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May 1929

Wednesday, May 01

Temp 22. Mrs Conibear came over this morning and re-papered the front room. She finished about 15:00. I brought the DR's UTD and got everything ready for a big day tomorrow on the monthly books. After supper I took Nona and Ruby for a car ride. We went out the Portage Road about 4 miles. Nona and Ruby finished cleaning the front room tonight and it is the best it has ever been. I took a flash light picture of it about midnight. The radio was poor tonight. I read "The Gods of Mars" by E.R. Burroughs. Finished it at 03:00.

Thursday, May 02

Temp 22. Spent most of the day on the books. I finished the accounts and made out most of the reports and statements. I finished them about 14:30. From then till 16:30 I worked on my bus. I took up the bearing and found one that I will have to replace. Thank goodness it is easy to get at, No 1. I put back the muffler just for fun as everyone here has been kidding me about the noise that my bus makes. I like to hear it talk though. After supper we all read a book. I read "Selwood of Sleepy Cat" by F.H. Spearman. It was good. I developed 8 rolls of films this evening but was so interested in the book that I was reading that I went to bed forgetting to hang them up to dry and when I woke in the morning found them still in the bath.

Friday, May 03

Temp 27. Slept in till 01:00. I hung up the films that were left in the bath all night while Ruby prepared breakfast. After breakfast I got into the car and went to see Calaghan about getting a load of soil to put on Nadene's grave. I hunted up Burke and asked him to come around and get all the tin cans cleaned up around the yard and take them out to the dumping ground. Then I went to Vic's and got some beefsteak. After being relieved on the Key at 14:00, I went uptown and collected the radio accounts then returned to the station and made a bunch of new files and cleaned up things a bit. After supper I took Nona and Ruby to the Halfway for a ride. I saw Walt about getting some lumber to put around Nadene's plot and although I intended bringing it back with me, Walt said that he would plane it all up and bring it over Sunday. Nona and Ruby went up to the house to visit Katie. I met Mickey at the garage and he came up to the house with me. We stayed there till 09:00 and left for home. Got back to Smith in 20 minutes. The roads are in good condition. There was only 2 water holes on the roads and as it is sandy, the bottom was hard and there was no trouble. The old bus wanted to fly all the time. I cut the gas down fine at the carburator and the throttle was only down about half and inch all the way. When we got home I lit the fire then put on some coffee. The radio was excellent tonight. Walt gave me a lower half of a conn. rod bearing to replace the one in the car that is worn thin. We went to bed at 00:30.

Saturday, May 04

Temp 24. Very little doing at the station this morning. Finishing the account collections and mail for Ottawa this afternoon. Starting teaching Nona how to drive the car today. She's doing very well too. After supper Norman came up. We talked for a while and Miss Catt and Nona played Thew and Ruby. Norman and I played the winners and won. Went to bed at 00:30.

Sunday, May 05

Temp 19. I got up at 08:00 and printed pictures till 01:30. After dinner Norman and I went down and I gave the boat the last coat of Valspar. I put the floor boards and seats back and gave them a final coat also. We then went out over my trap line and picked up what traps I could. We got 10 out of 14. Two of the other four I may be able to salvage next fall as they hid in under the river bank but the other two I will loose. The ice will take them out with it. Supper was ready when we returned home. Shortly after supper Ruby went down to see Mrs Lyall and Norman, Nona and I went down to the boat again. Nona wanted to see it all finished. On our way home we met Ruby and went out the Portage Road for a ride. We went about 3 miles. We had a lunch at 22:00 and Norman went home soon afterwards.

Monday, May 06

Temp 24. Nothing doing at the station today. I read a book most of the time. Had to change my front tire and its rim was out and the tube was showing thru. Nona went to the school today. After supper Thew came in for a while then I finished the book I was reading, The Border Legion by Zane Grey, then went to bed at 22:30 tonight.

Tuesday, May 07

Temp 33.. Slept in till 10:00, then took Nona out the Portage Road for another lesson in driving the car. Went to the station at 01:00 and took the Key for an hour. This afternoon I got Gerry and Bill to help me and tightened the aerial and counterpoise and fixed the lead in so that it cannot sag anymore and short out the counterpoise cross wires. I cleaned the car and did a little work on it, then at 16:30 took over the Key again. Took a message from Edmonton. After supper Nona, Ruby and I drove out to the rapids. We were the first out there this year by car and had to break trail a little ways. We then went down to the boat house to see the boat. Ruby had not seen it since it was ready for the water. The river at Smith is rising fast. It has come up several feet since Sunday. No one came up this evening and Nona and I played 5 games of crib. I won one of them and was skunked 3 times. We had some coffee and toast and went to bed at 23:30. The radio was very good after 22:00. It has been excellent for the past 2 weeks.

Wednesday, May 08

Temp 25. This morning I wrote a letter to Dunfee and one to Ottawa to increase my deposits to the Bank of Montreal from $25.00 to $50.00. After dinner I wrote a long letter to Mother. In the afternoon I cleaned out the engine room and got after Joe about cluttering it up with his junk. He certainly didn't like it either. After supper we went down to the river to see how it is coming. It has raised about a foot since noon. We went from there out the Portage Road for a ride then Nona and I went for a walk. We went out and brought in two more of my traps that were not down on the river bank. The radio was good tonight. Nona and I played 3 games of crib, she won the rubber. We had a lunch and went to bed at 23:30.

Thursday, May 09

Temp 41. After finishing the DR's this morning, I took one of the old cells to pieces and put new positive plates into it and got it ready to charge. During the afternoon I cleaned out the engine room and cleaned all the batteries. I sent my longest message during my afternoon trick. I sent a 221 NL in 24 minutes, had to give 3 corrections. The river was raising fast today, it has raised 5 feet since Sunday. After supper Norman and Basler came up and stayed till 23:30. Had a good time talking all the time. Went to bed shortly after midnight.

Friday, May 10

Temp 54. I printed pictures till noon then Nona and I went out the Portage Road. Nona had another lesson in driving. She is doing real well now. Has not had to pass another car yet. It was so windy this afternoon that we did no outside work at the station. Nona stayed in the house at home. No one came up this evening so Nona and I played a rubber of crib, she won. We had the radio on and we all read for a while. I finished "The Border Legion" by Zane Grey. Went to bed about midnight.

