells place then past Camerons and turned down behind the cemetery but only got about 50 yards. There was a drift there about 3 feet high and it took some time to get thru it. I went as far as I could then backed out and went back and forth making a solid trail and when it was packed pretty well I took a run at it and made it half way thru. I had some trouble getting back out but made it and went back and forth a dozen times and took a run at it again and went thru but around the corner I met my Waterloo. I ran into a drift a good 4 1/2 feet high and was about the length of the car into it before I stopped. I stalled a half dozen times before I got backing and then kept right on backing out to the road again. I came back and started across the sand plane by the cemetery and although the drifts were about 2 feet high, I had no trouble getting thru. I kept a lookout for Joes car but finally came to where he had gotten stuck in a bad drift but had backed out and turned around and gone back to the station. From there it was clear sailing. The wind had covered up the ruts but they were so well made and solid that the car couldn't get out of them anyway. When I got home Joe told me that Bob had misunderstood his message. He phoned and told him to tell me to come home right away if I wanted to get here and that he had started uptown to break a trail for me thinking that I may be stuck somewhere as I had not been near the place since this morning and at overtime they went up today they had to break trail. Jack had gone up once and broke trail all the way up and after being around town 20 minutes had to break it all the way back it covered so fast. He had also said that he got as far as the back road of the cemetery and got stuck and had to turn back. He had broken about halfway thru this drift and was afraid to try any more as his low gear is slipping and he was afraid of the sand plain. When I hit the same drift that he had gotten stuck in I was going fast enough to break thru about halfway when I hit his rut then it picked up and I came on. I put the car into the garage and it's going to stay there now till spring. I am going to drain it tomorrow and take out the battery and jack it up off the floor. I just put new bands in it a short time ago and I don't see the use of tearing them out now.Joe was lying down when I got in and he fell asleep shortly afterwards. I read for a while then washed the dishes then read some more. About 23:15 I turned on the radio. That woke him up and he made lunch then banked the fires. It was 01:45 when I went to bed.

Saturday, November 30

( Bright and clear for the first time in 3 weeks). Worked on books this mooning then after dinner I cleaned up in the engine room. I swept it out and threw out some things that had begun to gather and then shined up the Delco and the Motor-generator. I found that the communicators on the motor-generator needed attention while I was working around them. There was a lot of oil on the base that has seeped from the bearings. The snow around the station was about 2 feet deep so I went out and made a wide path from the engine room door to the warehouses and around to the front.Two planes flew over Smith at noon. They were Sutton and Dewar from Stoney Rapids. They were going to Resolution with supplies for MacAlpine and his party who are at Reliance. They landed there an hour and ten minutes after passing over here- 190 miles. About 16:00 Mrs Pearson called up and wanted to know if I was coming uptown. I said yes but I was walking. She was at Mrs Leggo's and wanted to know if I would call for her as she was afraid of going out thru the bush alone when it was dark. I told her I would. I took the Press up about a half an hour later and called for her on the way back. Joe was around his trap line today for the first time since the big snowfall. He wore snow shoes and walked about 8 miles thru the snow up over his knees. He was nearly all in by the time he got home. Sutton and his party landing in at Resolution. When he did it flooded the system temporarily with traffic. Jack was on the set till about 19:30 and as Joe and I had had our supper, we came downstairs and Joe told Jack to go on home and we would finish up. We were at it till 21:15. I went upstairs and did up the dishes and when we finished we decided to go over and show Pearsons a trick in bridge. We went over but found the door open, the lamp on but no one home. We waited there till 22:00 then came back home. We left a couple of service messages there for Jack to see and he called us up shortly afterwards. We went back over and sat and chewed the rag for a while then played a rubber of bridge. Mrs Pearson and Jack vrs Joe and I. We won the points they won the rubber however. It was nearly 02:00 when we got back to the station.

