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CEF Signals Uniforms
Members of the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) wore Service Dress during the Great War. Those assigned to Signalling duties had distinguishing badges including trade badges, a blue and white armband and for some, the badges of the Canadian Signalling Corps.

Trade Badges

The typical trade badge denoting Signallers was the crossed signalling flags. This badge was worn by qualified Signallers irrespective of Corps affiliation. Other trade badges were adopted for use although often there is no official documentation to describe or authorize their use.

Crossed Flags

Despatch Rider

The Despatch Rider badge is an example of a trade badge adopted and worn during the Great War.

1st Canadian Divisional Signal Company Uniform Example

Here are photos showing some CEF uniform item badged for a Corporal of the 1st Canadian Divisional Signal Company. The tunic is a 5-button British pattern version.

Canadian Engineers Uniform Example

Here are photos of a uniform for a Canadian Engineer Sergeant assigned to the Signal Service. The tunic is a 5-button British pattern version modified to create a stand up collar.