Saturday, May 11

Temp 28. Very cold again today. It froze last night and one of the frost plugs blew out of the ford engine and I could not find it this morning. I filled the station batteries with distilled water as some of them were low. I went over the whole bank as I want them all in good shape for the summer. There is one more needing charging so I took it apart and before noon had new positive plates in it and ready for the initial charge. After dinner I worked on the books and brought them UTD. Made arrangements with Mrs McPherson while she was there sending a message to come and scrub the station out for the spring cleanup. After supper I developed a couple rolls of films and a couple of my 5X7 films. We turned on the radio but it was not good. I finished reading " The Enchanted Hill" by Peter Kyne. It was a dandy western story. We all went to bed at 22:30.

Sunday, May 12

Temp 23. We all got up today at 10:00. I printed a couple dozen prints before noon and after dinner we started for the other side of the Portage. I took both cameras along as I promised Mrs Ryan that I would take some snaps of the children. We got there about 13:00 in the afternoon and stayed till about 14:30. I took several of the kids then restarted for Fitz. The ice is not out there yet but it moved about 35 feet last night and is pretty rotten. The water is jammed up the river a few miles. There was nothing doing at all over there so we started back. Arrived home at 17:00. While we were having supper Walt arrived from the Halfway so he sat in with us. He stayed about an hour then had to go back. We took him down to see the boat before he went back. I read a short story then fixed up my new tunic before going to bed. Retired at 23:15.

Monday, May 13

Temp 29. Worked on books this morning. Had Mrs McPherson come down and scrub out the whole downstairs of the station for our spring cleaning. Took the stove out of the engine room and packed it away for the summer. I took 2 pictures of the station and found when developed this evening that they were real good. No one came in this evening so we all read till time to go to bed.

Tuesday, May 14

Temp 24. Up this morning and printing pictures. Worked on the DR's at the station. Still cold weather so we did not go out. Norman came up this evening.

Wednesday, May 15

Temp 32. Warm again today. Nona and Ruby cleaned up the yard and around the fence outside. Had 3 small bonfires burning leaves. The "Bull Moose" arrived at Fitz this morning and the mail came over at 14:00. Thirty men came in on it. Cris Ozal came up to see us and while talking mentioned that Hugh Dougherty was in town. He is Mate on the "MacKenzie River". When Cris went out I went out and found Hugh and brought him up to the house. He and I went to school together in South Vancouver from 1908 to 1916. He stayed here till midnight. We talked about the old gang. He told me that he had seen Frosty, Hank and that Leslie Kirk was now Principal of the MacKenzie School in S. Vancouver. I promised to write to him. On the mail we only got one letter. I got advice from the bank of April's deposit and a receipt for my 3 General Motor's stocks and some Elto parts. We went to bed shortly after midnight.

Friday, May 17

Temp 27. Answering mail at the station today. Nothing doing around here today. Everyone is waiting for the boat. My sweepstakes ticket expired today at 20:00. Nothing doing tonight.

Saturday, May 18

Temp 33. Went for a car ride at noon for a little more practice for Nona. Nothing much doing in daytime. Norman came up after supper.

Sunday, May 19

Temp 43. Norman, Ruby, Nona and I went to Fitz this afternoon. We left here about 13:00 and arrived there about 14:00. We met Ernie Mills there and went with him up to the rocks and took some pictures. We got 2 gallons of fruit syrups, one of vanilla and one orange. After getting a lunch at the "Greasy Spoon" we came back. The roads are perfect but a little dusty. We stopped at the Halfway and talked to Walt for an hour. He gave me some stuff to make a model yacht with. We got home at 18:00 and were just sitting down to supper when Walt came in. He had to go back at 20:00. We went to bed at midnight.

Monday, May 20

Temp 49. No word of the boat yet. Nothing to do all day. Grub is getting low. No more fresh meat or vegetables left in town and Fitz ran out before we did. Living on canned goods and they were mostly frozen this winter so they are not very appetizing. Bread, coffee and canned fruits are the most common diets here now. Listened to the radio tonight till bed time. I developed some rolls of films tonight.

Tuesday, May 21

Temp 33. Up this morning and printed a bunch of pictures. Worked on the books all afternoon at the station. Just as we were having supper, Len Davidson came in and brought a little fresh meat that he and Bert brought up from down river. They had just got in so we started to get some supper for them. They had to get their load stored in York's. They got here about 20:00 and ate supper then we played bridge. Norman came up too. Went to bed about 01:00.

Wednesday, March 22

Temp 27. Bert and Len were here all afternoon. I worked on the books at the station. After supper Norman came up and we played cards till midnight and listened to the radio.

Thursday, May 23

Temp 36. Bert and Len had to go back to their shack today so Nona and Ruby went along for the ride. I had dinner and supper at Lanouettes. After supper Norman and I launched my boat and we went down to Gravel Point and waited till the gang got back. They arrived about 20:30 and we left at 23:00. Nona and Ruby and Bert and I came up in my boat and Norman and Len went in the other. It turned cold as soon as the sun went down. We arrived home at 22:30 and had supper. We played a couple of games of cards. Went to bed at 01:30.

Friday, May 24

Temp 40. Holiday today. We decided on a picnic. Bert, Ruby, Nona and I went on my boat. Dick Wynn and another man wanted a lift down to their camp so Len took them and their rolls in his boat. We arrived at the sand bar 4 miles below Gravel Point before Len came by. We got a fire going and waited for him to return. We ate at 16:00 and waited till 17:00 then decided to come home. It started to rain and would shower a little while then stop. We waited about half an hour at Gravel Point then came on. Len caught up to us about 3 miles from Smith. Bert, Nona and Ruby went in the other boat and Len came in with me. We arrived before them just long enough to get our boat out of the water. We all came up in the car and had another late supper. Went to bed at midnight.

Saturday, May 25

Temp 45. Worked on books all day. It rained all night and poured during the noon hour. The water ran down into the coils shorting them so I had to walk to the station after dinner. After supper we were playing bridge when Saldkeld and Constable Grey from Resolution came in. We played cards till after 23:00 and had a good time. Went to bed at 01:30.

