Telephone No. 110 (Mark 234)

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Telephone No. 110 (Mark 234)
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The Telephone No. 110 (Mark 234) was used in the First World War. A British General Post Office (GPO) manufactured phone, it is purported to be a portable linesman's Magneto telephone.[1]

The phone is in a wooden box with a protective top cover and a handle. The box is marked GPO with C18 over 234 alongside. The phone was powered by two dry cells "W" that were placed in a compartment accessible from the rear. The inner workings where inaccessible behind a screwed in panel. The front opened to expose the handset and calling crank. The front had four pads that supported the phone when it was flipped under the phone. The telephone featured a Model No. 112 handset with the markings C17 over 234 along side No. 112.

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