December 1929

Sunday, December 01

My day on. I took the Meteors OK at 05:30 then slept in till 09:45. I had made a date with Resolution for 10:00 so got the fire going upstairs and came down. He had a bunch for me and I cleared his stuff by 10:30 but could not raise VED or CFD. I got VED at noon and cleared to him. Jack came over while I was at it.W. was on at the other end and was dumber than usual today. Jack had a got at it and cleared. When he was ready to go home he asked us how the bread was holding out and we loaned him a half a loaf then when we came to get dinner found we had none left. Just about that time Burstall came along. He had the dogs out for exercise and I asked him if he would go up to Lanouettes and get us a couple of loaves of bread. He brought two loaves and a mince pie. We had dinner of baked beans that Mrs Pearson baked for us and bread and coffee and mince pie. Burstall had a cup of tea with us but had just got up from dinner so couldn't eat more. From 15:00 to 17:00 I worked on the motor generator. One of the communicators needed the carbon removed from between the segments and that took a long time. The communicator was slightly discoloured and I had to clean it with crocus cloth. It was very near to 17:00 when I finished then I read the weather and cleared Resolution. Then cleared with Edmonton. It was 18:30 when I finished. After that I read a couple of short stories and listened to the radio until time to go to bed.

Monday, December 02

This is my day off. I slept, unintentionally, until 11:30 then I went home and got the fires going to do some printing that was hanging. There are 2 big bunches yet to go down river. I finished up one bunch for Cost. Hutchinson and posted them OK then developed 5 rolls for Pearson at Herschel Island. The Ryans arrived with the Slave River today about 14:30. They had no trouble with it they said. The SL is a Motorboat or I should say tug, to be used on the Lower part of the river. It is 75 feel long and weighs 38 tons. It is a twin screw all steel boat powered with Fairbanks Morse Diesel engines. When it was coming into Smith, I took 5 pictures of it then discovered that I had not taken out the tin plate in front of the pack. I managed to get two more but there were not good. I developed them right away. It was about 20:00 when I finished and I stopped at Pearsons on my way home and as they were just sitting down to supper, Jack had worked late, and they said that Joe was uptown having supper, I stayed and ate with them. They were having pancakes for supper. I got home about 22:00 and turned on the radio. It was fine tonight. Joe came in about 23:00 and we had a lunch then listened to the radio till 01:30 and went to bed.

Tuesday, December 03

I worked on the books all day and tried to get them UTD but didn't finish. I was going to work after supper but there was a few other things that needed doing so I didn't get at them. I didn't feel much like work anyway tonight so read most of the time. Punch Dickens arrived at Smith this afternoon. This is the first winter plane to arrive. He did not bring any mail but brought quite a lot of freight. The landing was poor at Fitz with so much snow but will be better after a few landing are made. Radio was poor tonight. I went to bed at 23:30.

Wednesday, December 04

Up at 09:15 and on the books. I worked at them till dinner time then cooked dinner. During the afternoon I worked under the building putting in a line from the set to the battery room. I am going to keep the filament batteries out in the engine room so that they can be changed from the one set to the other by simply throwing a switch and the charging panel can be put on without moving the batteries at all. I went uptown about 16:00 with the Press and what messages there were and when I got back it was after 18:00. Joe thought I was not coming back and was just going uptown for supper. I went with him and we ate at Lanouettes. From there I went home and tried out the new speaker that Punch brought in for me. It is for the Westinghouse that I have it is sold to Callaghan. The speaker was shipped from Taylor and Pearsons in Edm and was not properly packed and not labeled with a care label. It was badly crushed but as it was too cold in the house to monkey with it I left it there. I told Leggo about it however as he is the agent of the Western Canada Airways. I came back home at 20:30.

Thursday, December 05

This is my day off so I went home about 09:30 and got the fires going. It was after dinner before the house was real warm. The==== Temperature today was the lowest of the year. It was 32 below with a south wind. The tug boat, Slave River, was at the top of the hill this morning when I was on my way home so I stuck around and watched them and took some pictures of it. [photo] I took 13 all together and when I developed them there were 10 that were food. I printed a bunch of snaps today. I had dinner and supper at Lanouettes. it was after 22:00 when I returned to the station. I met Joe at Lanouettes just before I came down. We were kidding Dora. She was making some moccasins for her brother for Xmas. She promised to make me a pair of gloves for Xmas. We listened to the radio for a couple of hours then went to bed.