Sunday, May 26

Temp 37. We had planned a picnic down river today but when we got up this morning we gave up the idea. It had been raining all night and looked as if it would continue all day. I printed a few pictures and am now out of paper, hypo and have only 3 developer powders left. I have to wait for the boat now. No sign of it yet. Bert and Len came in early in the afternoon and were here all day. We played bridge most of the time. At supper Tom Pearce came in and we all chewed the fat all evening. Mrs Conibear came in while we were eating and told us that the Bishop just arrived in Fitz. It appears that he was a passenger on the Athabasca but left with a skiff and an outboard motor. He says that the Athabasca got caught up in the flow of ice just at the mouth of the Lake below Fort Chipewyan and they were there for 3 days. The wood on the boat was nearly all gone and the food was low. He says that the water is lower than he ever saw it before, there is no water at all in places. The was also there but had not got caught in the ice owing to their later arrival. They unloaded and left their barge and returned to Waterways to meet this weeks train.

Monday, May 27

Temp 38. Started Delco first thing this AM. It is still raining and was cold so I built a fire in the office. After dinner Frank Campbell came down to get me to look at their Delco. he had been trying to start it since 08:00 and had not got a kick out of it. I went up and found the coil damaged. Condenser punctured. I returned to the station and brought up our spare. Got the ignition OK and had to clean out the carburator. Got it going OK and returned at 15:00. Bill had a big bunch of "Graphics and London, Ill. News". I read them till quitting time. While on the Key from 16:30 to 17:30, sent 3 long messages to VED. Bert and Len were up right after supper. We were just starting the second rubber of bridge when Tom Pearce came in. He read a book while we were finishing the rubber then sat in for a couple of them in my place. Norman came up too. Later Saldkeld came up but did not stay long. the gang left at 00:30.

Tuesday, May 28

Temp 35. Raining, so I did not get up till 10:30 then helped clean up the place a bit. Nothing doing at the station all afternoon. The Western Canada Airways plane arrived at Fitz this morning and brought news that the steamers were both stranded on the lake. Low water and ice. Punch Dickens went back with Gerry Murphy and brought Miss Murphy, Alex Johnson and J. Bowen then made a second trip during the late afternoon. The weather cleared up at suppertime. It has been raining for a week. Bert and Len were up and we played 3 rubbers of bridge then sat around and talked. We went to bed at 23:45.

Wednesday, May 29

Temp 38. Well, things are coming to a pretty pass now. No sign of the boats yet and hardly anything left in town. All the vegetables and meat have long been used and now the canned goods are about finished. We are living on macaroni, tea, coffee, bread and marmalade. The plane went to Simpson this morning and VEC reported its arrival at 14:10. After supper Bert, Len, Ruby, Nona and I went for a boat ride in my "yacht". We went down about 5 miles and back. Played bridge when we returned.

Thursday, May 30

Temp 48. Worked on books all day at the station. It was very hot till about 16:00 then it clouded over and we had the first thunder and lightening storm of the year. We had planned on a boat ride after supper but changed our mind. RSH ( R.L. Hasting's) was up this afternoon talking to Nona. He has a new boat on the way. It is a cabin boat equipped with an aerial propellor and a 50 HP engine. He is going to use it on his inspection trip to Aklavik. Tom Perch was up for supper. He came up and spent the afternoon. He returned to Fitz shortly after supper. We played bridge after supper for a while. Went to bed at midnight.

Friday, May 31

Temp 45. Nothing much doing at the station today. After supper word came over that the boats would be in tonight so we decided to take a trip over. The Athabasca arrived shortly before we did and the Echo was just getting in. The Athabasca arrived at 20:30 and the Echo at 22:00. Saw Morie, Captain Brown, Backland, Sutherland, McLellan, Red Cousins, F. Johnson, RSH ( Hastings) and Cpn Myers. Started home about 23:00 and passed McNeill at the Halfway. He gave us a chase and we raced into Smith. Had a blow out just before we got in and lost a tire. Norman, Bert, Ruby, Len, Nona and I went in the car.

June 1929

Saturday, June 01

Temp 47. Had to walk to work today as my tires are not over from the boat yet and I do not want to ruin the rim. I worked on the DRs all day. After supper we went for a boat ride. We went down about 5 miles and came back. It was just a nice ride and the evening was warm. When we got home we played a few rubbers of bridge.

Sunday, June 02

Temp 49.. I printed pictures this morning while Ruby, Len, Bert and Nona played bridge. We all went over to visit Bert's nets in our boat after supper. Fishing is not very good.

Monday, June 03

Temp 56. My tires are not over yet so I have to walk to the station again. Worked on books all day. Hastings came out and told us all about the swell boat that he has coming in. When I got home I found that my tires were here so I put 2 on the back. We went boating again after supper to visit Bert's nets, we all went in my boat. When we got home we brought in some ice cream from the hotel and then played bridge.

Tuesday, June 04

Temp 53. More mail and freight over today. We got our picture frames and a box of stuff from home. Bill was sick today so could not come to work this afternoon. I was on the Key all afternoon. I worked on all the books till quitting time. We went boating after supper then played a rubber of bridge.

Wednesday, June 05

Temp 50. Bill was sick all day so I worked finishing the accounts and books. Collected some of the accounts, etc. After supper Norman, Bert and Len were here and while they played cards, I fixed up my negatives by labelling them all and putting them into negative albums.

Thursday, June 07

Temp 49. These days are very much like those proceeding it. Bill has been sick and unable to come into the station and my operating has got to the point now where I can be left alone at the station and get things thru. The afternoons have been so bad for static that practically no business can be got thru. On Thurs. night I took my first initiation in the Ancient Mystic Order Rosia Crusis ( AMORC).

Saturday, June 08

Temp 49 Pearson's Arrive. Finished all accounts and got the mail off today. The Boat arrived tonight so we all went over. As Norman is going out on this boat we did not think he would want to go over so Bert, Ruby, Len, Nona and I went. Just as we were arriving at Fitz we passed McNeill's car coming out with Pearson and his wife. We met Hersey there and brought him over with us. Met JT there also. We stopped at the hotel and got Hersey fixed up then met Sgt Major Jack Pearson & Mrs Evelyn Pearson. They all came over to the house for a while then I took Pearson and Mrs Pearson and Nona out to meet Bill. Mrs Loverock went to the hospital this afternoon. We did not stay very long, then came home. They were here till 00:30. Hastings came in for a minute.

Sunday, June 09

Temp 49. I got up at 10:00 and was going to do some printing when Hastings came up and told me that Mrs Loverock was able to travel and asked me to go to the station and carry out the Turn Over to Pearson. They arrived shortly after I did and it only took about an hour to check over and finish the Take Over. I came back home then and we all went for a short boat ride. We played cards till nearly midnight. Norman left on the boat for Winnipeg tonight. He doesn't expect to return here.

