Privy Council 1934/2004

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PDF of PC 34/2004

Certified to be a true copy of a Minute of a Meeting of the Committee of the Privy council, approved by His Excellency the Governor General on the 25th August 1934

The Committee of the Privy Council have had before them a report, dated 22nd August, 1934, from the Minister of National Defence, submitting that the Department of National Defence requires twenty-five portable battery-operated Wireless Sets, No. 1.B, complete with stations, for issue to units of the Canadian Corps of Signals for training purposes.

The Deputy Minister of National Defence recommends that, as these Wireless Sets are not manufactured in Canada, they be obtained through the High Commissioner for Canada from the War Office.

The estimated cost is $10,000 and the necessary funds from which to make payment have been provided by Parliament.

The Committee, on the recommendation of the Minister of National Defence, advise that authority be granted for the purchase of these sets accordingly.


Asst Clerk of the Privy Council