Resolution NWT and Y station

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Fort Resolution NWT and Y Station
Northwest Territories
Station Fort Resolution 1927.jpg
Coordinates 61°11′N 113°41′W / 61.183, -113.683
In use 1927 - 1960

Opened in June 1927 to add an additional relay link to the network. It provided communications for commercial operations in the area, and also weather information. It was handed over to the Department of Transport in March 1960.

The station was located in what once was an R.C. Mission building. The station was located on the main floor while the station living quarters were upstairs. The interior of the building was largely rebuilt from its days as a mission. Photos show that some of the upstairs windows were removed during the changes. In the 1936 Annual Inspection Report, it was noted the "building's chief distinction was its antiquity." It goes on to describe the construction as a log building covered with shiplap and that it was purported to be the oldest building in the settlement.

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