Monday, June 10 to Sunday, June 16

Temps 50's. I was so busy this last week that I did not have time to catch up with the diary. We got to bed so late at night it was too hard to get up early. The weather had been cold and rainy all week. We had one bad cloud burst about Tuesday and it has been raining almost continuously ever since. For the first few days I helped Pearson unpack his furniture and lay the linoleum. We got an issue of Battleship linoleum for the W.O. quarters and for parts of the station. After supper for a few days I had to go to the dentist that was here. He was Dr. Sommers from Edmonton. He put a crown on my back lower left molar and filled a couple others. We went from there for a boat ride every night (that it was nice enough) to the fish nets. There was a run of whitefish on for a few day and there was enough to have one for the table. I think we had four altogether. The old bus went back on me this week. I think that two of the exhaust valves are stuck open and the weather has been too wet to take the head off to clean it out. I am going to do it the first decent day we have. Hastings went back to Resolution via plane this Sunday morning. I was down in my boat when the plane took off. They seemed to have some trouble before they got into the air. They were on the water for about half an hour. Nona and I went down to spend the evening with Jack Pearson and Mrs Pearson. We got there about 20:00. It was raining. We played over a bunch of records, most of them I had never heard before, then played bridge. Mrs Pearson and I vrs Nona and Jack Pearson. Our side had very poor luck with the cards. We left there about midnight after a very enjoyable evening and Bert and Len were still here when we got home. Bert and Len were here every night during the week and we had a great time.

Monday, June 17

Temp 52. Still wet and cold. Static in Edmonton was so bad that most of Saturdays business was still unsent today. It appears that there is a lot of interference there as well as static. After supper Bert and I went down the hill and we took my boat out of the water It is rising and there is an eddy where I had it. Owing to the rising water the eddy is now full of drift wood and I was afraid of getting the boat damaged. While there I painted the name on it. I have called it Muzero II after the old RCCS bus Muzero I. The evening was spent in the usual manner, bridge.

Tuesday, June 18

Temp 46. Cold yet and about 10:00 it started to rain that misty drizzle kind and it kept it up till late at night. I cleaned up a lot of business at the station then took the Key for a couple of hours in the afternoon. VED and VEC were working so I did not call. They finished just as Joe came on. We had everything cleared up by 15:00 but a new bunch was ready by 17:00. On my way home I drove Pearson uptown and he did his shopping then after supper I had a nap. Bert and Len came in and Nona and Len played a few rubbers with Bert and Ruby. I had to go over to the hotel about 21:00 for some bread and as Dr. Somers was there alone playing billiards. I brought him over to spend the evening. I believe he had a good time too. He laughed and told stories and was in great spirits. About 23:00 Walt came in. he had come over from the Halfway to look up some tools that was mixed up in Rag Wilson's' kit which is going to Bear Lake. Tools will come in handy down there- oh no, I imply nothing. Ha ha. Walt took Ruby's hand when she was tired of playing and on a Four bid of Spades re-doubled he cleaned up 1016 pts. Went to bed about 00:30.

Wednesday, June 19

Temp 38. Cold and rainy all day again. It looked as if it was going to clear but changed its mind again about noon. I took over the set at 10:00 and sent 8 to Edmonton then Joe relieved me for dinner. After dinner I took over again and stayed on till 17:15. After supper Bert and Len were up and the four played bridge. I read a couple of short stories. Radio perfect tonight, we went to bed at 00:15 and listened to it for an hour.

Thursday, June 20

Temp 35. It's still cold and wet. I snowed hard for about 2 hours today but the ground was so wet that it melted as soon as it struck the ground. I was on the Key all afternoon and as it was too wet and disagreeable to work outside, got nothing done in the warehouses. After supper the gang came in and as Miss Catt had been here all afternoon and stayed for supper she was here till the last dog was hung too. She and I played Bert and Const. Bell ( RCMP) from Resolution who dropped in about suppertime. We held the small end of the handle. Nona and Len played the winners while we sat by and looked on. She and I played another rubber after they beat Nona and Len and had worse results than the first attempt. We had a lunch at the usual hour of 23:30 and they all sat around and talked after lunch time till 01:00.

Friday, June 21

Temp 33. Well, today is the longest day of the year but the reading of the Meteors looked much more like November than June. Here is the Probs for the day.==== Temp 33, wind NE 20 mph snowing and raining at intervals, clouds 100%. Was on the Key all afternoon but so much traffic that I had to give up at the end of the day. SVC from Edmonton asked if I would stay off for the busy season as they cannot afford to go slow. I resumed the books for the summer. I like the later better anyway. Lizzie still working on 2 cylinders and the roads are terrible. The Portage road is absolutely impassable now and the roads around town are a close second. After supper Const. Bell and the gang came up and we had a good time. The boat was expected at Fitz but owing to high winds had been held up at Lake Athabasca. Went to bed about 01:00.

Saturday, June 22

Temp 46. At work at 09:00. Working on books all day. They are back to the 15 and by quitting time I had them all up to the 18 incl. it rained all day and it was that misty drizzle.When I got home Nona informed me that the Pearsons were up and invited us down for the evening. I went and worked for 2 hours on the car and had it working on all fours once again. It was raining while I was out but it was necessary to get it going. The roads are so bad that I might be getting stuck any day the roads are covered with about six inches of soft gooey mud even though it is composed of nearly pure sand. The long continued rains which have lasted for over 2 1/2 weeks has sure played havoc with them. We went down about 21:00 and stayed till 01:30. We had a real good time. Joe and Freda were there too. We did not play cards but listened to the phonograph and spun yarns . Jack Pearson had lots to tell about Ottawa and the Camp and stories of his happenings while up at Nottingham in Hudson's Bay while he was there. We got home about 01:45 and went to bed soon afterwards.

Sunday, June 23

Temp 42. I awoke at 08:00 and saw at a glance that it had rained all night and was still doing so, so I stayed in bed till 11:30. As soon as we got up, Nona and I took the irons down to Mrs Pearson and borrowed a hook then came back for breakfast. Bert and Len came in about noon and they had a game of bridge. About 16:00 Bert and I went down the hill to see what shape our boats were in and dumped them out. They had about 6 inches of water in them. The HBC Barge # 202 was in the water. It had been launched on Friday and Askew's men were gone. We had missed the launching. Had it been a decent day, no doubt there would have been a holiday as in the case of the 300 in 1927. We had a little difficulty in getting back up the hill, the bottom of it is a mass of mud about 18 inches thick. We were stuck for a couple of minutes but that was all. When we did get going up we had to straddle the ruts and had not trouble other than having to back down a couple of times to where our new rut is for better traction. When we got up all was well. Bert and I were going back across the river to the nets but the lull in the rain only lasted long enough to decide it. While we were getting ready the rain started again so we stayed home.

