Meritorious Service Medal - Signals Recipients

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The Meritorious Service Medal has been awarded to the following 15 Signals and C&E Branch personnel.[1]

Name Award Era Award Date Citation
LCol A. Bellahnid
11 September 2015
Improved Wideband Satellite Communications
CWO G. Blais
22 August 2012
From May to July 2011, Chief Warrant Officer Blais distinguished himself as Joint Task Force Afghanistan regimental sergeant-major when appointed to this position with little notice. In theatre since August 2010, as regimental sergeant-major of Headquarters and Signals Squadron, he demonstrated loyalty and flexibility, which eased his acceptance by troops and ensured full continuity of Task Force command. Chief Warrant Officer Blais’ personal and professional attributes contributed greatly to the success of the Canadian Forces’ counter-insurgency operations.
Capt G.K. Campbell
Gulf War
17 October 1991
Captain Campbell was the Chief of the Allocation and Engineering Action Team in the Defence Communications Agency, Scott Air Force Base, United States of America, during the Gulf War. He expertly managed the Agency's allocation and engineering operation as part of the Crisis Action Team for Operations DESERT SHIELD and DESERT STORM. Working long hours under stressful conditions, his team successfully configured and connected strategic and tactical transmission systems and networks, both in the United States and in the Gulf theatre, and solved countless technical and procedural problems.
BGen F.J. Chagnon
11 November 2017
Commander Task Force Jerusalem 2016
MCpl S.J.B. Descarie
12 March 2008
Master Corporal Descarie is commended for his operational support of Joint Task Force Afghanistan, during his tour with the National Security Agency, based out of Fort George Meade, Maryland, commencing in July 2005. His exceptional analytical skills, professionalism and initiative in developing and delivering actionable intelligence lead to several high-profile successes in actions against anti-coalition forces.
Maj A. Ferriss
28 June 2016
CO 8 Air Communication Squadron on transfer to 2 Wing
MCpl S.G. Gartside
18 October 2006
Master Corporal Gartside is commended for his outstanding and conspicuous performance while serving with the Allied Command Europe Communications and Information Systems Contingency Asset Pool and 1st NATO Signal Battalion, in Maastricht, Netherlands, from October 2000 to July 2005. His professionalism, commitment to duty, drive and enthusiasm contributed significantly to the operational readiness of his unit to undergo an intense operational tempo. He selflessly committed himself to “mission first” and in so doing led by example. His dynamic, inspirational and untiring efforts in the NATO multinational environment have brought great credit to the Canadian Forces and to Canada.
Col R.J.D. Gervais
19 November 2009
Colonel Gervais was deployed to the Sinai Peninsula as chief of liaison for the Multinational Forces and Observers and as commander of Task Force El Gorah, from July 2008 to July 2009. During times of open hostility and great regional tensions along the Egypt-Israel border, his tactful diplomacy ensured effective communications between all parties, which was essential to maintaining or restoring calm. Colonel Gervais’ diplomatic skills contributed to the operational strength of the Task Force, highlighting Canada’s contribution to the greater Middle East peace process.
Cpl H. Gingrich
17 May 2012
From July 2010 to January 2011, Corporal Gingrich performed outstandingly as a signaller within the Joint Defence Operations Centre at Kandahar Airfield. Most notably, in response to indirect fire attacks on the airfield, she led her section to cordon the impact sites until they could be cleared by counter-explosive personnel. Taking on new roles as required and providing excellent mentorship to inexperienced NATO personnel, Corporal Gingrich displayed exceptional leadership and was a key member of the operations centre.
Col J.J.M. Girard
18 December 2010
Colonel Girard was deployed to Haiti as the commander of Task Force Port-au-Prince from July 2008 to August 2009. Occupying a senior leadership role as the chief of staff to the United Nations force commander, he established relationships with key stakeholders that facilitated the operations of the international stabilization mission. His outstanding coordination of 7000 multinational soldiers and interaction with international aid agencies enabled an organized relief effort during Haiti’s hurricane crisis, played a prominent role in supporting senatorial elections and led to the implementation of a quick-reaction force that quickly quelled rioting in the country.
Sgt R.M. Groves
15 March 2010
Sergeant Groves has been the creator and motivator behind three projects: Notes from Home Campaign, Tour Diaries and Memory Books. Her efforts have been instrumental in forwarding written notes to the deployed soldiers, in documenting their personal experiences in Afghanistan, and in producing a personalized hand-crafted memory book for the families of every fallen soldier. Sergeant Groves has actively promoted the welfare of Canadian Forces members and their families and has garnered significant support from all Canadians, coast to coast to coast.
PO1 J. Kenney
22 October 2013
As the Signals Intelligence team leader from February to November 2012, Petty Officer 1st Class Kenney greatly contributed to improving protection for coalition forces operating within Kabul. He worked relentlessly to refine the tactics, techniques and procedures related to intelligence collection and dissemination. He also enhanced threat knowledge, and enabled the identification and interdiction of insurgent networks. Through these accomplishments, Petty Officer 1st Class Kenney established himself as a leader in his field and significantly bolstered the Canadian Armed Forces’ reputation in Afghanistan.
Cpl A. Khalil
2 April 2013
Arabic Linguist HMCS Charlottetown
Capt T.D. Lavigne
20 April 2010
As the information management officer from November 2008 to April 2009, Captain Lavigne contributed to the concurrent establishment of the Joint Task Force Afghanistan Air Wing, the Canadian Helicopter Force Afghanistan and a Canadian unmanned aerial vehicle detachment. His innovative solutions and ability to balance competing priorities enabled him to implement multiple command and control systems in an austere environment. Captain Lavigne’s leadership and professionalism ensured that units received the communications support necessary for the rapid commencement of flying operations.
Maj N.Y. Lemieux
19 April 2013
Major Lemieux was deployed to Afghanistan as part of the Mission Transition Task Force from July to December 2011. As senior communications advisor and commander of Group Headquarters and Signal Squadron, he coordinated the delivery of impeccable communications support and developed an exemplary reduction plan. His leadership, determination and knowledge ensured that the closure of the Canadian communications infrastructure went smoothly while maintaining operational effectiveness during the process.


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