Friday, December 06

Edmonton sent us a Traffic check for November and we don't balance. I went over my books and had Jack check them with me and found a couple of small mistakes but still the checks are about $5 out in each column. Resolution and Simpson and Stoney Rapids check OK first shot. After supper tonight while Joe was uptown I fixed up the sounder and key that we have here and when he came back he gave me an hour and a half practice at receiving, I can peg along at 10 words/minute. I sent some Press at a maximum speed of 17 wpm, but have to come down to about 14 to keep it accurate. We went to bed at 01:30.

Saturday, December 07

I worked on books all morning then cooked dinner. We had a pork roast on all morning. After dinner I took the set while Joe cut wood for the kitchen stove and carried it upstairs. It was Press time when he finished so he took over and I brought in wood for the big stoves and filled the barrel with snow for soft water. After supper Joe and I started a cribbage tournament. We play 5 games and the looser pays a cent a point to the winner, to be paid at the end of the month. I came out second best tonight owing Joe 2 cents. We had an hour and ten minutes practice on the key then listened to the radio till 01:00 then went to bed.

Sunday, December 08

Joe and I slept till 11:00 then after breakfast I went around to the house and got the fires going and the tank full for a bath. Joe is coming up after supper for a bath. His tub is now on the blink. It was one of those rubber gadgets. I printed pictures all day and at last have caught up. There is only one more roll and the owner of it will not be in till spring. I did a large bunch for myself, too. I had supper at Lanouettes but Joe had supper at Pearsons. He came up about 19:00 and said that they were bot to go back there for a game of bridge. We arrived there about 21:30. Joe and I played the Pearsons and won by a score of about 500. We got home about 01:30.

Monday, December 09

Temp -38. I got up at 09:00 and was just calling VED when Jack came in. He took the call while I finished breakfast. I worked on the books all day and made out a summary of next year requisition. Jack took the messages uptown this afternoon while I looked after the set. I had everything cleared when he returned and the Meteors read and coded. I was just waiting for VED to call so that I could clear that too. After supper we listened to CKY on the radio till about 20:30 then went over to Pearsons to help him move the kitchen stove. We got back home at midnight and listened to the radio till the place got warm then went to bed.

Tuesday, December 10

Temp -42. Paul phoned and said that 3 planes had passed over the 30 baseline but later called to say that there was an error in the report. It was only one plane- Punch. He landed at Fitz at noon and said that the Mail Planes would likely be here this afternoon or tomorrow at the latest. He is on his way to Good Hope. I worked on books for a while this morning then filled the wood bin in the office. After dinner while Joe washed the dishes I carried some in for the engine room stove and filled the barrel with snow. Expected the mail today but it didn't get here. After supper I read a while and after listening to the radio decided to go to bed early but Const. Brown of the RCMP came in and we played bridge till about 01:30. It was after 02:00 when we did get to bed.

Wednesday, December 11

Temp -42. We had invited the Pearsons over for supper tonight so as this was my day off I clicked the job of cook. I had the alarm set to go off at 09:00 and was going up to Vics to get a couple of ducks (not the wild ones) but Vic brought them down at 08:45. So I reset the alarm for 11:00 and turned over. When I got up I spent a couple of hours cleaning up the place and then the rest of the day cooking, etc. For supper we had roast duck with dressing and cranberry jelly, mashed potatoes, peas, bread, coffee and tea, plum pudding and cold ham. After supper Mrs Pearson and Joe played Jack and I 3 rubbers of bridge and Jack and I won by a majority of 2000. Mrs Pearson was wild bidding tonight and was peeved about loosing. They went about 01:30 and I think it was a very successful party so they all ate so much that they were uncomfortable. For lunch we had ham sandwiches, macaroons ( some that I made out of our special recipe Reindeer milk and coconut).

