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January 1929

Tuesday, January 01

There I go still wanting to write 1928. Nona got up a 08:15 but I slept on till 11:00. Jack Taylor (JT) had to go and see McDougal and Nona and I started to clean house. I cleaned the front room and Nona did the kitchen. Nadene was still sick all day. About 14:30 I went around my trap line and had the usual luck, fisherman's luck. Owing to the warm spell then the cold snap the traps were all frozen in and I had to restate all of them. There were a few fox tracks in the vicinity. While we were getting supper Norman Welding came in. Leggo came in a few minutes later with a bottle of Gatto's. A few minutes later Gerry Murphy came in with Bill Schaffer. they all stayed till about 19:00. We had a couple of drinks then talked over the proposition of forming an entertainment society which would get a number of records, etc. for dances and look after sports in winter and summer. Bill Loverock (FL) stayed for supper then we listened to the radio till 22:00. Bill left at 22:00 and JT and Nona washed the dishes. I straightened up the front room. Went to bed at 23:30.

Wednesday, January 02

JT woke me up at 08:00. I had a cup of tea with him and he left at 08:30. Nona was still sleepy as Nadene kept us awake most of the night. I went to work at 09:00 and cleaned up the rest of the DR's for Dec. Bill Loverock was sick with indigestion most of the day. It was his day off anyway. After supper Norman Welding came in and stayed till midnight. We had a very enjoyable and quiet evening. We listened to the radio and talked most of the time. Went to bed at 24:00.

Thursday, January 03

Woke up at 09:00 and arrived at the station at 09:30. Bill was pretty sick all day. I worked on the ledgers. At noon Bill was so sick that Joe Dexter (GD) relieved him for the rest of the day. Joe and I cleaned out the chimney this afternoon to lessen any chances of fire while short handed. Looks like Bill would have to stay home for a few days. Everybody in town has one or more sick in bed with flu or other things. I hurried home at 17:00. Nadene was still sick. She hasn't eaten all day, in fact nothing has stayed in her stomach for 3 days and we are worried. No one came up tonight and we were glad, too as Nadene is still so sick that we want to be with her all the time. Nona was so tired that she went to bed at 21:30. I went at 22:30.

Friday, January 04

Temp is -19. Up at 08:00. I helped Nona look after Nadene this morning. She seems no better, but no worse. As Bill is still sick at home I ran down to the station at 11:00 and brought up all the messages for delivery. In the afternoon I helped around the house while Nona spent her time with Nadene. I went back to the station later in the afternoon and brought up the messages. As no one came this evening we went to bed at 22:00.

Saturday, January 05

Temp -30. Went to the station and closed out the equipment ledger then finished the accounts and got them ready for collections. Bill came over for a few minutes but did not stay long. Still sick. Nadene is worse tonight. She is showing signs of not sleeping and eating. We have tried everything possible but she vomits it up as soon as it reaches her stomach. Warm water and sugar stayed down the longest. The doctor is sick in bed and has been for several days too.

Sunday, January 06

Temp -20. Up at 09:00 and after getting Nadene fixed up and breakfast over with I printed a large bunch of pictures. After supper Mr & Mrs Godsell and Jim Woods came in. They stayed till 23:00. We had a cup of tea at midnight and went to bed. Nadene is getting very weak and thin. She slept thru from 22:00 till…………

Monday, January 07

Temp -9. ……….09:00 AM. this is the first night that Nadene slept thru for a week. This afternoon she kept a little cream of wheat and gruel on her stomach. She is now on the incline. I collected the radio accounts this afternoon and finished about 15:00. Got back to the station but didn't do much the rest of the afternoon. I am so worn out from staying up with Nadene and extra work here that I am getting so I can't keep my mind on work for a long time. After supper Mrs Lyall came in and stayed till midnight. She helped us look after Nadene.

Tuesday, January 08

Temp -12. Got up at 09:00. Nadene slept well again last night. About 10:00 Callaghan came by with his team and I got him to tow my car. I got the engine running OK and changed the light and radio batteries and took the laundry. When at the station for new batteries I found that Bill was sick and had to go home again, so I waited around till 17:00 which was not far off and took the messages uptown. After supper Norman came in and stayed till midnight. I brought in the oil from the crankcase of the car to keep it warm tonight. Stayed up till 01:00.

Wednesday, January 09

Temp -30. Nadene seems better today. Teeth bothered her all day making her cross. She didn't sleep this afternoon. I finished the collections today and got everything ready for this mail. Mail arrived today. Part arrived for the Mercury and Super for Walt Johnson and Bert came.

Thursday, January 10

Temp -20. Had to go to the mission on my way home and didn't get home till 12:30. Nona was frantic when I came in. Nadene took a turn for the worse about 11:00 and went into unconsciousness. Nona took it for a sign that she was dying. Gerry went for the doctor and Paul stayed with her till I arrived. The doctor only got up at noon today himself so couldn't come. The nurse came over. I stayed home till 16:00 then went to the station for the afternoon messages. Nadene was the same till the evening. I stayed up with her till 01:30.

Friday, January 11

Temp -16. Bill home in bed again, so I ran down to the station at 11:00 and 17:00 for the messages. Nadene is still unconscious all day. Could get her to eat regularly but otherwise no signs of sense. I stayed up till 01:30 keeping the house warm as the mercury is falling fast. It is -62 now at 01:30.

Saturday, January 12

Temp -48. I fixed up a sled this morning for hauling wood. Put away a bunch of stuff in files then studied the new accounting instructions received from Ottawa. After dinner I went down the hill and picked out a landing field for the airplane. The Western Canada Airways Ltd are starting an air mail, passenger and express route into the North. It is due here on the 17. Bert and Len came in today. They both came up this evening and gave Nona a swell Mink for a Xmas present. They brought in a superior Red fox for me. It was my Xmas present to Nona. Nadene shows no improvement today. Able to feed her and keep her eyes open. She had a light fever tonight.

Sunday, January 13

Temp -46. Bert, Len and Norman came up for supper tonight. They stayed till 01:00. After supper I started on Bert's Super. I finished the wiring but found when testing that the oscillator was not working. It was so late that I put it away for the night. Nadene still the same as yesterday.

Monday, January 14

Temp -35 --- [photo]. Nadene still the same until after supper. After supper we noticed a peculiar change and went for Mrs Conibear. She had been over several times before to help us. She gave her some brandy while I went for the doctor. We had to sit up all night with her. Bert and Len stayed with us and while Bert & I sat up, Nona went to bed and Len slept on the couch. I sat up with Nadene till 07:30 then called Nona.

