Canadian Armed Forces Motorcycle Display Team

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Canadian Armed Forces Motorcycle Display Team
Motorcycle Display Team Pose (6).jpg
Active 1966 – 1967
Garrison/HQ Kingston Ontario

An RC Sigs Motorcycle Display Team, officially called the Canadian Armed Forces Motorcycle Display Team, was formed in 1966 under Capt J.E. Burman to take part in the Armed Forces Tattoo that toured across Canada to large and enthusiastic audiences as part of Canada’s Centennial Celebrations in 1967.[1][2] The team consisted of 37 riders and were accompanied by 4 men from RCEME under Cpl Andre Leveque to maintain the motorcycles[3].

Sergeant (Ret'd) G. Michael Comeau recollects:

In 1966, I had the pleasure of being assigned to a Canadian Centennial, celebration activity; namely, the Canadian Armed Forces Motorcycle Display Team. After intensive trick rider training for a full year, we travelled from "coast to coast" in 1967, performing 125 shows over a period of 6 months. You can imagine the thrill and excitement of actually being "paid" to do tricks and stunts as the "starring attraction" in most towns and cities we visited! We had 21 broken bones, during our training year and "wrote-off" 20 motorcycles, as "scrap-for-parts". While on tour, we only had one serious accident, but everyone recovered.[4]

1967 Display Team known members

Captain J.E. Burman (Commanding Officer)
Lieutenant Paul Kervin (Riding Officer)
Garry Burner
G. Michael Comeau
Hoss Egdell
Russ Graham
Yvon Gilbert
Jean Leduc
Jack Neilson
Danny O'Sullivan
Signalman James Martin Stefan
Earle Topley

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