Lawson, Arthur Gorham

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Arthur Gorham Lawson
Born 16 August 1891
Lawson 1915 photo detail.jpg
Place of birth Halifax Nova Scotia
Allegiance Canada
Service/branch Canadian Engineers
Rank Lieutenant-Colonel
Awards MC

Arthur Gorham Lawson, MC (16 August 1891 - ???) was a Canadian soldier who served in the Permanent Force Royal Canadian Engineers prior to the Great War and as a member of the Canadian Signal Service during it.

Early Life


Arthur Lawson attended the Royal Military College of Canada prior to joining the Permanent Force with the Royal Canadian Engineers somethie about 1911.[1] He attested in the Canadian Expeditionary Force in February 1915 and joined the 2nd Canadian Divisional Signal Company as one of the original officers. He was promoted Captain in October 1915 and in May of 1916 became the Company's Second-in-Command. That appointment was short lived and he was sent to take Command of the 4th Canadian Divisional Signal Company which was being formed in England. In February 1917 he was promoted Major and in June of that year was awarded the Military Cross. In July 1918 he proceeded to England and took command of the Canadian Engineer Reserve Battalion for which he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel.

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