Tuesday, January 15

Temp -37. Had a hard fight all day for Nadene. No sleep last night for anyone excepting a few minutes at a time. I stayed up till 04:00. I was sleepy tonight so worked on Bert's set to keep awake. Fed Nadene every hour and put cold cloths on her forehead every 15 minutes. No improvement. A little worse if anything.

Wednesday, January 16

Temp -37. I didn't go to the station at all today. Worked with Nadene all day, same as yesterday. The doctor was here 3 times. Mrs Conibear in every little while. She is the nurse now.

Thursday, January 17

Temp -20. When Mrs Conibear came over this AM to bathe Nadene we all noticed a terrible change. Last night she was real fat and heavy but this morning she was so thin we didn't think she would live another hour. During the afternoon when the doctor came in he lanced her gums. Nona went to bed tonight at 20:00 exhausted. About 21:00 the Doc came back (3rd trip today) Nadene had a bad rattle in her throat and I guess I was going crazy. All I could think of was it was a death rattle. The Doc stayed here with me. About midnight I could tell from the way the Doc kept going in to her and the way he worked with her that the hopes were about over.

Friday, January 18

Temp -40. About 01:00 Nadene started to sing the same as she did when we put her to sleep on the veranda in the afternoons. My hopes soared up again. The rattle had gone and I thought she was coming to her senses again. I went in to her every 5 minutes and felt her pulse. It was as strong as an ox. At 01:30 she quit singing and I went in and she looked like she was sound asleep and the expression on her face was as natural as ever before she took sick. I thought she was back to her senses and asleep. The Doc went in after me and while we were looking at her I felt her pulse and it was stopping. I can't describe the blow I got. The Doc worked with her about ten minutes but I do not know what he was doing. Everything was a blur to me. It was of no use. God had taken our little treasure back to his arms. The Doc wouldn't let me wake Nona up for about 15 minutes. When we did she nearly went out of her mind and we gave her a stiff shot of Brandy. Bert went in the meantime for Mrs Lyall. She came right up and helped clean and dress Nadene. Bert, Len and Mrs Lyall cleaned the house out and we went and laid down. The doctor stayed here till 08:00 and we got up at 08:30. This turned out to be the worst day I ever put in. Everyone came in to see Nadene and us and each wanted a last look. Each look she seemed changed and so much that it scared both of us. Outside a blizzard starts blowing and the cloudy skies and long dark hours make things many times worse. Bert and Len stayed around all day. One was here with us all the time, while the other would be out doing errands for us. We went to bed about 23:00. Nona was so tired out that she slept well but I tossed and rolled all night.

Saturday, January 19

Temp -37. Up at 09:00. Bert stayed here last night but Len went to the hotel. We sat around most of the day. Bert and I went out about 10:00 and dug the grave. They picked a nice place in the little cemetery under a large evergreen tree. Gerry went with them and helped pick it out. It is in the centre of the cemetery. They returned at 14:00 and we got a coffee and lunch for them. During the afternoon, Bert hitched up the dogs and took Nona our for a ride. Miss Catt went with her to help keep her mind off Nadene by keeping up a conversation. They were got out for an hour and 1/3. This is the first time Nona has been out of the house since Nadene took sick 2 weeks ago. After supper Mrs Lyall and Ruby came up. They stayed till 23:00. We all went to bed then. Len stayed here tonight.

Sunday, January 20

Temp -17. We all got up at 10:00. Len had breakfast ready when we got up. Things pretty quiet and lonesome around the house. Nadene's funeral was at 14:00 this afternoon from the church. It turned bitterly cold about noon and a gale blew up. The temperature dropped to -35 by 14:00. The little church was packed and several stayed outside. After the service, Mrs Leggo took Nona away. I went on over to the cemetery. Mrs Conibear came out with me and when passing McDougal's I was hailed and told to come in as Nona was there. Mr & Mrs McDougal, Dr. McDonald, Mrs Leggo were there. Nona was feeling a little better as they had given her a big shot of brandy. We came home about 16:00. Bert was there already and had the fires going. After supper Walt came in. He and Mickey had left the Halfway about 01:00 to come to the funeral but the radiator froze up on them and they had a tough trip. They did not get here till 19:30 and they were both badly frostbitten. They stayed here till about 22:00 then went back. It began to warm up a bit then. We went to bed at midnight.

Monday, January 21

Temp -16. Bert and Len returned to their trap line this morning. They had intended originally to go back last Fri. but stayed here with us till all was over to help. We found out this morning that Mr Conibear had been sick in bed for a week and last night they nearly lost him. We went over to see Mr & Mrs Conibear. Stayed there a couple of hours. He had been worrying over his son Jack. Jack came home last night so he is feeling a little better. Miss Catt invited us over to supper. After supper we worked till midnight on a picture puzzle. Basler came in and stayed too. I tried out Bert's set when I got home but I'm not satisfied with the volume. Left it till later.

Tuesday, January 22

Temp -21. Up at 09:00. After breakfast we got cleaned up and I worked about an hour on Bert's set. We then went for a walk to get out of the house as it is so lonesome. Went out to my trap line but it was so cold and windy that we did not go far. When we came back Nona went to Conibear's and I did some more work on the set. After supper Miss Catt came over with 2 more picture puzzles. We fixed one but had to give the other up at midnight. Joe came in with a message from Jeff & Jennie. He stayed about half an hour. He told me that Bill had sent in his application for a transfer. Went to bed at midnight. Radio still has too high a pitch and too little volume.

Wednesday, January 23

Temp -31. Up at 08:00. Nona and I had breakfast together and when I went back to the station she went over to the school. She was invited to come over and correct exam papers. This keeps her occupied and keeps her from worrying over Nadene. Bill came over this AM and showed me some wires he sent out. He asked for his transfer. At 11:00 he came in again to tell me that the river dropped about 10 feet and my landing was ruined. As the plane left Fort McMurray for here he and I went down and picked a new place. There are not very many good places close to the Fort and we did not have time to go far. The plane arrived here at 16:30. It was a Fokker Super Universal piloted by Punch Dickens. At the station I entered up the DR's to the 7th. Miss Catt had dinner and supper here. After supper Mrs Lyall and Ruby came in and they stayed till 23:30. Went to bed then a read a Sat. Eve. Post short story.

