Lorry 4-ton APF

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Lorry 4-ton APF
Lorry APF front right.jpg
Production history
Manufacturer Four Wheel Drive Auto Company (FWD)
Length 267"
Width 96"
Height 111"
Wheelbase 156"

The Lorry, 4-ton, APF was a vehicle for towing a Trailer APF, a component of the Radiolocation (Radar) Unit GL III(c). The vehicle was a HAR-01 model manufactured by Four Wheel Drive Auto Company (FWD) fitted with a 'Budd' type body produced for and equipped by Research Enterprises Ltd (REL), the makers of the GL III(c). The body of the Lorry, 4-ton, APF, carrying body code 4R1 but also known as Research Enterprises No. 1, carried a diesel engine generating set for powering the GL III(c). The HAR-01 was modified by the fitment of Warner electric trailer brake controllers.[1]

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