Royal Canadian Corps of Signals Despatch Rider Display Team

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Royal Canadian Corps of Signals Despatch Rider Display Team
Despatch Rider Display Team (1).jpg
Active 1952 – 1956
Garrison/HQ Kingston Ontario

In the fall of 1952 the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals Despatch Rider Display Team was formed. Patterned after the Royal Signals team which had performed since 1930, the 26 members used unmodified standard issue motorcycles to provide an action packed half hour show. They performed from the spring of 1953 until 1956 when the team was disbanded.[1]

The team rode unmodified Canadian Army motorcycles - Norton 16Hs.

It's interesting that none of the "pose" photos are shown 'static', or with kick stands down. This was on purpose and such photos were not permitted by those in charge of the team.

Display Team known members

Lt R.J.G. Adams, Lt R.E. MacNintch
Sgt G. Casselman
Cpl M.E. Atkinson
L/Cpl J.E.A. Doucet, L/Cpl A.P. Saccary
Sigmn J.A. Arsenault, Sigmn F.R.A. Cleary, Sigmn Cosse, Sigmn D.F. Dailey, Sigmn J. Dorain, Sigmn I.H. Dunn, Sigmn C.G.J. Garner, Sigmn R.E. Giffen, Sigmn L.R. Loiselle, Sigmn M.A. Long, Sigmn R.E. Magnosson, Sigmn R.C. McCuaig, Sigmn K.W. McElron, Sigmn C. Nearing, Sigmn H. Nearing, Sigmn S.G. Sparks, Sigmn J.E. Totten, Sigmn L.V. Voutour, Sigmn H.G. Ward, Sigmn R.G. Waugh, Sigmn F.H. Williams, Sigmn T.C. Williams

Team Tragedy, 28 September 1953

On 28 Septmber, 1953, the team was traveling to Portage La Prairie where they were do perform the next day. While in convoy approximately two miles east of the town on No. 1 Highway, there was a pileup when one motorcycle hit a hole in the road, a 'pot hole' reported to be 12 feet long and six inches deep, and overturned and several other bikes crashed into it. To avoid the accident, L/Cpl Doucet of the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps, pulled out into the oncoming lane and was killed when he crashed head-on into a gravel truck.[2] Two other soldiers were injured, Sigmn J.E. Totten who was hospitalized and one other who received cuts.

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The following video is footage of the team during a performance. The date and location are not identified.


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