Thursday, December 12

Word came thru this morning that the mail was on the way. Three planes arrived here at noon and the three were loaded with nothing but Smith and Fitz mail. It was not sorted until just before supper. I got a bunch letters from Nona and pleased that she is having such a dandy time at the coast. It made me even more lonesome to read them. I read her letters first and read some of them about 4 times. I answered them in a short letter to let her know that they had arrived and posted them as they were closing tonight and the mail is going over to Fitz and will go out in the morning. I got about 2 months papers, Leader, a letter from Nona's mother and dad with a Xmas present and a bunch of lodge dope. It was after 02:00 when Joe and I got to bed. In one of Freda's letters to Joe she said that she had met McDowell in Ottawa and he told her that I would have to come out in the spring to complete my course.

Friday, December 13

Another mail got here today but there were no letters for me other than cards. There were a bunch of papers and 2 National Geographics and a couple of Radio News magazines. I collected some of the accounts today but as usual have to wait on a few. After supper Billy Berens came down to haul wood for us then stayed till after 01:00 listening to the radio. I was perfect tonight. We listened to it and read till 01:30 then went to bed.

Saturday, December 14

I went uptown after dinner and started the fires at home. The thermometer inside read 20 below when I got in. Still more mail arrived today. The Commercial Airways are finishing up each post as they go along. They carried all Chipewyan mail then made 2 trips with 3 planes with Smith and Fitz mail. They will be taking the mail from Resolution to Providence next. I printed a bunch of my snaps today and before going back to the station, I put them into the album. I have 400 done now and about 200 more to do. I had supper at Lanouettes and Joe came in for his too. We got back to the station at 22:30 and listened to the radio till bed time, went to bed at 02:00.

Sunday, December 15

Up for Meteors. I was busy on the set till 07:30 and as I had a date with Resolution at 08:00, I waited for him. He was on time but missed mine. He sent me the Aero Wix report that the Commercial Airways were waiting for. When he finished I gave him R and said SEC then phoned the report to Becker and came back to send him a black that I had but he was gone. I should of told him I had it but again he should have waited for me when I said SEC. He thought I gave him a VA, the close down and went off to bed. I got him again at 11:00 but had to cancel the message as the planes were there an hour by then. The message I had for him was to the Post Master telling him to have the mail ready as the planes would be there at 09:00. We were busy all day and at 16:00 Res started to send a 1500 word Press thru to Edmonton. We finished at 21:30 then Joe and I went up and listened to the radio. Joe's new dynamic speaker came today. It is a Rola and the best I've ever heard. Went to bed at 01:00.

Monday, December 16

Sent some services to VEC re the mag yesterday that was undelivered and the answer came back. Nothing done about it as Hale notified that it had not gone and could not get there until after he arrived. It would be of no use then. I was busy all day around the booking and Joe hardly left the Key all day. Press came in from Resolution at 18:00 and had to be relayed on to Edmonton. It was 19:45 when Joe finished up and went for supper. I had my supper at 19:00 and came and relieved him while he ate. I sent about 300 words but we are having interference with a new station VAK and VAI who are working together and are on our and Edmonton's wave. They only get about half of it so when Joe came down he sent it all again rather than ask for their correction as we could hardly read them anyway. it was about 21:30 when we finished. We listened to the radio for a while but it was not very good tonight. Went to bed about 01:00.

Tuesday, December 17

I got up at noon today and worked on books and ledgers all day. As tomorrow is Mother's birthday, I sent a wire to her but it should not be delivered till the morning. After dinner I went uptown for the first time in a week and did some shopping. I got my laundry too while I was at it. More Press came in from Resolution this afternoon late and there was 997 words of it. Joe finished at 20:30. After 21:00 I took the ledger and equipment book and went over to Jack and he and I worked out the requisitions for next year. It was 01:00 when we finished. Evelyn made some coffee. It was about 01:30 when I got home. There was another mail today. That is 3 this week. There was a lot of papers for me but no letters. I got to bed at 02:00.

Wednesday, December 18

This morning I made out a wire to the bank to send Nona $50 for a Xmas present. I hope it gets there in time she might want some of it to get some things there for others. I worked on accounting most of the day and did a little booking to keep them UTD. I had to go uptown twice and that broke the work up a bit. The radio was poor tonight so I wrote a letter to Nona while Joe wrote one to Freda. Then we read newspapers till about 01:00 and I made a lunch and went to bed.

