Wireless Telegraph Set C Mk II

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W/T Set C Mk II
WT Set C Mk II Sender Unit.jpg
W/T Set C Mk II Sender Unit
Production history
Introduced 1926

Rx: 650-2000 metres (150-462kHz)
Tx: 600-4000 metres (75-500kHz)
Range 20 miles
The W/T Set C Mk II was a Continuous Wave (CW) Wireless Teletype set intended for use at Divisions and Brigades. It consisted of two main parts, a reception set and a sender set. The sender was usually used with a 120ft aerial in two 15 ft. masts while the receiver worked with a Frame Aerial 'C'. Also part of a complete set was a Power Unit 180 watt. The total weight of the set was 416lbs.[1]

The set came in two configurations, the Complete Station No. 1 and Complete Station No. 2.[2]

Complete Station No. 1

This was a portable station which required separate transport. Springing (vehicle suspension) was essential in order to avoid damaging the instruments during transport. The set could not be used "on the move" and after halting, needed time to set up and erect the aerials.

Complete Station No. 2

This was a mobile mechanized station carried on a six-wheeled chassis with a special W/T body. While more efficient at the halt, it could handle traffic over a limited range while the vehicle was moving.

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