Herschell Island NWT and Y station

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Herschell Island NWT and Y Station
Herschell Island wireless station 1930.jpg
Coordinates 69°40′N 139°00′W / 69.667, -139
In use 1926 - 1937

Opened in August 1926 to serve as a summer station to provide communications for fur buyers from the United States who travelled around the area by boat. After the fur buyers began flying in, there was no further need for communications to local shipping and so the station was closed in July 1938.

History Note

Excerpt from "A Short History of the Northwest Territories and Yukon Radio System 1926".

Herschel Island commenced to function as a summer sub‑station of Aklavik during 1926 when Lt. HD Cluff, who had replaced Lt. HA Young at Aklavik, proceeded there and set up the equipment, including a modified 30‑watt HF transmitter for intercommunication with Aklavik, in the old Missionary building which had been commandeered by the original Signals party two years earlier. A new station building was constructed during the summer of 1930 and Herschel Island was operated each summer during the navigation season by personnel supplied from the Aklavik station, until 1937, after which the need for communications at this point ceased to exist. The main reason of course was the decision of Capt. Pederson not to continue to operate his trading ship in the Arctic as he had done annually for 42 years, using Herschel Island as his base. The Hudson Bay Company closed their store at the same time and re‑established it at Shingle Point, which is about 80 miles west of Aklavik. Therefore Herschel Island was doomed as an active summer trading post.

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