Thursday, December 19

We expected the planes in today with the mail as they are scheduled to arrive about noon. We were disappointed however as they went on thru to Resolution. They had mail from Resolution to Aklavik and left word at Fitz that they would return tomorrow. After supper Billy came down and piled up some wood at the door and filled the wood boxes. He stayed to listen to the radio and we had to almost throw him out at 01:00. I finished all the mail and reports for November today but didn't get the draft as Syd was on the drunk. He and York have a permit each and were all day on one of them and it looks like a long session.

Friday, December 20

Still no mail. Were pretty busy all day and after supper I read papers till bed time. There was some good radio but not much. Billy was back again tonight to listen to the radio. I went to be at 01:00. The was my day off but I had to do some work on the batteries. I started right in after dinner and worked until supper time without a letup.

Saturday, December 21

Holy smoke time flies. It will be Xmas before we know it and I haven't bought a present yet excepting the one Joe and I got for Pearsons. It is a Pyrex casserole dish. I cooked supper tonight and after the dishes were done Joe went uptown while I read papers. Freda's sister sent Joe some fowl, 2 turkeys and four chickens. Punch brought them today and Billy Berens brought them down about 21:30. Joe came in a few minutes later. The radio was very good tonight. The mail has not yet arrived. Punch had made 3 trips here since the last mail plane stopped. There are 3 of them passing over nearly everyday yet it is about 10 days since they stopped.

Sunday, December 22

I ran into some bum luck today. Joe is on the early morning Meteors this week so I have to take the Aero weather at 08:00. It was going onto 09:00 when I finished so I lit the fire and made breakfast then went around the trap line. This is the first time I have gone in 3 weeks. There was an ermine in one of the traps but he had been there a long time and was half eaten away. What was left was of no use. Then while coming back along the bank I ran into my boat. I asked Calaghan last October before there was any snow to haul it up by the Police boat with his team. He said OK but I found it had never been touched. It was down on the bank where I left it but the river had raised about 6 feet and it is frozen in. About a foot of the bow is showing and the rest is under the ice. I see that one of the planks is cracked about a yard long but can't see any more of it. I am going down tomorrow morning and chop it out and see if I can save it. It was upside down, so there won't be any water and ice inside of it but it might be crushed in although it doesn't look to be from what can be seen thruout the ice. The ice at the stern is about 6 inches over the boat. Damnit. The busier you are the less time you have, the less you can depend on anyone else doing things for you.. I ordered 2 loads of wood cut to fit the furnace and Vic brought 2 loads of 4 foot stuff. When I asked him about it he said he forgot but would have the saw up there and cut it for me Monday for sure. That was last Monday. Well, today when I went up there he hadn't been so I looked him up. He said the engine was over at the Halfway being overhauled and he would get it this week for sure. I finished printing my small pictures today and managed to get them dried and all in the album before coming home. I had supper with Mr & Mrs Conibear. They told me that Cele had a daughter night before last. I returned to the station about 21:30 and found no one home. I turned on the radio then read some more papers. Radio poor so I shut it off. Joe came in about 23:00 and we turned on the radio. The speaker Joe has now, a Rola dynamic, is capable of terrific volume but it squeals long before that limit is reached. While looking it over I found that the Output transformer was squealing, sounding very much as if the core was loose. I took it out of the set and took it to pieces and found that was the trouble and tightened it as much as I thought the bolts would stand and put it back in the set. It can deliver enough volume without distortion to be heard over at Pearsons, however. Went to bed at 02:00.