Thursday, January 24

Temp -44. Nona went back to the school and began to teach the children elementary music. The plane was going back to Fitz today so I went down to take some pictures. The results were not very satisfactory as the extreme cold affected the shutter time and spoiled most of them. I did get a couple though that were very good. After dinner I talked to Bill most of the time. Did not feel like working on the books or ledgers and I can't do anything anyway when not feeling inclined. If I force myself to work when something is on my mind, I do it only to find when I go over it later that things do not balance and the extra work straightening it out later does not compensate for time saved. In fact time is saved to sit and take it easy for the day and go at it fresh tomorrow. Mail from the north and south arrived today. We got a Xmas box from Edna and letters from Jeff & Jean, Click, Aunts Nellie and Jean Dodd. After supper I cleaned up the front room and bedroom while Nona washed the dishes. Then I read a story out of the Sat. Eve. Post and we went to bed.

Friday, January 25

Temp -26. Up at 10:00. After breakfast dishes were washed I started in on Bert's set. Mrs Campbell was afraid to stay alone today while Frank was over at the Halfway getting hay, so Nona went over to stay with her. After Nona went Frank found the Delco would not start as something was broken and he came up for me. I went down and overhauled it and returned at 16:00. I worked for an hour on Bert's set then tried it out. Plenty of volume, very sensitive but slight distortion in the tome. After supper we went to Campbell's and had a game of bridge. Returned at 21:30. Went to bed at 23:30.

Saturday, January 26

Temp -45. Up at 08:00 and to work at 09:00. Nona wet back to stay with Mrs Campbell. At the station I worked all day on the DR's and got them all squared up to the 29. After supper we went over and spent the evening with the Conibear's. Returned at 23:00 and went to bed.

Sunday, January 27

Temp -23. I got up at 09:00 and after the breakfast dishes were washed I started to print pictures. This afternoon I had to go to the station to change over the wavelength. I changed from 1470 to 1550 meters. Bill and Joe were there when I got there but hadn't started in yet. I returned at 15:00 and Nona was at church. F. Conibear came in while I was here and told me that he had chartered the plane to take him over his trap line so that he could map it out with the idea of being able to then set his traps in such places as to get the most fur per trap. He asked me if Nona and I would come along for the trip and I do the aerial photography along with his map making. I told him I sure would. I then went to Lyall's to get Nona. We came home and had supper then while I worked on some pictures Nona went over to Miss Catt's. Walt came in for an hour while I was alone. I worked on the set for a while then went over to Miss Catt's for Nona. We got home at midnight.

Monday, January 28

Temp -16. I finished the DR's UTD by noon. After dinner Bill and I talked for a while then I typed out a lot of letters that have to go to Ottawa on this next mail. It snowed about 3 times today. The air was raw and damp. Nona spent the afternoon at Mrs Lyall's and I called for her at 17:00. We stayed and had supper then I came home and got the fires going and the place cleaned up a bit. Nona and Mrs Lyall came in about 20:30 and Tom Pearce came in about 09:00. They stayed till 01:00. We went as far as Mrs Lyall's with her then came home and went to bed. I read a story to Nona till she fell asleep ( about 04:00 ).

Tuesday, January 29

Temp -26. Slept till 11:00. I worked till 13:00 cleaning the front room while Nona worked in the kitchen. After we had the place cleaned up I worked a while on the set. At 15:00 Nona went down to Lyall's and the two of them went for a long walk. They got back at 17:00. Spent most of the evening testing Bert's set, then went to bed about 23:00.

Wednesday, January 30

Temp -26. Brought the DR's up to the 29 then did some outside work for the rest of the morning. Nona was over at the school teaching the kids music. Miss Catt had dinner with us. Bill and I spent the afternoon reading newspapers. It was sure a treat to us to get our hands on them. They were nearly all old ones but a few were as recent as Dec 30. the newspaper problem here is a real one. A few that get them read them and pass them on. As they go down the line more and more are used for lighting fires, etc and we seldom ever get to see them. We have to rely on the Sat. Eve. Post and the radio for our news, and the radio is of little use. The station giving out the news specializes seems, on the topics of interest to the particular locality of the station. It is mostly sport news, international crime and such. If we ask the gang in Edmonton what the latest news is they usually say " Nil, this place is dead!!". After supper Pearce and Mrs Lyall came in and stayed till 01:00. We went to bed soon after they left.

Thursday, January 31

Temp-12. A new schedule calling for a continuous watch came thru today to take effect tomorrow morning. This means that our two day a week off is now OFF. I worked on the books all day getting ready for the monthly reports, etc. After supper Nona did some sewing while I developed 6 rolls of films. Went to bed at 23:30.

February 1929

Friday, February 01

Temp -12. Up at 08:00 and did some photography, then went to work at 13:00 I took the relief watch from 13:00 to 14:00 and again from 16:30 to 17:30. When FL took over from me I had finished the Jan accounts and they balanced first shot this time. I worked outside the rest of the afternoon. After supper Norman came in and stayed till midnight. Raney also came up tonight. He is going to stake out some claims that he found and came up to see if we would like him to stake one for us. It will only cost the recording fee so we said yes. Retired after they went.

Saturday, February 02

Temp -2. The country is now very pretty around here. It has been warming up a bit in the daytimes and the frost is coming out of things. The hoar frost is the thickest I have ever seen it. Out serial wires are about 3 inches thick. I got some good news tonight. Edmonton sent us the dope that the latest orders from Ottawa stating that I am now a Company Sergeant Major. CSM, and confirmed from Jan 01. I found Nona at Lyall's on my way home and told her. After supper I changed the chevrons on my arm. Nona was so tired that she went to bed at 20:30 and I finished Bert's set, I have it OK at last.

Sunday, February 03

Temp -1. Slept in till 11:00. Nona and I went to church today. After church Miss Catt, Mr & Mrs Conibear, Mrs Lyall came in and had a cup of tea. They stayed a couple of hours. In the evening Norman came in. Radio was real good tonight.

Monday, February 04

Temp -26. Worked on reports and statements and mail all day. After supper Nona and I went to Godsell's. Jim Woods was there and we played "Put and Take". Len came in today much to our surprise. He was up for supper. He says that they only got 2 minks since they went back. He came up for some more B batteries. Said that the Mercury was going jake when he left.

Tuesday, February 05

Temp -18. Finished all accounts, went uptown and collected the money today. Mrs Lyall and Norman came up. We played bridge till midnight then went to bed.

Wednesday, February 06

Temp -25. Mrs Godsell came up and helped Nona clean house. They did a swell job too. Kitchen, bedroom and the front room. Not much doing at the station today. I posted all the mail at the PO, the mail from the south arrived today. Mrs Godsell and Jim Woods came up this evening and we played bridge till midnight.

