Meritorious Service Medal

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Meritorious Service Medal.jpg
The Meritorious Service Medal (military division) was established in 1984 to recognize a military deed or activity that has been performed in a highly professional manner or of a very high standard that brings benefit or honour to the Canadian Forces.[1]


The medal is a circular silver medal, 36mm in diameter, ensigned with the royal crown.


A bar is awarded for further activities that would have warranted award of the Medal. The bar is a silver bar with a maple leaf in the centre. The bar is worn centred on the ribbon; if multiple bars have been awarded, they shall be evenly spaced on the ribbon.


A representation of the Meritorious Service Cross.


The Royal Cypher (EIIR) is in the centre, within a double circle are the words «MERITORIOUS SERVICE MERITORIE » with a maple leaf at the bottom separating the words «MERITORIOUS » and « MERITOIRE ».


The recipients details are engraved on the rim of the Medal and the date appears in the top part of the reverse.


A ring suspension is attached to the top of the Crown.


The ribbon for the military division is 32mm in width with two white stripes 6 mm wide, having a 1mm stripe of blue in its center, centred on the outer third of each side of the ribbon.

The award of a bar to the Medal is denoted by the wearing of a small silver maple leaf device on the undress ribbon.


A recipient is entitled to use the letters "MSM".


As of 1 June 2012, there have been 801 awards in the military division since its institution in 1984.

There have been 15 Signals and C&E Branch recipients of the MSM. Please see Meritorious Service Medal - Signals Recipients for a listing of the individuals.