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George Johnston Oliver
23 February 1892 – 1968
Oliver, George Johnston portrait.jpg
Place of birth Dunbar Berwickshire, Scotland
Place of burial Brandon Manitoba
Allegiance Canada
Service/branch Canadian Army
Rank Sergeant
Awards DCM, MM with 2 bars

Sergeant George Johnston Oliver (23 February 1892 – 1968) ....


For his service in the Great War, Oliver was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal[1] and the Military Medal with two bars[2][3][4].

Distinguished Conduct Medal Citation

Sergeant Oliver's DCM citation[5] reads:

For marked gallantry and devotion to duty during the attack east of the Canal du Nord from 27th to 30th September, 1918. He was the N.C.O. i./c. of the party of signallers. Shortly after starting forward he found that the infantry had passed over a machine-gun nest which was sweeping the western bank of the canal. Immediately he telephoned his brigade, and artillery fire was directed on the nest and all but one machine gun was put out of action. He then got in rear of the machine gun and rushed it single handed, shot four of the crew with his revolver, and took the fifth prisoner. He did splendid work.

Military Medal Citation

Cpl Oliver's MM citation reads:

During the capture of VIMY RIDGE on April 9th 1917, near THELUS, he repeatedly repaired telephone wires under heavy enemy barrage. He worked continuously for 48 hours repairing wires, showing a total disregard for danger. His courage and initiative were mainly responsible for the success of communications during the operation.

First Bar to the Military Medal Citation

Cpl Oliver's citation for his first bar to the MM reads:

For conspicuous gallantry on 15th Aug 1917. He continually repaired telephone wires running forward to the attacking Companies through a heavy enemy barrage. Although buried three times he still carried on. His pluck and determination was responsible for the maintenance of telephonic communication, and enabled much valuable information to be to be transmitted to the rear.

Second Bar to the Military Medal Citation

Cpl Oliver's citation for his second bar to the MM reads:

For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty Nov: 8th to 11th 1917 inclusive, during the operations against PASCHENDAELE RIDGE. Cpl OLIVER went forward on Nov: 8th and was practically on duty continuously as linesman and runner. On the morning of the attack he made seven trips through the heaviest of the enemy barrage, mending the lines and carrying despatches. his courage perseverance and resourcefulness were an inspiration to the men of the Section.

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