Thursday, February 07

Temp -6. Nothing doing at the station today. The mail was very slim. Nona went to the WA meeting. After supper Norman came in and he and I talked on Locomotives all day. Most of the talk was on comparing the American vrs the English type. He left about 01:00.

Friday, February 08

Temp -8. Nona went to visit Mrs McDougal this afternoon. The mail plane was due today and we were supposed to have gone on our trip over to the North east of here. The plane was so long getting to Fitz, owing to adverse winds south of here, that the trip was again postponed. No one came up this evening. I developed a few rolls of film then we went to bed.

Saturday, February 09

Temp -7. Up at 07:30. Nona went over to Miss Catts this morning and to Mrs Lyalls this afternoon. The mail plane was due today and we were to have gotten on our trip over North east of here. The plane was so long getting to Fitz owing to adverse winds south of here, that the trip was again postponed. No one came up this evening. I developed a few rolls of films then went to bed.

Sunday, February 10

Temp -5. Up at 09:00. The plane flew over about noon. It was beginning to cloud up in the north just before it got here. We were all down at the 3 mile island, the temporary landing field. Owing to the bad trail, we did not arrive long before them. I took a few pictures of the plane and groups around it, but none of them came out at all. In a few minutes the clouds were getting thick and they were of the heavy, low, blue type. It looked very much like another postponement. But as Nona and Mrs Conibear had made 2 trips with the same disappointment, Punch (Dickens) told us to get in and we would go for a short trip. I could then get some snaps and see how much territory the camera would take in and that would be of use to us on the final trip. Also, the ladies would be able to see what it was like in the air, neither of them had ever been in a plane before. We went up to the 1800 foot level first. The trip was North-west to Bell Rock Island, then we turned due north and went across the river over the rapids and then inland for about 10 miles then circling around the fort, we went back to the landing field. The trip was 35 minutes in the air. While up, I took 10 snaps. Every one of them was perfect. I kept several myself. We returned to the hotel at 14:30 and had dinner. I went home at 15:00 and developed the negatives that I took from the air. Norman came in after supper and spent the evening. We discussed the plane ride most of the time. The ladies were enthusiastic over it and seemed to more than enjoy it. The plane sure is dandy and it is very comfortable.

Monday, February 11

Temp - 31. This morning was very cloudy so no plane trip. It went on to Resolution then returned to Waterways. Nona spent the day at Mrs. Lyalls. I worked on the DR's and finished off some letters to Ottawa. After supper we went to Godsells. Callaghan and Jim Woods were there and we played cards till 01:00.

Tuesday, February 12

Temp -9. I slept till 10:00 then helped clean the house till time to go to work. Nona went over to the school then went to spend the rest of the afternoon with Mrs Conibear until I came home. We were invited to Mrs Leggo's whist drive this evening and went about 21:00. I had very good luck myself coming out with a total of about 1600 points up. We got home at 02:00.

Wednesday, February 13

Temp -19. I slept till 09:30 and was late for work today. The weather turned quite warm today and it was a good change. I worked all day on the Resolution ledgers but they are still in a bad mess. The gang at Resolution did nothing at all on them last summer and when they brought them down to Smith they left out or lost about half of the vouchers. I have been busy for a couple of months trying to trace things that came in last summer. Bill Schaffeur came up this evening and 21:00 and stayed till 01:30.

Thursday, February 14

Temp -20. I worked on the DR's most of the morning then finished the day on the Resolution ledgers. No one came up this evening so we went to bed early.

Friday, February 15

Temp -35. Our warm spell didn't last long. It was sure cold this morning when I got up. The fires had been left on low on account of the heat last night. I nearly froze this morning. The house was still so cold that we couldn't sit down long enough to eat. The plane was due at 02:00 and word was sent over for us to meet it for the ride. It was to have landed at the new field behind the house on the sloughs. Everybody in town was over to see it, but he circled around for a while then flew o down to the river. We went down as fast as we could go but it took an hour to get there. It was so cold that the oil tank froze on them just after they landed. They started the engine a few minutes after they landed and the tank burst. The trip was off again so I returned to the station and relieved Lanouette at the Key till 16:30.Mr Hugh Conn, Chief inspector of the HBC and Bonnycastle, District manager for the Eastern Arctic and Norman came up and spent the evening. Shortly after they came in, Bert Edge came in. We had a few rubbers of bridge, Conn and I vrs Bert and Bonnycastle. Conn and I had the short end of the score.They came up to look over my collection of snaps. Bert stayed all night.

Note: As my mill was out of repair and sent to Edmonton about Dec 24, and the notes for this diary were written in pencil to be copied when the mill returned, several sheets have become lost. The next sheet is marked Mar 03 and since this is the 09 of March, I will not try to remember what has gone. I would only get dates and events mixed up. There was little of importance anyway so I will carry on from here.

March 1929

Sunday, March 03

Temp -5. Big joke on JT and I this morning. The plane sent word last night that it would be here at 08:30 and to have the mail at the island. I had a Mercury Super Te for Dr. Bourget at Resolution and I wanted to get it off on this trip. I had asked Colin Frazer to take it and he said he would. At noon yesterday it was still on the porch and I had not looked last night. JT and I decided last night that since there was 200 lbs of mail that Colin would not be able to take the set as well, so we would take it and get some pictures as well. JT had not seen the plane yet. We got up at 06:00, got breakfast and tried to get Nona up. She was too tired, so we said we would be back by 21:00. We then hitched up the dogs, got our parka's on and went on the porch to get the set and it was gone. Colin had got it. I was all for going back to bed but nothing doing with JT. Since we had got that far we would go on down. We went and when we got there, there was no sign of anyone. The plane was not due for about 15 minutes yet so we built a fire and sat around till about 08:45. As no one was on the river coming that way we went back only to find that if we had asked Leggo on our way down about the plane he would've told us that it wasn't coming till 11:00. I went home and printed pictures then till 02:00 and we had dinner. After supper Mrs Lyall and Ruby came in and stayed till 21:30. I finished the prints at 23:00 and we all went to bed.

Monday, March 04

Temp -40. Finished collecting the accounts this afternoon and finished all mail for Ottawa excepting the draft. The plane left from Simpson for Good Hope at 11:00. Ruby came to work for us this afternoon. She had been at Leggo's but quit for various reasons which I will not put into print here and came to us. It caused us quite a commotion in town too. After supper we read for a while then Nona and I played a hand of crib. We taught Ruby how to play it too. We had a little lunch at 23:00 and went to bed.