Monday, June 24

Temp 43. At last the rainy season seems over. This afternoon the sun came out and although the skies are still cloudy they are not the threatening rain clouds. When taking the Meteors at 17:30 tonight it was noticed that the humidity had dropped way down. There are 7 points difference between the wet and dry thermometers. As I am now off the Key excepting as relief at meal time and have taken over the books exclusively, a new schedule was made up today so that we would each have a little time off for work around our homes. I am off Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday mornings, starting tomorrow. I worked all day on the DRs and brought them nearly UTD. Nona came down with me this afternoon to the station and invited Joe & Freda and Jack & Mrs Pearson up for Wednesday evening. After supper Nona, Ruby and I went for a boat ride. Bert had gone down to thee cabin this morning and we were going over to visit his nets. We met him at the 3 mile Island and he said that he had been over to them so we all came back. The mail arrived today and I got a cheque for $2.25 for the 3 General Motors shares, it was the first dividend from them. There is to be another one in July. Bert and Len were up and we played bridge till bed time.

Tuesday, June 25

Temp 50. Up at 10:00 and printed pictures till 11:15. At the station I went at the books again and they were UTD early in the afternoon. After I finished with them I started to overhaul the batteries that I took out of the bank. I finished 3 of them before quitting time. Met Max Finkelstein this afternoon and he said that he would be up this evening. After supper Bert and Len came in and shortly afterwards in came Max. He brought a flask of whiskey and it was sure good stuff. He stayed till 01:00 and we had a dandy time. We just sat around and talked but he had lots to tell of the doings outside during the winter. When he went he emptied the flask and left us with about a half pint of whiskey. We killed it before Bert and Len went. There was 2 good sized snorts each in it. Radio was good tonight.

Wednesday, June 26

Temp 54. Today I was busy pulling the rest of the batteries to pieces. I took them to pieces and then got everything ready for the new plates. It was too late when I finished to start assembling any. After supper Mr & Mrs Pearson and the Dexters came over and Bert and Len were still here. We had a real go0d time. We had 2 tables of bridge and at my table Jack Pearson and I beat Len and Joe to the tune of 1100 points. While at the other table Nona and Mrs Pearson beat Bert and Freda to the tune of about 300. They left at 01:00. The radio was real good after 23:00 but static began to get heavy about 01:30.

Thursday, June 27

Temp 54. I got up and printed a bunch of pictures. At the station I worked on DRs all day. After supper we went for a short boat ride then came home and played bridge.

Friday, June 28

Temp 55. Books all day again. They are still behind. After supper I developed a bunch of films then played a couple of games of bridge.

Saturday, June 29

Temp 48. Nothing doing today out of the ordinary.

Sunday, June 30

Temp 44. The steamer got in last night and I got the mail at 10:00. No mail from home at all. We had planned a picnic down river today but it looked like it might rain so we called it off. Nona and I went to church this morning to hear Dr. Wesgate from Winnipeg speak. We enjoyed the sermon very much. While I was out chopping wood a voice behind me said " You used to do that 3 years ago" and looking around I saw Roche ( from Simpson) with his incessant grin.We came inside where several others of the gang were. Later he wanted me to run him down to the station to see Joe Dexter and Jack Pearson. As we were going past Pearsons, Evelyn called us. Frank Riddell, Neary and Padfield were all there. We had a good time talking over Camp ( Borden) news, etc. Pearsons asked us to come down this evening. After supper Nona and I went down. The gang were all there and we stayed till 01:00. I took the gang down to the boat in the car.

July 1929

Monday, July 01

Temp 44. It was a wonderful day for the sports today. There was very little on the program that interested the gang so I took them across the river to show them the rapids. After dinner we all went to the Mountain Portage. I thought they would like to see it. Paddy, Nash, Riddell, Ruby, Bert and Nona went along. After supper we all went to the dance at Lanouette's and stayed till 01:30. All our gang went in BLUES.

Tuesday, July 02

Temp 38. I went to the station this morning as the batteries were low. They all gave out over the weekend and we had to miss the 10:20 call so that I could get some filament batteries ready. That is he first time since I have been here that the station had to miss a call. I worked on the books getting them ready for the accounts. We were all invited to Dexters for supper and the evening. I came home at 17:00 and changed. About 20:00 Riddell and I went to Fitz and brought over an eight gallon keg of beer. We got back at midnight and went down and got his beer pump from his trunk then went back to the station. We sure had a great time then for a couple of hours. We took the gang down to the boat on our way home.

Wednesday, July 03

Temp 54. I was swamped with bookings today and the gang came down to sop up more beer. They brought a couple of friends from the boat. I couldn't work so after dinner I took all the books and went down to the A&A office and used their adding machine. I returned to the station at 14:30 and could not get a balance. I worked at it till 17:30 and had to give up. After supper I got in and developed a bunch of pictures for people going out on this Distributor trip. I did 14 and went to bed at 11:30.

Thursday, July 04

Temp 68. Today is my morning off but I had too much to do at the station to keep away. I got up a little after 07:00 and printed about 100 prints then went to the station at 09:30 and worked till noon trying to get a balance. I got twisted up and going in a circle so took the books home and after dinner went back to the A&A and did it all over again. I was $4.50 out and when I got back to the station Jack helped me as I had been on them for too long. While I went uptown with some messages for a rest he found $3.00 of it. Right after supper I started in and did a bunch of prints. Mr Stevens of the Meteorological Bureau of Chicago came in and talked for a couple of hours. As soon as he went I got at the pictures and was getting on well when Mr Focker came up. He is with the Dominion Explorers Ltd., a big mining outfit coming into the country. He stayed and spent the evening. Walt and Bert were here and they played bridge for a while. I went on with my work. We went to bed about 02:00.

Friday, July 05

Temp 52. Worked on the books all day but with the gang in and out I could not get much done. Balance still out when I quit at 17:30. After supper Nash and Riddle came up to the house and stayed till 01:30 We just talked the whole evening but we all enjoyed it very much.