Monday, December 23

National Geographic. Up at 08:00 and sent the Aero Wix to Resolution then built the fire and put breakfast on while dressing. I called Joe at 08:45 and we ate together. I let at 09:15 and went down to the boat. I chopped it out of the ice. I worked like a Trojan and never stopped till it was loose and I had it out on the ice. The ice was about 24 inches thick and there was 12-18 inches in the boat at the stern.The boat is badly damaged but not as bad as it could be. The keel is twisted and one side is stove in completely and the other side had one plank broken in. the ribs are all in good condition yet, but will need truing up slightly. The ice twisted the whole boat a bit. The deck is still sound. It was nearly noon when I finished and I was wringing wet from perspiration. I went up to the Bay and phoned Walt and told him all about it. He said he would be busy for about a month but to send it over on the first team going to the Halfway and he would take it to pieces and true it up and rebuild it. He has some lumber left over from the boats he was building that will be the clear rig. He said he would be over tomorrow night and is coming out to see me and we will both go and take a look at it. I ate dinner at Lanouettes today, Joe was there too. I fixed up the rest of the National Geographics into the binders today. While reading the November 1929 edition I see in the article titled "Gentlemen Adventurers of the Air" is a mention of the Aeroplane propeller that Walt made at Simpson for Gorman when his plane broke its propeller in landing. At that time Walt had never seen a plane before at close quarters and there was only the hub left for a pattern. That was in 1921 during the Imperial Oil rush to Norman. Syd is quite OK again today. he got his seat back on the water wagon, but it was only after there was no more O-Be-Joyful left. York is still feeling tough and Lanouette was wandering out around the slaughter house. Vic brought him back to the restaurant and he said it took him an hour and a half to get him back. I stopped while uptown to enquire how Mrs Frank was. She and baby are fine. Frank (Conibear) got back in town last night. He got 11 pelts, 2 foxes and the rest mink and marten. After supper Browne came down for the evening. The radio was fair tonight. At times it was VG. We went to bed at 02:30.

Tuesday, December 24

Up at 08:00 and as there was no weather reports to send I cleared what traffic I had with Resolution. It was going on to 09:00 when I finished so I didn't bother going back to bed. I lit the fire and dressed and while waiting for the kettle to boil, I went down and worked Edm till Jack came over. I worked on books all morning while Jack worked the set. He was busy all the time. I relieved him at noon. Joe went uptown and I didn't see him again till late. We finished up at 20:10. We sent 58 and received 12 to and from VED-Edm alone. The traffic with Stoney and Resolution were very heavy too. After we finished I went over to Jacks with him and waited for them to go uptown. He and I had a small drink of rum, then went up to deliver the messages that came in. I met Walt at Lanouettes and he and I sat and talked till nearly midnight. About midnight Conrad Burscholtz came in and wanted to go to church but wanted someone to go with him. He had never seen inside a Catholic church before and wanted to see the Xmas ceremony. Walt said he would take him if I would go, so I cleaned up and the 3 of us went. It was 02:00 when I got home. Joe was in bed asleep and the radio still going strong. He went to bed listening to it and dropped off to sleep.

Wednesday, December 25

Two Xmas Pictures. Up at 08:00 but there was no traffic. I went down at 10:00 but there was nothing doing and Joe took the 11:00 call. I fell back to sleep again and Jack came and woke me at 12:00. We all went to Lanouettes for dinner. I didn't like it very much. Lanouette had been drunk and I don't think the turkey was cooked enough. It wasn't for me anyway. After dinner I went up and wished everyone the Season's Greetings and came back to the station at 16:30. Joe was already here. After the 17:00 call we got ready and went over to Pearsons. We took the present for them. It was a square casserole dish about 8 inches square (Pyrex). I took a bunch of empty boxes with it that Mrs Pearson wanted and let some of them fall 'accidentally' to prove the point, then later while he and Jack were busy slipped the one that contained the present in under the tree. Just before supper Jack told us that Santa had left a present there for us and proceeded to dig it out It was a Tiny Tot Telegraph Station. While rooting in under the tree for them he discovered the on I put there. There was a box of cigarettes for us each too. He took some flashlight of the table and the tree, the table was taken down before supper. After supper we played bridge. Evelyn and Joe played Jack and I. We were in the lead until the last when the last rubber gave them the lead. Evelyn was very enthusiastic and pleased about the game then. We came back home about 01:30 and went to bed soon afterwards.