Tuesday, March 5th

Temp -21. I worked on the DR's all day. Nona and Ruby cleaned house. After supper we read for a while and went to bed. This is about the time of year when things begin to drag and everyone seems to quarrel with everyone else. I suppose the fact that the fresh vegetables, etc are about all gone and everyone is getting fed up with the long winter. It is the same every year.

Wednesday, March 06

Temp -36. Not very much doing at the station today. I think we sent one message out and received one. After supper we all went over to Mrs Godsells. Callaghan and Jim Woods were there too. We played cards till about 01:00. It was so cold that Nona got the backs of her legs nipped coming home.

Thursday and Friday, March 07 and 08

Temp -45 and -32.. Very quiet all around. Norman came up Thursday night and we talked till about 23:00.

Saturday, March 09

Temp -36. Very quiet today too. I worked for an hour this morning on the DR's and then read some Edmonton newspapers that Joe brought downstairs. They are having a big Vice clean-up in Edmonton that the papers seem to be full of. After supper Nona and Ruby went to Mrs Lyall's and I developed some pictures. When I finished them I wrote in this diary from Feb 07 to date.

Sunday, March 10

Temp +3. Everyone slept in till 10:00 . I got up and after getting all the fires going, I went down and printed pictures till breakfast time. I printed again after breakfast till about 14:00. Nona went to church and I cleaned up. After church Nona & I went down to see the Loverocks. It was the first time we had been down this winter. They have not been up this winter either. When we came home I finished the drying of the prints then read a story out of the post. Went to bed about midnight.

Sunday, March 11

Temp -3. Much warmer today. The wind has dropped at last. For the past week or so the temperatures have not been so bad in themselves but the north wind has made it very disagreeable. I worked on the DR's and brought them UTD then while it was my trick on the Key, I chewed the rag with Mr Hastings, the conversation went something like this:. VEC- Wht is the nr your loose leaf bk.. VEG- Dominio VEC- R. tanks. RSH wnts to knw if u wnt a boat race this spring ( note RSH has an Elto 4 cyl. 18 HP. I hv a Elto 4 HP.. VEG- I don't know so much bat a race but would sure like to try that eng out on my boat and see how fast it could go and still hv the bow keep 15 ft ahead of the stern.. VEC- I cn make yr boat do 40 MPH if it will stay top side up. Hi Hi. VA ar.FR.. VEG- r. OK. Will take responsibility of the boat. I've had it doing 20 with the 7 HP Elto and it gets rite down and does bigness. See U in Spring VA. AG.

My sending is OK now, I very seldom have to repeat a work to any of the gang but I am still slow at receiving. They have to keep down to 8-10 words/minute for me.. After supper was over and the dishes were washed, I started to wire up my set. I was going to make it a nine tube but the cabinet is too small. It is only a 21" cabinet and is compact enough with 8 tubes. I got all the filament plate and gid connections down then Baslar came in for a 1/2 hour. I put the set away then and talked to him. I showed him how to use his camera. He left a couple of rolls to be finished. I read a story and then went to bed about 23:45.

Tuesday, March 12

Temp - 6. Slept in till 10:00. After breakfast I worked on my set till about noon then went to work. I worked on the DR's. It was so warm today that the water was running off the roofs and it was the first time people went out without their coats on. It was as high as 44 above during the afternoon. After supper Norman came up and stayed till 23:30. Our talk this evening ran to boating. Norman said he would help me take my boat into the warehouse Sunday to paint it for the spring. The plane arrived this afternoon from the South. There was a very small mail owing to most of it going via Ryan's which left McMurray before the plane arrived there. We only got one letter.

Wednesday, March 13

Temp + 30. Up at 07:30 to light the fire, it was very warm. I had to go outside and the sun was just coming up. The days are sure getting longer. It is light now till 08:00. I took 5 Sat. Eve. Posts down to the station this afternoon as we have read everything down there and Joe will not bring a magazine downstairs to us. The snow dropped about 6 inches today owing to the warm weather. It was about 45 this afternoon. The plane passed over Smith enroute south at noon. After supper Mrs Lyall came in for a little while. We all walked down to her house then came home. After reading a short story, went to bed.

Thursday, March 14

Temp -24. Nothing much doing today. Entered up the business in the DR;s and started making distilled water. I make this by filling 4 gallon battery jars with snow taken from the lot away from the building and trees and melting it. I always do it at this time of the year as the snow is melting and a jar of snow makes a little over half a jar of water. The water is then stored in four gallon glass jars. I make about 24 gallons/year. After supper Mrs Lyall came in again but did not stay more than a few minutes. Nona and Ruby went out for a walk with her. While they were gone, I developed about 8 rolls of films. It was very quiet tonight so we went to bed early.

Friday, March 15

Temp +19. Just as we were getting breakfast, Byron & Avery Qulton came in. they had had their breakfast but the fresh eggs just brought in by Air were tempting, so they had some more. Our coffee is noted, too. This afternoon Nona and Ruby went to call on Mrs Loverock but were not treated just as well as they might have expected. Mrs Loverock is very crude in many of her ways and slams issues forth when she talks. The Loverocks are raving about going out ( of the North). Raney arrived in town today and said that he might be up after supper. We waited for him but he did not come. Norman came up however and stayed till about midnight.

Saturday, March 16

Temp -4. Slept in till 10:00. After breakfast I printed a big bunch of pictures. At 14:00 we were just having tea when Norman came in. he and I went down and put my boat in the warehouse and took the seats and the floorboards out. I am going to paint it inside and out. After we finished that, we went to the rapids and took a few pictures. I took five and Norman took six. We returned home just at suppertime and after supper while Nona and Ruby went to see Mrs Lyall, I developed the rolls. They were all perfect. I started for Nona and Ruby but met them on the way home. Went to bed early.

Monday, March 18

Temp -10. Went to work at 09:30 and brought the ledger UTD. When I got home Nona and Ruby were washing. They did a big washing today, finishing it at 16:30. The plane arrived at 13:20 this afternoon and brought a little mail although the regular mail operations are suspended for the time being owning to some disagreement with the postal authorities. There was nothing doing at the station this afternoon. After supper Mr & Mrs Conibear came in for a few minutes. The rest of the evening was spent in reading. Ruby worked on a pair of beaded moccasins that she is making for Nona.

