Lorry Wireless Morris Type

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Lorry Wireless Morris Type
Lorry light Wireless Morris Type c1935.jpg
Production history
Manufacturer Morris-Commercial
Produced c1926-1932
Number built 2
Length 10 ft wheelbase (later 12 ft)

Engine Morris Z 2513cc, 15.9hp (RAC), 4 cylinder side valve
Payload capacity 30 cwt (later 40 cwt)

The Lorry, Wireless, Morris Type was a 30-cwt (2 ton) six wheeled Morris Commercial D Type 6 x 4 Lorry fitted with W/T bodywork for a 'C' set wireless.

Two were authorized for purchase by Canada in 1930 after the Minister of National Defence made a request to the Privy Council to purchase them through the War Office from the manufacturer. The vehicles were for training purposes and one can be seen along with other Signals vehicles pictured in this 1936 photo.

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