Saturday, July 06

Temp 52. Found the mistake in the books today and started on the reports. Was not finished when quitting time came. The low gear band in the Ford gave out tonight while I was down the hill. I got up but that was all. It will not do it again. People were coming and going continually tonight for their pictures. Bed at 01:30.

Monday, July 29

From the 6th till today I have been so busy that I have never had time to enter this up. At the station we have been on the go continually from 09:00 to 18:00, that is- I have, the rest of them have been going in 2 shifts from 05:00 until 20:00 or 21:00. My evenings have been taken up with photography as well as most of my spare early mornings. I have developed about 150 rolls of films and have printed in the neighbourhood of 3000 prints. The rainy season has continued thruout the month with a lightening storm and cloudburst about once a week and about 2 rainy days as well. From the 20 to date it has not been too bad but there has been rain then too. Have not been able to cross the Portage this month although we went to the Halfway on the 21. I had broken the front spring on the car and went over to put a new one on. Micky loaned me one till mine gets in. We got word from Syd Porter the other day that he had sold our claims to the Atlas Exploration Co. at Resolution for $3,000 payable next June. Nona and I are splitting 50-50. She is going to bank her $1500 and I am going to invest from $750 to $1000 of it in stocks, very likely General Motors. My permit arrived today but there is a barrel of beer yet to come. Freda took sick Saturday last and has been confined to bed ever since and will be there for another 8 or 10 days. Nona and Evelyn ( Pearson) have been down every day with her and Jack and I have tried to ease things up for Joe by doing his shopping, etc so that he can stay home.Strawberries have been ripe and we have picked a bunch nearly every day for supper. They are a great treat and the flavour of the wild strawberry cannot be beat. At the present time Nona is making baking powder biscuits and we are having strawberry short cake and coffee tonight for our midnight lunch.We are going to loose our old bus. Raney sent word down with Alex Loutit to bring it to Resolution. I think he has sold it to the mining concerns there. I am making negotiations with Mickey for his 1927 Ford Sedan. Walt is going in partners with me.Ruby is leaving us too. She is going down river to Aklavik, although she told us, thru Bert, that she got a letter from her mother to come home to Fort Providence. I have known for weeks that she was going and where, and she has told most of the natives that she is going home. We have heard from them too, especially thru Mrs Lyall one of the native clan. Just finished our midnight lunch of coffee and strawberry shortcake. It was mighty fine too. Had no radio this month owing to the B batteries being low. The A battery needs charging but with the B's too low to work, I have not bothered although I will take it out before is sulphates. I sold another Mercury this month to Fred Raney at Resolution. It will be here on the next boat. Retired at midnight.

Tuesday, July 31

Printed pictures till nearly noon then had dinner and went to the station. Jack Pearson had the Delco running for me when I got there. Everything was going fine. I worked on the books for a while then straightened up the place as O.S. Finne, the Director of the N.W.T., is in town and is expected out to inspect the station any day. Did not have time to do any special cleaning but none of us are ashamed to let him see it as it is. After supper Walt was up and after developing a few more rolls of films we had a game of bridge. Went to bed at 01:30.

Wednesday, July 31

Worked on DRs all day. During the afternoon there was a bad lightening storm that closed the station down as far as transmissions are concerned. After supper a cloudburst set in and lasted for about 10 minutes then it settled in to a steady rain for the rest of the night. Walt was up till about 23:00. He is going to see Mickey about the car tonight. He was going in partners with me but changed his mind as two owning a car is not satisfactory. He said that when we leave the country, he will buy it back from me so that is better than the former way for both of us.

August 1929

Thursday, August 01

Worked around the yard cleaning up the weeds with the scythe from the station. After dinner, O.S. Finnie , Insp. Ritchie RCMP and Mr Giroux, M.P. of Edmonton came out to the station to look it over. Seemed pleased with their inspection. We showed them around and explained it to them. Walt came out with Nona and told me that Mickey said I could have the car right now together with all the accessories for $500.00. I gave him a cheque for $300.00 and he said that he would lend me the other $200.00 for a couple of months. I do not want to cash in any stock to pay for it unless I have to. There is a loose rod and the brake bands are worn so Walt is taking it back to the halfway to overhaul it for me. He was up to the house after supper and we had a game of bridge. Bert and I vrs. Walt and Nona.

Friday, August 02

I worked on reports most of the day as I cannot enter up the balance of the accounts until I see of there is any more July business on the way. It was hot all day today and the static closed the station down again about 15:00. After supper I developed 12 rolls of films. Walt came up in my sedan. He stayed till about 01:00 and we had a couple of rubbers of bridge.

Saturday, August 03

Working all day on DRs and accounts, got them well on the way before quitting time. Nothing much doing tonight so I developed some rolls. The mail got in tonight and the timer for Sousie's engine ( Elto Speedster 5-7 HP) came. I put it on and tried it out, worked fine.

Sunday, August 04

Up at 09:00 we planned a picnic but I had to go to the station. They have been so swamped the last 3 Sundays that Jack asked me last night if I would come down and help them out if necessary. I went down about 09:30 but Joe was just finishing up. I brought the messages up and delivered them and was home before 22:00. I had to do a little work on the engine and was just going down to do it when Walt came up. He had the sedan and told me that it was mine now. He fixed the brakes and put new lining in the transmission. There is a couple of small jobs to be done on it yet that I can do in my spare time. I went on down to the boat and was ready when the rest arrived. We started out and just at the lower end of 3 mile Island, the timer broke again in the same place that the original one broke. We waited till Bert caught up then hailed him. Ruby got into out boat and I took the engine and got into Bert's boat. While the rest drifted down the River Bert and I returned to Smith and got my Elto and caught up to them at Bell Rock. We continued then and arrived in about an hour at the new found picnic grounds on the far side of Sawmill Island. Near the lower end there is a dandy bar. We all went in for a swim but as I did not have a bathing suit, I had to go away upshore and swim by myself. It was sure a treat. The bull dogs (horse-flies) were so bad there that we went back to the other side of the river to eat. We got home about nine and had a good supper then had 2 rubbers of bridge. At midnight I drove Walt back to the Halfway. We got home at 01:00 and went right to bed.

Monday, August 05

I worked on the accounts again today and at noon went down to the AHA office and balanced up on the adding machine. I drove the 'new' sedan down to the station today and noticed a marvellous difference between it and the old galloping Cazukus. After supper we played bridge and laid around. Went to bed at midnight.