Tuesday, March 19

The plane arrived here at 10:00 enroute from Simpson to McMurray. Mr & Mrs Conibear and B. Qulton were passengers, Qulton and Conibear were going to McMurray and Mrs Conibear was going as far as Fitzgerald. I was on hand when the plane arrived with my camera and took four pictures. They were very good. I brought the DR's UTD and wrote a couple of letters to Ottawa. After supper Norman came up and he and Ruby played Nona and I five games of crib. They beat us, skunked the first game and we skunked them 3 times and beat them once. Norman left at 23:45 and we went to bed.

Wednesday, March 20

Temp +6. Nothing much doing at the station today. The mail arrived at 16:00. We got a letter from Mother, one from Nona's mother saying that Uncle Walter was killed. He was a railroad engineer and his freight train hit a split rail wrecking the train. He only lived for 26 hours. There was a parcel from both Regina and Barrie. Len arrived in town today and came up for supper. He and I played Nona and Ruby cribbage. We were the winners. Len stayed here tonight. He made up a bed on the kitchen floor.

Thursday, March 21

Temp +4. I answered what mail there was for Ottawa today and brought it up to the PO when I came home. I took some pictures for Joe of their baby in a bath tub. When I developed them, they were all very good. No one came up this evening so we read till time to go to bed.

Friday, March 22

Temp -10. Developed a few pictures this morning before going to the station. There was no business at all today so I read a few papers that Joe brought downstairs. After supper I developed 6 rolls of films then read for a while. Joe Walters won the sweepstakes today with "High Field," $501.50. We went to bed early.

Saturday, March 23

Temp -18. The H2S04 that we sent to Ottawa for came to the station this afternoon and I started in to overhaul a bunch of the batteries that have gone dead. I took down four of them and reassembled one. Nona and Ruby spent the afternoon at Lyalls. After supper Norman came in and we chewed the rag for a bit till about 23:00.

Sunday, March 24

Temp +6. I got up at 09:00 and printed pictures till noon. After dinner Norman came in and he and I went down to the 3 mile island to see the plane and get some snaps. I took several of them but do not know how they are yet. The plane is staying over here tonight so I invited Parmenter, the mechanic, to come up for the evening. Norman came up for supper. Parmenter came in about 20:30 and stayed till 23:00. He looked over my collection of pictures and thought that they were swell. I promised him several copies that he wanted to take out Norman left at 23:45 and we all went to bed right after.

Monday, March 25

Temp -4. Started overhauling batteries this AM, fixed 5 of them by quitting time. Mr & Mrs Godsell were to have come up this evening and we waited in for them but they did not show up. I started in on the radio and worked at it till about 23:00. I tried it out and got one station. Went to bed about 23:30.

Tuesday, March 26

Temp -8. I developed 2 rolls of films before going to work. All afternoon I worked on the batteries all day. After supper I worked on the radio. I tuned in about 23:00, got KGA but could get no others. The volume and tone is very good but it does not seem to be very sensitive.

Wednesday, March 27

Temp -12. I brought the DR's UTD this morning just finished all of them by my dinner time. This afternoon I had to come uptown with some messages and it was too late to start on the batteries whine I got back. After supper I rewound the oscillator coil and when I tried it out I got KGA, KOMO, KVI, CKY and WLW. Still not satisfied with the results though. There seems to be a loss somewhere. Went to bed listening to KGA with a midnight program.

Thursday, March 28

Temp +12. I worked on the batteries all day. I finished 5 of them and put them back into service. I patched up a battery for Syd Leggo that had been frozen and cracked the case. It snowed all day and by 17:00 there was about 8 inches. It stopped about 17:00. Just after supper JT came in from Pine Lake. He had supper here and Norman dropped in. We had a four handed game of crib and Norman and I got the short end of the deal. JT brought us about 2 pounds of moose liver. The party broke up about 01:00.

Friday, March 29

Temp -11. Today being Good Friday, it is a holiday. The plane passed over at 09:00 and woke us up. I got up and got the fires going then started in to do some printing. I printed about 100 pictures before dinner. JT was in for dinner. After dinner the plane passed over here going south again. It went to Resolution. JT cut Nona's hair this afternoon. Looks swell. After supper we played cards. The radio was NG so didn't bother with it. Went to bed at 01:00 and I read "Bull Tavern" till 04:00.

Saturday, March 30

Temp -30. At work at 09:00, worked on the books for a while but it was too cold. After dinner I repaired 5 more cells and got them all ready to put on charge Tuesday afternoon. When I got home for supper I found Bert and Len had arrived. They are in for the Easter holidays. Bert had a boot of Grant's Best with him. We had a big supper then Bert and I played Nona and JT five rubbers of crib beating them by about 1400 points. Len and Ruby played crib with Ruby in the lead.

Sunday, March 31

Temp -20. We all slept in till 10:00. It had turned a little colder so I started the furnace. As soon as breakfast was over I started in to print some pictures, I did about 100. Nona, Ruby, JT and Bert went to church this afternoon and Len and I stayed home. Inspector Gagnon came in for his films and stayed till about 15:30. He went as soon as the gang returned and we had a hand of crib before suppertime. Supper tonight was of the light lunch variety. After supper we played bridge and crib till about midnight. Norman came up and joined the crowd. The gang were sure wild tonight. Bert, Len, JT and Nona were trying to think up an April fool joke to play on Norman but couldn't. They were giggling and laughing all the time. We had lunch about 01:00 and the party broke up about 01:45.

April 1929

Monday, April 01

Temp -2. Slept in till 10:00. After breakfast I started on the rest of the pictures that were to be done. While I was at it, the gang came in. We all went over to the Conibears hotel and had dinner at Lanouettes cafe. After dinner Nona, Ruby, JT and Bert went to the church sale and had a whale of a time. Len stayed here reading for a while then had to go and tend to the dogs. I hear that the plane dropped off a few parcels at the Bay, so went down to see if there was any for us. None. After supper Norman and Mrs Lyall came in. We played bridge. JT and I won one rubber, then Len and I won the other. Nona had a headache and had to go to bed at 22:00. Bert and Ruby played crib. We had a lunch and the gang left at 00:30.

Sunday, April 02

Temp +2. We all got up about 09:30. JT had to go back to Pine Lake this morning. He called on his way at 10:45 and told us that Bert called him at 06:00 and told him to get up. He got up and dressed and then took Bert's pants downstairs and hung them in the dining room of the hotel. Bert had to get into Len's room and get Len's pants in order to hunt up his own. Bert came over to the house about 10:00. I went to the station at 01:00 and finished up all the accounts and balanced them. I had to wait then till Bill balanced his to check them before I could go any further. I charged the batteries all day. After supper Norman came in and Bert and I trimmed Norman and Len at bridge while Nona and Ruby played crib.