Thursday, December 26

I got up at noon and cooked dinner then went up to the house. I got the fires going and warmed up the place then did some printing and developed the pictures we took last night. They were all perfect. Joe came up after supper and I was nearly finished. We went from there to Lanouettes to get a cup of coffee and a piece of pie. Walt was there reading so I sat and talked with him for a while. While we were having lunch Dora came and sat down at the table and chewed the fat with us. She is making me a pair of gloves for Xmas, but didn't get them finished yet owing to the lateness of getting the moosehide tanned. We came home about 01:00 and listened to the radio for a while before going to bed. It was real good.

Friday, December 27

The winter or should I say the Xmas mail arrived here at noon today. I got a letter from Nona written on the 11 and one small parcel containing an Egyptian Incense burner. I took it home and put it on the radio table. It is a dandy little ornament and will have a place in making our home more attractive. Business was heavy today and kept us all pretty busy. I was on the books nearly all day. Right after supper I wrote a letter to Nona telling her that the statue came. Joe and I went to bed early tonight. That is 23:00. We looked over some papers and listened to the radio for a while. It was good tonight.

Saturday, December 28

Joe was on Meteors and Resolution wanted a weather report for the Western Canada Airways at 08:00. I was supposed to give it to them. Joe's alarm didn't go off and mine eventually did but instead of waking me up, I reached up and shut it off in my sleep, at least I had not recollection of ever hearing it when I did wake put. I woke up at 09:30 and the first thing I thought of was that Joe hadn't reset my alarm at 05:30 for 08:00 call. I called and woke him up and told him it was 09:15 and that I had missed Wix for Resolution. At the mention of Wix he began to think and said he didn't remember sending the weather this morning. We both got dressed in record time and while I was getting the coffee, he read the weather and sent the two messages. We both figured that there would be a service about it during the day but nothing happened. I took some mail uptown this morning and got it away OK. there was only 2 letters one to Nona and one of Joes to Freda. After supper Joe and I played crib for a cent a point. Joe won back $1.50 of the $3.00 that I took away from him last time. We went to bed early tonight. 23:00.

Sunday, December 29

I was up at 05:30 OK and got the Meteors off on time. Resolution didn't want Wix, so I slept from 06:00 on till 10:30 when I got up and lit the fire. Joe got up a few minutes later and while I was working on Resolution, Edmonton and trying to get Simpson, he made breakfast. As usual our first meal of the day is a slim one. Usually a cup of coffee alone but on Sundays we spread ourselves and have toast with it. I was busy on the set till about 11:30 then again at 12:00 with Simpson. finished with him at 12:15 and spent the most of the afternoon cleaning upstairs and getting in wood. After supper I went uptown for a while but as the place seemed dead, I soon came back and read the Cosmo and some Regina papers. We went to bed about midnight tonight. The radio was VG.