Tuesday, August 06

My new Mercury Super 10 arrived today. I sold the other one to Freddie Raney at Resolution. It is going down on the MacKenzie River at the end of the week. I collected about half of the accounts today and worked for a while on the DRs. While having a few minutes rest from the books this afternoon, I fixed the starter button on the sedan. I have to clean the terminals and the starter does not work very well. Len arrived back in Smith today from Grande de Tour and came up for the evening . I printed a bunch of pictures tonight while the rest played cards. Went to bed a little after midnight.

Wednesday, August 07

Finished up the accounts today and collected most of the balance of the accounts that were not collected yesterday. There are still several to come from Fitz. After supper we drove over to the Halfway and brought Walt over for the evening. He and I talked about building a speed boat to be used with an outboard motor. We are figuring on one about 22 feet long and 4 1/2 foot beam with a knife edge boat, eg. big flair and decked in about 8 feet. I will get an elto Quad for it. I am going to sell my present outfit. We played a few rubbers of bridge then after lunch we took Walt back to the Halfway. We returned about 01:00.

Thursday, August 08

Very sultry today with lightening storms in the late afternoon but no rain. Mosquitos are beginning to go now and are real vicious. I was working on reports and statements most of the day and getting out covering letters for them. Walt had to come over to Smith tonight so came up to the house. After playing a few games of bridge and having a lunch we took him back home. Len came along with us. The sedan is sure running nice now.

Friday, August 09

Started on the Aug. books today. Cannot go much farther with July accounts until we get the traffic cheque from Simpson and Aklavik. They are always slower than the seven year itch. After supper I took the Mercury set down to the boat to ship to Raney at Resolution. JT arrived in town today but has to go back to Fitz in the morning. After supper Walt came in. He had to come over again for parts for one of the cars. We had a lightening storm and it started to rain shortly after 20:00 and kept it up for the rest of the night. Ruby is going on this trip of the MacKenzie River and has been busy packing up most of the day. The boat sails about Monday. The evenings are so dark now that the boats tie up at night so the Athabasca, which had been getting in all summer about 22:00 on Fridays, will not arrive till tomorrow. We planned to go over to Fitz tomorrow to see it. We asked Pearson and his wife to accompany us. We thought that they would like to go for the ride.

Saturday, August 10

The mail arrived over here at 09:10. The Athabasca got in last night at 02:00. I worked on the August accounts most of the day and finished up as far as the 5th. We got a service out for VEC and there is $1.50 difference in our books. I made out a SVC showing every days business with them and am waiting for a reply as to the day the difference is on. I think I know but have to wait to make sure. Sousie Marie came over at noon to tell me that he has a timer and coil for his engine and wants me to show him how to put it on. I promised to go down with him in the morning. During the afternoon the static was so bad that we had to shut down. We can only work VEN. At 17:00 there were 20 messages here for VED.After supper we went down to Pearsons to get them. We went down about 19:30 knowing that we were early but if we stayed around here waiting the house would soon be filled and we'd never get away. Every night there is a bunch here and if we want to go out we have to get away before time to light the lamps. They were having supper when we arrived and we read Ottawa papers and played the piano and phonograph till they were ready. We got away at 20:10 and arrived at Fitz a little after 21:00. We went down to the boat first as I was anxious to know if my photography supplies were here. There is a bunch of films that I got in for fellows down river and promised to get them away to them on this trip of the Mackenzie River. F. Johnson said that he thought he saw a parcel for me that he described as the one I'm looking for. I went over to see Syd Porter and he told me that there was one in among the express parcels beside the door in the warehouse. I went over and Jack and I hunted but could not locate it. Jack ( the warehouseman) promised to send it over first thing in the morning. There was a dance on at Mories so we went down and had a couple of rounds. We left there about 23:00 and arrived back home a little after midnight. The engine worked beautifully but the roads were a bit bumpy. We went to bed at 01:00.

Sunday, August 11

Up at 09:00. I went out to the station to see if they needed me. There was so much piled up last night and as we did not see VED since noon, I thought they might need me. Jack (Pearson) had about cleared it and there was nothing new in from VED so I came back home. I went over at 10:00 to get Sousie but he was in church. I went back at noon and found him. I took about 10 minutes to fix the engine up then I tried it out on my boat. He thought it was a dandy. It worked like a new machine. I hope this one does not break. Sousie wants to buy my boat and since I am going to get a new one, I told him he could have it in the fall for $200.00. When I got back home I found Ruby and Bert just going out so Nona and I went for a car ride. We went out to see the Mission Forks and back. After we got back home we started to strain our wine that we put on 40 days ago. Walt came in and helped. I had the Mercury Kit here that is my new set so I started in to assemble it. I was only going to do part of it by supper but it was so near finished that I went ahead and finished it up. It worked fine right off the bat. Bert and I played Nona and Walt 3 rubbers of bridge and we won out to the tune of 1922 to 730. We had a lunch of coffee and tomato and cucumber sandwiches then took Walt home. during the evening I was telling Walt that some time if I had money enough I was going to get a small schooner and travel around the world. he told me that that was also his ambition and if when we were ready we would write him and let him in on it and he would build the boat for me. ( Walt was a journeyman cabinet maker ). He is a good shipbuilder and the boat would cost about 1/4 what a built boat would cost. I promised I would. Walt is also a dandy mechanic and an old sailor, he was the Engineer on the river steamers here for years. We got back from the Halfway about 01:00 and then went to bed.

Monday, August 12

Off this morning. My mornings off are changed from Tues, Thurs and Sat to Mon, Wed and Fri now to make it a shorter week for the gang at the station. Monday suits me fine as it gives me a longer weekend. I printed a bunch of pictures this morning then helped Nona get some Japanese Sunflowers from Mrs Cameron and transplant them into our garden. When I got to the station I found a flat tire and as the spare was flat too, I fixed them up first thing. I took a rattle out of the front door. Had to come uptown once and deliver a few messages. About 17:00 Walt came out in Mickey's Dodge sedan to see me about some distilled water. I had to go to the meat shop so he told me to drive in the sedan. I did. It was the first big car I was behind the wheel of since 1926. It sure was a treat and the car has some pep. Walt stayed for supper then had to go back to the Halfway. George Burr came in about 20:00 and stayed till 23:30. Several fellows were up for films but I had none. Joe came up about 21:00 with some messages for me to deliver in the morning on my way down. One was for me from Willsons stating that my photograph supplies were shipped on this weeks train. I tried the radio tonight but the static is terrific. It has been the poorest summer that I ever saw for Radio. The static is from R5to R9 all day at the station and about R5 all night. It is the heavy mashing kind and the crashes are right on top of each other. I think my new set is going to be a good one as it brings in plenty of stations even though the static is bad. Nona went to bed at 23:00 and I soon followed.