Wednesday, April 03

Temp zero. Finished the accounts and got them ready to collect by noon today. After dinner I worked till 05:30 making out the monthly reports. After supper Norman came up and Bert and I again proved our superiority over them at bridge. We sunk them. They left at 01:00.

Thursday, April 04

Temp -6. Worked on reports etc today. Bert and Len brought us about 1000 pounds of ice from the river today. Our well is dry and as we have to melt snow, they thought ice would be better. We heard that the mail arrived in Fitz at suppertime tonight. Norman was up after supper and he and Len showed Bert and I that although we knew how to play bridge, we had something to learn about cribbage. They skunked us 4 games out of 7 and beat us on 2 others. They left at 00:30.

Friday, April 05

Temp -20. As I did not have to go to work until 01:00 today, Bert, Len and I got up at 08:00 and went for more ice. Len and I cut it while Bert hauled it with the dogs. We brought 5 loads up before dinner. Altogether we have over a ton of it in the warehouse. On my way home I had to go and see Raney about the filing of the claim that he staked for Nona. His time limit for recording it is up today. I told him that I would leave the fee at the govn't house for him and came home. After dinner I had to go to the station and I finished the last of the mail that has to go out, with exception of getting the draft. The mail arrived at 16:00. My radio parts came OK. There was a Towers Cone speaker, output filter for the power tube and some condensers. We also got our brass tea table that JT sent for us for a present. It is a beauty. My enlargements, 6 size 14X18 inches arrived, too and they sure are beauties. We got a letter from Mother and one from Gillespie, a Broker in Edmonton. I purchased 3 shares of General Motors Stock thru Gillespie at 89 5/8, each. I sent a cheque for it right away. After supper the gang were here again and we played cribbage. Bert and I did better tonight. They all left at 01:00 and Bert and Len started out for their trap lines.

Saturday, April 06

Temp -16. I left the station at 09:45 and collected the accounts and got the draft then posted the mail. It was 11:30 when I finished, so I went home and had dinner. I charged the batteries again and those that are having their initial charge are about ready to go into service. After supper Basler came up with a roll to develop. As I was getting ready to do something when he came in, I showed him how it was done. Paul came in for a few minutes but did not stay long. The radio was wonderful all evening. We went to bed listening to KMO, Tacoma, Washington and I fell asleep and woke several times before they signed off. I shut it off just before they quit.

Sunday, April 07

Temp -14. I got up at 09:00 and printed some pictures. Basler came up and I took one of him. He was all dressed for the occasion. While the pictures were in the bath, Nona and I went for a walk around the block. It was cold so we did not stay long. We returned home and I put my output filter circuit in the radio and put it back in the cabinet. After supper Norman came in and while I finished those pictures that I printed in the morning, he and Nona played cribbage. The radio was wonderful all evening. He left at 00:30 and we all went to bed.

Monday, April 08

Temp -12. I mixed up some sulphuric acid for the batteries today and put 5 into service before I left at 17:30 hours. There was little or no business all day. After supper I had a money order for $5 for my initiation fee to the Rosicrucian Order. I tinted 2 of my large enlargements after supper and as no one came up for the evening we all went to bed at 22:00.

Tuesday, April 09

Temp -12. Up at 09:30 Nothing much doing this morning. Made a change on the rake set and did odd jobs around the house till time to go to work. Nona walked down with me as far as the station. Basler came up after supper but did not stay long. I painted another of my 14X18 enlargements this morning. I did the one of the picnic at Bell Rock. Radio fair tonight.

Wednesday, April 10

Temp zero. Started to enter up the DR's this morning. Only did one day, April 02, then read a story. After dinner Bill was in one of his talkative moods so did not get a chance to do any more. After supper Norman came in. Shortly afterwards Corp. & Mrs Walters (RCMP) came in to spend the evening. I loaned Pop a 2 mfd. condense to try on his output filter. Insp. Gagnon came in to show me his combination back for his camera and then I showed him how to use it. He stayed for an hour. We had lunch at 23:00 and they left at midnight.

Thursday, April 11

Temp 12. Overhauled the last 2 dead cells this morning and put them on a sulphate charge. The plane passed over and dropped a small bag of mail. There were 2 letters in it for us. After dinner Jim Krazler came down to the station and chewed the fat for a while. Talked on the mining chances of this country for the next 5 years. He is pretty well UTD in the movements. I cleaned up the engine room this afternoon and left it spotless. Read a couple of stories out of the Post. After supper I developed 7 rolls of films and tuned in the radio. It was good but there was lots of interference. We went to bed at 10:30.

Friday, April 12

Temp +2. Up at 08:30 and printed about 100 pictures then did a little work on the set to try it. I removed 20 turns from the tickler of the oscillation coil. There was 48 turns on it and I thought it was too much. After supper Mr Hoy from the Govn't Hay Camp came in and stayed till 21:30. He brought a letter from JT. We tried the radio but the interference was so bad that it was not worth listening to. We went to bed at 23:00.

Saturday, April 13

Temp 12. This morning I worked on the DR's and made some water out of snow for the batteries, had to charge all day. On my way home York stopped me to ask if I would overhaul an Elto 3 HP motor that he has. He does not know anything about it. I said OK and he sent it down to the station this afternoon. I worked all afternoon on the books and brought them up to the tenth. No one came up this evening. Norman was expected but I found out that he had to go to Salt River. Nona made 2 dresses for Ruby today. They are swell too. After supper I beat Nona at a rubber of crib while Ruby worked on Nona's moccasins. Radio was better tonight. We went to bed early, about 22:00.

Sunday, April 14

Temp 18. Up at 09:00 and after printing a few pictures and getting breakfast, I went down to the boat house. I finished cleaning the inside and scraped all the varnish off the outside. I painted the inside and outside with one coat. The inside bottom is marine blue, and half way up the sides. The rest of the sides got one coat of valspar varnish. The deck has one coat valspar and the outside marine gloss white. I gave the floorboards, seats, back rests, and oars on coat of varnish too. I returned home at 16:00 and found Nona and Ruby out for a walk. I fixed the fire then started to overhaul Sousie's Elto. Nona and Ruby came in about 18:30 and started supper. We had a roast chicken tonight. About the usual time Norman came in. We all thought that he was still at Salt River. We played 3 rubbers of 4 handed crib, rotating partners each rubber. Games came out pretty even. Went to bed at 01:30 but it was so hot that none of us fell asleep very soon. I laid there awake till 04:00……. thinking, strange as it may seem.

