Telephone Set D Mk V

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Telephone D Mk V
Telephone Set D Mk V (1e).jpg
Weight 11 lb (5 kg)
Length 10 14 in (26.035 cm)
Width 6 14 in (15.875 cm)
Height 5 12 in (14 cm)
The Telephone D Mark V is a Second World War era portable telephone designed for field use in Army formation forward of Divisional Headquarters. In addition to the ability to talk, it provides a call buzzer, a bell indication of an incoming magneto generator call, aural indication of an incoming buzzer call and the ability to communicate by buzzer and key. The handset is a Telephones, Hand, No. 2.[1]

Reliable speech could be as much as 14 to 16 miles with D8 cable or 8 to 10 miles of D3 twisted cable. Morse telegraphy could be 25 and 15 miles respectively.

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