Monday, December 30

Still no word about our being late on Saturday so I guess it blew over on account of the spirit of the season. i was working on the 24 business today and started at 09:30 and didn't finish till 16:45. that was the largest business that we ever did in one day since the station was up. the total business for the day, that is business that this station is credited with and not counting relay or service traffic, was $176.31. the total of all of Novembers business was only twice that. while checking up stores today I discovered that the increased business of the past year is going to leave us very short of supplies. there is only 270 gallons of fuel oil left in the warehouse. At the present rate of consumption this will only last us till March at the very latest and the new supplies will not reach here till July sometime. We will have to beg, borrow or steal some here. Jack phoned Syd Leggo, Manager of the HBC about it and Syd stated that they had enough to let us have some to carry us on till the supplies get in next summer. My batteries were getting pretty low tonight so I filled the tank and got everything ready to start up at 05:30 in the morning. After supper I went uptown for a few minutes and came back and read till time to go to bed. Joe took his output transformer uptown and drilled some holes thru the core to see if he couldn't fix it up. The core is loose and some of the laminations vibrate in synchronism with the audio frequencies producing an audio frequency not corresponding to the loud speaker. This prevents us from getting the full volume from the set as the core produces distortion on the loud signals. I tried to fix it once by taking it to pieces and reassembling it and drawing the core as tight as the screw clamps would permit. I was afraid to tighten them any more for fear of stripping the threads on the bolts. It helped a lot but not enough. We haven't put it back together yet so we don't know how it will work this new way. It was an idea of mine to bore holes thru the core between the points where the clamps fit and insert small bolts. The mail arrived today and I got 3 parcels from Nona but no letter. In one there were 3 pictures of herself. They were wonderful pictures too and very like her. Two of them are large and I am going to have them framed, I will send outside and get the frames in this winter. The other is smaller and is in an easel folder. I will keep it on my dresser. I will keep them all with me here at the station for the rest of the winter. In another was a white elephant, I think it is made of china, but resembles ivory very much. it is about 4 inches high and 6 inches long altogether. In another box was 2 pictures, "The Lone Wolf" and one of an Indian on horseback with his back to the storm that I do not know the title of. There were also some smaller things in it such as a cigarette light from Paul Westland in Seattle, a book of the Rocky Mountains with pictures about 8X12, all hand painted. There are 25 of them. At some future dat I think I will have them framed too. They would all make a very fine print to hang up. They are more prized by me because in my travels I have visited practically every one of the scenes in the book and many of them I have prints of in my snapshot album that I took when there and some of them I took from the same place as these were taken from. I also got a hand made pull over sleeveless sweater ( vest) from Freda. It came on this mail too. Joe and I went to Lanouettes for supper tonight then came hame and wrote a letter. Joe took them up as the mail was to close at 1:00 and I went to Pearsons. Joe came in there on his way home and we played 3 rubbers of bridge. Evelyn and Joe played Jack and I. We were a little behind in the score when we finished at 01:30. We came home and lit a fire in the kitchen and put on doff. It was so late that we wouldn't let Evelyn got to the trouble of it and then while it was getting hot we carried in wood and lit the fires downstairs. They were both out. It was 03:00 by the time we got to bed.

Tuesday, December 31

I got the Meteors off OK and sent a NL that was too late to go out last night. Joe got up at 08:00 and sent an Aero Wix to Resolution then put on the coffee and called me at 08:45, but I was so darned tired that I turned over, after resetting the alarm for 09:15 and went to sleep again. At 09:15 that alarm woke me up again and I reset it for 10:00 and repeat the performance. I did get up at ten but my gosh I was tired. I came downstairs and carried wood in and did some small jobs till 11:00 then went upstairs and cooked dinner. We had beefsteak, fried spuds, bread, tea and plenty of it. After dinner I worked on the books and although I had intended getting four day business entered, I only got thru with one and that was the 25. Campbell came in just about Press time and stayed and talked quite a time and that kind of broke the spell. Before it got too dark out, Joe and I went out and carried in enough wood to last over the Holiday tomorrow and as we are having Pearsons over tomorrow night for a goose supper we had to carry in a lot of wood for the kitchen stove too. I cooked supper and we had poached eggs on toast and rhubarb preservatives that Freda made. The eggs were fresh from Mrs Conibear. While I was waiting for Joe to finish Edm and Simpson for the night I cleaned up upstairs a bit. He was thru for the night at 18:00 and that is all for this year. There is a dance on tonight at Lanouettes but I do not think this time ( 20:00) that either one of us will go. We both have some arising to do and this is a good chance. I forgot to mention that in one of the parcels that came from Nona yesterday had a tapestry in it. It is the best that I have ever seen. It is 5 feet long and 2 feet wide. I am going to take it home and put it away and later when Nona comes back or if I go out in the spring, I am going to have it framed. It is too good to put anywhere other than in a frame. Nona sent me a watch too. Well, this is the end of 1929 and as I look back over it now to sum things up, I see a varied quality of things and happenings. To be sure, I can say that thru this year I have advanced one step in promotion, made a little more money than last year, but saved less. Nona and I have know many very, very happy days this year and again we went thru our first real sorrow. I guess it was the first real sorrow that either on of us ever had, but it brought us even close than ever. I will now close this year and spend the rest of the evening writing etc and as the year passes on into the past, quietly for Joe and I, I will bid it farewell and Adieu.

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