Monday, April 15

Temp 31. The alarm woke me at 07:00 and I was so sleepy I got up and dressed right away. I was at the station as usual and had to come back uptown to get a proper address on a message that was sent out to us. I spent most of the rest of the day overhauling Yorks' Elto 3 HP Service Twin. Had a short talk with McDougal about our mineral claim new Resolution. He advised us to group the 6 in our block and off to Dawson on an option. Bill, Joe, Callaghan, Porter and Jimmie Donovan are in the group with us. No one came up this evening.

Tuesday, April 16

Temp 35. Today is my 29 birthday.. I intended getting up at 06:00 and go out to pick up my traps. I had the alarm set for 06:00 but the clock stopped at 05:40. Syd Porter and Callaghan came around to see me at 09:00 and woke me up. We have grouped all our mineral claims at Resolution and have elected Syd to represent us. He is in touch with Dawson about them now I believe. There was nothing much doing at the station today. Norman came up tonight and we played cribbage. He left at 22:30.

Wednesday, April 17

Temp 34. Today was another warm day. It has been thawing now for several days and we should have our cars out soon if this keeps up. There was little to do at the station today so I read most of the time. No one came up this evening. The mail arrived at 16:30 this afternoon.

Thursday, April 18

Temp 34. Joe (GD) brought his coupe out today and drove it up as far as the hoot. There was 2 bad drifts that he got around OK. He made a couple of trips to town so as to make a decent trail. I decided to get mine tomorrow. No one came up tonight.

Friday, April 19

Temp 29. Up at 08:00 and after getting breakfast I printed a bunch of pictures. Then I put some gas in the old bus, got out the battery and it started off the second spin. I was as surprised as Collin who was watching me. I then raked up the backyard and put all the rubbish in a pile ready to burn tonight. Nothing doing at the station today. I spent an hour looking over the car. After supper Norman came up and he was here till 23:30.

Saturday, April 20

Temp 24. Spent most of the day making drains to run off the water around the station. Nothing doing inside today. Norman came up after supper and we planned to go down to the boat tomorrow.

Sunday, April 21

Temp 30. Up at 09:00. I printed a bunch of pictures then after a late breakfast Nona, Ruby and I went down to the boat. I turned it over and gave the bottom a coat of white. Norman came down when I was just finishing the bottom. Nona and Ruby came on home and Norman stood around chewing the rag with me while I varnished the floor boards and seats. We came on home together and he stayed for supper. We had chicken. After supper we played cards and talked and listened to the radio till after midnight.

Monday, April 22

Temp 30. Nothing much doing at the station today. I brought Gerry down to the station after dinner to play a hand of poker with RSH at Simpson for 5 sweepstake tickets. Gerry won. I brought him back uptown in the bus. A.Thew, HBC clerk from Fort Chipewyan, came up this evening and looked over my pictures. He stayed till after midnight. He was hard to entertain as he was so quiet and gave the impression that he was sizing us up all the time.

Tuesday, April 23

Temp 24. I did not get up till 10:00 as there was nothing to do around the house. After breakfast I broke up a few gasoline cases and started to build a walk from the door to the front gate. Finished about half of it. Worked outside all afternoon at the station. No one came up this evening so we all went to bed early.

Wednesday, April 24

Temp 30. Nothing doing all day at the station again. Nona came back with me for the ride and stayed all afternoon. She talked with Bill and I till 16:00 then Freda called her upstairs and she stayed there till time to go home. Norman was up after supper. We got a small kitten from Mrs Conibear today and Prince came back. Frank Conibear was thru for the season so we have Prince back for the summer. Prince, by the way, is a Newfoundland dog. Got to bed at midnight.

Thursday, April 25

Temp 20. It froze hard last night and a frost plug was blown out in the cylinder block of my bus. No damage done to the radiator or engine though. At the station I had to run the engine about 5 minutes every hour all day long to thaw out the radiator. By the time I got home it was OK. I cleaned up the engine room again today and did a little work on the books. The cars are all getting out now. McNeil has his Hudson coach, the Godfreson truck was over from the Halfway and Woods has his out now. Saw a bunch of ducks landing on the sloughs behind the house just at sunset. Thew came up tonight. We listened to the radio till 21:30 then played 3 rubbers of bridge. He seemed a lot different tonight. More talkative. Went to bed at 00:30.

Friday, April 26

Temp 25. Up at 08:30. Went over to Conibears and got Frank and Horace to come over and clean out our well. There was only 3 inches of water in it and that was 6 inches below the pipe. They dug it about ten inches deeper than it was and we had to get about ten inches more pipe to reach the new level. Water started coming in fast when we quit at noon. There was nothing much doing at the station. Bill talked about his discharge most of the time. He wonders why Ottawa accepted his resignation without a lot of coaxing to stay as they did May and Riddle. He made out a list of the furniture that he wants to sell. After supper Nona and I went for a walk. We took Prince along with us. The boat was as dry as it will ever get so I turned it top side up, ready for the second coat of varnish on the deck Sunday. No one came up after supper. Nona and Ruby went to Miss Catt's and found no one home then went to the hotel and borrowed a bunch of cheap novels to read. Went to bed at 23:30.

Saturday, April 27th

Temp 17. Helped was windows at the station this morning. After dinner I hauled 3 loads of wood with the trailer and car and piled them at the piling ground in front of the engine door. After supper Mr & Mrs Godsell and Woods came in. They sat and talked till midnight. The radio was not good.

Sunday, April 28th

Temp 27. We all slept in till 10:00. I got up and after breakfast I printed a few pictures till about 13:00. After finishing them I went down to the boathouse and gave my boat another coat of Valspar varnish. I took the car down the hill today and had no trouble getting back up. The road is good. After supper Norman and Basler came in. They stayed till about 23:30.

Monday, April 29

Temp 21. I brought all the books UTD this morning and after dinner hauled 3 more loads of wood. Thew came up after supper and stayed till midnight. Very quiet again tonight. Radio nil. Went to bed at 00:30.

Tuesday, April 30

Temp 23. Up at 09:00 and after breakfast I started printing pictures till about 13:00. Cleaned up a little more of the yard. Nona and Ruby started housecleaning and continued thruout the day. I did some more piling wood at the station this afternoon and did a little outside work. No one came up this evening so we went to bed early.

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