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Farewell from the Editor/Webmaster

It is time to hang up the headset and unplug the key. Since 1998 I have managed to keep this website going through the generous contributions of time and energy of hundreds of kind souls who sought to preserve the history and memory of the old Northwest Territories and Yukon Radio System.

In March of 1998, in responding to a university researcher who asked if I knew anything about the NWT&Y Radio System I said I knew virtually nothing about it but would find out. I was dismayed to learn that there was almost nothing out in the public domain that told the story. There were station journals at the Museum in Vimy Barracks and three printed versions of the official history of the System. That was the extent of it. I dedided that something should be done to correct this situation.

At that point I knew nothing about making Internet web pages but thought this would be the ideal way to connect with the community and gather information. With the help of a colleague from Queen's University in Kingston we mounted the first website dedicated solely to the NWT&Y Radio system. I then started spreading the news through word of mouth to anyone I thought might be interested.

My initial objective was to make a page for each one of the Stations and another for a few of the personnel who had served on the System, plus a copy of the Official History. I thought I would have it all finished by the end of the year. Then the queries and contributions started coming in. I quickly learned that there were numerous people out there who likewise wanted to preserve the history of the System and the memories of people who served on its stations. What you see here today is the result of 15 years of collecting photos and information and keeping the website up to date. In the meantime we have been given recognition by Heritage Canada and adopted by the Military Communications and Electronics Museum, which has included us in their permanent exhibits.

But now technology has overtaken the website and old infirmaties have laid hold of me. I no longer have the energy nor the ability to continue the upkeep of the Project so have decided to pass it on into more capable hands.

From the very early stages RC Sigs Militaria has hosted the website without charge. For this we are most grateful to Joe Costello without whose contribution we would never have made it past the first three years. Now Joe has extended his generosity by agreeing to take over the website and do a badly needed overhaul of the technology that keeps it going.

Many mistakes were made in the early days of preparing and posting photos and these are clearly visible to the viewer today. I was learning on the go, and took short cuts that were not quite up to Internet standards. Joe will correct these mistakes and ensure that the NWT&Y Radio System virtual memorial will continue to stand.

To all of our contributors and to the many personal friends I have made in this enterprise over the past decade and a half, I can only say, "without you all this would never have happened."

Together we have left a legacy for future generations of Signallers and recognition of the tremendous contribution our Corps and its people have made to our Nation. We are immensely proud of them.

73 MM AR

Michael Martin
(709) 639-1163

SN: To those contributors who have sent in photos and information in the past 12 months, and did not see the results on the website, I must apologize. I have not been able to deal with the backlog due to illness. I am now in the process of correcting those omissions. If you do not see your material added or edited by the end of October, 2013, please contact me at the e-mail address above. I am very sorry for the delay. -- MM