Tuesday, August 13

Worked for a while on Aug. accounts today but the heat was so intense that working was hard to do. Came uptown once to deliver messages and came home to get a bottle of beer. After supper we were going down to Pearsons to show them how to hook up their radio and help put up an aerial. There was a bad lightening storm starting up just before we left and we waited till it was over which was about 09:00. There was one crash that hit right near here and it put all the phones out of commission. We got down to Pearsons about 21:15 and it was 22:00 before we got the set working. The radio was very good too. We were there till about 01:10.

Wednesday, August 14

Joe went across the Portage last night and couldn't get back so Jack sent an SOS up for me to come down. There was a cloudburst on the Portage and most of the trucks, Ryan's Dodge and McNeils ' Hudson were all in the ditch. I got there about 10:00 and Jack went home for some breakfast. While he was gone I typed out all the messages that he had received then cleared Resolution. Joe got home about 11:00. During the afternoon I was so sleepy that I nearly fell asleep and when I was coming up with the messages I stopped off at home and took back a couple of bottles of beer. I tasted good too, in the heat. Nona came back with me and stayed at Dexters until quitting time. On our way home we took Mrs Pearson up to the Bay to get some stuff for supper. After supper Walt came over and spent the evening. The radio was poor tonight, static was very bad.

Thursday, August 15

Worked on the mail for Ottawa most of the day and the rest of the time was busy with Aug. DR's. Tom Pearce came in this afternoon about 14:00 and talked to Nona till I came home. We invited him to stay for supper. Shortly after I came in, Bill Schafeur came in to get me to look at his camera and clean it out. He had a new warden ( O'Coffey) with him. They stayed for supper too. Bill and O' Coffey left about 21:30 and Tom waited for a truck to take him across till about 23:30 then started to walk, hoping he would not have to walk far till a truck caught up to him. One went by about 20 minutes after he left so I guess that he caught it OK.

Friday, August 16

Home this morning. I slept in till 10:00 then got breakfast and Nona stayed in bed till she had a bite to eat. I worked on the books all day and about 16:00 in the afternoon the Delco was sputtering. So I went out to look at it. The flange on the fuel pump assembly was broken so I had to make a==== Temporary repair and wire to Ottawa for a replacement. After supper Nona and I went over to the hotel and spent the evening. I hooked up Bert's radio for him but as it was such a poor night we got nothing. I made several trips home to try to get my own set but it was NG too. We came home about midnight and went to bed.

Saturday, August 17

The Laird River (boat) arrived today at noon from Simpson. I took the mail uptown and brought back the mail from outside. The Athabasca got in at 02:00. I got the Elto part for Sousies engine and some films. The photography supplies that I have been looking for a month are not here yet but are in McMurray. I expect them in on the next boat. Walt came over tonight and stayed all night. He brought over the window for the front left door on the sedan and helped me put it in. It was just getting dark when we finished it. Walt stayed on the couch but……….

Sunday, August 18

…… left at 07:00. He was back at 09:00 and stayed till 11:00. After he went we got ready and Nona took me down to the boat then came back up the hill for the Pearson. She met them on the road coming up. We left about 12:30 and went down the river nearly to the end of Sawmill Island. We stopped on a sandbar to stretch our legs and were going around the island when I noticed the nut on the axle of the propellor gone. All that was holding the prop on was the shear pin and if it flew out or was cut there, there would be nothing left to hold the prop and we would loose it. So I decided not to go any farther down. At the head of the island we met Bert and I asked him to keep an eye on us. We got to Gravel Point OK and while there, I got a quarter of an inch carriage bolt and ran it thru and put two nuts on it. It held and we got back fine. We were all sorry that we did not think of our bathing suits because the water was warm and it turned out to be a dandy day for a swim. We got back to Smith at 17:50 and Mrs Pearson asked us for supper. We had a good supper and all felt very much like eating. We had fried chicken, carrots, mashed spuds, cauliflower and coffee. We left there at 23:00 and went out the Portage about 5 miles before turning in.

Thursday, August 22

MacKenzie River left for Aklavik this afternoon. Bert went down to Providence to get married to Ruby.

Sunday, August 31

We had planned a picnic and duck hunt combined for the day with the Pearsons and ourselves. We were going to Gande de Tour as Sousie Marie said I could use his Speedster. We were to have left Smith before 09:00 but Nona had a cold so decided to stay home. The weather looked beautiful for duck hunting the real reason for the trip but was not so good for a picnic. It was 11:00 wen we finally got away and the weather was still doubtful looking but we went prepared for real bad weather. We passed Gravel Point in 50 minutes and arrived at Salt River about noon. I went up to show them the settlement. From there we went to the Island four miles below Salt River and cooked dinner. It was 12:30. The weather was fine while we were there but began to get threatening before we got away. When we arrived at Bert's cabin it started to rain so we left the boat and walked inland looking for partridge and grouse. We had not seen a duck yet. Someone had been in on the trail ahead of us with pack dogs and what birds had been in the vicinity had flown. It had stopped raining when we got back to the boat and we went on. It started raining again when we got to Raspberry Island so we stopped and put the tarp up for shelter. It poured until after 18:00 so we got supper then made ready to return. I took us till about 19:00 to get all dried out and the tarp and blankets dry. As it was getting dark and I figured on more rain and we couldn't talk anyway while the engine was going, I fixed the blankets and tarp down as a sort of bed so it would be comfortable for them and we started back. When we got out of the channel into the main river we found that there was a 30 mph wind blowing upstream. There were waves from 30-36' high but as we were well covered and wanted to get home I opened out the engine and we made about 16 mph up river. The boat was loaded just right and we never shipped a drop all the way home. We arrived at Smith at 01:10. I got home at 02:00 and went to bed almost immediately. During the following week I was busy most of the time on books at the station. We decided that Nona better go outside and spend the winter with my Mother and Dad (Regina). Most of the people from here are going out for the winter and it will be pretty lonesome for her.

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